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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Sexual Assault Allegations Against Supreme...  CSPAN  September 27, 2018 7:57am-8:07am EDT

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what does it mean to be american. that's the sears student cam competition question. and were asking middle and high school students to enter by producing a short documentary about a constitutional right and national characteristics or historical events and explain how it defines the american experience we are awarding $100,000 in total cash prizes including a grand prize of $5,000. this year's deadline is january 202019. for more information go to our website student >> the third woman accusing brett cavanaugh of assault. many senators spoke about that. the judiciary committee will hear testimony from the nominee.
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in the hearing beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we had live coverage on c-span two and now some of the senator's comments beginning with majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> tomorrow morning the sun and the american people will hear from judge brett cavanaugh and dr. christineth blasey-ford we will hear sworn testimony from both of them. with the allegation of the misconduct that dr. ford has raised. a goes without saying mister president but it bears sexual assault is completely up for it. -- un- tolerated. i'm glad dr. ford will be heard. i would like to thank chairman grassley who worked tirelessly to establish a fair process and a secure comfortable
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settingd or to speak with investigators who would meet her anywayou she wished. or to conduct the entire interview by phone. he has brought a patient, professionalism to this process. one that stands in stark contrast to those on the other side of the aisle who self describe as spartacus and plate to the television cameras. dr. ford will be heard. and despite the irresponsibility. and then discarded they request for confidentiality. and then licked it to the press. i'm walk through this again. the ranking democrat on the judiciary committee.
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they go all the way back to july. in which they stated the allegation and ask for confidentiality. mister president that was in july the committee's thorough review of judge cavanaugh was just getting started. there was ample time to vet this allegation. in a serious and bipartisan it would've maintained confidentiality and honored dr. ford's request for privacy. .. .. my friend the senior senator from new york said just hours after judge kavanaugh was nominated if the quote opposed
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him with everything i've got. just hours after the nomination. this is the democratic caucus of which several members preemptivelyil announced fill in the blank opposition to any nominee before judge kavanaugh had even been named. this is the democratic caucus was that all summer searching for reasons to delay, delay delay this nomination. there were not enough documents because they were too many documents because of unrelated headlines, you name it. no, mr. president, these colleagues did not with the seriousness and discretion she apparently they took no meaningful action with respect to reclaim for weeks and then finally, the 11th hour, when his introduction certainly
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certain competitors certain delay, they got it to the press. so much for dr. ford's request for confidentiality i guess. so what lessons can we draw from all of this, mr. president? you're right senate democrats and click conference about an extremely sensitive matter you will soon windwi household name. and if you're a public servant whose confirmation the far left happens to oppose because they dislike the fact that you will interpret the law and the constitution according to what they mean rather than what the far left wishes they would mean, they will not hesitate to weaponized uncorroborated allegations and drag your name and your family right through the mud. that's what these guys will do to you. uncorroborated allegations which a judge kavanaugh has denied repeatedly and in public, and to
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senate send investigators in the strongest terms, all under penalty of felony. so let's not forget that dr. ford's accountnt identifies thre other supposedly witnesses, and each of these individuals has denied participation in our recollection of any such event. also under penalty o of felony n all cases. one of the alleged witnesses is a longtime friend of dr. ford. she stated that only that she does notuc recall any such part, but that she doesn't even know judge kavanaugh. no corroboration. no supporting evidence before us. just dr. ford's allegation. by any normal standard of american justice this is nowhere near enough to destroy someone's reputation or nullify their
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career. but for some of our colleagues they are trying to move the goalposts. the junior senator from delaware asserted recently on television that it is judge kavanaugh who bears the burden of disproving these allegations. let me say that again. junior senator from delaware said judge kavanaugh bears the burden of disproving these allegations. guilty until proven innocent in our country? similarly, the junior senator from hawaii has implied that judge kavanaugh does not deserve a presumption of innocence. the junior senator from hawaii has said that judge kavanaugh does not deserve a presumption of innocence because she does not agree with his judicial philosophy. just yesterday the democratic
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leader said that because we are not in a criminal court room, because we are not in a criminal courtroom there is no presumption of innocence or guilt here when you have nominee before you. in america somebody is saying that? well, won't surprise you to know, mr. president, democrats have always taken that position. back in 1991 when our friend senator joe biden was chairman of theay judiciary committee. he had this to say to judge clarence thomas when the committee was evaluating an allegation against him. here's what joe biden said. the presumption is with you, with me, , the presumption is wh you, and in my opinion, it should be you, with you until all the evidence is in and people make a judgment. that chairman of the judiciary committee joe biden during the clarence thomas preceding.
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well, my colleagues would do well to remember this commonsense principle. after all, this is america. every american understands the presumption of innocence. i'm glad the chairman grassley, staffing committee investors have worked so hard to clean up this mess, clean up this mess and put together a fair process. and i'm encouragedco by the committees choice of rachel mitchell, a career prosecutor with decades of experience and sensitive investigations, who was recognized with an award by arizona been a democratic goverr janet napolitano to lead expertise to this important process. it's time, mr. president for senators to from both dr. ford and judge kavanaugh under oath.


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