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Mitch McConnell
  Senate Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  October 2, 2018 9:17pm-9:29pm EDT

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many americans understand cases of monumental importance to the nation. these cases will impact the day-to-day lives of americans for decades if not generations. many questions will be decided by the supreme court. let me just list a few. the american people's ability to access affordable healthcare for example. the opportunity to work in an environment free from discrimination, their ability to access justice system and have their day in court often against powerful i corporate interests. the rights of working men and women for the right to organize, the right to bargain collectively. i hope that when members of the senate are making a determination about this nomination i hope they take the
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simplest and those concerns into their deliberations. mr. president, i would yield the floor. there was more set up confirmation process today after senators met behind closed doors for their weekly lunches. republicans spoke to reporters for nearly ten minutes before turning the microphone over to the senate democrats. >> it's pretty obvious the democratic strategy here is to drag judge kavanaugh through the mud as long as they possibly can. and as you've noticed, vocal posts keep getting moved every time we think we've responded to
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reasonable requests. let me tell you what will certainly have been labeled an fbi report said. it will be made available to each senator and only senators will be allowed to look at it. that's the way all these reports are handled, the background checks from the fbi to the judiciary committee. and we will be voting this week. the fbi report will be finished and we will be voting this week on the nomination. >> the request was for up to seven days for additional supplement to investigation by the fbi and as the leaders that we will get back but now you are
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certaistarting to hear new argus being made since they realized everything the witnesses previously told the judiciary committee they are likely to tell the fbi the same thing. it would make sense to me but now they want to focus on his high school yearbook. give me a break. that shows the desperation that oversight has two not only deny a fair and dignified confirmation process but to turn this into a circus and now we are talking about putting ice on somebody when you're in college is disqualified me from his seat on the supreme court. this hasn't been a search for the truth it's been about search and destroy and process setting a precedent we will regret where
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an unproven accusation is enough to deny somebody confirmation in the senate and in fact as rachel mitchell pointed out, the confirmation was alleged that never happened that's what's happened so far but in a way that it should never have turned out intconducted a spectacle ths primarily because the ranking member sat on the accusation of july 30 creating the circumstance we have now but what we are seeing is one excuse after another to continue to delay and delay. make no mistake about it that
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democrats have one goal and that is to delay, do anything they can to push this and next year and then to be able to stop any nominee from being put on the supreme court, so i would echo what the leader said in terms of a schedule i think it's important that we get the fbi report and move forward with the vote. it's time for people to be on record. we are continuing in the senate to put up bipartisan accomplishments. we will vote on a reauthorization bill which is a five year piece of legislation working with both republicans and democrats in the house and senate on legislation that would put in place the rules for the future operation of the aviation industry that deals with protections for consumers and
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provide safety and security measures so that if they want to travel the candidate in a safeway and a whole range of other things to do with the teachings to the. i'm hoping that will be a big vote coming out of the senate but a demonstration that continues to work in a way that addresses the concerns of the needs of the american people. >> the democrats continue to have a double standard when it comes to judges. there was the rule that said during a presidential election a seat should be held open when it comes to the supreme court. you had a rule that got rid of the 60 vote threshold and moved it to 50 then the complaint when
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the republican became the majority and just used that will effectively for ourselves. now you have the rule defeat the coveted matter what. obstruct, delay, defeat the politics no matter what they had to do that' that that's what thi will do anything to d try to stp into defeat this nominee. a week ago they said we will be fine because a week to have an additional investigation and now they've changed it again. now it's about judicial temperament. advise and consent qualified or not but the amount of destruction that the democrats are willing, the senate, the court and the country is a
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disgrace. >> how much time do you plan to give to read the findings before >> it shouldn't be long. i can't imagine any man is that once to read it read it immediately. >> are you talking hours a day? >> it will not be used for another reason of delay i can tell you that. >> you have a weight so it's not like it produces an immediate
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vote. what i can fill you with certainty as we will have a report this week and they vote this week to. >> have they said they are comfortable filing? >> that is a decision that we have made. there's a number of people that haven't yet decided. what affect do you think it will have on the judicial nominees? >> we have the most infamous depending on your point of view it's been a period of contentious nominations off and
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on going back to the nixon administration people grappled with what this means and the only conclusion you can reach it but anyone thinks it means that any given time and obviously this is quite contentious nomination. what is exacerbating about this visit is an effort to destroy the reputation of a good man. he's decided not to go lecture at harvard in the fall after student demonstrations on camp campus. this has been the most outrageous as the early colleagues put it search and destroy mission to take up a man's reputation and run his family situation. the whole effort is despicable
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by any standard. [inaudible conversations]