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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Maj. Leader Mc Connell on Kavanaugh Nomination  CSPAN  October 2, 2018 8:01pm-8:11pm EDT

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mr. mcconnell: madam president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. mcconnell: you know, madam president, if you stop and
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listen, you can practically hear the democrats trying >> madam president if you can stopo and listen of the demo on - - democrats trying to move the goal post. before judge kavanaugh was even named and to oppose whomever the junior senator from california said weber president trump chose with the destruction of the constitution of the united states as far as i can tell. as a member of the judiciary committee. >> and it has now become famous and not long after that
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so anyone supporting the nomination could be complicit in evil this is the context for every action democrats are debating during this entire but the goal has not moved an inch they will not be satisfied unless they brought down judge kavanaugh's nomination. is started with maneuvering for whatever excuse they could find to delay and delay and they tried to argue the
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supreme court should not confirm the supreme court justice in any even numbered year. but then we were reminded that justice kagan and justice souter were all confirmed in midterm election years and evaporated. next they said that should be delayed because too few documents were available but then with the supreme court nomination so what came next? that democrats call for delay because there were too many documents for them to read. i wish we could have remained inin the realm that when none of theseud tactics work as he had
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his brilliance and some chose a darker road. that the politics of personal destruction and i spoke at length of the allegation and for six weeks the confidential accounts from the democratic side of the judiciary committee to the washington dc lawyers were hand-picked for her. and with that confidential letter finding its way into her hands with proper procedure listening to the plea for privacy this is not politics as usual.
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doctor ford's allegation is not the only uncorroborated allegation that has been paraded around. all the mud and muck open entirely on brett kavanaugh and his family. and then came or corroborated allegations more outlandish. and with that red carpet rolled out to cues him of a high school drug serial sexual assault rape. hosting one wild party after another and then there was zero witnesses. zero.
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let plenty of people to refuse the claims. but should be read into the record of the judiciary committee. and who deserved i mentioned in the remarks last thursday. every democratic member has this outlandish tail the informal letter to call on judge kavanaugh for consideration. but this is how desperate some became with the qualified nominee. from upholding any standards of any kind. anonymous unattributed and now the debunked account this time anonymous accusations alleging physical abuse 20 years ago.
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and with that anonymous smear. judge kavanaugh was supposedly responsible for sexual assault in rhode island. until the accuser recanted completely but not before many began to eat it up. and then to open those floodgates were of the day louche - - of the day louche of the uncorroborated muck. but then to be cheered on and capitalized on and then to be so eager to stop the nomination? just politics? i don't think so.
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and some other lines of attack have been trivial and with a major story but get this judge kavanaugh may have been accused of throwing ice across a college bar in the mid- 19 eighties. talk about a bombshell. i can only imagine that here is what we know madame president one thing for sure ethe senate will vote on judge kavanaugh here on this floor this week. here on this floor this week. our democratic friends will try to move the goalpost again 24 people they wanted the fbi to interview so even that same
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supplemental fbi investigation that is no longer sufficient. after they share what has found the senators have the opportunity to vote no on the politics of destruction and the opportunity to vote yes on this nominee. >> thank you madame president. we get along quite well with the majority leader he laughs at my jokes we are very crap proud to work on the appropriation billsa together but sometimes his comments are so absurd