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tv   Call-in with Doris Kearns Goodwin Leadership in Turbulent Times  CSPAN  September 1, 2018 11:23pm-11:48pm EDT

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to make you have been very gracious to us over our 20 years taking calls from the audience right now we will start right away. the lesser prize-winning historian. is if you know what you want to ask her your book to roosevelt fdrit
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and the back of those and the most petty and he lived in a very prevalent time when i said the title i didn't expect it to do as i h butop will be history can get te reassurance that reassure that ret you look back like the watee for the people going to die on then out verizon or to know howr
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difficult would be get through those first month but he hit it and also the industrial revolution but fdr thought thought that profitability -- lbj with the assassination but all thattimes. with civil-rightr for the war in vietnam. some people to see we've done before we can do it t again. >>host: first political fee prior to this? to argue it is one of the most important of these in each one of my guys id not call them my guy butesp.
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have lived with him for so long like a possession of the right. but to play yard will be able t not to be compared to these like reversals until later got backpn to have the heart h attack and then he looks so powerless but had a heart attack that work or
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will that work for the report is we have hope for president. political yes. like every without politics don't think it would haveny one survived.n eve the philosophers the philosophers there is a time in everyone's life where you find e that voice from within. not happened on the campaign trail for the first time this is what i want to do. >> leadership. >> i'd probably meet george washington. and with the turbulent times. i just did not know him well enough.hat >> how would you prepare today?. i do think there were harder times for the majority of the or people and if they are working g
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toethe get together and that ist host:interesting. >> you knew lbj personally? c >> as a white house fellow whenw i was 24 years whe old and whatg happened he had a good chance to put them in the white house so n did an article against him with the antiwar movement and says how to remove johnson from powet so i thought he would kick me
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out of the program but instead hengly, said let's give her a n i can't win her own over nobodyg can it was a formidable a formidable experience for me. complica interesting and complicatedmet. character. w >> and was a a last thing that he wantede because as you brush up against life he said i wanted i wanted to believe them but i never did. b more than anybody could possibly know but in jefferson highln school maybe the same way theodore roosevelt and then to look down upon him. and work
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and then he said it with those private people so let's undo thh people with that defense of move politics. >>host: doris kearns goodwin is our guest.he caller: oood da you are on the air. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. ii recall i think madison had we will have the affluent people p, and good times in the republicyv with people we will not always we have a times.e her. and i think that goes back to the structure of the government with the checks and balances.
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and really the people and how we come together. by we have a system where we are not brought together by politicd but separated even more. so what i hope is mr. madison and mr. jefferson that this imperfect intention will make people realize that my worst enemy is my neighbor it isn't the left or the right but the rc people who want to destroy my- republic and our union. thinkoue >> i understand what you say.tet one of the things teddy roosevelt said if the people oft the different sections across the country couldn't see other o people's point of view but that is what you need these people to do to go across party lines that
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we have had so many divisions these last fewju years whether republicans or democrats as if the other side has nothing thati they have spots ability right now to think of our country itil is always bottom-up like the hetislavery movement civilts mot movement forights now is the time to band together what we want from our leaderspol and what we want from our political system? about c what do we do about campaignas r finance? can do any problem created by man can be solved by man.hated by man cn be solved by man. i'm glad you brought that up. whost: identity politics andm,h tribalism have you ever had. where we are not in identitye he politics?? >> i think when we come togetheo
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or even with roosevelt could bring the east and the west toqe gather the capitalist the poorr whotheri rich also the secondde inaugural lobby. was lincoln and slavery was opposed to both sides but now look how the civil rights played out in the 50s and 60s that celebrates act to desegregate the south with fair housing thet come together and they will again.ights leadership >> with the lbj civil rights cad commission?? >> with this administration?im.
