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  Campaign 2018 President Trump Rally in Estero Florida  CSPAN  October 31, 2018 7:33pm-8:37pm EDT

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contain the phrase that all persons born here in the united states soil are united states citizens. it's been like that since about 1868, when the 14th amendment was ratified, and it actually has been vetted by the united states supreme court in a couple of different cases, one dating back all the way back to 1898, where a chinese person, that is an american of chinese descent was born in san francisco to parents who weren't allowed to be citizens because at that time we had alien land laws which -- ♪
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[cheers and applause]
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>> hello, florida. hello florida. we love you, florida. [cheers and applause] >> i'm thrilled to be back in this great state, the great state of florida, with thousands of hard-working american patriots. [cheers] >> an important time in our country. in just six days, the people of florida are going to send rick scott to the united states senate. [cheers] >> and ron desantis will be your next governor. rick and ron. before going any further, i want to take a moment to address the horrific shooting at the tree of
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life synagogue in pittsburgh. it was terrible. 11 americans were brutally murdered in an evil anti-semitic attack. yesterday i traveled to pittsburgh to meet with the families and first responders, and i especially want to thank rabbi jeffrey meyers. he was terrific. he was terrific. fine man. we grieve for the families of the fallen and we send our eternal gratitude to the law enforcement officers who sustained severe injuries taking down the gunman. they were incredible. [cheers] >> as bad as it was, and it was bad, it could have been far worse. they were unbelievable, and they got there fast. we pledge our resolve to remove the vile poison of anti-semitism
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and so many other problems from our world and reaffirm our unbreakable solidarity with the jewish people. thank you. yesterday's visit to pittsburgh was about coming together as a nation to comfort and to heal. after this day of unity and togetherness, i came home and sadly turned on the news and watched as the far left media once again used tragedy to sow anger and division.
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sadly they took a small group of protesters, far away from where we were, because we could not have been treated better. the first lady and myself, but we're representing the presidency, and they did everything in their power to try to play it up and push people apart. that's what's happening. they are pushing people apart. it was fake, and it was make believe what they said. i came home, looked forward to seeing it, and it was sad. when we talk about division, this is a big part of the division, right there. the far left media has spread terrible lies and stories about the trump administration and the tens of millions of people who make up our great movement, the greatest political movement in the history of our country.
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the greatest. [cheers and applause] >> the greatest. the greatest movement in the history of our country, and they don't even refute that fact, that it's possibly the greatest political movement anywhere. i can't think of any place else. because of you. the movement is you, and it's about you. not me. it's about you. i am proud of the fact that my administration has boldly revitalized our nation's historic bond with israel and moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. [cheers and applause] >> and remember, many presidents have promised to do that, many, many, many presidents, we're going to move the embassy to
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jerusalem, and they don't do it. the reason is, it is not an easy thing to do. i've done it. and by the way, the embassy is already built. it's already open. and it came in 1 billion dollarsless than people thought -- 1 billion dollars less than people thought. [cheers and applause] >> they should like that. they should really like it. we've taken aggressive measures against the terrorist groups that seek the slaughter of innocent people all around the world for lots of different reasons. it's terrible. we've taken unprecedented action to confront the regime in iran, and we have ended the horrible one-sided iran nuclear catastrophe. [cheers and applause] >> and iran is a much different country today than the country that started off at the beginning of our administration,
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almost two years ago. we have forcefully condemned hatred, bigotry, racism, and prejudice in all of its ugly forms, but the media doesn't want you to hear your story. it is not my story. it is your story. and that's why 33% of the people in this country believe the fake news is in fact -- and i hate to say this -- in fact the enemy of the people. the left wing media doesn't want to solve problems. they want to cause resentment. it has to stop. they believe that progress isn't good for profit or for whatever reason it is they are playing their game.
