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tv   After Words Gina Loudon Mad Politics  CSPAN  November 8, 2018 9:02pm-10:04pm EST

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analysis of the current political climate. she's interviewed by republican congressman louie gohmert of texas. "after words" is a weekly program with relevant guest hosts interviewing top nonfiction authors about their latest work. >> host: i have the great privilege of interviewing someone i've admired for years. with the analysis i've heard you give so many times about all kinds of factual situations and as if it was a pleasure to read your book mad politics keeping your sanity in a world gone crazy. >> guest: it's a world gone crazy. as i'm reading this, people are trying to up the sales of my
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books by acting crazier every day. >> host: is a member of congress icann told you people acting crazy is not real in this town. it seems to me when we were talking before we got started, part of that also can be assessed in defeat of those who allow this thing to build to a crescendo. some of it i wasn't aware and you haven't revealed until you wrote this book, things you told me your mom didn't even know until she passed that you've got back tthat too drawn but it wor.
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and training that puts you in quite a good birdseye seat. it's been of interest to a lot of people still one of those. we didn't have a trial and then say come back and we let you vote on what to do with is >> guest: you call me whatever you want. i've been called worse. you said over the years the
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spinelessness of the gop leadership. to hit that in the book is something that has given you a lot of trouble. >> guest: many on the left would like to paint the divisiveness in a way that says this is all about partisanship. but for me and many like me what we like about him is that he is a disruptor. we like that he came and he didn't particularly care what party you were a member of if you were a member of the establishment, he was here to dismantle and that is exactly what he's done and why people on the right and left don't like him and it's important to note this isn't a right and left
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president, this i president wans to be the president and even if you don't believe what i'm seeing i think if you look at his policy is a great equality. we see the list record unemployment in many cases for black people, hispanics, high school dropouts. that is really quality. people can give lipservice all they want to divide people up into little packages and say you should vote for this party or this or you are this gender. for me it is i don't care what gender you are, i'm good to make your unemployment the lowest of all time. i don't care what color or religion you are. i'm going to make sure you've are in the most thriving economy in history. that is real equality. i believe strongly.
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-- >> host: i know you've are a christian but it's always struck me for those who believe that the garden of eden before the fall from grace, if you believe that, then you've got to know what it says even when things were perfect, god said i am giving you a job. let me read exactly what you said in the gop leadership that was maddening to watch. it's the same spinelessness that keeps us from obtaining what we could do the gop would stand firm and stuff running scared at every opportunity. that was an interesting take.
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you're not talking about them being crazy. >> guest: i'm not talking about them being angry at the left or circumstances. we both remember of her friends, who i also talk about being mad politics. he called us happy warrior thiss and i love that term because we are. he was fun to watch but we can have joy in the event when we are morning mac and the politics is politics isa constant battler and we are on a precipice of making those kinds of decisions if we don't get back to addressing the madness that is truly crazy and that is the reason i wrote this book. >> host: can you think of evidence in congress this year
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that would illustrate the spinelessness but you're talking about? >> guest: it would be harder for me with all due respect to think of something that involved a lot of spying. i thought if we brought in a president who would lead that those that have been so squishy before wouldn't be as squishy and i it would rest on the hands of the strong conservatives like yourself and a small pack of others to do all the heavy lifting for what needs to be done and what is right and what's constitutional. but i have not seen that. i haven't seen a lot of joining even though i think there has to be some pressure off of those that have been spineless for so long with someone at the helm who is so strong and i thought that would give people permission to do replicate louie
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gohmert style but it hasn't happened that way and i'm disappointed. i guess i didn't realize how deep the swamp was and how murky and how much i think until this year arabia last year i didn't realize how much there was between the elite media and politicians on both sides of the aisle to the george soros of the world into those on the right side. i don't think they realize how cohesive the group was and how unrelenting they would be in the face of an election. the american people did speak to the constitution.
