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tv   Campaign 2018 New York Governors Debate  CSPAN  October 24, 2018 10:02pm-11:02pm EDT

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book, big game. the nfl in dangerous times. texas monthly's, on her book -- the create an unofficial heart. life coverage of the text of coverage in austin. this weekend, these bantus book tv. >> york governor, andrew says republican mark and they're only scheduled debate, before the election. topics included the mta transit, healthcare, corruption in the economy. courtesy of w cbs tv in new york city. new york come in editorial debate. sponsored by cbs to and w cbs news radio 880. here is your moderator, cbs twos marcia. >> center, the candidates from the governor of new york, discuss critical issues they
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sing nearly 20 million people. welcome to the one and only debate for the highest office in the empire state. joining me is rich from w cbs news radio 880, along with the candidates, andra, and republican mark. the first question, because over the toss, we'll go to the governor. appropriate view of the guidelines, there are no opening or closing statement. one minute to answer questions and 30 seconds to rebuttal, when warranted. as i said, you want to toss. >> for many the cost of living in new york state is just too high. why can't you turn 160 billion-dollar budget and give people a tax relief? big businesses cut budgets by 5%, to save money. so would you commit to doing that and pass the savings on to your taxpayers? >> first, -- thank you.
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for sponsoring this debate. i heard that line somewhere before. it's just too high. i can't remember where i heard it. you are right. the cost of taxes, the cost of doing business in the state of new york is too high. it has been for many years. the formula is simple. if you want to lose, weight. eat less. that's the formula. it's hard to do it. it's the discipline to do it. when we have done over the past seven years, is we have cut state spending for the lowest increases in modern political history. our increases are now down to 2%. that is lower than any other in history. lower the democrats, republicans, he holds and self conservative. that allowed us to cut taxes middle class taxes are now down to the lowest level since 1940s -- 1947.
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corporate taxes since 1968. but that's only half the story. the real estate tax are the property taxes. it's three times the state income tax. we have to get local government to control their property taxes. for example, budget and counting, my opponent, over seven years, race property taxes 58%. that has to stop. i passed a 2% cap on counties, the 2% cap on county -- it's making a difference. >> i've a follow-up question. you keep saying that you cut government spending but it's still goes up from what we are asking you to do is commit to spending less so with the money can go to taxpayers. >> i have been accused in the democrat party, because you were there. i thank you accused me. of being to fiscally moderate.
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because i have the first spending cap in the state history. only 2%. think of it, my rate of spending is less than george who called himself a republican conservative. i am always working to reduce cost further, get those taxes down. we have to. but three times the taxes come from the counties. that's what we have to focus on. >> thank you for hosting us. if that were only true, your budgets have increased spending at about a rate of 4% each year. so despite the fact that you continue to suggest that you've been able to hold the 2%. you have it. when you talk about trying to drive down the property taxes is dishonest. the state for forces more spending on local tax papers payers. which means local taxpayer, they are arbitrarily high because you have not been willing to take on the response ability of driving
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down those costs. i'm committed today to reducing property taxes 30% over five years. it's achievable, possible, it's only already the control the spending, that's my record. it's nice to talk about what happened 20 years ago or 15 years ago but in the last seven years, the county executive, we've been able to streamline county government, we've modernized liberty efficiencies and now cut property taxes over the last furious. monday, i released a budget cap that cuts poverty taxes. >> time is up. >> can i make a comment? he accused me of -- you're making up numbers like you make up facts. there is no 4%, it's been 2%, it's been documented. you are the county legislature for seven years. you voted to increased property taxes 50%. you earned the legislature for seven years.
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let me finish. you voted to increase property -- county spending 45%. as for the taxes come from. >> no, sir. >> two minutes. he's now -- the reason that county spending increased during those years, is because this state government before we impose, medicaid cap, continued to force -- >> reduced your spending. >> no, it did not. listen. you can make up numbers of u.s. but i served -- for small, the years you are referring to, you are not governor. i've been in office since 1995, let me finish my thought. we have -- we were able to hold spending and county government, but they continue to rise. to the same.mark, we also saw economic growth.
