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tv   Campaign 2018 North Dakota Senate - Kevin Cramer  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 12:48pm-1:03pm EST

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someone will stand up to the podium representing this political party and declare victory as the next governor, declare victory, declare victory as a next united states center, declare victory as the next attorney general. [applause] we will not give up. we will not give up. we will not give up. we will not give up. we will not give up. we will not give up. i love you all. god bless you, and god bless the united states of america and this great state. thank you. [cheers and applause] ♪
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♪ >> thank you all. ♪ ♪ >> wow. thank you all. thank you. thank you all very, very, very much. thank you all for coming out and help celebrate with us. this is cool. you know, it would be impossibl
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impossible, it is impossible for me to express the depth of my gratitude for so many people tonight, many in this room, throughout the state, throughout this country. you know that i'm going to do my best, tried to say thank you to as many as possible but forgive me if i don't name every one of you. our family has been on quite a journey this year. i don't think there's any mistake about it. after more than a year of persuasion, and i just got off the phone with president trump and vice president pence. senator mcconnell called just before the vice president called and just before the president called, and they, they made it very clear that it was a long year of courtship, and then of
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course it all came down to that decision in early january after an oval office meeting with chris able and whole bunch of people, and i said no. we meant it. it was a sincere rejection of the idea to run for the senate because i love the people felt. kelly armstrong, you're going to love the people's house. and it really did feel like that's what i could best serve. but then late in january there was a fateful vote. the vote to ban late-term abortions failed in a very crass celebration took place on the floor of the united states senate at its failure. and then i phone began to ring with constituents and
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stakeholders saying you've got to reconsider. and then in early february the president called again, and the way he always does, plain and simply and to the point, he said kevin and chris, stop thinking about yourselves and start thinking about your country. and at that point chris and i knew there was no longer about us or even about our family. it was about something much larger. so we made the decision to run for the senate, and never once looked back. never once regretted it. not for a moment, not for a second. [applause] and there was an energy and an
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enthusiasm and optimism from the very minute we announced to this very moment right now, the likes of which i have never experienced. and the prayers went up and held us up, and we feel them even tonight. and you know, during our journey we lost a son. and while we walked through that very deep valley, we never felt more connected, more prayed up, more surrounded ever in our lives. we knew then what we know now, that we belong to a very special community. and that we are part of the family that unites us, that unites us by the fact that we serve a really good god.
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[applause] and so tonight our thanks start there. we thank him. we honor him. we glorify him with the prayers that i prayed many times a day, quite simply thank thank you, . thank you, jesus. your grace is sufficient. [applause] now, as i hand out the thank yous and i promise i won't name everyone, you all know that kris kramer managed by the one of my successful congressional campaigns. [applause] the swamp could never quite embrace that concept.
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my opponent viciously attacked her for it, and i am one member of congress who stand here tonight grateful that she is still my wife and still undefeated. [cheers and applause] now, i'm surrounded up here tonight by most of my family. my mom is here, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, grandbabies and children. and it's really cool. because everybody gives a great deal and an effort like this. you know, i have learned something from senator mark andrew's when i was young staffer working for him. he said, and boy, is it true, any one person can lose a race all by themselves, but no one
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can win a race by himself. this family is evident. you know, the funny thing, there's multiple parades in every weekend in north dakota. it takes a lot of cramers to cover those parades and boy, did they do it. we are just so grateful to our family. i also want to pay a very special tribute to a group of people, some of whom have been with me since day one in washington, that is my official staff. led by my chief of staff mark who is your tonight from hannaford. he runs the shop out in washington. and lisa gibbons who is our state director is with us tonight.
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you see, the best politics is good policy, and these folks have been taking care of business by taking care of people and policy since the day we got there. and i am honored that this victory belongs to them as much as it belongs to anybody. because i would tell you that my shop in my office and our service in the united states house of representatives is what made this victory possible tonight as much as anything picks a thank you to my official staff. and then -- [applause] and then to my campaign team, to my campaign team led by pat bacon with the very able direction of kris cramer. she still undefeated. the entire consultant team, the
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staff of volunteers you guys, imagine this. we were outspent five to one, five to one. and let me tell you, hard work will be chuck schumer is mine every single day of the week. you give me a bunch of hard-working north dakota volunteers, and you can have all the hollywood and wall street people you want. you will never beat us. besides that, besides that, putting up a whole bunch of money to push a bad message only makes it worse, not better. i also want to thank our
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president, vice president pence and their entire team. senator mcconnell, senator hoeven who's been an absolutely great mentor and chicken to this process and the entire republican caucus. they have been very helpful. i want to pay special tribute to our president. he made a lot of promises. he promised to never forget real america, and he came here three times our vice president has been here three times. cabinet officials have been him multiple times because they will not forget the ones forgotten. and i'm grateful that donald trump knows and remembers the heartland of america. [applause] i've had the opportunity to work with several governors, republican governors.
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you know, i was a young child with. i the little history lesson that josh davis. in 1992 i was a 30-year-old chairman of the north dakota republican party. i see some of them i just saw john here all bit ago. i think i think back to those days when democrats had the governorship for 28 of the previous 32 years in the state. they had a had a majority in the legislature. they had every office in the capital except for three and all democratic delegations. .. 100%, 100%.
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to those who solidify stand on, thank you. to the legislators, governors, statewide colleagues, all who won tonight, congratulations, look forward to serving with you. to the bottom of my heart, thank you to the people of north dakota. [applause] >> you have been a shining advantage to people of this country. i often quote a famous news man who once said this is the reticular blank spot on the nation's consciousness. i'm here to tell you north dakota is a rectangular stage under the nation's spotlight. you have proven what can be done with hard work, ingenuity and innovation.
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tonight. [applause] >> i want you to know you have given me the honor of my life and let me serve in various capacities, greatest pleasures to serve the last six years, north dakota is the only member of the peoples house, do north dakota is have taught me the value of hard work and common sense. you helped me be the most successful member of congress that i can be and i make this promise to all of you whether you voted for me or did not. as your senator, i will continue to be a most accessible member of the united states congress, without you i am nothing. god bless you, god bless north dakota. ♪ ♪ help me returned to you
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♪ and egg ♪ long let me run for you ♪ who care ♪ let me return to you who care ♪ >> in west virginia senator joe manchin held off patrick morrissey. donald trump campaigned for mister morrissey a number of times. [applause]


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