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  Campaign 2018 President Trump Rally in Tennessee  CSPAN  October 1, 2018 7:11pm-8:16pm EDT

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obstruction has come to a close. judge kavanaugh's nomination is out of committee and we are considering it here on the floor and will be voting this week. >> more campaign 2018 coverage coming up. president trump speaks at a rally for republican congresswoman, marsha blackburn. she's running for senate seat being vacated by bob corker. life coverage begins at 7:20 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> president trump live at a rally in johnson city tennessee for marsha blackburn. the president running about ten minutes early.
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we have live coverage on c-spa c-span2. [applause] [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
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>> it is great to be with you. i am thrilled to be back. [cheers and applause] stomach i look forward to being back in the great state of tennessee with thousands of hard-working american patriots. that is what you are. [cheers and applause] in less than two years we have achieved the biggest comeback in american history. look at what is happening. our country is respected again. we are respected again. jobless claims are at a 50 year low the stock market is at an all-time high the economy is booming, wages are rising, and more americans are working today
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than ever before think of that. such a simple statement. such a complex thing to do. more americans are working today than ever before. what a beautiful thing. [applause] get out and vote in november. it will all change quickly folks. we are defending our second amendment, taking care but -- will not defend your second amendment. were taking care of our great veterans and rebuilding and
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rebuilding america's might. just today, we made history again when i announced to the world that we are replacing the job killing disaster known as nafta with a brand-new us-mexico canada trade agreement. we are calling it usmc a. no more nafta. it is the largest trade deal united states has ever negotiated. it is also a great deal for country. it is going to produce jobs and companies are not going to be leaving and firing everybody making products and sending it back into the united states.
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we have two wonderful partners now. mexico and canada and that's a good thing. america is winning again and we are finally putting america first. [applause] but, radical democrats in congress are trying very hard to erase everything that we have achieved. they are looking out there right now trying to figure out how do they take an election because they want to take it back. look at your 401k's. we are out from the time of the election 55%. i love you too. [applause] he does not sound like my type. that voice is very strong, i
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love him. whoever you are, i love you. we are just five weeks from one of the most important congressional elections of our lifetime. they are trying to take what we did in 16, something that nobody has seen. it was the greatest election victory in the history of our country. between the democrats who are obstructionist, who are people that do not want to see strong military. they don't want borders, they don't mind crying, and they are enablers with the fake news media, right back there. [applause] we have got to be very careful. a democrat takeover of congress
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will plunge our country into gridlock and chaos and take away all of the wealth you have earned over the last 20 months. think of this. the stock market is up at record levels and now the highest will drop your 401k's will be devastated. your taxes will rise beyond your wildest imagination. in crime will flow into our country through these open borders. other than that, we will be doing very well. we want to get more money, i could build that thing in one year. i could build it.
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we have 1.6 billion. so, after the election, leadership essay, meaning republicans are going to do something that is very strong. let's see what happens. but the wall is under construction. if you look at some of it some wallace up, falling down now it's beautiful, brand-new and it works. we need border security we have to take care of our people. look what's going on. luke was going on in california. you have a man running for governor in california. since we don't want any borders. we do on sanctuary cities. and they're going to take care of healthcare, education,
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they'll take care of everything. you will have 1 billion people living in california. it's going to be a mess. we have it right, we have it going properly. this country will never be venezuela, that i can tell you. that's what they're looking for she's, the democratic party has been completely taken over by the so-called resistance. i'll tell you something, they're only good at one thing, they stick together like glue. i have bad policy and bad politicians. but they stick together. we have to be careful they'll take everything including your second amendment. democrats believe they are entitled to power and they have
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been blind in a blind rage ever since they lost the 2016. they have gone loco. they have gone crazy. this election is a choice between the republican party that is building our future the democrat party that is trying to burn our future down. the democrats only know how to obstruct, demolish, and destroy as we have seen in recent weeks, democrats are willing to do anything and hurt anyone to get their way, like they are doing with judge kavanaugh. they have been trying to destroy him since the first second he was announced. they know that judge kavanaugh will follow the constitution has
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written. he is a good man. great student, great intellect, never had a problem and all of a sudden let's go back to high school. maybe they should go before high school. i know many of them. you have the great vietnam war hero who didn't go to vietnam, you know that, blumenthal. about blumenthal. how about blumenthal? for 15 years as the attorney general of connecticut he went around telling war stories. people die left and right my platoon marched forward. he was never in vietnam. it was a lie. then he's up there saying we want the truth from judge kavanaugh. and you are getting the truth
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from judge kavanaugh. unbelievable. the great city in vietnam, then you have cory booker who destroyed newark. the job he did. and to see some of the things he wrote when he was young about women. take a look. okay. then they want to take a lot longer with the fbi. by the way, if we took ten years they would want more time. but they want to take a lot longer. but diane feinstein, she had this letter for months and she did not reveal it until everything was finished. then she says we want more time. let's see how it works out.
