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Charles Schumer
  Senate Democratic Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  October 2, 2018 9:28pm-9:56pm EDT

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by any standard. [inaudible conversations]
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our republican colleagues feel that they don't have a stellar candidate so they keep diverting the issue. they think democrats are delaying. we have no power to delay. when they get up and say the democrats are delaying, they are not telling the truth. why was there a hearing with doctor ford and judge kavanaugh? because jeff flake said he wouldn't vote to move the bill out of committee. why was there an fbi hearing?
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because they said we've got to clear up the records before we vote. nothing to do with democrats. our republican colleagues were pulling their hair out because they know their candidate so flawed so they incorrectly and almost nasty painted finge fingd democrats when we've had nothing to do with the way. the minority has no power to delay. that's been their theme for three days and it has not gone we've added. senator mcconnell and i get along and we are proud we are doing the committees together but sometimes it goes too far. when he held up a nominee and kept the seat vacant it is
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staggering. he ought to just look in the mirror before he complains about a delay. it's becoming increasingly clear that his independence as a judge and his credibility should be called into question and is the number one issue facing the judge. the judge kavanaugh we saw last thursday was bitter. he had a reputation of being a right-wing republican lawyer, very partisan and he participated in things like the bush v. gore case, the commission where he tried to go after bill clinton and of course in the white house dealing with some issues. they said now we will maybe have the judicial temperament but all
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of that went by the wayside with his testimony on thursday. he was partisan, bitter, angry, demeaning to senator feinstein and senator klobuchar and was nothing like americans envision the supreme court justice should be. issues of credibility telling the truth constantly come up and that is the most important issue we face. some say what he did as a 15-year-old 18-year-old in college is a long time ago and shouldn't. but what he does as an ultimate answeadult,dance around the trun gray suit and often just have no
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credibility of what he says he d does. we don't want a judge on the court who can't tell the truth and on issue after issue judge kavanaugh has not done that. just yesterday the nbc report indicated he did and told the truth when he said the first time he heard about ms. ramirez allegations was in the new yorker magazine. he wasn't honest about the period when he was nominated for the board of appeals. what he said about his drinking and getting what he said about
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his high school yearbook all of which defy common sense and objective truth americans have good reason to doubt this man's credibility and has nothing to do with what he did when he was 15 or 18. he's not telling the truth about so many people today. you say how can we be sure we don't want a supreme court whose credibility is endowed when there are so many issues they are not sure if they are telling the truth. we don't want a supreme court nominee like that. so let me say there are a few things that should happen. first, in light of the conflicting statements, that is the reason by the way we need a full fbi investigation background check that is unfettered because there is such doubts about the credibility.
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it's no wonder they want is limited. they've asked for the return directive. the republican staff of the committee told them what they wanted or beyond. that's why we need a full investigation by the fbi. in light of the need for that,
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three things have to happen. first, the white house must publicly release the directive to the fbi so that we may clear up once and for all the scope in the background check investigation. those in charge of the investigation before the votes we can see what area they went to bed with a dead. -- they went after the lines that are never called back they knew and compromising information. we need to be briefed by the fbi and we can do it.
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why have all the records been sent to the committee, why are they so afraid of is examining the scope of the fbi investigation almost every step they take it seems they have something to hide and point the finger democrat at democrats tou are delaying it and it cannot cause a single duvet.
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from the members they spoke of making the findings public is said in the past we hope they will and we hope that the fbi investigation is full one more point it is reported that ms. ramirez sent a list of witnesses containing more than 12 names. it's for the fbi to interview those 12 people. he who is telling the truth. what are the republican colleagues afraid of. they must not be handcuffed and the result should be made public. it's the most important appointment at the senate make to hide things, sweep them under the rug, not let the truth come
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out. there are very few events that bring american people together. we come together of course the election returns. it was a unifying event across the united states and when i returned home to illinois on friday i couldn't get over it. everyone had listened to the hearing or watched it. it's how they work speaking so they could follow every word of the hearing. it was a unifying moment everybody was fixed on a moment and ithatmoment and it was a mof high emotion of course. no one had seen doctor ford and
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there she was taking the oath explaining and taking part in the terms to all of us that she had been through so many years ago. what degree of certainty do you have that he was responsible for that attack, 100% was her answer volunteering that she wanted to be helped over and over again. when a contrast occurred when judge kavanaugh came before us. once again he stood before us under oath and is bloated and anger and said things that crossed the line they never believed would be crossed.
