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tv   Campaign 2018 MN 1st Congressional U.S. House Debate  CSPAN  October 26, 2018 10:05pm-10:53pm EDT

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. >> npr news minnesota has eight seats and at least four of them are competitive this year. one of those is in the first district of southern minnesota because the representative is running for the governor including several good-sized cities manchester mankato and worthington. let's meet the candidates on the republican side to 112600 votes short of winning prior the first time he is working for the treasury department the other candidate is t9 men working in the defense department during the obama administration thank you very much, much to be here today t7
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no rules or stopwatches i want to give each of you a fair chance to state your views i will ask questions and the listeners to send me question so jim hagedorn you are strong supporter of president trump what rules should congress did percent? i believed in certain positions to defend the constitution it just so happens the campaign i ran in 2016 matched up on the issues with donald trump i am pleased he is our president and moving in the right direction. united states congress it needs to reassert its authority i was not happy with
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the way the obama administration expanded regulations contrary to the intent of the congress the reins act would require the house and senate to affirm major regulations moving forward. checks and balances the epa is another area i did not agree with president obama so that's important this is about two fundamental choices do we go the direction of the resistance to replace trump or take us back to the obama years? that is where my opponent t9 is i want to move in the right direction to make a safe and to sustain agriculture and we will talk about those issues
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today. >> let's let dan feehan speak for himself what is the role of congress pertaining to the white house? feehan: a great way to speak for oneself. thank you for putting this together. it is a great contrast of approaches and substance. i am running to be an independent voice in washington d.c. that is what the house was designed to me it is dysfunctional right now because it is hyper- partisan people are unwilling to work across the aisle i have been pretty clear where i stand as an independent voice no corporate special interest but believe i'm willing to stand up when it doesn't to tell us everything in agriculture was going great there is no more
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telling of an example to make congress that check and balance for the constitution. >> so talk about those tariffs. >> dan you are not the independent voice you were sent here by the resistance by pelosi and company to be a voice with a very left wing viewpoint as far as working with the president did you support him on the tax cut? no. why do you support? there isn't much that you did almost every democrat voted against the farm bill. they don't like work for welfare. you not independent voice you are very leftist he will work with pelosi every step of the way.
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feehan: this is the tone of his campaign his fourth time running for the seat and this is what he brings to the table. i send them and that's not what i'm about talk about independent leadership is the ability to look at a burning pentagon to see it's time to serve the country or what independent leadership is to make sure kids can learn or independent leadership that it is time to serve the country this is what independent leadership is. >> and with critical thinking i'm happy to demonstrate that. >> do you agree with president trump on any issue? . >> the president campaigned on the war of afghanistan.
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seventeen years old this year if we ended the war on terror today a $5 trillion the president was of that mind but he changed his views on that who also did my opponent jim hagedorn. hagedorn: i wrote a column saying the war has gone on long enough and we should end the war. . >> you are not living here working for obama in dc you're not from the district you never lived in the district today in your life and tell they sent you out from washington. maybe if you were here you would have read that column but that's my position. should we talk about the issues? . >> is there anywhere you disagree with president trump? hagedorn: i did not like the omnibus spending bill i would never vote for another it
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doesn't allow us to reform government or have regular order or appropriations and i would never vote for it we are kicking the can down the road making the debt larger. i don't believe in tariffs those are good for the governments that impose them but that is a short diminishing returns with the president of trades he ran on this issue china was cleaning our clocks manipulating our currencies stealing intellectual property he wanted to reset things with china and mexico and canada we are already reset with mexico and canada i support with the president did there that helped us with the dairy tariffs in agriculture across the board. but in the end the president's goal to get rid of the barriers open markets for the best products i supported the tpp negotiated by president
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obama that was bipartisan i don't know if dan supports that he will not answer the question. that we have to wake up and i represent our interest every day on the job. >> dan feehan what about the tp tpp? feehan: so this checks and balances for my opponent's willingness i sat next to him at farm fest in august he told farmers to be patient because he wanted to support the president's policy also to be executed without any role of congress or any check and balance and he did that because his entire career is based in washington d.c. he is an insider i don't understand why he doesn't jump into those openings in the trump
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administration. >> i grew up on a farm in southern minnesota. >> as did i. hagedorn: you did not grow up in these district where did you live? mimic the first district. hold on. you are being disingenuous because the first district changed 20 years ago the 21 counties you never lived in. i grew up on a farm all through my great-grandfather were southern minnesota farmers if i could be on the ag committee was i what it really - - what i really want to do to be the closest thing to a farmer there are no republicans from minnesota of the house or the senate we need bipartisan leadership to make sure all of agriculture was successful in seven years
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i will not take issue with you and my service do not demean my service. feehan: you forget about those 30 years you spent in washington d.c. i failed to make a connection how you represent southern minnesota leading soldiers in war time helping students to be a policymaker because what is happening is an action hyper- partisanship. whether or not anyone votes for me i try to represent everyone because time spent as a teacher at the pentagon you have to work with people that you don't agree with. hagedorn: here is how my experience converts.