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i was a member of the county legislature, decrease. over the last eight years, we've seen total economic, which means communities aren't getting th the -- property taxes are. i will come at 230% over five years. >> you raised utility taxes, spend more, call yourself a fiscal conservative. but you are fiscal fraud. i've done more physically than republican conservative owner. you know it. two we have to move on. >> i would like to get questioning here. your republican party homework is tax cuts. your republicans president just got tax reform passed that impacts new yorkers most negatively. reducing state and local tax deductions. how do you explain that to the new york homeowner who owes thousands in more in taxes? >> i lane today as i did when it passed. i opposed the cap is a did put
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us high tax state in a didn't disadvantage. it also abandoned what had been a commitment since the civil war. but the problem in new york, we taxed too much. we forced to much spending school textbooks. even within the city, pretty taxes continue to make us less competitive. the governor has done nothing to reduce the cost enabling us to reduce property taxes. i will. the others, we had and byways in our empire freedom plant that we would provide least taxpayers in the state, tax you would incrementally. the state penalizes you for one 100% of your income. i would say that's inappropriate. by changing the tax law, will provide meaningful relief at the same time, the governor over the last several years, has been threatening republican members all across the state of new york. i want to work with republicans and democrats to get the deduction reestablished, restored and so we have relief for new york.
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>> rebuttal. >> i've worked with democrats and republicans for seven years. i have no problem working with democrats and republicans. i do have a problem with my opponent represents and is happening in washington d.c. in stream conservative, divisive people were antiwoman, anti- edge a bt q and it's anti- new york. it's just not to say i support half of this bill. but not the increase on the taxes. excuse me. that's how they pay for the tax bill. when you say you supported trumps bill, political -- >> i've never said that. you continue to lie. i said that i opposed the cap on salt deductions. please. >> you can't support half of a bill. you know that. that's how we finance the tax cuts for the rich was by taking
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away our deduction. that's how the worked. your legislator, you can't say, i support half the bill but not other half. >> we are going to move on now. the popular and pa. since it uses four times the number of workers, than any other city, for efficiency sake, you have to/labor cost to make the dollars go further. how will you do it without angering the union and support you and also avoid -- i want to.out, is it acceptable for unions to have jobs like nippers who watch materials being moved around, hothouse tenders in the break rooms? >> i don't have ever met -- >> they exist. under second avenue subway, and other projects. >> hog what? hothouse tenders? that i knew what i was talking
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about. obviously there's going to be waste and abuse in these programs. we can do better. you've watched my performance for seven years. mccarty rain in the union? >> for civil, there have been units that are mad at me for seven years. you know it very well. the most powerful union in the state. the most powerful union in the state have been. i have no problem angering a union when it comes between doing the right thing by the people and doing the right thing by the union. on the most aggressive when it comes to building in the country. 100 billion. report, new airports in rochester, albany, et cetera. i will take on the npa. i have no problem taking response ability. it's a question of funding. the mayor doesn't want to pay, the state legislature, my
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opponent noted against $7 billion in nta funding. you need the funding, my opponent endorsed my plan but it's about the funding. >> how would you get the unions to get in line and cut jobs and to cut waste? >> the governors abandoned response ability for the mta. we've seen it in a spiral over the course of the last several years. declining with those living with disabilities, not being able to access subway platforms, the continued delay and it hurts real people. the political gain that we continue to play with the the of new york -- >> how do you do it? >> the cup political gain that continues to be played, means that nobody is solving the problem. first thing ownership. they are responsible -- >> first take leadership resource ability. wipe clean those who are leadership today that have been
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taken went and conflicts of interest. identify with the unions that there are significant things that can be had by achieving those, will share with the union employees and with the users and invest in the system. we have to make the system function and it isn't. the governor said it is now. he said it is now. the problem with the mta, it needs more money. we pay eight separate taxes to the most bloated public authority in the world. users, writers to depend on the system. we need to make it effective -- >> taxes, my colleague here has a question. >> one thing, to correct, this matters. when my opponent fails to answer is, you are not going to find this money and just cutting the waste. $30 billion. that's what we need. >> you acknowledged, even $1000 mean something. you declared --
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>> you didn't -- you said we are not going to find the savings. >> you are not going to find $30 billion. >> your mta, cost five and six times more to late attract than it does anywhere else in the world. which means we are wasting dollars. the savings needs to go back in the system. governor, what is equally important is that when you declared a state of emergency, to solve the problem, it's got to progressively worse and in the same time, we know there were hundreds of employees brought in to work on the mta, nobody knew what their jobs were. there needs to be accountability, taxpayers and consumers and commuters deserve it. we've seen the deterioration. >> data center. you've never seen the governor take more response ability than i have. i declared the state of emergency, you've never seen me go near it.
