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tv   U.S. Senate Senate Leaders Mc Connell Schumer on Death of Sen. John...  CSPAN  August 27, 2018 6:54pm-7:23pm EDT

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i ask that the senate recess from 12:30 to 2:15 to allow for the weekly conference meetings. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. mcconnell: if there is no further business to come before the senate, i ask it stand adjourned under the previous order under the provisions of s. res. 619. the presiding officer: under the previous order and pursuant to s. res. 619, the senate stands adjourned until 10:00 a.m. on tuesday, august 28, 2018, and does so as a further mark of respect to the honorable john sidney mccain, iding officer: thefrom the state
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majority leader. mr. mcconnell: on saturday evening, a great loss echoed throughout our country. six decades of patriotic service came to an end. we suspected for some time that we'd bid farewell to our colleague, the senior senator from arizona, john mccain. john took full advantage of the months since his diagnosis. his hard work continued. but happy reminiscing, fond farewells, final reflections, and time with family actually came to the fore. i was privileged to spend a small share of that time with john. we sat on his back porch in
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sedona under the desert sky replaying old times. john did things his way these last months. for his colleagues here, the time confirmed but sad the obvious truth. the senate won't be the same without john mccain. i think >> the senate will not be the same without john mccain.o it's fair to say that it is 30 s unsurpassed that in more than 30 30 years that the senator never mars failed with his razor sharp wit a big heart and of course his fiery spirit when john saw an found issue the same way you did it was the most tall wart ally and you would think your lucky stars because when you found yourself on the other side of the table
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as all of us have learned it was a different a different kind of unforgettable experience. never either way standing alongside a. john i found myself on both sides of that table over the years we iso stood shoulder to shoulder moste important issues to each of us and also disagreed entirely on subjects that help to define each of our careers. d he treated every issue with the intensity and seriousness of the legislative process reserves -- deserves. the he would bring the country over tha but when the days disputes wereh over there was one of the most powerful reminder so much more unites us than divides us we sty should be able to differ on policies for love of our
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country. him john himself once put it we have nothing to fear from each otherl but to better secure our freedom for the general welfare but it should remain an argument amongt friends at the unshakable belief cher. in our great cause in the and su john and i had those fights and that friendship. you ourselves in the opposite s dugout.pent we spent years as neighbors and when softball season we would toge take the field together as one a united team. as a a seriously wounded war to hero and a childhood polio orvivor we didn't have thee makings of a double-play hero st
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mostly we offered moral support. really that is what he gave thir body and country for so hisith memory will continue to give that because not only serving am a senator the senator for arizona that was america'son heo as congress finalized a majored bill with those armed forces we named after him it is a small detail but really it was a fitting capstone for a career cd thoroughly defined by service or for the ranks of those thatons f where the nations uniform. generations of mccain have served with distinction in our herige in navy that he described his cottage heritage that the
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mccains were bred to fight and fight they have. annapo entering the academy's gait indianapolis in march under that battle flag bearing the phrase don't be left but with his honorable service in his dna ist story was never simple. length o incentives were the weakness of his ways and the length of his disciplinary record. the first american of his career that somehow he made it through school.sts but he prevailed in the vigor test came he stared death in thw face on his ship and then when
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he was battered and broken at. the hands of our enemies with five and a half years in captivity with merciless the beatings for the uniform he had worn and the values he would not we now that's stubborn and rebellious streak was a stumbling a stumbling block to a saving grace. stubborn virtue sustained him he declined early release in solidarity with his brothers and never gave up the ship and whild he didn't shy from sharing his o insisted he was no hero he measured his life in the lower terms after his diagnosis last year asked how he would like to be remembered, here is remembered, here is what he said he served his country not always
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right, made a lot of mistakes made a lot of errors served hist and i hope honorably in you will certainly get that wish. the service. the service and sacrifice he rendered more than a lifetime hl already he was convinced he owey his country more in 83 he arrived in i congress knowing wt senate fou defendant support to the unitedo states here four years later he was no stranger to protecting prostitution from enemies slreign and the followingative years brought legislative accomplishments to be sure that while john'sro constituents were lucky to have the necessary zone one -- as th