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our movement is about safe homes, great jobs for every citizen. [cheers and applause] >> our movement is about love for our fellow americans. our movement is for everyone and belongs to anyone who wants to build a better future. you can do it right here in the usa. right here. [cheers and applause] >> just look at the amazing things that we have all done working together. the unemployment rate just fell to the lowest level in over 50 years. [cheers and applause] >> more americans are working today than at any point in the history of our country. think of that. [cheers and applause] >> how do you lose that debate when i'm up against one of these
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people that we're seeing and watching? oh i hope one of them gets that nomination. when you say more people are working today than at any point in the history of our country, i think the debate is over. [cheers and applause] >> hispanic american and african-american poverty have reached all time lows. [cheers and applause] >> african-american, hispanic american and asian american unemployment have all achieved their lowest levels in recorded history. [cheers and applause] >> we have eliminated a record number of job-killing regulations more than any other administration no matter how long it was. we did that quickly. we passed a massive tax cut,
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biggest tax cut, for working families, and we will soon follow it up with another 10% tax cut for the middle class. [cheers and applause] >> and the democrats want to raise your taxes substantially. remember that. remember what nancy pelosi said. we will raise your taxes. and i'm trying to say is that good politics? i don't think so. but she really believes it. they want to raise your taxes. and all that we've built, it's very fragile, somebody can destroy it pretty quickly if they don't know what they are doing. we are taking care of our veterans. we are taking care of our military. and we will soon be more powerful than we have ever been before, our military. [cheers and applause]
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>> our military is being rebuilt at a level that nobody can even believe. new planes, new rockets, new missiles, new ships. [cheers and applause] >> new satellite. under republican leadership, america is booming. america is thriving. and america is winning because we are finally putting america first. [cheers and applause] >> but everything we have achieved, and it is monumental is at stake in this election. democrats want to erase our prosperity and reverse our
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progress. in less than one week, americans will go to the polls in one of the most important elections of our entire lives. although i will say not as important as 2016 but -- [cheers and applause] >> i'd like to say, but not really. republicans want strong borders, no crime, no chaos, and no caravans. [cheers and applause] >> democrats want open borders, and they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country, which brings crime upon crime. a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders, and it's a vote to let meth, fentanyl, heroin and other
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deadly drugs across our borders, drugs that take the lives of over -- think of this -- over 70,000 americans a year. if you want high taxes, and high crime, vote for the democrats. vote for the democrats. we just spent 1.6 billion on a big section. another 1.6 billion now. we have another 1.6 billion coming, but we want to build it all at one time. all at one time. not in little pieces. but we are getting prepared for the caravan, folks.
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you don't have to worry about that. getting prepared for the caravan. and they've got a lot of rough people in those caravans. they are not angels. they are not. you saw what happened two days ago with the mexican military and the mexican police. you saw what happened there. how tough the opposition is. we're tougher than anybody. we're tougher than any force. and we're probably going to have to be. unfortunately. i tell them turn back, and they're not going to be released. it's called catch, but we take the word release out. we're not releasing. catch. we have no choice. if you want low taxes and low crime, vote republican. [cheers and applause] this election is truly a choice
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between results and resistance. how about their whole theme, obstruct, resist, what the hell do you get out of that? resist. they want to resist. great, resist. that's the only thing they are good at. they resist and they stick together. that is true. they stick together, great. but that's about it. they have bad policy, bad politicians, but they do stick together. between greatness -- and this is really an election between greatness and gridlock. it will be gridlock. it's a choice between an economy that is going strong and setting records at every level and the democrats who are going absolutely crazy, folks. they are going crazy. so you have to go out on november 6th or sooner -- who voted? who voted? [cheers and applause] >> oh, wow!
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everybody voted already? [cheers] >> no kidding. let me see it again. who voted? [cheers] >> then what the hell am i doing here tonight? good-bye -- [cheers] >> what am i doing here? [cheers and applause] >> that's like 100% of the people in this room voted. all right. let's just enjoy ourselves. okay? i can skip to that. actually you see all the people back there? looks like the academy awards. i call them the academy awards. by the way, i have to say this. you have some very good people
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also as reporters and journalists. i know some incredible people. you have some that are not good at all. you have some very good people too. i want to say that. you have some very good people. we are honored to be joined tonight by many great florida republicans including a man who is so great to me on television. this guy is special. he was a great businessman. now he's a great congressman, francis rooney. where's francis? [cheers and applause] >> i love him when he defends me. he's brutal. he gets the job done, right, francis? thank you. thank you. another man, great great talent, young, handsome, going places, you talk about defending, he's fantastic. matt gates. [cheers and applause]
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>> thank you, matt, great job. these guys on television are very proficient. they have to be honest. a man who the people love and the state loves, a congressman who has done a fantastic job, he's always there, works so hard. thank you, gus. thank you. thank you. thank you. along with the next congressman from florida's 17th district, greg -- greg? and your state's chief financial officer, he watches all that money that pours in, jim
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petronis. jim, thank you, thank you. thank you, jim. you know, they don't tell me where these people are sitting. you've got -- this place has thousands of people. i sort of have to guess. but we get it right. we're especially proud to be joined by the next united states senator from florida, governor rick scott. [cheers and applause] >> great guy. governor scott is doing a truly incredible job, leading your state's turn hurricane michael response, all of the hurricanes, all of the problems. he takes the problem and he turns it into an asset. he's an unbelievable talent. he works harder than anybody. always calls up with good news. yeah, i've got this one taken care of, that one taken care of. he's a real -- he really is, he's a talent. and we send our prayers to the
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florida panhandle, people we love, and everyone in that storm's path. that was a giant -- that was a tornado that was 50 times wider. that was brutal. we went there. we visited. we had houses ripped off their foundation. and even the foundations were gone. nobody's seen anything like it. together we will ensure that florida comes back stronger than ever, already happening. you remember our hurricane last year, the response that we gave was a plus, and rick and everybody in florida did a phenomenal job. [cheers and applause] >> rick and ron, also worked closely with us to pass legislation to build a reservoir south of lake okeechobee. [cheers] >> to clean florida's water. that's a big one.