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>> but governor -- >> here's the point. i said to new york city, pay half the funding, they refuse, i went to the states legislature, i got the full plan funded, performance is increasing. when you were a legislature, you voted against $7 billion in mta funding and that's why we are -- >> we are taxing people more. that's not the answer. until the state response aches responsibly for the waste and lack of accountability. the second avenue subway, leaving fire alarms in the system. my point, about establishing the outcomes -- >> fire alarms, you wouldn't have gotten building codes. it's not -- >> next question. you guys -- you erased them.
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people call the states of this commission, initials are jacob, j joke. taint divide corruption. would you support putting control of the state, joint ethics commission in the hands of the independently elected state attorney general, law enforcement officers? >> the ag, which i know because i was the attorney general, already has jurisdiction. jacob is the first time the legislature agreed to an outside body to do any ethics review. >> when it's all appointed -- >> i will get to that. it was always purely internal. the legislature said nobody has a right. it was the first time you had an outside entity. i agree. it was a good first step.
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i believe in the edge of the wedge. i believe we need more independence, i believe -- >> what form does the independents take? >> totally independent. i'd be open to a number of configurations. they have to be -- >> i have the chief judge involved, and appointing the members -- we started and changed it starts with the thin edge of the wedge. but now -- >> we are want to let him have a rebuttal. >> you've led the most corrupted state in the america. they are now going to jail or going to jail for federal corruption charges. our point after eight years, you take responsibly? or at least admit you either -- you've benefited politically from it or you have no clue what's going on within the administration?
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this is what is stealing from taxpayers. you have allowed individuals in this administration to defraud taxpayers. anywhere else in america, no governor could possibly be running for reelection. in march,, at the end of the day, corruption steals from real people. from your people. you raise $101 million over eight years. in exchange for $50 billion worth of expenditures. >> time is up. >> i have to have a rebuttal to what he just said. it was false and -- >> fifteen seconds. >> this was ad hominem and serious. for you to say in your situation, the point fingers, yes, people in might and ministries made a mistake, they went to jail. york county legislature calling for an investigation on you for kickbacks, and perjury. are you gave a contract to a
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vendor, then a family member got a job and they got another contract. that's your own county legislature asking for criminal investigation of you. so i wouldn't.fingers. >> i find that entirely ridiculous. by the way, me finish. we are not going to -- first of all, when you describe, it's been proven false. false. it is highly hypocritical at best for you. your chief assistant, joe making phone calls your office. >> family member putting money in your pocket. this is a private or kickback. >> sir, it is not. it's been proven false. about to finish. >> does money going your pocket? >> no. i've no idea what you're talking about. >> employees salary didn't go in your pocket after you have given them a contract?
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>> the governor but a charge and he is now been speaking almost without pause. he made 800 phone calls from your very office -- >> he made phone calls you shouldn't have. >> is right's what you do all day? me finish. >> this is about you. no one's saying i did anything wrong. they are saying you took the kickback. >> will you vote changed to play? >> yes. oh, on, the governor established a commission and it was supposed to root out corruption. we found going on, candid. i will absolutely raise reestablish. i will ask people to serve. i will use that as a tool to hold back the forces in albany who think it's okay to defraud people. your administration, 89 individuals guilty.
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you had no idea, the exchange of state-funded taxpayer resources for campaign contribution. crystal run getting $25 billion worth of 88 for a project already underway. in exchange for campaign contribution. it is highly ridiculous. you're going to change that. >> it was a two-year investigation and the u.s. attorney said i had nothing to do with anything -- i did at the saloon nothing wrong. you're the one who's been called on for investigation -- kickback. it went into your pocket when you had a family member employed by a contractor who you gave a contract and then you lied about it on the disclosure form. you cannot deny it. that's a crime. >> sir. >> that's you. it's not joe, it's mark. >> that is untrue.