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i work for minnesota congressman for seven years we carry many bills in a bipartisan fashion we still need to reinstate we also worked with the nra to get rid of that gun control act. and with the rural enterprise zones when people like jack kemp or doing it for urban areas. i understand how congress works also as a relations officer with my own federal agency that is unheard of to eliminate 5 percent of $2 billion of those bills through the congress to know where those bodies are buried to unearth those to downsize government.
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>> washington is full of jim hagedorn that is why it is broken those that are beholden and that's why i'm not taking a dime from corporate tax and then to have an unwillingness. >> that is why people are still on - - cynical about politics. . >> so getting a question from a listener what could the federal government do to address water quality? feehan: we have to take advantage that farmers are stewards of the land to make policy through not sticks.
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but there has to have investment because infrastructure is and just roads and bridges but the investment of water nobody knows that more but water in the first place there is a role they are part of doing incredible work that should not be paid - - based on that alone the idea of regulations i imagine my opponent will talk about. farmers are part of the conversation at the end of the day are in the quality of land and soil and water. >> talking with the head of the minnesota farm bureau about these issues to say it will be pro ag and it has to be a balance over the last
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many years as an overreach during the obama administration we have a war against agriculture and as a complete overreach we don't give the farmers credit and to waste their fertilizer that cost them money. it is a very ag based district keep the cost of farming down with those onerous regulations in washington have the rains act to affirm major regulation before the impact farmers and others does dan support that i don't know he doesn't address it. and we should sunset it is a balance for quite don't take the premise everything is
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polluted to a point of no return. >> but you could demonstrate that through science. >> it depends on the standard you could change the standards all the time. >> you said it's impossible to determine. hagedorn: i think we are doing just fine. >> host: listening to a debate between the two candidates for congress in the minnesota first district the health care came up and i got a question from a listener what will you do to resolve the crisis of congress to make health insurance more affordable and available? . >> repeal obama care replace it with free-market reforms at a minimum send the authority back to the states. one state of all in the union
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and with those pre-existing expensive needs and then to say keep your doctor keep your plan now they say go to socialized medicine and that's the answer it makes it worse i hope we can talk about that later about what i support is getting back to having insurance act like insurance let people spend money for insurance to have individual tax reform moving forward to have incentives for healthy living that is very important across the board major medical
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catastrophic coverage that could be done by the private sector and after that a high risk pool for those paid for by the insurance companies backed up by the government everybody gets quality time nobody goes broke that is how insurance should operate. >> obama care said kids can stay on their plan through 26 and also they could not discriminat discriminate. >> we were not doing that in minnesota. ad 26. that's fine but the state with the governor and the legislature much more so than hhs bureaucrats taking away the doctor-patient relationships. obama care wise an absolute disaster we had people paying 20 or $30000 a year for
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premiums with a deductible so high the insurance is worthless. >> my opponent likes to brag because he's running for congress that is an important point it is failing people always but the status quo is not working you are offering a chance to go backwards. and the principal free markets. talk about that individual market that you kids to have the flu get them treated paying $750 out-of-pocket for reaction is that she would not go to the doctor next time it wasn't worth it. so in the country what i would propose to do that becomes an
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alternative that is a for-profit system they are making money off of people's health. and then to drive those downwards the only way that congress can go forward not have people under the influence of big pharma and insurance companies. >> what is wrong with letting people buy into medicare? . >> the system is about bankrupt now so you will add onto that. that is my contention but the concept of medicare for all socialized medicine single-payer will destroy medicine as we know it to have
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inferior medical quality medical innovation will suffer if you want more people on medicare they will be reimbursed 50 cents on the dollar rather than one dollar on the dollar if you do this it will destroy much of southern minnesota all the people that flow into rochester comes to an end this is a big choice do you want to put people in charge taking us to socialized medicin medicine? as far as incentives are concerned this is the way we do business companies produce good medical devices with drugs and everything else doctors go to school for many years. there's nothing wrong with
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that. >> feehan: mayo clinic has to be at the institution to be a leader on health care so why not have them at the table so we can shift this country of preventative care and then avoid going to the doctor. >> but it does play pay less. >> and then to find those right incentives i talk to doctors all the time you treat patients all the time with health care they can afford that is the default if the mayo clinic is part of large-scale deployment to preventative care we save so much cost in the end with
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these discussions of reimbursements. hagedorn: there are a lot of hospitals across the country but they don't take new medicare patients for a reason in phoenix and jacksonville because the model is not sustainable. you cannot make it work on 40 and 50 cents on the dollar that people fly in around the world to go to rochester that comes to an end because in a single-payer system the government controls everything all of the outcomes. by the way if you want a system like canada or great britain or germany but you know, is flying into rochester those from canada and germany and great britain are on a waiting list cannot get quality care. where will we go when we destroy that? we with you as has the most expensive system in the world but not the best outcomes. hagedorn: we have the highest quality medical care in the world.
