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tv   First Lady and Second Lady Prepare Care Packages for Troops  CSPAN  November 29, 2018 7:39am-7:57am EST

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supreme court and public policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> first lady "almost everything: notes on hope" trump and karen pence visited the red cross in washington to prepare care packages for troops overseas. they made brief remarks thanking members of the military and their families. this begins with american red cross president gail mcgovern. >> thank you, everyone, for sharing time with us today. i am gail mcgovern and i have the privilege of being the president and ceo of the american red cross and i also have the privilege of welcoming you all here at the american red cross to our beautiful hall service.
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we are so deeply honored to have a number of special guests with us today. first is milania trump. [applause] >> second lady karen pence. [applause] >> elizabeth? >> several of our distinguished cabinet members with us today and we are honored to have many spouses from the nation's selfless military families. on behalf of everyone at the american red cross, thank you for supporting brave men and women in the military. they sacrifice so much to keep
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us all safe. before we begin today's events i wanted to quickly share an overview of the american red cross and speak about the impact the work we are going to be doing here will have on military members overseas. one in 5 people, it is unusual to me anybody who knows everything we do. most people know we respond to disasters but what most people don't know is we respond to 64,000 disasters every year, one every eight minutes and these range from home fires to hurricanes, wild fires and floods. and the nation's blood supply, 5 million people every year life-saving classes and these
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include things like swimming, lifeguarding, babysitting. and veterans and their families and congressionally chartered and the government agency, everything we do, the generosity of volunteers and the key part of what we do is support the military, families and veterans and during our last fiscal year, 460,000 emergency connections and communications to military and their families and this can be anything like delivering news to tragedy at home to a member who is deployed overseas or
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something joyous to witness the birth of the first child and we have volunteers on all military basis in theater in afghanistan and volunteers on va hospitals as well. and assembling comfort kits, distributed in places like iraq, kuwait, djibouti and poland and these kids provide personal items, snack and personal note of thanks. and joining a group of real legacy in the american red cross, and within world war i in 1970 and it will continue today.
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on a personal note, and i am the proud step mom of an active-duty master sergeant in the air force, he is about to be deployed. and deployed twice in iraqi. and cards and comfort items from strangers meant the world from him and the support of the folks back home during the holidays, the work we are doing here is very important. i want to thank you for sharing your time with us today and your commitment to the nation's military men and women, veterans and their families and now it is my great honor to introduce a remarkable woman who is a friend of the american red cross, and wonderful
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advocate for america's military family, second lady karen pence is a dedicated wife and mother and educator and award-winning artist. before becoming first lady of indiana in 2013, mrs. pence spent 25 years in a classroom as an elementary school teacher. her commitment to the well-being of young people is evident in everything she does especially when it comes to raising awareness about the importance of card therapy. and a champion of military members and their families and in particular she is committed to educating military spouses about the resources and opportunities that are available to them and their families. mrs. pence is a compassionate and creative woman and she has
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truly a caring heart so i will ask all of you to please join me in giving her a warm red cross welcome. [applause] >> good morning. thank you for that kind introduction. i commend you for your leadership and great service to our nation. the facts were new to me. i don't know if they are to the rest of you but they are pretty amazing. it is such a pleasure to be here at the american red cross and in the beautiful hall of service. i am looking forward to helping to assemble comfort kits for servicemembers deployed overseas during the holiday season and i believe today's service project will mean more than we will ever know to the brave men and women who will be away from their families this
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christmas and i am a blue star mom so it means a lot to me as well. thank you to the spouses of donald trump's cabinet and the spouses of military service members and veterans for being with us today to pack the kids. we appreciate you so much. so fun to partner with the cabinets today and i am so honored to be here with our wonderful first lady, milania trump. milania's compassion and dedication to our nation and especially our nation's children deserve great recognition. she has visited hospitals and schools across the united states. she has raised awareness about the dangers of opioid abuse and the impact the drug has on infants and unborn babies. the first lady is shining the light on the well-being of children in her campaign be
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best. milania, i learned this the first time i met her, she has a natural gift of being kind and loving to others. she exudes kindness every time i see her or speak with her. it was evident when we traveled to texas together last december as part of our continuing effort to assist those affected by the hurricanes. milania wanted to shine a spotlight on those who needed assistance to rebuild. she also wanted to encourage americans to lend their time by volunteering or providing financial support to all of those still reeling from the hurricanes. she wanted to make this trip during the holiday season and she asked me to join her and i was honored to go along and help but she went further when we were there. i wish you could've been here with us when we visited a
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family whose home was half standing with no roof, half the walls were gone. she took the children inside the house, she said tell me where your room was, where was your bed? she had them tell her all about their house and talk about the good memories. i'm honored this holiday season to be here with milania at the red cross to put together care packages for american troops currently deployed this holiday season. please join me in welcoming the first lady of the united states, milania trump. [applause] >> thank you for the beautiful introduction this morning. good morning.
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today's tragic news only drives home the need to support the men and women in our military and their families, the families affected by these, our continued prayers remain with all our troops as we come together this morning to support our armed forces. i am honored to be here today to participate in such a sincere opportunity for us to honor and thank our troops. and to gail mcgovern for all they do to support and care for people around the world. thank you to the wonderful cabinet spouses with this important effort. and service to this country, to
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support our armed forces. it is great to be with you today. we unveiled the christmas decorations at the white house yesterday and the first of many holidays to thank volunteers. such a wonderful time and we are honored to open the people's house to the public so families from all over the country can join the decorations. it traditionally means spending time with loved ones. we should also take time to remember all that we are thankful for as a nation. i'm thankful for the men and women in uniform who sacrifice daily to protect not only the american people but our freedoms and way of life. our prayers remain with all
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those serving overseas and for the families who wait for them to come home. to the mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters it will be away from home until duties call, we thank you for your service. this is one small way we can say thank you and honor the sacrifices members of the military make year-round and i encourage people every year to participate in acts of service such as volunteering during the holiday season. thank you also much, merry christmas, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. [applause] [inaudible
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>> sunday on q&a we visit the washington library at mount vernon for the 2018 founding debates program featuring edward greene medford, douglas brinkley and russell shortoh discussing what it means to be american. >> one nation indivisible with the kind of we are all together, aren't we all? that is somehow elemental to what it means to be an american. the american character should be able to improvise. by that i mean when you look at george washington and the dark days of december 17, '77 at valley forge, the ability to improvise, to be almost a guerrilla fighter, to live off the land, to be able to do what we need to do to get the job done.
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>> from the very beginning that is what an american is. minority groups in certain religious groups were not and women were not really considered citizens. that changes over time. overtime more and more people are brought into the american family. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> a senate hearing on the world bank looked at the role these institutions play in us foreign policy and relations with china. indiana senator todd young chairs the foreign relations subcommittee on developers, economic and environmental policy, this is 2 hours. >> good afternoon. this hearing of the senate foreign relations subcommittee on multilateral internationa


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