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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Senate floor debate on confirmation hearing  CSPAN  September 5, 2018 10:11pm-10:15pm EDT

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intimidated that they become a little mouse in the classroom and they don't have this kind of dinner table conversations, therefore they feel like they can throw their ideas out. >> that's the rich, they love it. they go on and on singing. talking about the issues on the song. when we make it relevant, they enjoyed them and they engaged they learn.
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>> today, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh testified at the second day of his senate confirmation hearing. in an effort to limit the hearing, senate minority leader chuck schumer tried to invoke a senate world that hearings have to stop once the senate has been in session two hours. senator schumer explained his position on the hearing when the object into a waiver to two hour rule. >> i have a request for the judiciary's committee during today's session. >> while the senate be in order, please? majority leader. >> i ask unanimous consent that
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it be agreed to. >> is there objection? >> madam president. >> democratic leader. >> and we have order? spin the senate will be in order. >> reserving the right to reject, the majority in the judiciary committee is pressing forward with arw confirmation hearing on a supreme court nominee whose record has largely been shielded from the senate and the american public. over 90% of judge kavanagh's record has not been received by the senate h and may not ever b. what's been delivered to this committee was prescreened republican lawyers with no guidelines and what we learn. that small subset less than 10% of the full record. chairman grassley is prohibiting large segments from being shared with the public without explanation. republicans are trying to jam
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through with this little scrutiny as highest court with the power to affect the lives of americans for a generation. that's what so important to the senate in the public to review the nominee's record because health care, a woman's freedom to make medical decisions, civil rights, voting rights to my marriage equality all hang in the balance in the republican majority isth deliberately obstruct and the senate's constitutional duty to fairly conduct our guys and can add powers. >> order in the chamber. >> as a result, we will not consent to business as usual on the senate floor today. this means the s senate will adjournhe for the day after my o colleagues finished speaking. so i object. >> because of senator schumer's objection, majority leader mitch
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mcconnell adjourned the senate so that the hearing could continue. we will now show you that hearings in its entirety. in his testimony before the judiciary committee, judge brett kavanaugh answered questions about judicial independence, presidential pardons, abortion rights, gun laws in executive privilege. iowa senator chuck grassley chairs the judiciary committee. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]