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tv   Campaign 2018 Florida Senate - Gov. Rick Scott  CSPAN  November 7, 2018 6:14pm-6:29pm EST

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forward to being your senator. [applause] bill nelson has called for a recount in the senate race in florida. [cheers and applause]
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[chanting] thank you. thank you. stop and think about when we started eight years and seven months ago it's hard to believe we are here tonight. now that this campaign is behind us that is where we will leave it. [laughter] the campaigns i have been involved in our devices and it is way too nasty doing this
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over 200 years and after these campaigns we come together and that's it we are going to do. >> everybody in this room has been part of it but first i want to thank my lovely wife. [applause] we have been together since 19 years old. that includes a lot of things. [laughter] so as you all know the young lady had no interest so i decided to read in 2010 asking her if she would go campaign trail and she did. [cheers and applause]
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i want to thank our daughters allison and jordan and their families. [applause] i love my family with all my heart and everybody in the state. every family in the state. every family. [applause] there are a couple of people i want to recognize. [applause]
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my mom was a single mom raised five kids in a tough environment with no money. she never believed to be governor or senator. i guess she believed it. [laughter] with everybody in the office she unfortunately died the day before the campaign started. [speaking spanish] [speaking sp]
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[applause] we all love jerry and we all of my mom. the next person i want to thank she has been by my side since my first year in office building a great campaign team. thank you and my chief of
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staff who has done a great job with my entire team they have done a great job there are a lot of people in this race thank you to president trump and vice president pants. former president george w. bush and former governor jeb bush. there is a lot of people who came down to get the vote out and lindsey graham. [applause] senator cory gardner.
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[applause] and everybody from puerto rico. [cheers and applause] and the congresswoman and senator marco rubio and my lieutenant governor. [speaking spanish] . >> a lot of people are not going to like this race a lot
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of people looking over those in accurate poles. [laughter] quite - - [applause] but i have no interest in looking backwards and we have a bright future in front of us. a lot of people hard work the economy is growing and wages are up every country would love to have the economy of the usa. we are the envy of the world in florida is the envy of the united states. [cheers and applause] our success is shocking to see people suggest that we should embrace socialism. socialism will not happen in our nation and it will not
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happen under my watch. i did not go to tallahassee to be peoples friends i'm not going to dc to win a popularity contest i'm going to get something done i put out a ten-point plan i know others decided not to read it or spend time on it we all know change is never popular especially talking about how you will change government i tried to use everything i could to change the direction of the state of florida and together we did. together we reinvented state government in florida. the federal government is
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frustrated and outdated and inefficient they have all dealt with the federal government over the last eight years to change his story after story after story. there is a lot of other individuals who do the same thing and we will change the direction of washington d.c.. we will not accept that in tallahassee or not in dc are not as your senator. [cheers and applause] four weeks ago we had a horrible hurricane that hit our state storm surge 150 mile-per-hour wind but you know, what i saw?
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people who came together to came down to help us. are you republican or democrat no. do you need a tarp or water or food or generator? that they did. all over the state and the country people came together. we can do the same thing in washington. [applause] we all of this to be a better place for each of our families. we can make change we did this in tallahassee we can do it in washington d.c.. i will never give up on this country i was blessed with my family growing up i will never give up god bless everyone of you god bless our great country let's get to work. [cheers and applause]
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. >> good morning.


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