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senator is our title. he worked across the island. w affairs and to normalizeongrel relations he led congressional delegation that were were as thy famously as grueling as they were educational was never more excited when he had the opportunity to share america's values abroad and of course he was devoted to the men and women of our armed forces. iraq huntless visits in afghanistany to his committee meetings right here in this body he honored th. notwitnding the could. grandeue se never forgotr that with ourve
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military might and technical ofr prowess that we are made up of people of our constituents and volunteers and the brave.t his favorite novel is for whom s the bell tolls. d i i suspect we will hear that quoted quite a bit. maybe a and the spanish civil war. in fact specialty literally is to bottle things up and goes down fighting down on the final pages. this what we might identify and recently we discovered that john wrote a few years ago about hiso
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book with a a favorite literary hero of a contrived hero from central casting. full of complexities. it has to face all of the messiness of life.utdated this doesn't mean the concept of sacrifice. into making into make it into something quaint or naïve. to make that much it much more noble and necessary. unima in but to undergo an unimaginable pain and suffering as a pow to s persist and it takes another for type of heroism to sustain it for decades more.disappoiments,
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so with the disappointments and to consider that a joy and anw v honor to serve.fortunatelll john mccain had both.ith fortunately all of that paired ry world-class as we all know hethe hated to lose. so how is he coping with the defeat? lger sleeping like a baby wake up every two hours and cry. it is hard to describe this larger-than-life figure figsi it sounds like a cliché. and
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we have heard our whole lives of the importance of patriotism anl self-sacrifice well we cannot take that culture of commitment and with that very notion the statesman mike mccain will fight or even die. but o this was so deep but of courses. whil the bonds ran deeper still. to call their husband or son or father and grandfather that his loving wife cindy and we stand
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with doug sydney andy magin jack and jimmy. and to stand with his mother.. in all of his devoted friends and staff thank you for lending righ him to us longer than we had a right and well he supported us. so to cast his final vote butith the nation he loved is not done with him yet.n this week will be dedicated to remembering him.he before and just like other americann heroes as the days turned to ear weeks to all come together too
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collaborate on ways to honor hi. memory.arely and those that scrape through but then defended our nation in the skies. country and terrible torture and capture the country's imagination. and with those highest values debas. that advances the great debate.d america will miss her devoted son and her stall wart champion for elder statesman one of the o
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finest guys have ever had the honor to serve it is our privilege to return some small share to what he poured out this country. it is our honor to say the late great john sidney mccain that what he has already heard from his creator, well done good and faithful servant. well done. you fought the good fight. you finish the race, you kept the faith. and you never gave up the ship.,
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>> on saturday august 20, 2018, nine years to the day since the death of his friend senator kennedy our friend and colleagud senator mccain passed away. not only his prognosis repairede us on -- prepared us for the inevitable has not prepared us for the blow be filled a great and inexpressible loss. also that i also that i could call this great man a friend and i would i would like to share a few reflections although say incomplete i suspect we willgeta save moreng with the benefit ofa few days time.e. we didn't get along very well at first. he was close to my mentor ted kennedy but not so with me. sert anyone who served with service
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senator mccain on any committee we get to know other senators up close and before our friendship the closest brush was commentsye he made at defense policy whena, he said long island was states. regrettably part of the united states. i lashed at him which prompted him to senate reply i'm sorry ts at least one of my colleagues that cannot take a joke. i apologize if i offended offended him. and i hope that some aday he wie have a sense of humor.m o now, t wit. t as things began to defrost with a gang of 14 to avoid a change in the senate rules.dministrat with a tight and lasting friendship that emerged froms fr
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oumigration reform. h in close quarters for nearly one year day after day and week after week to fine-tune the only piece of major immigration reforms we visited the southernp border together to look at thehe gaps security up close and doing what the senate was supposed to do. working in a bipartisan way to find solutions and overcoming obstac tlehas t the devil immigration reform. donel we could not have done it without john ccain and in d recent days and with military to service rightly so but also a natural legislator. had knew when to give a a little and when not to.