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feehan: look at the studies. how does the market lower that cost which is what people are complaining about with the doctors and the co-pays? hagedorn: medical care is expensive i don't know too many americans traveling around the world i think they are getting it here people coming from foreign countries that is my contention if we have the finest quality you say going backward but transparency is backward? if you know, what it cost to go to the doctor to get the mri that brings competition and allows people to make choice. we don't have that right now what is the incentive for healthy living? you don't have to pay any more money and pray you never have to use it.
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>> if you throw money at it and to make it more to what we would expect in the united states of america. hagedorn: what you would hear the idea of moving backwards like the coverage of pre-existing conditions going to the private market hoping that it happens going to a place you're not entirely honest about and people and millions of people who have care in the first place. >> minnesota? . >> yes. >> before obama care? to make the pay more based on their decision. >> seriously? . >> someone who wants to make money if you talk about the
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cost of everything? . >> if you think things are better? . >> i am telling you the status quo is not working but we cannot go back to simply have more affordable health care and not have to be there own doctor to make the choice of not seeking care because these are costs for millions of americans many think it's great want to make sure that is as affordable as it can be in washington d.c. as dysfunctional is failing to take any action. >> people on private insurance pay for those on government insurance. it will reimburse hospitals and doctors at 40 and 50 cents on the dollar if you expand that you take money out of the system and if you think that
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works asked the people how it's working for you. >> a listener asked the question about the tax bill that passed last year. . . . . the idea that millionaires and the leaders took an incredibly large share of those cost savings, created a bigger problem. we increased our debt by upwards of $2 trillion. that is unacceptable. >> you would have fought against it? >> i would've opposed it. it did make that direct impact. it is dishonest to suggest that working people got the best deal the possibly could've had. >> so you would've voted against it like all the other democrats.
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i would've voted for it. it was a step in the right direction for businesses. i said at the time, it's mostly corporate and business tax-cut. it was designed to bring money back from overseas. to get the economy dimly added in many ways. something that was good for farmers. you should talk to the farmers about this. they can expense things and careers. so they -- >> trade war? >> we can talk more about trade war if you want. there are lots of families in the district who are collecting thousand or more of dollars each year. that's every year. i support that. should we have more tax reform? i've also called for that. i just said one of my proposals was to make sure that anyone spending money and it can be on education, health insurance, medical care, all those types of things, tax-free, don't pay federal income tax. that would be one of the biggest tax cuts the people can get who are in the middle getting
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squeezed. not at the bottom, not at the top. also after that, garrett of the code, the owners quote, make it people can save, invest their own money. that's the best way we get people power, take it from washington, give it back to them as individuals. that's what i'm all about. >> let me ask a follow-up. how will you pay down the federal debt? >> obviously one congressperson is going to out there and pay off the debt. he can be part of a coalition, fiscally responsible people. i'm happy to do that. like i said, no more big bills. we need a reform, every single agency of government. starting at the pentagon.
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we can grind out $50 billion in savings and putting on if people want to make sure we have the strongest military on it. we can take that money and reinvest it into the soldiers pay and to weapon systems if needed. when i was in washington, it was a little agency that found a niche and decided we could do something different. my boss gave me the go-ahead. we went through clinton and up to the hill, he was out here, i worked in a bipartisan way. we saved 2 million bucks. when idea, every member of congress came up with something to save. we'd be better off. why should the taxpayers of the united states pay for federal employees to do to and from work. free transportation, why do we do that? they are some of the most affordable people in the country. they should have to pay their own way. they don't even pay tax and their benefit. subway and buses. that would save half billion up. >> what would you do?