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>> host: what would you say is the number one thing people came away with saying that's one thing that's got to be number one wha but would you say? this is what i think most people though i can't stand him and he kept promising the ball. people say they can't stop him but i don't find anybody in the leadership in the house or the senate in the republican party that was in favor of the wall where we need it and security at the border. even in spending though there is no money there for the president won't. he's going to have to be innovative in how he gets it
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done. some of it is intentional efforts to undermine what got donald trump elected. you were on the bandwagon of donald trump and i was supporting a guy for many years but i got to know donald trump and it's amazing. he's an amazing man i spent an hour or so in the oval office with him a couple weeks ago. really amazing. but use all that long before i did. you saw the potential and i'm glad you get into that. but you also have a different
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faith so i love when you brought up one of my favorite writers and actually he's more of a compiler. i've read so much of this stuff on the house floor. >> guest: to me he's a national treasure. >> host: i above when you quote him and he talks about the law of nature and men are created equal but they are endowed by their creator but since you know he's been writing about our judeo-christian
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establishment, do you think we should do something now to recapture the foundation that got us started? >> guest: the reason i specifically put him in my book and gave him such a platform of the reasons you mentioned i do think mindful of that but also he wanted to contextualize. in the last phase of a civil war involves a. >> guest: there is but i also want to relay some things. with all due respect i think if
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you live in the midwest or anywhere outside of washington, d.c., new york city and los angeles. i have friends on the precise opposite sides of the aisle i address in maddressed in my boof them that have actually looked over to our site of the aisle at this point and i also talk about my own father who is an inspiration. i encourage both of those on the left and on the right i'm not
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going to see everyone on the right is reasonable. i've heard some comments that we see all over twitter. i'm also not going to say that i think we are equally credible. you truly understand science and the origins of the nation and what's constitutional governance means you are going to see the platforms that do matter and you were going to fall down a little bit to the right and probably has used the more you will go a little deeper. >> host: your mom and community very conservative values and you loved the fact that your father was a rebel.
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i really ended up being amazed that you were seeking such approval from your father. i caugh have got three girls. >> host: >> guest: i tried to explain to him. i even try to be what he believes that as an only child, you want your father to be involved with you and if we agree on politics i would support you doing this or that and there's financial backing a lot of times that i couldn't go along because i couldn't agree with considered a lot of times in my life that resulted in sacrifice. i'm not trying to play victim
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of. >> host: you were skeptical of the conservative values. he points out that he was an angry and young black man who applied to harvard and went for part of the day and they were just way too conservative. you say on page 42 it took almost a decade to learn planned parenthood is not in the adoption business. so then the realization they are not in the adoption business.
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>> guest: young and idealistic. my dad is such a proponent that i wanted to say that they were there for the best of the women involved with the. of this nice happy family with room in our hearts and our home. it is a triple test it.
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i was doing that. even before the miscarriage of the twins. far before the. you were doing this in 1999. never one phone call out of the old ten years of my work and at a certain point i just realized that they were not in the business of adoption and i called in to one of my last phone calls to planned parenthood i said i've been making phone calls for ten years and they'v i've never had anyonn
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tony yes we have fewe have fewes do you just throw them in the trash, i spend a lot of money making these entities you have to understand we are not in the business of adoption. but if you say you want to help women you can tell me every woman goes in there knowing i want an abortion. that's not the case. i did a post abortion counseli counseling. i know many are traumatized physically and mentally and spiritually. they made mistakes for the entire process and i wanted to help one of those women and if there was something like down syndrome, why couldn't i peer into that baby.
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>> host: the very name sounds like we are going to help you plan on being a parent. i'i am invited to host radio shs like sean hannity and others. the reason he invites me to post this because people appreciate him so much more. on one show i was interviewing, a hispanic who was top in her class going forward in high school got pregnant, dropped oud out, had a baby ended up finishing but apply it to be the director of a planned parenthood facility in north texas. got the job, was thrilled to get
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over it here cause months turned in two years and she realized they had to give the report howw many birth control pills, how many have you given out and how many people are you giving to. it was very clear to more birth control pills, and they never heard this the more birth control pills they give to girls and the younger the girls, the more abortions they would be able to do because younger girls arwere terrible at remembering o take their pills which means they would be more likely to become pregnant and boosted profits. this girl telling what finally got her she realized the people
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i'm working with couldn't tell my daughter the same thing we are telling girls. your mom won't approve. you don't have to worry about her. we will give you all the birth control pills you need. you can have an abortion and you don't have to tell your mom. she finally quit because she couldn't stand the thought of people doing to her daughter but we werthat we were going to othr girls. >> guest: the study is a branch of planned parenthood, these are their own studies and relies not only when you provide birth control do you have more abortions. maybe five to ten years ago. now we usually don't even get
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that far which made it hard for me to adopt a child with down syndrome. i think it's way into little bit now so i want to give the right statistics. when i was looking, planned parenthood doesn't do mammogra mammograms. what affects me if i was very much under the wrong mistaken impression of what planned parenthood did. this is an organization we spent $1.5 million of taxpayer money every single day and most americans if you ask them, they do other things if they are helping to prevent pregnancies that are not wanted and they are helping certainly if there's a woman that comes in they are helping her find resources.
