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Mitch McConnell
  Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell Talks to Reporters  CSPAN  November 27, 2018 10:07pm-10:19pm EST

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the eastern district of north carolina. while speaking to reporters on capitol hill they were also asked about the government funding deadline in the president's request for a border wall afterwards set of republicans talked about their agenda for the remainder of 2018. >>. >> good afternoon everyone. i will go over what i think you already know which is we have to deal with over the next three weeks and then that issue to have a briefing tomorrow secretary of state and secretary of defense and with a vote with the relation of the war powers act and with
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that conference to believe that we should go forward and as i indicated earlier with that consensus is if there is with the substance and the timing of moving forwar forward. >> and to fund border security with the department and our democratic colleagues seem to come up with a lot of criticism that have no answer when you ask the question, what are we supposed to do about people breaking through barricades?
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coming into our country illegally and not following the rules? there is no answer whatsoever. a big part of the problem they look at this through a soda straw at tijuana but not the bigger picture which is the drug cartel, transnational criminal organizations that are agnostic. they don't care who they hurt, who dies in the process all they worry about is making money and they look at that trial of l troppo of that largest cartel to see exactly with that profit motive. to address this issue a lot of problems in central america to
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express to secretary nielsen and secretary pompeo for negotiating toward an arrangement where those seeking asylum can wait while the claim is adjudicated in mexico. that is a sea change in our relationship with mexico that this is a problem we need to solve together and it is good news but the best solution of what is broken in the immigration system has been rejected out of hand by our colleagues. in the meantime administration is working to address this humanitarian crisis that is what the mayor of tijuana calls it today to address the situation. >> the start of the 115th congress to make life better for the american people so we
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set about putting major policy initiatives on the senate floor getting signed into law with tax reform with the regulatory burdens with that historic virginia reforms that have led to a record legislative accomplishment in the last couple of years we haven't seen in a long time but now that we are in that time that somehow that spells the end of legislative accomplishment but if you look throughout history with divided government with those legislative accomplishments in 1983 and in 1986 welfare
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reform republican congress 1997 balanced budget agreement 2012 making the bush tax cuts permanent and with those virginia reforms. and with that divided government we have demonstrated in the past in the last couple years we have demonstrated passing major legislation that we can get things done with divided government but if the democrats are willing to join us if we are relitigating the 2016 presidential election i hope it is the former they will work for ways to work with us in a constructive way to make lives better to get you to be a focus.
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>> every year to visit the troops overseas thanking them for doing what they do and this year i went to northern poland during the russian border with vladimir putin increasing the nuclear weapons. it is a nato group they are all as a deterrence to what russia is doing the importance of the deterrence to see what russia has done to block and fire on ships just moving information to one part of ukraine to another this is the sole responsibility of vladimir putin. but that decisive action. president trump will be at the
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g 20 and where is harris and vladimir putin will be there as well it is important for the president to tell vladimir putin this is outlandish behavior but he expects action not words. we need to move ships and the black sea and quickly and and to russia as well.
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>> you know, my view. the president will not fire robert mueller nor do i think he should or nor do i think he should not be allowed to finish. and that they are completely irrelevant. >>. >> i probably would. . >> do you believe saudi arabia should be punished in any way for its role? . >> obviously what happened that is completely a bore and
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to what the united states holds dear. so some kind of response to that and we were discussing that appropriate response. it is always that pragmatic relationship we value their opposition almost nobody believes we should completely or totally fracture the relationship with the saudi's but some kind of response is appropriate and we will continue to talk about this. >> the president is determined to get $5 billion what will it
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get them to agree to that figure? . >> were trying to get the president the money he would like for the wall as the year-end funding discussion which is ongoing not only among the appropriators and we are hoping one of the many things to wrap up here at the end of the year. >> and with that fundraising arm to senator smith and given her comments? . >> there is no discussion to that campaign with anyone it is certainly my hope that senator hyde smith will be elected today in mississippi. >> i have no discussions
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regarding anything of the campaign. . >> i don't have any observations to make about that or make any judgment today about who they would like to represent them in the senate. that's the way it works in this country senators are from states all of these issues have been fully discussed all over the state of mississippi and we will have an outcome tonight. >> okay obviously our republican friends are not ready yet so we will go first. i am proud to be joined by senator feinstein and