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they are trying to destroy very fine person. we cannot let it happen. democrats want activists, left-wing judges who will totally rewrite your loss, erase your borders and replace your values. you do not want that in tennessee. republicans know that a judges job is to follow the law and deliver equal justice for all. the democrats can no longer be trusted with your power and their power. you cannot let it happen. they have loose so far left that pocahontas is considered a conservative. that's right. elizabeth warren, she said she is considering a run for the
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president. please run. how about that group, biden. we call him 1% biden until obama took them off the trash and now he's tough guy. he's a real genius. i want to challenge him to a fight behind the barn. wouldn't that be good i want to challenge donald trump. remember that he got a little upset. he is another beauty. i got some real beauties going. this november 6 you have the chance to reject the outrageous policies of the democrat party. not the democratic party, but the democrat party. sounds worse, right?
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but that's the real name. but, you can only do it, you have to vote for republican. we need more republicans to get the vote. i said the other night i said, i think were going to keep it. it's a little harsh but i think we'll keep it. democrats have the part b of crime. how does that sound? [applause] they are the party of crime. sounds a little tough, but it's true. open borders. were thrilled to be joined by terrific members of congress. people who are friends of mine and have help me. they love our state and our country. one is a man that everybody knows very well, his name is phil role. phil.
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>> thank you. he is always there for you. another man said this is what i as mr. trump, not mr. president. he said we do early voting in tennessee. he said sir, i want to tell you that people are coming out of the mountains, out of the rivers, out of the valleys. [applause] they're coming out of everywhere. i've never seen anything. i've been doing it for 30 years and i'm waiting like we had 30 days but you have early voting in tennessee. people that haven't voted because they haven't liked anybody. these are great, incredible people. they didn't like what they had to go for. now, they're coming out with
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trumpet banners and hats and make america great again. when this man, he said i can't speak for the rest of our nation, but if the nation like tennessee you're going to win by a lot. john duncan, congressman thank you john. a friend of mine a great congressman, someone who has really worked hard even though he's not from your state it doesn't matter. he has been so strong, so smart, he loves the country so much. congressman mark meadows. >> thank you mark. >> and deborah. thank you deb. congressman chuck fleishman who
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has been fantastic. thank you chuck. [applause] morgan griffith, scott -- my favorite name of politics. thank you. you guys are great. these are great people. these are people that love our country, they want to do the right thing. there's nothing wrong with having strong borders, strong law enforcement. nothing wrong with paying low taxes. you want to have a strong military, if you have a strong military you're never going to have to use it. and we are going to very shortly have the strongest military we've ever had. we are also joined with future republican members of congress,
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the kim birch. ten. thank you tim. nonodone. no-no. >> nonodonno-no
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[applause] >> thank you all so much. [applause] mister president, we love the president in tennessee. [cheers and applause] and i want to say thank you to each of you for being here
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tonight. thank you so much for all you are doing to elect these republican candidates that we talked about tonight. and thank you for sending donald trump to the white house. [cheers and applause] he has had an amazing three months. not to even mention the foreign policy he has achieved. china. north korea. the iran deal. [applause] and we appreciate this.
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and moving to jerusalem i know the democrats keep saying there is a blue wave coming but let me tell you something. when that blue wave gets to the state line it will run into a great red wall. [cheers and applause] and every single one of you. if you want a senator who will stand with the president to build a wall and cut your taxes to make certain we take care of your men and women in uniform, i am asking you to stand with me.
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let's take these tennessee values to washington dc and put them to work with president donald trump. thank you. [applause] >> i just want to thank marsha blackburn she is all about tennessee values.