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that's a big one. those two guys worked hard on that. rick scott is one of the best governors in florida's history. he's considered one of the best governors -- maybe the best governor, but one of the very very top elite governors anywhere in the country, and if elected, he will keep the florida boom in full swing. rick scott always delivers for the people of florida. rick scott, please come up. rick? [cheers and applause] >> good evening! are we not honored to have president donald trump in florida? [cheers and applause]
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>> we want him here every day. so let me tell you about your president. in the last year, we've had two hurricanes. every day he calls me. every time i call him, he says what do you need? i will do anything you want. take care of your citizens. [cheers and applause] >> there is absolutely nothing that i have asked from donald trump with regards to these two hurricanes that he hasn't come through. let's give a big round of applause for your president! [cheers and applause]
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>> so hurricane michael was horrible. about 30 mile wide, 150 miles-an-hour winds, 14 foot of storm surge. but guess what? people from all over this country came down here and took care of our citizens. [cheers] >> they brought food, water, generators, tarps. they did everything to take care of our citizens. and you know what? they didn't say oh what party are you? no. they said we're going to help every citizen of this state, just like your president did. everybody came down. [cheers and applause] >> we can do the exact same thing in washington. we can bring this country
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together and make this country the place where all of us can be proud of. [cheers] >> let me tell you what this president has also done, he said he wants every child, every adult to live the dream of this country. i grew up in a very poor family. i lived in public housing. he wants every child like that to have a great education and their parents to have the best paying jobs. and he's doing it every day. [cheers and applause] >> now, let me tell you about my opponent. here's your choices, senator bill nelson cares about one job,
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his. in florida, in the last eight years, we've added 1 million 600,000 private sector jobs, not government jobs. [cheers and applause] ::
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. >> and worked out on paying that debt.
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i have a six-year-old grandson who says grandpa how do you win the election? i see you get more votes than any other person. it's as simple as that. everybody here needs to vote. vote. vote. vote. [applause] take a friend and get out to vote. and make sure that we turn this country around. thank you for the opportunity thank you president trump all you have done for our great state. [cheers and applause]
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. >> he wants to go right back to work. running against far left democrats bill nelson we know a vote for bill nelson is a vote for chuck schumer. remember this. chuck schumer and we want to win back the radical agenda of nancy pelosi. during his three decades in congress bill nelson has developed one of the worst records of any lawmaker he voted against your tax cuts and virtually everything we want including regulation cuts voting against justice course itch and judge cavanagh. [booing] bill nelson voted with the
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sanctuary cities to release drug traffickers and violent predators into communities because bill nelson once open borders we don't want open borders if you want a leader who shares your values and will fight you need to get out and vote talking about the people in television. all the people on television finally i am thrilled to introduce the next governor of florida. a great gentleman. [applause] a veteran and a patriot and will continue the incredible job look at what is happening to this state this is my state also look at what is going in
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the great state of florida to continue what governor scott began. florida's economy is one of the hottest in the nation and anywhere in the world and rob will keep it that way. ron will keep your taxes way down with jobs going way up you will always support veterans and military and law enforcement. come on up. [applause] [applause]
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. >> is this trump country or what? [applause] i am proud to say that as a candidate running for governor i'm the only one that has worn the uniform. [cheers and applause] i'm the only candidate that will not raise your taxes here in florida. i'm the only guy that can credibly say i'm not under investigation for corruption by the fbi. [cheers and applause] and as governor i will perfect our economy we need to
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continue to recruit business and i believe that florida can boom like never before. [cheers and applause] andrew wants to raise taxes by 40 percent. [booing] that will cost business and we cannot let that happen. i will also stand by men and women of law enforcement to protect our communities. [cheers and applause] andrew is a failed mayor with the highest crime rate in florida under his leadership and last year the highest number of murders in the
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history of the city. [booing] he signed a pledge to attack men and women of law enforcement to say police have no place in justice. he cannot keep florida safe you need to vote for me because i will protect florida's communities. [cheers and applause] andrew gillam wants to abolish ice and have open borders. [booing] he would allow sanctuary cities to turn florida into a sanctuary state. i can tell you this. as governor am i will never allow florida to be a sanctuary state. [cheers and applause]
