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tv   Senate Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  October 3, 2018 1:51am-2:02am EDT

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powerful corporate interest and as i said the rights of working men and women, the right to organize or bargain collectively i hope that when members of the senate make a determination about this nomination i hope they take those interest and concerns into their deliberations. mister president i yield the floor
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space five space five. >> it's good to see the democratics long - - strategist to dragged judge kavanaugh's name through the mud as long as they can. they keep moving the goalpost we feel we've responded to reasonable request so let me tell you what i can tell you will happen we will get the fbi report soon and made available to each senator and only senators will be allowed to look at it as this is how these reports are always handled and we will be voting this week. we will be voting this week on
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the kavanaugh nomination. >> so the request last friday was up to seven days with additional supplemental background investigation by the fbi and the majority leader said we will get that. but now you are starting to hear new argument since they realize everything the witnesses have told this committee under penalty of felony they are likely to tell the fbi the same thing. but now they want to focus on judge kavanaugh's high school yearbook. give me a break. that shows desperation the other side has to not only deny the nominee affair and a dignified confirmation process but to turn this into a three
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ring circus but now what somebody writes in college will disqualify you from the supreme court cracks this is not a search for the truth but search and destroy. we are setting up a precedent we will regret the rest of our lives with those unproven accusations is enough to deny the confirmation of the united states senate and the confirmation was all in favor of judge kavanaugh's position so this is if we continue to have a presumption of innocence fairness, listening to both sides and that is what has happened so far but in a way that never should have turned out into the spectacle that it has primarily because the ranking member sat on the accusation with what we are
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seeing is one excuse after another to continue delaying and i support the majority leader is called for a vote this week after we get the fbi background investigation. >> make no mistake to delay or obstruct to push this into next year to be a majority when any of the trump nominees to be put on the court. so i echo what the leader and the whip said i think with the fbi report time for people to be on record and in the meantime to put up bipartisan accomplishments and with that fda authorization and with
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that piece of legislation in a bipartisan product with both republicans and democrats with legislation to put in place the clear rules for operation of aviation industry dealing with protections for consumers and obviously providing safety and security measures so when the public travels they can do that in a safe way. integrating drones into the airspace and a whole range of other things. i am hoping that is a big vote that the majority here in the senate continues to work in a way addressing concerns of the american people.
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and with a separate set of rules there was the biden rule that says the presidential election that a seat should be held open if it comes open on the supreme court and the harry reid rule the 60 vote threshold and then the harry reid complaint when the republicans became the majority and now you have the schumer role to obstruct defeat or delay those politics of personal destruction no matter what they had to do that is what chuck schumer said from the beginning i will do whatever has to be done to defeat this nominee. and now to change that again. and advise and consent what
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you think of that nominee with the senate, the court in the country it is a disgrace. macau much time do you plan to give senators to read and digest before you hold a vote ?-question-mark it shouldn't take long i can't imagine any members that want to read it not go read it immediately. >> hours? mimic they will read it as quickly as they can but they will use that for another reason of delay. i can tell you that.
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>> can you imagine a scenario? >> i will not answer the hypotheticals you know how it works after you file cloture you have a two day weight that's not like it produces the immediate vote we will have an fbi report this week and we will have a vote this week. >>. >>. >>. >> hearing from senator mansion and senator hyde camp there are a number that have not yet decided how to vote.
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>> we have had some rough lines in the past the most famous would be anita hill and clarence thomas. of a contentious nominations. people grapple with what advise and consent means so at any given time. what is doubly exacerbated it is clearly an effort to destroy the reputation of a good man.
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