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my experience is that is not the case. $1.5 million but i don't understand there is a women's health clinic on every corner who does do all those things. they are publicly funded and figure not a private entity and here is the last problem. you know thi this has never recr received a dime from planned parenthood? >> host: i know they are getting massive amounts of money. >> guest: everyday $1.5 million in a conference of people who support planned parenthood. >> host: in the spending bill that we passed i couldn't vote for it, but the leadership he showed there was plenty of money still going to planned parenthood. so anyway, it's very
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interesting. interesting. you've repeatedly share my frustration, but you mentioned breitbart a moment ago. keep keep it fixed at two or thn the morning. >> guest: or he would go ahead and called you. >> host: usually he would say it just text but especially two in the morning. >> guest: i'm going to start texting you at 2:00 in the morning now. >> host: i was up a lot later than that this morning. i guess i would see a slew student. i wanted to do well in school. he was a friend of yours and an inspiration to you and i loved the choking back and forth
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telling him he did need a haircut. >> guest: i had a nose piercing. this is all in the book. we are the true rebels. it's on one of my e-mails is basically a conservative and i've learned that to be true. so i don't know, for me that was signified by getting my nose pierced into getting a tattoo, which i did when i was running with that crowd and we were feeling rebellious and we had to be shaking up. this is the beginning of the tea party and all that kind of stuff so we had a running joke we would be back to back on some cable news channel. and he would say plucks a nose ring, it was a little stud but anyway, but they see that i flew
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out. as i picked up the phone my good friend told me andrew was gone, and my nose ring disappeared and i never saw it again which i thought was an irony. we just texted and i put that in the book. i removed it just for him. he did have a gift of cutting through getting straight to the heart of things. one of the things you get into and this has been an issue for me because i started i became aware of the diagnostic manuals that have all of the supposed the conditions.
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i was so glad you got into that because it does appear some of the changes have occurred if changes the diagnosis and they've heard a couple psychiatrists wear transgender has gone into a gender dysphoria into the antenna and four dysphoria is euphoria. you have some information that surprised me. the cdc says we doubled spending on prescription drugs and i had
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no idea going from dsm four to five. the diagnostics and statistics for the psychological analysis is similar to this reference and people may hate me for this but i'm going to say i don't think psychology is as much of a science as it is an art. i love this type e. of personality and the human being in the system whether it is you in congress were you and your family and society i find them interesting and through the lifespan i also find interesting
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is. i enjoyed studying those things. the minut minutes i was able toy hands on it the point that is so important and i'm not the first person to come to this conclusion many of the diagnoses are in and you can find out they
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had to have large investments in the drugs that are used to treat those. psychological illnesses to my understanding are a little bit different than medical illnesses and i believe you have to show the cause and effect. so if i say here's your diabetes drug there has to be proof by and large if i give you this drug it's going to make you better. psychological drugs on the other hand don't have the same burden of proof. they don't have to prove and in some cases. it's way over my head.
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i worry about the future. here's the other thing that gets scary when you take something so arbitrary the second amendment of the constitution which is under fire over time and i hear conservatives on a regular basis say it is a mental thing, very easy mistake. after what we know about our government agencies i will ask you this question to which federal agency would you like to determine whether you are able to protect your family which government institution would you be able to decide which offers you get to protect. >> we are still hearing examples this year continuing and asking a veteran, not even asking about
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who writes the checks for the bills in your family and if the answer is my wife can even then immediately it's happened for some of our veterans they immediately get an entry that goes into the federal database that says this person cannot possess a gun because they don't have the mental capability to take care of their own affairs. in arizona i finally got an appeal where it was satisfied that there are many that don't. >> guest: you don't want any government institution deciding that. >> host: when he said this constitution is intended for a moral and religious people it is
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adequate for the government of any other and the truth of the matter is if we don't get back to teaching right and wrong rather than relativity, we are going to have to let freedom of speech -- we are already losing a great deal of thought about if we are not going to be a morally upright country as a former president was telling me last night you used to be the light and you disappeared from the world you are not the light anymore. you don't have the good of morality and i get the feeling that we've got to get back to common sense.