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she has tennessee values. a vote for marcia is really a vote for me and everything that we stand for it is a vote for make america great again. [cheers and applause] a vote for the governor is a vote for schumer and nancy pelosi. and the real leader of the democrats. filled medicine wants to raise your taxes and as governor remember he is a nice guy but what good does that do? he raises taxes and fees in your state by more than $1 billion he opposes the border wall with driver certificates for illegal aliens and on his watch
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tennessee unemployment doubled it doubled you want him? i don't think so. >> in 2010 advocating government run healthcare do you want to wait in line to get taken care of and called for it to be funded by a 20 percent payroll tax for all of the hard-working americans many that are here right now government run healthcare no i don't think so. a major financial supporter of president obama and crooked hillary crooked as hell.
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now running to be the 51st senate democrat and the 51st democrat elected in november chuck schumer will become a majority leader even though he said something good today with canada and mexico that is why schumer is so desperate because everything that we stand for we need votes it is very important number one marcia will be a great senator but we need the votes and will never once vote for us. not on judges one of the reasons they say i got elected was a supreme court judge the single most important thing the president can do is a
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selection of a supreme court judge so we picked just discourse which. [cheers and applause] and now brett cobb long - - brett cavanagh is doing as well. we cannot allow ourselves to be pushed around. phil is only running because chuck schumer begged him because that runs right through tennessee. the second amendment higher taxes, and this 13. get used to them. we don't want ice they said. if you want to stop schumer from becoming majority leader if you want to stop your taxes from going up 50 percent or more this will happen then you
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must vote against bredesen. your vote will decide which controls the senate that is how close it is. a democrat controlled senate will always be raising your taxes. there is nothing you can do. he will vote with the democrats. healthcare. we gave you the largest tax cuts in the history of this country. not with one democrat. [applause] they don't vote for a reason but because it is against trump anything that we do. if it is really good they want to stop. unbelievable things and we have to let it happen.
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they will flood your streets with criminal aliens. that is what will happen. they are always attacking law enforcement. under the obama administration there is tremendous amounts of surplus military equipment. heavy armor, different things people that we love that keeps them safe. they want to block your great judges and weaken the military. they will don't want to spend any money on the military. jobs is very important. when it comes to the military. it is secondary. you will soon have the strongest military we have ever had.
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we had fighter jets and airplanes they grandfather flew them but you know what? we have all new fighter jets. all of us. right here in the usa. jobs jobs jobs. and to outlaw private health insurance. and we are already doing it and providing with tremendous amounts of competition we can get a few more votes. this is the way you want it. to shut down american energy and replace freedom with socialism.
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the democrats want to turn america into venezuela. we will not let it happen. and when you look at what they are doing with sanctuary citie cities, also at stake in this election is medicare. democrats in washington want to raise medicare to pay for socialism. medicine for all robbing seniors of all medicare benefits. republicans want to protect medicare. and we always protect americans with their free exist among - - pre-existing conditions. a lot of people think that's not a very republican thing it is now and has been for me. i want to take care of people
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with pre-existing conditions. we can do that well. [applause] democrats also want to give welfare and free healthcare to illegal aliens republicans - - democrats want to protect. >> but the americans that need help democrats want to abolish immigration enforcement entirely. and to support the sanctuary cities with ms 13 into our communities. remember what i said. look at what they are doing in congress. or with our laws the way they
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treat our laws and country. they are the party of crime. with those immigrant policies. with those that are so dangerous and a sex crime conviction and other convictions with the prior deportation they wanted to deport her they never did and a local football coach leaves the behind a wife by the way this is all over. believing that they should be a sanctuary providing american.
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and they proudly stand with the brave men and women and we stand with law enforcement. [cheers and applause] this election in november is about safety and prosperity. we are doing things now that nobody believes that we are getting numbers that nobody believes. 4million new jobs. and also food stamps.
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we have added nearly 600,000 new manufacturing jobs. that was not supposed to happen. [applause] remember when president obama said you can't do manufacturing? you need a magic wand. you don't need a magic wand. you need proper policies. remember this. african-american unemployment just reached the lowest level ever recorded. [cheers and applause] after years of democrats failing than bantering republicans are delivering for african-americans like never before. i saw that the other night with kanye west. [cheers and applause]
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and big jim brown and so many others to be supported. we could use him right now. but hispanic americans and asian american unemployment also reached all-time lows. unemployment recently reached the lowest level i think in history and last week groundbreaking new tray deal with south korea to dramatically increases american exports. to say we must have this deal but not for us.