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>> i have to leap in. governor, we see the tragedy of homeless people living on the street. many suffer from a reynolds, police prohibited by state law from removing them except under the most extreme conditions. would you support changing this state law to allow police to take homeless people off the street against their will to get them help and shelter for their safety and the safety of others? >> i worked with the homeless population as you know, all of my life. it's a very difficult issue. there are two sides to it. his illegal side of, when you bring a person in against their will? that runs right into a civil liberties and rights conversation. that is very important to all new yorkers. the law says, when the weather reaches a point you can endanger the lives, then you can bring them in. i believe the problem is, they are smart. they don't want to go into the
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shelters is the shelters are unsafe. if we make shelters safer i'm a with more services, people will come in. they don't want to talk them for 20 years, they don't want to sit on a park bench in grand central. they really don't. but the shelters are unsafe. that's where we have to focus. making the shelters they for with services so we get the people out of situations that they don't want to be in. >> time is up. thirty-second rebuttal. >> i think i can answer the question. i would hope. >> thirty-second rebuttal, i think it's the role. >> we need to invest in the mental health services that means, ensuring that those live on the street, have the support of state and local governments. what albany needs to do is to corporate a response. crisis intervention.
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mental health first-aid. making sure those struggling with addiction, mental illness, have a support structure necessary, certainly shelters need to be safe. at the same time, the governor has allowed the dismantling of mental health services. people finding their way to the strengths when they need help. what we do in my county, i want us to do statewide, is a comprehensive response to really break at the stigma related to health and provide long-term support. at the same time, it means we also have to ensure that we help those living with disabilities, their population skyrocketed in homeless shelters and we need to support them. >> once again. this is so hypocritical for you to say here and donald trump, who is guesstimating healthcare in this state. taking healthcare from four people. cutting medicaid, cutting mental health services. removing health insurance from coast to one million new yorkers and say, they need more
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healthcare services. >> fifteen seconds. i'm surprised want to go there. i've been elected office for a very long time. i was in office before you -- >> your lifetime -- >> your private law firm represented mister trump and his real estate interest before state agencies while your father was governor. you accepted $60000 for donald trump and haven't returned it. you, when you are trying to make friends with the president when he first came to office, told him you wouldn't run against him. you had him at your bachelor party, i didn't. at the end of the day, i have a long record of committing to help those were most vulnerable. i grew up on -- >> you saying you don't support him? >> i'm committed to the deliver- >> you don't port donald trump? >> i support anyone who is going to effectively make -- >> do you support donald trump? did you support donald trump? answer. your answering because your ad on tv says emma i vote
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conservative for mark and stand with donald trump. >> today, under this president and this federal government, america has the most competitive economy in the world. new york state -- >> support donald trump. >> every effort to ensure -- >> you say i support donald trump. i support -- >> i support every effort -- >> we are going to move on. it's about cash bail. should new york state aluminate cash bail for low risk criminal defendants like california and new jersey already do? the argument is, cash bill determinants against poor while the wealthy walk free. opponents say changing law against the judge too much discretion, flight risk or
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danger to the public. where'd you come down on this? >> i think the judiciary does have a degree of discretion to ensure individuals posing risk to society themselves, don't and up out on our streets. it's a major concern all across the state. it's one of the reasons, but i think law enforcement is a real concern about this governors parole board, willingness to pardon the most violent offenders. in fact, when he should've spoken up, about the individual who killed a cop, he chose not to. he pardoned that individual. in my county, i believe it needs to occur statewide, we have to invest effectively in their pure pretty -- appropriate representation, and throughout the digital process. we need to ensure individuals were trapped in the criminal justice system, having support structure so they can find their way back to society. and not return to deal. we do that in my county, over the course of the last eight years, this governor has forced more and more burden on to local jails across the state of new york. forcing them to grow their population. that's not a way -- >> time is up.
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thirty seconds. >> if my opponent makes this statement, it's my mistake. i did disagree with the parole boards release of herman and he knows it. this is a pure -- >> why did you pardon him? you wouldn't agree -- >> its independent board, you should know if you read the law. number two, administrations entire point of view, they are antiwoman, anti- lgbtq, they want to put more people in jail, for lower level offenses. which is what my opponent supports and that's the exact opposite direction. i've been closing persons, we don't know to throw away young lives on low-level drug crimes or turn the, ingratiation, rehabilitation and stop spending $50000 a year on a prison cell and get a person into a more
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productive -- >> thank you very much. >> your massive pardons of cons, generated controversy. it restores the right to vote at the polls. some of those pardons are offenders whose polling places often our schools. should it be re-examined and should people be allowed to vote only by absentee ballot. >> the point is, these are people who are on parole, who have served their time, they've been released. now trying to reintegrate them into society. we spend a lot of money trying to reintegrate people into the society to they don't commit another crime. there's not more citizen. giving them the right to vote, after they have done their time, and paid their price to society, is a way of reintegrating them. offenders can only vote in a supervised situation.
