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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Senate Leader Mc Connell on Supreme Court Nomination  CSPAN  October 3, 2018 9:56pm-10:11pm EDT

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kavanaugh supreme court nomination. they also agreed to a five-year rethroes of the faa which includes $1.68 billion for hurricane florence relief, and lawmakers sent opioid abuse legislation to the president. live coverage of the senate when they return right on c-span 2. the hill tonight reports that senators will get to read the fbi's report on brett kavanaugh tomorrow. with the single copy being made available for the entire senate. according to democratic dic durban as quoted in the article, each party will take turn reviewing the document in one-hour blocks of time. durban was on the floor earl yrp. >> mr. mcconnell: the national spectacle the professional left has created around judge brett kavanaugh
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confirmation process has now reached some kind of fever pitch. in 17 days, since dr. ford's confidential correspondence, was leaked to the press, 17 days mr. president, of a feepgd frenzy on judge kavanaugh and his family, unlike anything we have seen in recent memory. since then, a literal mudslide. mudslide of wild, uncron rated accusations has poured out more outlandish than the last. and this mudslide has been actively embraced urged on and capitalized upon by democrats inside this chamber and
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organized far-left special interest outside. it hasn't been about getting to the truth or giving anyone a fair hearing it's only been about one thing. the far-left's hunger to bring down judge kavanaugh's nomination by any means necessary. any means necessary facts, and evidence couldn't get the job done, then intimidation tactics and bullying would have to do. sometimes this intimidation campaign has been aimed at the nominee, colleagues including my friend the democrat leader have tried to get judge pvanaugh to withdraw from this process because of these uncorroborated and sometimes absolutely ridiculous allegations. and when that
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didn't work, then the far-left tried to bully and intimidate members of this body. republican united states senators. they have tried to bully and intimidate us. one of our colleagues and his family were effectively run out of a restaurant in recent days by these people. another reported having protesters physically block his car door. and some organized far-left protesters camp out at their homes. i'm not suggesting we're the victims here mr. president, but i want to make it clear to these people who are chasing my members around the hall here, or harassing them at the airports are going to their homes, without being intimidated by these people. there is no chance in the world they're going to scare us out of doing
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our duty. i don't think how many mens they chase, how many people they harass in the halls i want to make one thing perfectly clear, we will not be indim tim dated by these people this is all part of the organized effort to delay obstruct t and intimidate including those of us who will be voting this week. a few days ago i did something i rarely do i offered a prediction. i bricked that here in the last few days before the senate will vote on judge kavanaugh's confirmation, the democratic conference would continue to make good on their leaders promise and fight this nomination with everything they've got. i predicted that
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on a dime. very supplementing background investigation for which my democrat friends had clamored. mr. president would suddenly become insufficient. suddenly become insufficient. then no matter what accommodations were made, no matter what agreements were reached, senate democrats would find more excuse to continue moving the goal post one more time. now granted this wasn't exactly a radical prediction, this body and this nation have spent months watching their friends across the aisle grasp at every imaginable excuse to delay this process and damage this nominee. i felt pretty safe in sailing the last goal post would soon be on the move yet again. but even i wasn't
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sure it would happen this quickly mr. president. let's start with ara democrat leader n the ranking member of the judiciary committee in a letter released on september 23rd, they suggested, that the fbi had ample time to conduct a supplemental investigation before the hearing that was scheduled just four days later. they insisted an inquiry would not take a tremendous amount of time. democratic leader brushed aside the notion that this -- the seventh background investigation of judge kavanaugh would delay the process, saying, "it will only take a few days" said thegh democrat leader. tht was of course before we agreed last friday to delay proceedingings no more than one keep to accommodate such an
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inquiry. so, naturally, we're now hearing a different tune. yesterday, the ranking member stated her view that voting this friday on judge kavanaugh's nomination as planned would be a "too soon." there goes those goal posts again, mr. president moving right on down. in that same letter the democrat leader and the senior senator from california called for the supplemental investigation, because "conducting background investigations on nominees has long been the fbi's standard practice." standard practice. here's what standard practice means. the fbi conducted interviews prarypsz a careful report, and makes it available for senators to review.
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standard practice does not mean what the democratic leader decided to demand for the first time yesterday. now that the fbi is concluding its review. you get the picture? as they conclude the review, it's not enough. that we have yet another delay so fbi agents are made to appear -- listen to this mr. president. for in-person briefings, and democrats can christmas the agent to see if they'reit satisfied with how they did their job. anybody surprised about this? there go those goal posts again well guess what? our democratic colleagues have made a abundantly clear they will never, ever be satisfied. enot ever. does anyone really
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think the same people who said any nominee of this president would result in the destruction of the constitution? will be satisfied? does anyone really think the same people who call judge kavanaugh evil -- long before they heard one word of testimony from anyone is going to be satisfied? does anyone really think that the same people who said their goal is to delay the nomination past the election are going to be satisfied? to ask the question is to answer if. it. so, if my friends across the aisle had their way, the goal posts on judge kavanaugh's nomination would be in another
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time zone. another time zone by now. our democratic colleagues are quickly running out of material. one of the last efforts seems to be the new argument that not withstanding whether or not these allegations can be corroborated in any way, the real crime here is that judge kavanaugh stood up for his family and took umbrage at this disgraceful spectacle. he's not intctd to witness this disgraceful spectacle and not get upset about it. i would ask any of my colleagues how would reputation has been destroyed in this mudslide, and be calm about it?
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for weeks now, the national media feeding frenzy has literally dragged judge kavanaugh and his family throwd mud. he's been suggested to the most vile and disgusting accusations. his wife has been threatened. his young daughters traumatized. in many instances my democratic colleagues have hahered on these absurdly disgusting accusations and tried to give them a veneer of credibility. specifically alciting them now as a reason wy judge kavanaugh should not be confirmed. our democratic colleagues are enabling this mudslide. and encouraging it. beand now the same democratic senators have the temerity mr. president to say judge kavanaugh disqualified himself with the supreme court because he got a little testy at the hearing. a little testy at the
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hearing. after they drug him through the mud. because he told them how much damage these accusations have caused him and his family. let's gets one thing straight right now. i don't want to meet the man or woman who wouldn't be frustrated and angered by a coordinated strategy to destroy their good name on the alter of partisan politics. the senate has received an incredible veum of testimony about judge kavanaugh's exemplary judicial temperament. we've heard from faculty of his alma mater who called him a fair-minded jurist who believes in the rule of law and commands deep respect among his legal peers. and from his former law clerks who says he lives careful to the views of his colleagues and clerks recollection indeed when they differ from his own. yet some
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still prioritize partisan point scoring ahead of judge kavanaugh's actual record. we've heard overwhelming testimony that judge kavanaugh's time on o the federal bench has been defined by equanimity, fair treatment of all parties. mr. president, it's time to put this embarrassing spectacle behind us. the manner people are sick of this display that's been put on in the united states senate and the guys of a confirmation process. the fbi is finishing up a supplemental background investigation that will add this information to judge kavanaugh's file for senators consideration. this, mr. president, is the standard practice. thone pursuant to last
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week's agreement of a delay no longer than one week, the senate will vote on this nomination this week. the senate will vote on this nomination this week. when we do, we'll be voting on one of the most impressive, stunning supreme court nominees in our nation's history. we'll be voting to confirm a new supreme court justice who possesses sterling academic credentials, widely acknowledge legal brilliance, and g-esmlery judicial temperament, and aproven k34eu789 to complete fairness on the bench. that is exactly what the senate will do this week. >> mr. president, first i'm glad that the majority leader and i get along. i'm glad we're able to do certain things toget