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but now we have a good thing. friend or foe? friend. you never know. we only have friends in tennessee. [cheers and applause] also with new trade talks with the european union and with japan spending millions of cars. we are cracking down on china's unfair practices. [applause] we have been losing three or $500 million per year to china. no more. no more.
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after years of rebuilding other nations we are finally rebuilding our nation. [cheers and applause] and we are doing that with american aluminum and american steel. our steel is doing really well. [applause] to put more money into the pockets of tennessee families we pass the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms and we eliminated with that individual mandated. and as bad as those premiums ar are, we are trying to keep those from the remnants of
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obama care but it will all be taking care of. this year alone we have successfully lowered your health insurance premiums in the state of tennessee by 26 percent. it was like a rocket ship with a critically ill patients life-saving treatments we just passed something they were trying to pass 45 years. you all helped with that one. so if somebody is terminally ill with a great future they are very promising but we have
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no right to give those medicines to somebody who is terminal. if they will die and have no hole that they had money to travel all over the world to find a cure but yet we have the greatest doctors and medicine in the world here. but in the four years we have reduced it now it's down three and a half or four. scott is doing a great job at the fda. [applause] forty-five years it's not as easy as it sounds. i will tell you it's not that easy but now somebody is terminally ill if we have a drug it looks like it could possibly help we can give it to those people and you know what? already we have had success. some of these drugs are working. i'm very proud of it the right to try. i don't want you to have to
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use it but if you do, doesn't make sense if you don't have the money you just go home and you sit there and you lose hope if you do have money you go all over the world to find a cure. right to try that was a big deal. also we passed veterans choice any veterans in the room? [applause] we just passed choice. that was 44 years we've been trying to pass choice if you have to wait in line nine days, 30 days, 21 days or months you don't do that anymore. if you are unhappy you go to a private doctor and they take care of you and we pay the bill. it's better. they been trying to pass that for many many decades but we
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got it past. we are good at passing things. right? stand up. that's right. that's right. no wonder they live long - - love you in tennessee. and another one we just passed the va accountability act. [applause] this is where you have employees at the veterans administration who treat our warriors who are troubled and not well they steal and robin do some bad things some of them. some are incredible but now we have the right to go after them we have the right to fire them. [applause]
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the va accountability act is a big thing. just last week i signed a record 716 billion-dollar funding bill and we are giving our troops the biggest payraise they have had in over a decade. [cheers and applause] >> i just went through the united states from the horrible one-sided iran nuclear to deal long - - deal disaster and we recognize the capital of israel and opened the us embassy in jerusalem. [cheers and applause] we have done so much i will not do this to you but page
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after page after page after page. look at this. created manufacturing 600. each one is a major point. but i will tell you what. nobody has done this much in their first two years are probably any two years nobody has died what me but what we have done with the help of all of these people. nobody has done what we have done.
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we have more regulations in any administration regular two years or four years eight or 12 in one case cutting more than any president or any administration in two years less than two years we have cut regulations but yet we have crystal clean water, peer beautiful air we are into that also folks but you don't have to turn off of all business and turn to the foreign countries to get it. [applause] under my administration we are standing up for america. [applause] standing up for america. [applause]
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and we are standing up for tennessee and we are standing up very proudly for our flag and national anthem. [cheers and applause] we are lifting millions of people from welfare to work from dependence to independence and from poverty to prosperity. [applause] we are building a future of safety with opportunity in every city and community in every part of this great land is prospering like they have never prospered before. it is a beautiful thing to watch. that is why outside right now i hope they haven't left we put big screens out there for the them, there are close to
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20000 people standing outside. [cheers and applause] and in the great state of missouri, i want to say madison square garden a big beautiful arena that was packed with 45000 people outside. think of that. so something is happening. by the way claire mccaskill who was another disaster is being soundly beaten we help. we help missouri. [applause] thank you. thank you. 45000. we are fighting for the right of all children to have a safe home. a great school a loving family
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that raises them up to reach their highest dreams. wouldn't that be nice? we need more faith in this country. [cheers and applause] the might of justice and the glory of freedom is what we are about but to continue this incredible momentum. because the 2016 election may have been the greatest selection of l-letter long - - of all time. [cheers and applause] and we had to fight the democrats who was fighting a very dishonest media.
