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tv   Campaign 2018 Florida Gov. Race - Andrew Gillum  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 1:53pm-2:04pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> in florida's governor's race democrat andrew gillum lost a close race republican desantis. here is a look.
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[applause] >> all right. i tell you, it is, it is quite a treat to see that you are still here. on behalf of chris and kristin, my wife rj, our family. the way we ran this race. proud of it. we could not be more thankful for the support that was shown by each and every one of you on this path. we recognize that we didn't win it tonight.
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we didn't win this transaction but i want you to know that is just it. a transaction. what we believe in still holds true today. i got to tell you, as i stand here on the highest of twee 7 hills in tallahassee, florida, the camp -- the campus that gave so much to me and my wife, rj. many a day for those students, we marched plenty of times from this very place up to the capital. we let our voices be heard. we didn't shrink from the challenges, we didn't shrink from power, we spoke truth to power. just because we didn't always come out victorious, we didn't retreat. we stood up. we stood strong. we spoke out. because we recognized that we
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had power too. earlier this evening i called mister ron desantis and congratulated him on what we expect will be him as the next governor of the great state of florida but i want you to know, i went you to know that in spite of our congratulating him on his victory this evening nothing the we believe in is compromised. i still believe we should pay teachers what they are worth. i still believe that. i still believe we ought to clean up our environment, our air, our water, our beaches, our shores, i still believe that we are to have the kind of economy where people are able to work one job instead of two and three in order to make ends meet. i'm extremely proud that this evening the voters of the state of florida decided to pass
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amendment 4. that is one step closer to get where we need to be. we want to encourage you not to give up. i want to encourage you to stick to the fight. i want you to know that every step of the way, even though i won't have the blessing of serving the next governor of the state of florida, i still plan to be on the frontlines right alongside avery -- every single one of you when it comes to standing up to what we believe in. as i said all along the campaign trail, power sees nothing without a demand. it never has and it never will. we still have to be willing to show up every single day and demand our seat at the table. we got to be willing. inside of elections and outside of elections, to say that our voices still matter, we still have relevance.
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i still believe and still trust the voters. we may not have all shown up in the way we thought and hoped we would. but i still believe there are still more of us who believe in what is common and what is decent and what is right. i believe in the long run good always wins out over evil. i still believe that. many of you all along the trail heard me talk repeatedly about my grandmother. someone pointed out she was the real winner of the governor's race. my grandmother who poured so much into us because my father and mother as i often share would have to get up so early in the morning and go off to work, they would lotus up in the car and take us to my grandmother's house where we would sleep just a little bit longer and my grandmother would often have a ritual, a two step ritual, the first phase of dennis she would grab her
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bottle of olive oil, sometimes cooking oil, whatever the shiniest oil was she could get her hands on and she would build across across my 4 head, a way of sending us out into the day with a blessing that no harm would come our way. and this refrain, she would say go to school, mind your teachers, get your lessons and bring that education home. she would say bring it home for your little brother, little sister, you don't know what it is you, bring it home, bring it home for the little boy down the street you play with, god knows where he will end up. bring it home for your mama and your daddy who get out there every single day going to work on somebody else's job in order to keep a roof over your head and crows -- clothes on your back and food on the table. i shared with you on the campaign trail i didn't always know what my grandmother was trying to communicate but i
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came to learn what she was saying is is it wasn't just about me. i am reminded this evening that it is not about me and it is not about my wife, not chris king, not kristen. it is about all of us, the collective, it is about the belief that if we all do good we can all do good. .. are we going to wake up baskin sorrow and defeat or are we going to get up and reinsert ourselves for the mission at hand. reagan to get up and fight for the things that we believe in. we still deserve rc at the
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table. i said before that i have to have a table. it is deep enough and wide enough to fit all of us. were enough to have a little bit more work. let's fill up our own voting chair. we will not push into the shadows. that we are here to stay. they joined with us on the trail. this was from the very beginning.
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i sincerely regret that i cannot bring it home for you. but, i can guarantee this i'm not going anywhere. we are going to fight. we are going to keep fighting. and keep working working to keep believing. ultimately, we will be victorious. they want you to know on behalf of our family that was so appreciative and thankful for you and we want to know we are to continue our left our great state in prayer.
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we believe at the end of the day that we, not us will still have the victory. god bless you and keep you. and god bless the state of florida and this great country that we get to call home. [music] [applause].
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