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certainly it has carried over by the foreign policy is to host that somehow he could persuade h him it is better to have a public works project in vietnam than a war.beginnin he really didn't want ag, h morf then would tell the public what he was doing.he then your presidency is over bue with domestic affairs you tell everybody everything.ference, and and that makes the difference.ry >> can you see similarities between johnson and president: e trump? k >> they are both larger-than-life characters. but i think what jfk does thatt
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focus for what the presidency to bes, devoted i want to give aids education and the civil rights bill.all all five of those things but that is always with that relationship that they had over
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the first six and to pay for ten a ten minute therapy should be referred back to abraham lincoln? he it was? g to understood cap but one of the day open so the chief and secretary of state michael laughlin is a better than what is extraordinary me talking to doris goodwin is a simple word is the s speuciccefiss and leadl have any techniques ory,ive trik
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that you used to generate ideas? >> a veryy interesting question. washin the most important thing they were able tod time t do there ww example of that fdr in 1940 andg then had to do something with that specific homebase withhat i those sptruggles in washington n that ship so he himself came up with this idea to give the cours weapon to britain and then they would give them back at the end of the war if their house is thv fire you lended the hose and get it back after the fire is over.,
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similarly abraham lincoln was a few miles from my house in thete summer they went to the whole ue process through the emancipation proclamation we live in that 27 crrld -- 247 world and that is a problemea and creativity oftenvg defends that ability. >>host: historian doris kearnsnr goodwin is oureati guest. peopld >> one of the things that all these people had was when they m were talking with somebodychange
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regardless of what that other person was doing to make sense e of what a group a group of people are feeling.n, the more experiences that theyrf have talk about starting off in politics and not to make as people's lives better for goingo into tenementne houses he could feel with what the people wereil feeling and could have ideas out what could help those peoples of he washingeople he listen to t mortoe he got out ofn, washingto can walk into the room with the e senator and he knew exactly what the senator wanted.. ri bill. and just to say that civil rights bill he wants to be
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remembered over time just like i did. civil so with the civil rights act to, break the filibuster there onlyy two names abraham ce how can you forget? [laughter] >> the pulitzer prize winner the 1985.u? >> you disappear when you write a book?? >> it takes so long. i took me longer to write about world war ii that it took theen time to be fought. m it's not like i'm writing every day but i'm reading ands researching and the diaries ii love the lov gossip to. >> you like the book toto her?md
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>> and has been a a rough year since my husbands died yearssgon one -- a few months ago now i gives me something to do and something to think about it i probably couldn't do it otherwise i like giving the never hsion in a certain sense i really do feel w you can imagine another political system the d relationshipsif differently that history allows us to know that we will get through this again once we can make it happen ierei remember fdr speaking about world war ii we were building 4,000 fighter planes a year hehe said will never be able to do ii but that is what i'm hoping thit book can do.
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that means we can help in the street history to know we've done this before is not as bad as we think it is.ffair that is one thing my husband said about the love affair withd america but the experiences of owk and lbj that what was n happening right now and he s really believe that these ups andhe end down the end of amerih been america's been here many times before. w >>host: you said he was working onon that. that? >> it was the best man at our wedding.finish so that is now the next projectt spee17 hello. i w i would like to ask aboutorn johnson. much i didn't read much but i wast
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just curious regarding the situation. the >> what the context was a became the more conservative but beforf he died that he had a gentleness to the south to allow them toigf come back in as long as the, rights of the blacks were ein expected. but he but stanton is on the radical side and probably willing to push the south more with more possibilities for the black andm then to override as the reconstruction develops but then there was the office act thatree
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did not allow you to do that. if but much more importantly it has to do those lincoln c ways to sb reconstruction would be more bue he won the, he h war maybe be br off now than we h did even ali did not stand up to the senate.pril that was by a very small part by one vote. >> lincoln is killed and assassinated when did you start to see the problem? tion, wh >> it began right away the day of hisich was inauguration of 1e
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there already making speeches me and it was really a terrible speech to say i running againstl them.l then he had too much to drinkorm but i remember hearing and thent it started to begin with the governor of tennessee said he couldn't do the job. >> that is his second inaugural but doris kearns goodwin talks about those months with then t hefirst inaugural in march and t what happened with the leadership in turbulent times. we have 30 seconds left beforeo
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team. >> caller: i'm just wondering if she's interested to the war r of independence and with thenven constitutional convention?eader. one of the best examples of u leadership to make i wish i wish i knew more about georgege l washington. not only how he let up during the revolution but the letters he that he writes on his way to hit inauguration worrying if he has the strength to take us through this. lov and we were very, very lucky to have him as president.. mo tim he is a guy like to know more in
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about. it's g >>host: who is the next an ex-president you really want to take on?ovies for >> that would take a long time.d and i i got involved with the lincoln movie so a friend said s we had a little movie but it won't take ten yearst bo hopefully. >> the most recent book guest leadership in turbulent times. >> thank you so much as always.


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