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we will protect your health care he's been hanging out with bernie sanders. they call it health care for all but read the fine print every senior loses medicare or medicare advantage they all go to a single-payer system if you get insurance from your business that is taken away from you by the core and you are thrown onto a single-payer plan. government has no right to take away the health care benefits you are earning. you deserve to keep it. [cheers and applause] as governor i will work with the president and the trump administration to make sure that we get the resources we need to clean our water and rivers here in the state of florida. [cheers and applause]
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andrew gillam can't he is running on impeaching the president. for what? [booing] i don't know what he's thinking about this is a guy took money from a lobbyist did favors for the lobbyist maybe we should impeach gillam from tallahassee. [cheers and applause] [chanting] [chanting] i will look to the president he made promises to you when he ran as a solid constitutionalist to the us supreme court and the us courts of appeals and he has
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delivered. [applause] we have two great judges on the us supreme court and more appeals judges than any other president at this point in history. [applause] and as governor i will follow the constitutionalist we will and judicial activism in florida once and for all. [cheers and applause] as governor i will protect your second amendment rights. [cheers and applause] it is an honor to have the president hear i want to thank him for what he has done for our economy and to fight terrorism and for what he has done for our military which is
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stronger than ever. [cheers and applause] and as the iraq war veteran think him for standing by our veterans. [cheers and applause] so we need your support between now and november 10th i will protect florida's future for a generation. thank you. god bless. [cheers and applause] . >> andrew gillam went to take
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a wrecking ball to one of the most successful economies anywhere in the world which is florida with massive tax hikes and crippling regulations and a socialist health care takeover to destroy your state. andrew gillam wants to throw open your borders to doug dealers drug dealers and gang members in human traffickers and criminal aliens and he supports deadly sanctuary cities. he wants to abolish ice and signed an extreme left wing pledge to support an end to all borders. that's great. that's what we want. let them all come right in.
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andrew gillam is too extreme for the people of florida. he's also weak on crime. when andrew gillam on his watch there were more murders last year, you just heard it. i think you saw my speech than any other history in tallahassee. tallahassee is one of the most corrupt cities anywhere in the united states is this what you want for the state of florida? i have to tell you about bill nelson. i am in florida a lot miami and palm beach and i stay here. is a great place i never see bill nelson. i was commenting the other
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day. i'm here a lot i never see senator nelson ever until six months before the election then you don't see anybody else but him. you never see him. he is a vote for schumer 100 percent he will never ever vote for what we want. bill nelson and andrew gillam would be a disaster for florida's economy and then you need to elect ron and rick scot scott. [applause] the majority of democrats for congress have already signed up to support a senseless takeover of health care to eliminate medicare advantage with 2 million florida seniors the democratic plan is especially unfair to hispanic americans one out of two
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hispanic seniors enrolling in medicare advantage they will be for those who have earned it they can pay for it and we will always protect americans with pre-existing conditions. always it also raises medicare to have benefits at the expense of our seniors as we speak the democratic party i say democrat because that's their name. they just change their name and send me a check. but is not the democrat party
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is looking for those to violate our borders you see what's happening right now because they will not give us any votes on border security and they want to sign them up for free health care free welfare and free education. and you are giving automatic birthright citizenship to a child born to an illegal alien. even if they were on our soil only a matter of minutes hundreds of thousands of children are made automatic citizens every year because of this crazy policy instantly eligible for every privilege and benefit of american citizenship at a cost of billions of dollars per year.
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billions. the democrat party went crazy they also opposed to say no sane country. to grant citizenship to children of illegal immigrants that is what he said that before he went crazy. [laughter] under this policy anyone who breaks into the country and has a child the next moment they are made a citizen for life. this policy has even created an entire industry of birth tourism. pregnant mothers travel to america to make their children instant american citizens. congress has never passed a law requiring birthright citizenship from illegal aliens in the constitution
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does not come i say that to the media it does not require because illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the united states. [cheers and applause] [chanting] democrats also support the insane policy of catch and release which has created a border crisis the democratic victory on election day would be a bright flashing invitation to traffickers and smugglers and drug dealers and gang members all over the world. come on in. that's what you say.