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>> cutting military? reforming the military. the take away here. that will be an interesting one. we just talked about the biggest issues. the tax bill that has been passed, has added to our debt. by upwards of $9.1 trillion. the talk about the challenges of what we are doing now. we need real tax reform. it is the opposite here. was somebody making over $1 million, an average cut of $69. the other way we can talk about cost here, i've already brought it up, we've been at war for 17 straight years. we ended the war today, that includes every single cost along way of actually being there in every country in the cost of veterans care along way. $5 trillion. the biggest thing we can do, shoulder the burden of whether or not we need to be a war as we are today. >> let me ask you another question. another subject.
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climate change, the report this week, we have to take drastic action or it's going to get really bad. soon. do you agree with that? what would you do about it? >> yes, i agree with it. it shouldn't be a function of that first question. what you do what it? with apple had a couple of debates. my opponent declared he wasn't sure about climate change. i've a different perspective. either prospective of those who believe long-term, the biggest threat, is climate change. this question, what you do? with the perspective of southern minnesota, we have incredible amount of rain easily, and more
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and more continuously. that is changing the way we are farming, the landscape of our district, it's real and it's here. what we do, not embracing the climate, not in bracing the threat that it poses to all of us is to make sure we are doing everything possible locally. make sure the first district is energy independent. we are relying on fossil fuels and we are making continual effort to not do so. it's making sure that people like in the u.s. navy are trying to become energy independent, going on with the technologies. if your opening promise again, we have another thing coming. i'd like you to give that was a response. >> whether you really even it, doesn't matter. it's what you do. if you think it's a problem and it's man-made, what are you going to do? there are a lot of people out there who would say spend money to relocate, make changes, but
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to transform our energy sector, and to turn our economy upset on, over the premise of the world coming to an end, i don't agree with that. it would be highly destabilizing for our economy. drive up the cost for everybody in our country and make us less influence. i support a policy of energy independence for the united states. that means and all of the above approach. he doesn't understand the issue i believe. the united states is energy independent for every source except crude oil. only way we are going to become energy into., troll more oil. i support that. he's done a good job in this area. we want to make sure we have an for structuring place. we have more energy resources than any other country. pipelines, distribution points, refinery. those are the things that democrats aren't too fond of.
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they want to build pipelines. they don't like keystone. president obama blocked that. after that, make sure we have a policy in place. we have abundant, reliable, affordable energy. when the price of energy goes up, the price of every product and service in our economy goes up. money out of your back pocket, makes us less competitive. all of the thing they wanted to do going to take power from the united states and send it to the around the world. brazil, china, india and others. he wants to do something about it. you support the tax? you support camp and trade? what do you support? you support -- >> just be clear, you don't support any of that? >> no. >> the answers to do nothing then. he told you about the risks. this is a real thing. there are military installations around the world at risk of
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climate change. they are in place right now. if you came aboard, we need to do something about claim aboard, what would your reaction be? >> if he said that, we have to it adapt, do whatever we can. i didn't hear him say, he's for the climate records, he's for a ban on tracking, he's -- >> make sure we are supporting and defending our service members. again, military installations around word, these are american troops. at risk because of climate change. >> how you get the? you put a tax on carbon? >> we are doing and ability to make energy to make our selves energy independent. going away from fossil fuel. as long as we are engaging with any fossil fuels, let's do it in the safest possible way.