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i would be against allowing the offenders to go anywhere near a situation where there are children. >> except you allowed that to happen. 24000 individuals conditional pardon, many of which were offenders. racers, murderers and you're looking at noble only allowed them to vote, you encouraged them and instructed the probation department to register them to vote. and instruct them that they want schools, they can vote after 7:00 p.m. you did show -- >> without children there. >> there are no children in school after hours? when the last time you talked -- mice my kids are in school after hours all the time. allow that to happen, you allowed that to happen and it shouldn't have happened. when i'm governor, if you kill a cop, you do not return to society. if you are a offender, you do not -- >> that's not the law. you to run the parole board. you say you're going to interfere. >> if you kill a cop, you do not return to society. there is a slice of individuals
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-- >> the death penalty? if you give them, they won't return to society, you're right. >> you pardoned 24000 individuals that allowed them to write to vote and it shouldn't have happened. >> after -- after they did their time, trying to reintegrate them. >> had you integrate them if you don't -- >> so they go back -- >> you allowed 24000 people to a pardon, many of which were offenders -- you shouldn't go on to the legislature, if there's no law you are not willing to bend? >> when you're there, he took $70000 in expenses, almost double your salary, one of the highest people taking. diem's, but you in the legislature? no thank you. >> you've rates $101 million. $9000 --
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>> you say one thing and do another. >> that's not sure. >> next question. the cost of healthcare is out of control. would you support a single-payer health plan some call medicare for all, knowing it could double the entire state budget of $160 billion requiring massive tax size, can new york afford this? >> no. not to mention the state of new york has a hard enough time getting the trains to run effectively in the city. to put the governor or the state government in charge of healthcare, would be fighting. in fact, in this case, the governor has already begun to auction off sections of healthcare. in the case of crystal run, private healthcare provider in the hudson valley, this state of new york, after private meetings with their senior officers, dedicate $25 million of taxpayers support in exchange for thousands of dollars
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political contribution. we have seen a broken system and i am not willing to allow that to be corrupted. certainly, new yorkers cannot afford doubling their personal income taxes. it is not sustainable. >> let me tell you, i opponent one answer. he's with mr. trump. it should only be healthcare for rich people. he voted against the healthcare exchange when he was in york state legislature. which ensures 4 million new yorkers. donald trump just said, he wants to allow the pre-existing conditions. and the funding for the affordable care act under obama. they think if you are rich, you should be about healthcare, if you're poor, good luck. don't get sick. >> time is up. >> i would like 15 seconds. >> i grew up on food stamps. my mother struggled hard. i know exactly what it's like to
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be waiting in line for medicare -- i remember exactly what it's like. i've seen your government dehumanize people waiting in line for medicaid across the state. i've seen kids that needs disability -- >> i am committed to supporting that and supporting services. i always have. i will absolutely do more to ensure that -- >> medicaid? that's news. >> i will absolutely do more to ensure the system that it assists those struggling and those who are poor. i've never forgotten where i come from. i was in one of her base, i worked hard to get to this place. >> neither was i. >> opioids, pills and heroin killing people throughout the state. you support opening safe needle induction sites? addicts can also be approached for help. do you have any other bold ideas to address the opioid prices? two yes, we do have bold ideas. we are working on a new model. it is very complicated --
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coppery, kitty. it's come answer. it is part of what we were talking about before. it is a mental health issue, as well as the substance abuse issue, sometimes the behavioral issues. people are coming into emergency rooms, they are doing determinations and emergency rooms, depending on where you go. the safe injection sites are something we should look at. they are very controversial, they are very calm located, the federal government is decidedly against them. it could close them down. it's something we have to work on. >> absolutely not. we cannot give up on these individual lives. opioid and heroin is a crisis of a lifetime. we are losing so many people. that means for us, we ought to ensure that we train law enforcement to respond
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effectively, it means expanding access to narcan, ensuring that we have 247 mental health services. for folks all across the state of new york. every county needs the ability to provide intervention team, stabilization and recovery center. so folks have the support they need. what's most important, we have to have an open conversation. about the struggle that so many attics have. recovery coaches, training and enhancing the tools and resources for families. so they know we are on the side. we have to breakthrough to ensure we regret adjust the stigma and ultimately the health that these people are struggling so hard to deserve. >> another question. we're reduced up rounded by states legalizing marijuana. in our state, most restrictive laws on medical marijuana, not allowing prescriptions for stress or using edibles, why isn't new york more progressive on the use of medical marijuana? >> medical marijuana, we are now. we are not for years, he voted
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against medical marijuana. he opposes it. many members of the legislature of the legislature that's why we didn't do it earlier. because my opponent voted against it. we now have medical marijuana, i believe it's helped many people. the next question, that you are asking is, legalizing overall, recreational marijuana because it's supposed to -- >> why you you don't use the medical marijuana issues the people who need it for stress and other things can get it. the people who want to have edibles because it's easier. before you leave. >> i think you should ask my opponent why he voted against it. we now have it. we have to make sure there are controls because it's medical marijuana. it's not so on the street corner. should ask him why he opposed it. >> i absolutely support the
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expansion of medical marijuana. so that patients that need access can get it. i've been in state legislator for decades. >> you didn't vote against it? >> in 2018, i support the expansion of access for medical purposes excuse me, sir. if i could, i absolutely support the expansion of medical marijuana for those who need it. there are so many who can't access it. only five month ago, the governor actually has the same position as i do. in the midst of the primary, he decided to have your deferment of health, the new york's deferment of health, change his position. when i'm governor, we don't make decisions based on political experience. we do it based on science, data and fact. >> time is up. >> that is not truthful, mr. mylan our not support it.