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fighting the media is tougher than the democrats but they are equal partners. so get your friends and family and your neighbors and coworkers and get out and vote for marsha blackburn and all of the great republicans that are running. [cheers and applause] bill lee will be a great governor. a vote for republicans is a vote for lower taxes, less regulation that is a big factor and for more products made right here in the good old usa. [cheers and applause] remember the old days we had little decals all over the
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place? made in the usa. guess what? that is what is happening now. made in the usa. it's a vote to reduce crime respect law enforcement and restore the rule of law. [applause] safe communities and thriving families and a vote for republicans is a vote to reject the democratic politics of anger and destruction and chaos to come together as citizens and as americans come together as americans. [applause] to everyone in this room tonigh tonight, to every citizen watching all across the land because they have a lot of those cameras rolling.
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it is called earned media and i have earned it. thank you very much. this is your time to choose. this is your time whether we return backward to the failure and frustration of the past. look at what we have done in far less than two years. nobody believes it. they don't believe it. and they don't want to report it. so we reported ourselves. by the way 15 percent of them are okay 85 percent no good. and also a choice if we can continue of this great land and this great country we were losing our country so many people have come up to me and
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say you are tough with tears in their eyes say a man came up to me i would not want to fight him and he said mister presiden president, thank you for saving our country. [cheers and applause] it is not up to the media to decide - - decide our fate or the pollsters or the pundits they are very good right now. they don't like it when we have good polls. it is called repression. darling i really like donald trump but you know he can't win because cnn did a poll. but did those polls turn out to be wrong or what?
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[applause] they are phony just like fake news and then said darling i really like that guy but the polls say according to the media most people think it is legitimate although that has changed darling let's go to a movie then we will go home and watch our friend donald. as an example i heard he will lose texas. i heard he will lose utah and georgia. so sad. but texas came out at 8:00 o'clock. they said ladies and gentlemen the closed long - - the polls have closed and the winner is. [cheers and applause] donald trump. [cheers and applause]
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ladies and gentlemen the polls have closed in the great state of utah and the winner is donald trump. [cheers and applause] ladies and gentlemen. the polls have closed in the great state of georgia and the winner is donald trump. [cheers and applause] normally after they close it takes hours and days in a landslide they said there could be in trouble in texas i would love trouble like that all the time. we love texas and ted cruz is starting to do really well now. really well. he will win by a lot. go back two years was that the greatest evening ever? [cheers and applause] was that like the greatest
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evening. remember the board. did you see the red? the whole thing was red and by the end of the evening his hand was trembling and he said wisconsin? donald trump has won the state of wisconsin. [cheers and applause] donald trump has won the state of michigan and you had the people behind him i would know. oh no. remember that? remember pennsylvania? pennsylvania had it been one for many years by a republican. i thought we were going to do well but all republicans think they will do well and they lose. i thought we would do great do you remember 1 percent if we lost every single vote but
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they refused to announce that. they waited until like 1:00 o'clock in the morning wait a minute i went by a lot announce it and they wouldn't but then wisconsin and michigan was announced so it didn't matter one of the greatest rating evenings in the history of television all because of you. [applause] and hopefully we will have another great evening in november you will get marsha in their marsha blackburn. it is up to you to choose prosperity over socialism and decay. it is up to you on novembe noveh right? november 6, 2018 together we
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are taking back our country returning power to the american people. that is what we campaigned on. [applause] this great state, the state of tennessee through the sweat and sacrifice you have good genes. this is the state of davy crockett and andrew jackson. [cheers and applause] andrew jackson who continues to be on the 20-dollar bill. [applause] andrew jackson actually they were comparing what we did a year and a half ago they were
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always comparing it to ronald reagan and then they actually started to say andrew jackson he had one wild election and then they say toward the end know. this was greater than even andrew jackson and i am a big andrew jackson fan. [applause] i went to his home in tennessee it was great and it was special he was a tough cookie and a great president. and those who defy dangers and brave the elements to defend their families and their country and always to defend their values. this is what they do. they defend their values and their families. what else do they defend? our great american flag.
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[cheers and applause] just like the patriots who came before us, we are going to fight and we are going to win win win. [applause] we are winning. we will not bend. we will not break. we will never give in. we will never give up. we will never ever back down. we will never back down. [applause] like him. we will never surrender. we will always slide to victory. victory victory. because as you know, we are americans our heart bleeds red white and blue.
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we are one people. one family and one glorious nation under god. [applause] and to gather we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you tennessee. [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]
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