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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  September 25, 2018 5:11pm-5:22pm EDT

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the presiding officer: the senate is adjourned until
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>> we had a good discussion at lunch about that. our goal is to have a respectful hearing which is what we believed it is not uncommon to have staff do questioning in a situation like this. fred thompson actually did the key questioning that's the way the hearing will be conducted and once the hearing is over
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we have a plan to move forward. >> as the father of two adult daughters approaching this hearing i am thinking the same way my daughters would be treated in the event they were making an accusation. my mother. or my wife. that is the appropriate way to think about it. and others benefited from thinking about it the same way. but we also need to remember this process has to be fair to the nominee and doctor ford. with senator feinstein holding onto the six weeks after the hearing process ended , upending the confidentiality investigation that normally occurs when it comes up during the course of the nomination
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protecting the accuser and the nominee has gone out the window as a result of what senator feinstein decided to do. we owe everybody a fair process what does that look like? >> not assuming someone is guilty unless proven they are innocent. there is no way the accused can disprove the allegation because he was not there. it did not happen so what is the fair process? >> do they have a responsibility to bring forward evidence or corroborating witnesses? >> so they could satisfy themselves what is true?
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>> that is the american constitutional system when you accuse someone of misconduct. that is important to keep in mind and we must insist on a fair process for everyone involved. >> the democrat and senate had one goal of judge kavanaugh's nomination to find out they will go to any length to do that. think about what has happened already, the judge has answered more than 30 hours of questions. and public session, answered questions on both sides in closed session. and then more questions than any supreme court nominee previous.
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and now we will have a hearing this thursday in which his accuser, doctor ford will have an opportunity for her side to be heard but republicans on the judiciary committee overall have made this a fair process giving democrats an opportunity to get information it is pretty clear they don't have any interest in that. or throughout the course of this process it has been instruct to block or delay the nomination. we want to see doctor ford treated fairly and make sure this process continues to be fair but at the end of the day to be sure that it moves forward because we have a vacancy on the supreme court that needs filled.
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>> the democrats seem to be determined to stop the nomination to the united states supreme court but all we ask for is a fair process the democrats have blocked that by sitting onto this over six weeks they hid it from the american public and other members of the senate judiciary committee there is nothing fair about that at all and i agree when he writes to the senate and says he will not be intimidated and will not withdraw it is time to hear from him and doctor ford and then it is time to vote there is no reason for any additional delay. it is certainly difficult to
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investigate a claim where there is no investigation and no witnesses but i will say looking into this with what the judiciary committee has done, their staff has pursued every name mentioned , everything in writing in those investigations is given under penalty of perjury. not much cooperation from the democratic staff at this point and that they don't have the same penalties if not answered truthfully. to all of those witnesses that turned out not to be witnesses but both will be heard. chairman grassley has done everything he could to establish a fair set of ground
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rules where doctor ford is comfortable and doctor kavanaugh - - judge kavanaugh can present his side as well. >> everybody understands there is a presumption of indecision one - - innocence. that is with every citizen in every situation so to go with a presumption of innocence to hear the argument and testimony on the other sides of the members of the senate can make a decision on a very significant matter. >>. >> speed nine.
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>> i'm sorry you were confused about that. we are moving forward and i am confident we will win. >> why should the american public believe these allegation allegations? >>. >> there have been a lot of people calling in to testify under oath if there is another occurrence most don't want to do that because once they realize they have to be under oath and there is potential criminal penalties. so we have two people here. a different version of what has happened and we need to
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listen to them both and make a decision. that is what we are here to do. >> i do believe he will be confirmed, yes. >> you don't have women making decisions. >> i'm looking for the truth. because you are disqualified. and as i said earlier and then to be at a respectful and professional way not a political sideshow put on by the democrats we ought to take
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everyone seriously. as a way to evaluate and the other people who know anything about this. and the other people who know anything about this. speed nine. >> good afternoon everybody. thank you for being here and i