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Mitch McConnell
  VP Pence Sen. Mc Connell Meet with Judge Kavanaugh  CSPAN  July 11, 2018 12:29am-12:33am EDT

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it was as if lightning had struck. i could feel the pulsating electricity of it all. i thought, instead of writing about the equal rights amendment and the disputed extension, why don't i write about this amendment that says when members of congress want to adjust their salary they want need to wait till the next election. >> lastly, the president named d.c. circuit court judge, brett kavanaugh's his nominee to replace justice anthony kennedy. today he joined capitol hill to convince senators. one of his first meetings was with mitch mcconnell and mike
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pence. [inaudible conversation] >> i think the president made an outstanding nomination. we look forward to the confirmation process. it will unfold in the next few weeks.
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>> let me first think the senate majority leader for his outstanding leadership over the last year and a half. president trump has seen and confirmed more judges in the circuit court than any president in american history. we are grateful. and for the republicans and senators for their strong support. we look forward to advancing the senate's proper role in considering judge brett kavanaugh as the president nominated the supreme court of the united states. as he said last night, judge kavanaugh's a name of impeccable credentials and character. we are confidence that working with you, reaching out to members of the senate that members of the senate and the american people they represent will see as the president said
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that he is quite simply the most qualified and deserving number supreme court of the united states. we are honored to bring him here to the united states and bring the important work the senate will do. >> thank you everyone. >> thank you everyone. thank you. >> the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell and other senate leaders spoke to reporters about brett kavanaugh and the senate confirmation process sin they expect to hold the confirmation vote by the