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the whole psychology matter is the standards would qualify it again i use very conservative statistics when i talk more than 50% of us so if we want to establish a government agency more than 50% of us began to grab our guns. consider that for a moment. that is a very dangerous thing which i understand that it's a very dangerous thing for us to sort of transfer that burden to we have to be careful about that but yes i am concerned at the at the same time i'm concerned i feel like my book is a positive
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book because i'm trying to paint a picture of the fact that we are overtly in the most healthy, wealthy, happy time in the history of mankind on this earth and we need to enjoy that a little bit. >> host: you were pointing out some things we need to be aware of. i had no idea, and you pointed out american children are getting six times more antipsychotic drugs than european children. that's crazy. >> guest: you know who knows that coming europeans. they are always informing me what is happening. we don't have abortion past the third month, why do you have a portion that is legal? why are you joking your children if we don't allow ad campaigns.
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and whole communities that they will come in and just completely deck the halls so it will increase by 50% wit within ad campaign like that. now we have the opposite of ad adhd. it taught me how to deal with my own edb. people who are super productive and learn how to eliminate the portion of their brain.
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children are a completely different thing. some of the nuances. i was never medicated, i never tried anything for my adhd until i was well into my 20s and even then i decided it wasn't for me. >> host: six times more antipsychotic drugs than european children and you know the side effects of most of the antipsychotic drugs.
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>> host: there was a 30 year study that we were 20 times more likely to commit suicide if it is not a healthy situation. >> guest: if we are paying for that to be done. >> host: our own secretary was battling with congress had wanted to keep the ability to spend money instead of on guns were bulletproof vests. >> guest: so why not look at the facts. >> host: it also deals with the mental status of. when you discuss at length his president donald trump crazy crazy like a fox.
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most of us who put our phones in the public eye have been unusual sense of confidence. if you want to call that narcissism don't have a problem with that. that. it's a dangerous sense of narcissism, i don't think so. i don't think our president fits into that category. i find it ironic -- >> host: you bring up the extreme end of this spectrum. >> guest: i don't think other people see it as a spectrum. it makes perfect sense to me. it has nothing to do with anything other than anecdotal watching people over the course of a lifetime.
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you have t have to have leaderse world and mussolini and all the rest of it. but here's what's interesting. my book came out the same week. they diagnosed with the president. he doesn't know the president and has spent no time with him other than a phone call. he doesn't know the family and has no background. they came after my book and attacked me so methodically on amazon but they pulled my store down into the baby was cut. you can't review my book on amazon now so now i'm stuck i think river at three stars and not five stars where i was because they did a hit job on me and attacked my degrees and i have pre, well for.
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my point is diagnosing the president with four different degrees to research. you are right it is a complimet and wife agree with it. >> host: my mother would always say consider the source. >> guest: >> host: my mother attributed that i've never seen hiscomment. it's interesting what you
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brought up. i was asking them how are things going now and they said anytime we say anything positive about the president we have to spend one to two hours just by that we are not a russian robot. [laughter] there's all these different questions and answering. if you just ridicule the president nonstop, you don't have to waste time doing that. this is what we needed to come down to the cartel.
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we go go into it in the book and it's my favorite part. the birth order is fascinating. but also his personality type. i point this out very clearly in the book it's a psychological evaluation with the president but he did message about me so after the books i'm sure he approved the things i said in some way at least. but i do believe that he is such a sound mind in a way that matter for such a tim a claim is theirs to serve in the capacity is i believe all of his experience as up-to-date including being a democrat, hillary supporter, construction guy with all of that bravado in new york. it prepared him for what he is now.
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so i love what he's done to the economy into the national security. i love that he put the capital back in jerusalem in israel. the things you love about this president you can love them. you don't have to like his tactics that's okay. he is of sound mind. i will need to people and my husband and kids will think they are great and i think something isn't right and we find out two or three years later and they are like you called that. >> host: he's got the red button on his desk right there. >> guest: they all do. >> host: he pushed it when i was in there and they immediately bring him a coke. when he pressed the button actually he said bring two of them and they brought me one.