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republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law-abiding americans not criminal aliens. [cheers and applause] the republican party will always stand proudly with the heroes of ice, border patrol and law enforcement. [cheers and applause] and i saw this yesterday in pittsburgh. we will finish the wall. it is moving along. but watch what we do. you watch. it will be very interesting over the next week. if you want safe communities and strong borders vote for rick scott long - - ron scott and rick desantis in with
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manufacturing jobs in florida are growing at the fastest rate ever recorded. earlier this month i announced we were replacing the horrible nafta deal with a brand-new us mexico canada trade agreement. usmca also to crack down on china's abusive trade practices and we are winning. after years of rebuilding other countries we are finally rebuilding our country thank you very much. [cheers and applause] and every day it is promises made and promises kept.
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you know, that. in fact, one of these people said recently actually he has promised certain things and he has fulfilled more than he has promised which is true. we passed veterans choice for all those years they were trying to get it to let veterans see a private doctor when i have to wait in line for weeks and weeks to get sicker and sicker can you imagine they have been trying to get that past 44 years i got it past two months ago. [cheers and applause] now they see a line they go to their doctor we pay the bill it works that way and they are very happy. the accountability law to ensure that anyone who mistreats our veterans has to be accountable in other words,
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you are fired. [cheers and applause] $700,000,000,000.716billion to fully rebuild the united states military. [applause] and i know most of you don't care about this but we gave our great warriors the largest pay increase in over ten years. [applause] and under my direction the pentagon is working to create a sixth branch of the american armed forces the space force. [applause] that is where it's at for all about space very soon we will be stronger as we are most everywhere now stronger than anyone by far together we made
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extraordinary progress but we are just getting started. if you vote republican this november we will continue to cut taxes and cut regulations and raise your incomes which is what we have been doing. [applause] we will protect medicare and just like i have been saying since the first debate we will protect social security even with all the pressure we have protected your social security. remember i made that promise everybody else didn't but guess what? we haven't let anyone touch it we will continue to confirm judges that will interpret the constitution and we will fairly secure the border. watch. [cheers and applause] we will pass cates law and
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thanks to cities we will stop the catch and release and visa lottery pick a name and come into the country and end chain migration. birthright citizenship you know, all about that. the criminals, the drug dealers we'll keep them all out of the country and we will and birthright citizenship finally. people do not want to bring it up but i said we had to bring it up. but for years you watch the leaders apologize you now have a president who is standing up proudly for america.
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[cheers and applause] we are standing up for your values. we are standing up for florida we are standing up very proudly for our national anthem. [cheers and applause] you don't hear too much about that anymore do you. you don't hear too much about it. but to continue our incredible momentum you must go out and vote for rick and ron that our loyal citizens like you help to move this country together we will take our country back in return power to the american people which is true. this is your movement.
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we stand on the soldiers of brave americans who secured our independence two world wars and put man on the face of the moon. not bad. [cheers and applause] american patriots to defeat fascism and vanquish communism to deliver millions into freedom as americans built the greatest country in the most powerful military in the history of the world. [applause] these courageous americans did not shed their blood and sweat and tears so we could set at home while others try to erase the legacy or tear down our history and destroy our proud american heritage. for the sake of our freedom , and for the sake of our
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children we are going to work and we are going to fight and win. win. win. [cheers and applause] we will not then do. we will not break. we will never give up we will never ever ever back down. and we will always fight for victory. [cheers and applause] we are one people and one family. with one glorious american destiny we all share the same hopes and the same heart and we all salute the same flag and we are all made by the same almighty god. [cheers and applause]
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i want to thank all of the people this is such a big group and outside we have more a lot of people they say don't bother coming in such a great honor because together we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again. [cheers and applause] and we will make america great again. thank you florida. [cheers and applause] thank you florida. [cheers and applause] thank you florida.
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[cheers and applause] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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. >> good evening thank you for coming everyone. in terms of format each candidate will have two minutes to make an opening statement. the candidates have met before hand and agreed in the order and the questions are answered in the same rotation. in terms of questions candidates will have one minute to respond these are your cards from the audience we are painstakingly going through to make sure we can get every topic covered and league members are screening the questions