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  National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony  CSPAN  November 30, 2018 11:36am-11:48am EST

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poverty of almost any other major country on earth? are we concerned that a handful of media conglomerates control what we see, hear and read? >> on sunday at 9:00 eastern on afterwards, "national review" executive editor discusses his book melting pot or civil war, the son of immigrants makes the case against open borders. he is interviewed by doris meissner, former commissioner of the immigration and naturalization service. >> when you think of the next several decades, falling birth rates among native born americans, immigration is a big driver. the composition of immigration is important not just as a discrete matter of immigration policy but in terms of human capital policy, the character of our schools and future workforce. it really is a very important issue touching on many different sectors. >> watch this weekend on
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c-span2's booktv. donald trump, first lady milania trump and interior secretary ryan zinke participated in the national christmas tree writing. ♪ [applause] >> merry christmas to everybody. we have to say it all together. merry merry christmas. it is great to be with you. let's light the tree. the first lady will do the honors. we will do it 10 in reverse. are you ready? altogether. 10, 9, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. [cheers and applause] >> merry christmas, thank you.
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♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please
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welcome the united states secretary of the interior, ryan zinke. ♪ >> >> we are blessed to celebrate christmas in the spirit of our family, charity in the lives of us. we are blessed with a country where our national parks, america's best idea to tell the story of this great nation from the iconic parks of the west like yellowstone and yosemite to donald trump's newest monuments, camp nelson, over 10,000 black americans join the union army to fight for their freedom. thank you, mister president. parks and public lands showcase
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a nation and rich diversity, courage and natural wonder. this christmas i encourage every american to visit celebrated national parks and find your park. keep your mind and heart in the empty seats at the family dinner table across this great land. whether a loved one is currently deployed or as one who has given the ultimate sacrifice to our country. our warmest thoughts and prayers go to those members and their families who defend this great land. thank you for your sacrifice. lastly, my high honor to introduce a man who has made america strong and safe again. as a former navy seal commander i know that this president and commander-in-chief loves our
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troops and will always have their back. ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce the president of the united states, donald j trump and his lovely wife, first lady milania. ♪ >> the man who brought christmas back to america. >> thank you very much and i want to thank you for doing such a beautiful job all
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throughout the season. welcome, everyone. merry christmas, special time of year. and as we celebrate one of the nation's most cherished traditions, the lighting of the national christmas tree, tonight up ceremony is only possible because of the hard work of many talented individuals, working late at night, they were working all that time, and thank you very much, appreciate it. let me extend my deep appreciation to all the wonderful entertainers, going on too many things, thank you very much, great job tonight.
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this includes a special group that topped billboard charts many times, the dominican sisters i met backstage. and the students who design stunning ornaments to decorate 56 different christmas trees, thank you, students, i hear you out there. when doing the 56 trees, one for each state and the territories in magnificent country. we have truly a great country, very proud of it and we love it deeply. [applause] >> for christians all across our nation, around the world, this is a sacred seasons that begins 2000 years ago when
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jesus christ was born, and angel declared to the shepherds tending their flocks behold, i bring you good tidings, great joy which shall be to all people, for unto you is born this day in the city of david a savior which is christ the lord. there in bethlehem mary and joseph held in their hands the son of god, the light of the world and through him the promise of eternal salvation. no matter one's faith or belief the christmas season reflects all that is best in the american spirit. this is a time of year for rejoicing with our family and friends, spreading charity and goodwill and our commitment, all over this country and all of our communities are giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives. we are especially thankful for
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the countless americans who have given their time and passion to help those in need to. here in the audience are a number of extraordinary forces and guardians joined the beautiful children they welcomed into their homes, and beautiful children they are. your devotion inspires us all to every child in foster care. you are the precious loved one and the gift of god. thank you. very special. we renew the bonds of affection between fellow citizens and we awaken the faith in our hearts that calls each of us to action. as we gather, loved ones, our thoughts turn to those who are rebuilding their lives after devastating wildfires, destructive hurricanes and
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terrible tragedy, we are one american family. we heard together, we heal together and we will always pool through together. this is the united states of america, we are the best in the world and their is nobody close. [applause] >> tonight we honor the first responders who risked their lives to save the lives of others and all of america sends our profound gratitude to the incredible men and women of the united states military. [applause] >> i am proud to say our military a stronger than ever before. their families are all our families and we thank them so much for their greatness and the incredible job they do. thank you to the united states
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military, thank you very much. we ask god to watch over this nation's heroes and said his almighty grace upon our nation and we pray america's light will shine more brightly and stronger than ever and it will. on behalf of milania and myself and the entire trump family, many of whom are with us tonight i want to again wish you all a very very merry christmas. may this christmas season bring peace to your hearts, warmth to your homes, cheer to your spirit and joy to the world, merry christmas, everyone, merry christmas and god bless you. thank you. thank you very much. [applause]