10:41 pm
>> a decade ago. i support the expansion of medical marijuana. >> but you didn't when you are in the legislature which is my. he said no. so you like. >> we are going to go to the next question. two i did not have the health department -- >> i asked for a study for the first time ever and they came up with -- >> they rested. >> is the question. education is critical to the democratic process and growing economy. what solutions would you offer to trouble school districts like the one in in long island? where they spend the same amount as an average school district but the high school graduation rate is revealed in the cbs to documentary, a 37%. >> education statewide, is so dictate of from -- school
10:42 pm
district and teachers don't have latitude to establish outcomes and then achieve success. i believe in developing some of the decision-making so school districts and parents and teachers have the relationship necessary, establish outcomes and create a curriculum that gets kids inspired to learn. that includes investing in vocational training and technical training so that kids who learn differently have the opportunity. also it means reviewing our financial structure, the way we fund education so we don't continue to see failing schools. knock at the resources they need. but our education system was once great when there was a symbiotic relationship between family, community and business and education. we need to ensure that education outcomes aligned with economic needs and goals. the other is, the state perpetuated a separate but an equal form of education.
10:43 pm
general ed and special ed. i believe integrating that because those were living with special education needs, those living with disabilities are being left behind. parents are being forced to advocate with hand on combat to receive services. that's a way to reinvigorate to inspire kids to learn. >> i suspect you have a rebuttal. you been taking notes. thirty seconds. >> it's nice to speak the language and how you wanted help things. the truth is, the extreme conservative wing, what they represent, exclude everyone. they are antiwoman, anti- lgbtq, and in shackles. >> untrue. that is untrue and you continue -- >> no you can't. you've interrupted me every time i've spoken. >> the trump administration has not been providing the assistance they need for education. we have a terrible education equity gap. we have districts, one level of funding and poor district that have another level of funding. that is not what new york is all about. on a question of shackles, there was a bill that you voted for
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that said inmate, female in bates to be shackled during childbirth. >> there were significant concerns regarding individual safety but i find it highly hypocritical of you to be lecturing me about women's issues. with all due respect, when women spoke up in your administration, when they were being harassed by senior staff, what did this administration do? they dismissed one woman and they had another one speak -- assigned to a hall closet. by the way, when sexual harassment policy was being crafted, you wouldn't even allow the one female leader in the state legislature to be a part of the conversation, you stood shoulder should shoulder like shelley, jeff, sam and vito, and sir, when victims asked for public hearings, you said there's no need. noted? 612 bad behavior. more than just hearings, we are
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going to enforce the law set men don't pray on women. >> fairytales. you voted for a bill that shackled a woman to a gurney during childbirth. the kind of person would do that? is extreme conservative divisive cancer, that you have brought to this state, with washington, you put children in cages, in washington. you shackled women to gurneys in new york. we are not going to let that happen. that is not who we are. >> we are going to move on. >> disrespectful to women, it's disgusting to the values of this country. to take, a president take babies out of the arms of mothers and put them in cages. and shackled women where you -- where do you thank you want to take this country? >> in 1997, a 4-year-old girl and her mother were raped in my hometown. it shared my memory. i do not, you know better.