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if we are doing everything to make up for the inaction of not being involved, then we are going to fall further and further behind. the best thing i can do is to make sure a climate reform bill makes its way forward. entertain any idea possible to reduce our carbon footprint. that's why i am open to it. have to be open to changing things. taking advantage of the opportunity we have right now economically. to take the champion renewable energy like wind. >> you walked through a parade last year. a sign that said act on climate change. you come on the show, three debates, you still won't tell us what you want to do to act on climate change. you do support a carbon tax, you do support climate course. >> i said it twice already. >> you do support the regulations that obama had on fracking and methane and all of these things to stop us from getting our own resources. that's why the farm bureau and farmers and others who support me. was the farmer supposed to do to act on climate -- start
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performing today or tomorrow? >> deal with the impact right now. something i remember -- you had a tough time answering at a firm best. how you make sure that southern men of minnesota dealing with more rain than ever before, the temperatures, how do we make sure our crops -- not in action. that's the difference between us. >> i think your position is clear. the don't represent, reflect the values of southern minnesota. will let the voters decide. >> let me ask you this. do we need a wall on the mexican border? >> of course. we need a wall, fencing, every kind of security border we can. so that illegal folks, drugs, everybody else, don't come over and into the united states unless through a legal process. his against the wall. he commented on that. we get that. overall, what we need to do,
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finally have a president that wants to deal with it. let's secure america's border once and for all. the wall is half the problem. the other half is we have five or so million people were flown into the united states on temporary visas that have never left. they shouldn't -- terrorist comforting terrorist countries some of them. we need to secure our country in many different ways. we also need immigration. generous country in the world, for bringing in immigrants, 1 million a year. that's wonderful. we should be in a position to know who is coming. are they going to assimilate? contribute to our economy? i they going to be come part of the fabric america? it's not good to for this to happen here. >> the premise of the question is do we need to cut our country safe? absolutely. there is no one better to
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represent southern minnesota and someone who spent two tours in iraq. keeping this country safe. i'm insulted by the idea that my opponent thinks i wouldn't be able to be a part of this conversation. that's not what my service me. if we are thinking about how to keep this country safe, it doesn't start with the one way you do it. such with the broader conversation about the very much, the real threats facing our country. it doesn't have anything to do with order. bioterrorism, many different ways you can enter this country. if our focus is on spent on the idea of a wall, we are going to miss things that are bigger threat to this country. if you want to have a conversation, great. i'd be happy to do immigration reform. people in need of workers, people who want an economic case for immigration reform. national security case. we need to get the image of a human capital we have to keep our economy strong. i'm someone who is able -- i
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guess worker program. i'm someone who believes in making doctor law. >> the irish specter, everyone does. this is about service in the u.s. house of representatives. it doesn't seemed like, whatever it is you learn to the military has translated into informed position on this issue. that reflect with southern minnesotans. they don't want this actuary politics that you are talking about. on the record saying that the federal government to do its job and immigration in the states and the communities, they shouldn't have anything to do with it. you make minnesota think of a state, like you are talking
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about, you're going to have illegal aliens from his penn state region rolling interior, driving up crimes and process. not good for the people. we need to protect them. that's why they endorsed me because they know i am on their side. we want to make sure we have our community safe. >> would you do anything on immigration reform? >> absolutely. we have to have a verifiable work for program. so people can come to the united states, fill jobs in order to help farmers and others. they come here on a temporary basis, if they want to go to and from, that's fine. maybe we set it up so they can build credit, get citizenship. we should do that. i support that bill. it was voting on many multiple. make sure we are going to have border security so when we do do support somebody, they don't
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come back over. when should ice do its job? >> i'd be happy to quote it's important. the idea here, my opponent suggested the things i learned overseas one good for southern minnesota. i think i'm speaking right now. it is a consistent thing. this is a person that while i was overseas, serving our country, he sat behind a desk, blogging about military veterans. blogging about the idea that a triple amputee was a half soldier. they should just roll away. this the character and viewpoint he has. it is telling of how he would represent an conducts. how he would disregard the viewpoints. i'm someone who views this different. i took an oath of office to serve in support and defend this constitution. regardless of anyone.
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that's the oath you take in congress. my experience informs how i would represent, and his character speaks for himself. >> that's a stretch. the idea that you in the military, all of a sudden on this political issue where you take a very liberal position that you're qualified. you're going to speak for the people. i don't excel. they want things ray cities, open borders, amnesty, you are a candidate. if you want to defend the border, have things like a work program, i'm a candidate that people can choose. >> i was going to give you a minute at the end closing statement, we are down to 30 seconds out. >> i hope our listens saw a contrast today. the contrast was clear. it's not a matter of substance. it's a matter of approach. washington is a broken place. it's full of jim today. it makes no sense to send another went there. independent voice that is grown by the values and beliefs of southern minnesota. that's why am.
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informed by my beliefs in service and a need for a voice in washington. >> i had to say i'm a product of the district who has been working for five years, i were the badge of honor in 21 counties. i think i reflect the views and values of people in southern minnesota, i humbly ask for their vote. i look forward to the next few weeks in the campaign with you. >> thank you very much. both candidates. thanks to everybody who sent in questions today, election day is coming up, november 6. be sure to get out and vote. i hope this helped you make up your mind who you are going to vote for. that's our program for today. thanks for listening. have a great weekend. >> on saturday president trump will deliver remarks of the future farmers of america convention. indianapolis.
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>> final debate for islands first congressional district. i'm cbs box 28 news -- we are the moderators for tonight's debate. featuring the republican and democratic candidates for u.s. house district one. in a moment, i will explain the roles.


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