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they didn't have bucked her pepper, but coke is great. i'm using the red button brings in coca-cola. >> guest: i have to look into that. [laughter] >> host: newt gingrich told me early on have you read the heart of the deal and he is right he is a dealmaker and that's what he's been doing since he finished college. he's quite good at making details. i have a couple of different vantage point. it was interesting. i love the white house because it is very interesting from a psychological standpoint of them is seeing him for example on a saturday night on the weekend when he's chilling with his family and friends right after
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the media has gripped him on another scandal by watching sitting there enjoying himself and laughing. this i is in the a good sign ofe that is mentally insufficient in any way. way. one major conflict every 36 hours with both sides fighting him. he may be the most divisive this on sean hannity's show, he might be one of the most levelheaded people to ever occupy the oval office because most people couldn't function under that level of pressure. i think the whole incident with his brother to teach them not to do that i believe his drug of choice is progress. he loves to make progress. every time they fire something at him he uses it as a stepping
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stone to. >> host: if you are depressed and down the get out and do something for somebody else. at the time you spent talking about that, when you are down you go to a nursing home. you talk about the birth order contributing to his optimism. it's amazing the way that he's getting pummeled. >> host: they want to get to him. he has an amazing thin thing for double birth order he gets to be the youngest and oldest of his family. he has kind of that double order sa double order soi have seen t.
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>> host: explain that a little slower. >> guest: to get to be the youngest, where are you in your birth order? >> guest: two years behind my sister, she's the oldest and i'm the oldest of three boys. and i have a brother nine years younger. >> host: interest to you needed more separation between the two sibling groups is that what gives you a double birth order? >> guest: that could play a role in there are several ways that could. the president is a classic textbook.
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by the time the parents get to you and we all know and oldest who is bossy and has way too much confidence if he gets to sing very well having experienced the tragedy of his brother john in his life we see that this week addressing the opioid issue which i don't believe any other president has addressed and it is a prolific problem.
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he was lost young to addiction and those factors play in and make him a cool person. if they had five minutes with him, they would really appreciate it. i didn't know him that well and i wasn't 100% in favor of him coming on again. after the debate they cut out after 1 15 minutes in the beginning of the oppressor prese stayed and went every little citizen journalist with their phones interviewing him and i thought there has to be something different. he cares about that little guy is going to go home and be like i got an intervie caught an inth someone who could be president someday.
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he saw somebody on the side of the cod road looks like they ned help. i can't tell you how many people i've met in palm beach florida he pays for children's school or stops and helps them with their business. and taking people to lunch because they are down on their luck. where are those stories because he hear them every day so why doesn't the media reports that? >> guest: i got hit up after the tape came out 11 years before when he had made comments that were outrageous and never should have been made of talking about women and grabbing them and whatnot. and the bible talks about that.
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i was a child i spoke as a child and when i became an adult i put aside childish things. he talked like bill clinton and talks like hollywood. when he became a republican heap beside those childish things. >> guest: those of us that are of a forgiving nature, but you've got to be remorseful if you've done some in the past. i saw what you said about doing something for others to keep you posted. and i thought he is really making america better.
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he talked about the low unemployment so maybe that is playing into what he said. he's getting his optimism from making america a better place. that's the reason for his existence. i hope it is okay if i say this. with one of his family members that i was to, what was the plan and this person and his family told me he has a golf place over in scotland and his dream was to retire last year or this year. you have to ask yourself why would he do this if it were not for getting back to the country passed on to his children and
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grandchildren whom i don't think anyone questions he loves very much. you can criticize him all you want, that family is precious. he loves them and he loves america and wants to get back to all of us. >> host: i thought about as i read through your take on his mental status, nixon wasn't under as much fire or perceived by the justice department as this president has been. but if he stays positive when nixon was talking to ghosts at the white house and depending og on the walls and whatnot this president is still proceeding optimistic.
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>> guest: if you didn't know what was going on one-on-one on the weekend were the evening he's learned how to integrate that moving forward. >> host: he thinks in the end people will see how much better he made things for america. >> host: we just have a couple of minutes. because of your training and what not, we've just gone through this difficult time in america hearing justice kavanagh. what can you tell me based on your experience about repressed memories? >> guest: most people i know who've dealt with this every day one-on-one clinical sort of therapy do don't give a lot of
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credence. it may be imported to the victim in her own mind to come into a memory. they are not sure where it run and a lot of mistaken things have happened from that and most mental health professionals i know don't give credence to the therapy if you will. it's dismissed in the literatu literature. whomever when you wake up with a dream and that the person didnt even do anything or you know they are a bad person because you have had a great dream abom or we als we've also all have at where you look at your wife and say did you tell me so and so said this or did i dream that? how many times do we see that? it's the same as a realistic dreams up to the person
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experiencing then it can be very real. they can also be a complete segment of our subconscious mind that could be completely wrong so we have to be careful certainly a accusing someone of being guilty before they are tried in any way. ..
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