10:46 pm
you absolutely understood and exactly governor, governor paterson explained the same concerns. i support what he did to ensure that those women that are in -- violent -- >> it is a lie. 201 legislators, only 20 voted for it. you are one of 20 out of 200. that's what you call extreme. >> we are going to move on now. they are the blasé was dragging his feet and proving new charter schools. you believe in charter schools? how would you get the mayor to increase space and somebody city buildings. i was a down and we will have a bottle of wine, the mayor and i. >> you're going to break bread? >> why? a plate of -- a bottle of wine, we are going to talk about it. the mayor was elected --
10:47 pm
>> forget the mayor. [crowd boos] everything is lovey-dovey. i support charter schools, i support twice in education. i support public education, and public charter schools. because we need choice. primarily, 98% of our children to public schools. that's where we need funding and equity funding. i support charter schools. yes. >> i support charter schools and choice. i also support ensuring our education produces real outcomes. what we've seen across much of the state, the deterioration of education system because it handcuffed by bureaucracy. we have to more effectively work to get freedom and latitude at the local level. so that teachers can teach and students have opportunities to learn. ripping out common core and focusing effectively on setting standards at the local level. tying educational outcomes and
10:48 pm
economic needs, ensuring that we reinvest in special education. >> next question. >> this question is for both of you. politics today, echo with insults, accusations and disrespect. even though, going negative, is often successful, do you ever feel a need to elevate the conversation? or do nice guys finish last? >> i was first elected to office in as a 19-year-old. i served in a small village in upstate new york. you run without party affiliation. every day of my delight, trying to get people to work together to solve problems. as governor, i absolutely want to ensure that we toned down the rhetoric that we stop the escalation of hate, anger and violence. we do more, we do more to bring people together to solve the important problems. collaborating, not dictating, it means ending the bullying and
10:49 pm
threatening and dismissing of those between what we might disagree. that's what i think leaders do. i'm going to lift us up, but does up to confront the challenges that face people in new york. tony down and working across party lines, anybody who has a stake in the game, should have opportunity to set the table. for years ago, he said if you are to write, you have no place in new york. i would say to my democratic front, if you're too far left, he replaced new york. at the end of the day, when sino differences, we can absolutely overcome any challenges. it's the greatest state and the greatest nation. >> is a beautiful flowery words. i think it's the exact opposite of everything he represents. >> that's not your. >> you come to my bachelor party in new york. >> i don't support him politically, you do. i think they are doing, is reprehensible. there are no nice words to take care of this.
10:50 pm
you against the woman's rights to choose, voted five times against equal pay for a woman. he voted to put a woman in shackles. he voted nine times against members of the lg dp -- three times against marriage equality. they want to end healthcare for pair poor people. >> that is untrue. >> let me finish. you're not putting children in cages? >> i am not, sir. i never would. >> abusing people. >> you have a program where they would hurt the economic liability of this state with salt. you have raised taxes 30%, my fiscal conservative friends are going to raise taxes 30%.
10:51 pm
rich, i'm here to fight for new yorkers. i am a new yorker, there are rights to being abused, this is a cancer that these people have brought. november 6 -- not just democrats, you're going to see a lot of republican moderates come out, a lot of independents come out. i don't want this, i don't want this anger. i don't want this division. this is not who we are about. >> fifteen seconds. >> you have sought to escalated, your description of my life and record is so dishonest that it's absolutely shameful. it just is. there are no words to describe how -- >> you supported trump. >> i gave you eat more time. we are going to move on. we are moving on. >> your decision. >> how people expressed sexual identity has social occasions.
10:52 pm
president trump wants to change the definition of transgender's to roll that protection under federal civil rights law. he wants identify people by the genitalia they are born with. do you support that? >> i don't support rolling back the protections for individuals regardless of their gender expression. so me, with respect, my position on same-sex marriage was the same as hillary clinton and obama at the time. the date it became law, the day i celebrated. i will absolutely defend the individual rights and freedoms of new yorkers. without hesitation. it's my job to enforce all of the laws -- i support that it is set a law, i will defend it. >> it is not settled. >> we have to let -- >> it is settled law in new york. i will defend it. it is entirely hypocritical for the governor to suggest what is
10:53 pm
suggesting. i will defend the law. this governor has allowed individuals and its own administration to bend the rules. even the smallest things, he had the department of transportation employees handing out campaign literature at a parade. when you wanted to ensure that new york signs -- he bend the rules to allow things to happen. >> first of all, you are wrong when you say roe v. wade is settled law. kavanaugh said it's not settled. the supreme court can change it, we would have to change in new york,. >> fifteen seconds are up. we are moving on. >> you opposed. you did the same thing trump did when you voted against. there was against transgender. >> next question.