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and then to crack the productene and the bill did in the senate r with large numbers of supporters. john's had the house done what the senate did.ship, we to be a more a more better and stronger and unified place. but we spoke so frequently i he knew his number by heart and almost report one -- -- repeated it by heart during an interviewe they had to edit that out to protect his privacy. i can trulyim say the time we spent authoring and passing on t reform was the
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proudest days of politics because the success was sharedrj with one great legislative leader john mccain. friendshi so many things top. so many peoe for those who were lucky enough to earn his friendship. those a thorn inside that has his he was and a comfort to a comfort to our allies in the unabashedly champion afraid to take on his presidents and not afraid to e take on his own party. and to put the temper and was a temperament.
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and throughout his life until qe very last days. a, and senator mccain said we live in a boisterous restless driving and magnificent country truer sets cannot be said about the man himself big and boisterous and temperate. to go through life you meet a few truly great people and john mccain was one of them. the dedication to his countrykee and unprotected mom --
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unprotected is unsurpassed he was calling me every few days the last few weeks to make sure the defense authorization bill was done and done right. but he cared about the men and women serving in armed forces so deeply his lifet is a story of heroism m personified. was but most of all he was a truth a truth teller as a reflection ofr politics that a man can be so well regarded for simply telling the truth or maybe recognizing a the demands and failings of politics is more inflection on the man after four decadesarn cannot dim the fidelity i will miss him dearly and in the past year of his illness during th doubt the direction i of our country i found myself
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thinking what john mccain woulds doay or say if you were here trh be told there was nothing i could i could say that could add orr detract from senator mccains illustrious career. none of us anything that we have done that compares to the sacrifice he made in the a cellblock half a world away over and over again with the countryd he loves and so that generations will study his example at the russell senate office buildinghn it is a fitting tribute to a man who considers ussell here in themittee senate headquartered in the russell building for armed services committee reside most .
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the next career man who wouldas replace russell towering figuren in his day and the architect of it we passage. it's time it's time that we recognize it's time to change our war heroes i i will be introducing a resolution to change the name of the russell building to the mccain buildingd and i i hope my colleagues will cosponsor this in support of the resolution but it isn't the only way to honor senator mccain we can't honor him by trying to carry out the principle fee byi, we can try as he did to putfo country before party and try as he always did as he summons us
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to try store the senate to its rightn leg and our national political life up until the very sete was end john mccain still believe tt the senate could solve our rule countries greatest challenges fe arcane rules and procedures designed the one-party wall or the end of polarization of progress ability to to set aside for a moment's party affiliations political interest in personal ambition with the service of a larger cause because that isould what he did and for all cynicism to believe the senate can reach that higher calling deep in the middle of the final speech on
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the floor were these words. h hope we can again i already am o offering on our dependence on each other learn how to trust each other again and by doing so if we loved. service if we truly honor the life of john mccain let us do that. let us do that. the i yield the floor. final the neck also mme. madam president john mccain wordsn ask ouanim today some of his staffers put them out i would like i would tt in thathe r with consent they are t in the record. mccain i have often observed i am the
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luckiest person on earth i feel that way even now as i prepare for the end of my life i have loved my life all of it. i have had experience and adventures and chips enough for ten ten satisfying live". like most people i have regret o but i would not trade one day of my life in good times or bad fiy times and finally he concluded with do not despair of present t difficultiesne with the promised greatness of america because nothing is inevitable hereide fo american? it we never surrender or or hide from history. wewell, f make


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