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you should have seeyou should'vs in the room that occurred and senator booker knows what i'm speaking to that occurred in the course of that hearing in a confined space, i counted them from different parties around jeff flake gathered around them really discussing what we could do for the fbi investigation. it's no not to ask for fbi investigations. but he summoned the courage to come forward and ask for that one week of investigation. for the leadership to stand here and say we were the ones responsible for this one-week delay is to basically ignore the
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obvious. we join him in that call make no mistake. but if he had been fled away along with other senators it wouldn't have happened. so now the investigation is underway. what do we want from this investigation? won the fbi to pick the witnesses and followed and give us as much testimony and information as they can so that we as senators can see what they found when they looked into the allegations made and we need to have the time to feed it. we are plowing through it for the highest court in the land that made aside for a generation it's worth an extra hour or two so that the members can digest the information produced in the fbi. at the end of the day whether
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there is an inquiry things have happened during this particular hearing. i want to remind folks that we are here because first and foremost they went forth with very compelling testimony. not just for her experiences with testimony that affected the nation very dramatically. millions of people watched and some of them are survivors themselves. more than this they were watching to see how someone
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comes forward and how they would be treated for this institution. in the testimony they asked is he truthful. republicans and democrats come forward and question his veracity and truthfulness as to why the united states senate is not only wrong but it's also a crime. it is a partisan screen to act in a levelheaded balanced way.
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the president is a subject on the investigation can he be able to be objective, sober looking at the facts. as a deliberative body to focus on all these issues. this is not a partisan moment, this is a moment in our country. there's a lot of allegations coming to this a partisan moment. very clearl clearly we wouldn'tn this moment right now if it were not for good conscience, good-faith republicans. they have the majority. this is a moment where people of good conscience in good faith on the other side says wait a minute for the sake of the country these issues let's put a pause and further investigate.
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so beyond the partisan rancor and accusations we don't lose sight of what this is about in the country. and ultimately ask ourselves the question is it the right person to sit on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment when the credibility has been challenged. when the temperament has been revealed in an emotional moment but frankly shocked a lot of us. they have enough questions to be raised they should move on to another candidate.
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they move onto another candidate ultimately it is not an entitlement that is entitling to this conflict. this is a statement institution and the people that should be on it whether you agree with the judicial or physicatheirjudiciay that people on the supreme court should preserve the integrity of the court can be beyond the approach of this difficult partisan times. thank you. >> by the time doctor ford was on sharing her testimony last thursday afternoon i was heartbroken.
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it's the night that changed her life forever. judge kavanaugh to spend time interacting members and making highly political statements appearing belligerent and outraged that anyone would dare to keep them from getting what he appeared t to feel entitled . he shuddered ove over senators d addressed them down over and over again telling what seemed to me to be blatant lies. it's what he learned about the recent accusations, what he knew at age 53 and at age 15. we should hardly be surprised at this point he has a habit of appearing to lie under oath. as senator durbin knows about the policy back in 2006, this consistent dishonesty, this
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disregard and even that is taste for the truth when it gets in the way of what he wants, this in itself should be disqualified from any supreme court nominee. his behavior last thursday he fell far short of displaying and demonstrating the temperament that we express about the justice system. no one is entitled to a seat on the united states circuit court. the fbi must be allowed to conduct an investigation on the accusations against him and i demand my right as a senator to review the investigation before i exercise my rights to cast my vote. the white house must release in order to prove to us that they are not hindering this investigation in any way. but t too high, the risks are to great for any of us to demand
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anything less. thank you. i want to thank my colleagues for their outstanding remarks. no democrats talked about more than one week tha week that witt one week there ought to be adequate time for people to review the report before they are called on to vote plain and simple. yes? >> as i said the issues let's not forget where so many of us subjected to judge kavanaugh where so many of the democrats
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are looking. will he protect health and will he make sure that pre-existing conditions in health care is preserved and number three, will he serve as a check and balance to a president often overreach overreached. if people are convinced on any of those three i believe we will have a bipartisan majority to defeat judge kavanaugh. would you commit that threshold? >> the bottom line is they moved it down to 52 and the bottom line is to look at that should we get into the majority plain and simple.
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>> do they showed a building permit from 20 okay for the four years in a therapy session. should that be part of -- >> absolutely. credibility is very important and when there are others who come forward to say that he wasn't telling the truth, they ought to be interviewed into the fbi ought to include it in their report. thank you, everybody.
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>> you end up with scores of congressman's in and of itself it is dramatic but what is interesting to me is people at the time looked at it and what they saw as a group of northerners and southerners
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running in the house of representatives and several of them said this doesn't look like a normal congressional site this looks like a battle and that is striking. indeed they certainly do look like a battle that has been that long before the civil war. >> a look at the implementation of legislation signed into law earlier this year with certain financial regulations from the federal reserve and department. it's just over two hours.