10:54 pm
governor, you reportedly like to say the buffalo bills are the only true new york pro football teams. is that accurate? >> never, never, never said that. the giants and the jets will crucify me. i said, i ask people, it is the only new york team that plays in new york? that's the buffalo bills. close enough. >> so for the past 46 years, the bills have been playing home games in the same stadium in the buffalo suburb of the park? >> there's no question, over a billion dollars. should new york state pay for the new build stadium or let the county and the team owner foot the bill? >> i am not at the new stadium.yet. we worked very hard to keep the bills. we worked very hard in new york. is a problem for many years. buffalo was the epicenter of it.
10:55 pm
we turned it around. the population of buffalo went up. young people going to buffalo, when it. jobs are up, unemployment down. home values are up. keeping the buffalo bills there is important. we worked very hard. mr. wilson, the owner passed away. we invested in the stadium. it's about 1500 jobs that keeps the bills. i love the bills but i'm not at a new stadium. >> you have 15 seconds. >> i don't want anyone to think i don't support the bills. i'm not ready to embrace a new stadium. but with all respect, your policies hollowed out the state, losing population to every other state in america, lead the nation despite only the state of alaska outpaces us. the whole communities being hollowed out because of the economic development policies that you have embraced. it's produced more indictments than they produced real jobs. >> we're going to go now. we are running out of time.
10:56 pm
to make the beat you up. >> 70% of those jobs have been down state. because of a decrease in population, upstate we have a -- less people and therefore less unemployment. >> time is running out. time is running out. we are going to our lightning round or short answers. >> governor, if you won the lottery, or due by? one word. >> i put in a trust fund for my kids. >> education. >> upstate or downstate? >> upstate meets downstate. >> i'll take marks answer. >> if and when you deliver our state of the state, message, or would be your ideal room temperature?
10:57 pm
>> 69 degrees. >> 68 degrees and i'll be delivering in the chambers. >> you say you're a sausage admission, besides italian sausage, what you like? >> i like kerala, i do prefer italian sausage. i'm true to my heritage in my grandmother. and my mother's. >> sausage question? i always love my grandmother's italian sausage. >> song personifies you or your campaign? can you sing a few bars? >> i'm not singing. no. >> you're a coward. >> in the shower i can. believe in. but i'm not singing. i'm having a hard enough time getting through the debate. i do want to sing.
10:58 pm
>> just a few bars of empire state of mind? >> that's a campaign killer. >> we are going to go to the end of the debate. we're done. candidates we would like to thank you both. i'm -- a reminder tuesday november 6. more information on the candidates, go to cbs new thank you for joining us tonight. for a very spirited debate. ♪ >> midterm elections days away, watch the competition for the control of congress. on c-span. see for yourself. the candidates and the debate from key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018.
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♪ c-span's "washington journal", life everyday with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning, democratic strategist, steve and republican strategist, tom harris talk about the fast and worst political ad of the 2018 elections. boston college law school professor, ray, joins us to discuss estate and inheritance tax law. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal", live at seven eastern thursday morning. during the discussion. >> here's some of what we are covering thursday on the c-span network. ten eastern on c-span, a brookings institution event on the war in yemen now in its fourth year. washington post previous, november 6 midterm elections, 7:00 p.m. eastern a debate between candidates governor of south carolina. c-span2, the justice department
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host the national opiates summ summit, attorney general jeff sessions outlines federal strategies. that gets underway at 9:00 a.m. and on c-span three, center for american progress form on internet eight speech. : :
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next from detroit michigan governors debate between republican bill schuette and gretchen whitmer. the winner replaces rick snyder is term limited. topics include the flood water crisis, education and the economy. it is one hour. >> in just 12 days michigan picks a new governor. tonight the candidates answer the questions you care about. live from the wdiv studios in downtown detroit, does this decision 2018 the michigan debate. >> welcome to the second and final debate between the democratic and republican candidates for governor, live from the wdiv studios in detroit. the stakes are high and we want you to have as much information as possible. >> this debate is being seen live across the state of michigan both on television and online.


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