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tv   Sen. Rand Paul on Not Receiving CIA Briefing on Saudi Arabia  CSPAN  December 5, 2018 12:00am-12:11am EST

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president to walk out into the press room today and just state they told a journalist, we know he caught a journalist, we know he ordered it, we know he monitored it, these are all people that are very close to him, and that is not acceptable for american standards, and also getting other people in other countries and rendition in an back to the countractive countrg them just because they happen to have a different point of view is also inappropriate. ..
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. >>. >> good morning. today there was a cia briefing with the most rank-and-file senators and congressmen of been excluded i think it is wrong for the cia to have expressed a conclusion the crown prince was involved with the killing of khashoggi that withhold that information. i know the information of the conclusions only by reading it in the media. if i was in the briefing today
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i would ask several items. was the crown prince's brother communicating with khashoggi telling him it was time to go - - mine to go to the consulate were their text messages sent? phone conversations between the crown prince and the killers? him say there is no smoking gun. what is being reported is there is. communication directly from the killers back to the crown prince office. the time has come for the senate to say no president has the power to take the country to war with saudi arabia and yemen without the permission of the senate. >>. >> the definition of the deep statement intelligence community when there is no oversight i have been arguing for nearly a decade with
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intelligence only given to a few people within our system that is an oligarchy not everything is about trump there are a people in congress who get briefing on intelligence that is not democracy or is it democratic oversight? that needs to be shared widely with those who are elected? why should some in california get it but not kentucky? that does not make sense to make is there a reason why you are not quick. >> i came to the full senate briefing but there was no briefing from the cia so i am concerned about those public statements that there is no direct evidence. it sounds fairly direct if there was communication between the killers in the crown prince. here is the question you need
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to ask. there is no direct evidence? do they disagree with the cia conclusions? they are asking the question they want answered but if they look at all of this information with a high degree of probability the crown prince was involved secretary mattis and secretary pompeo disagree that is not what they are saying. but i would say do you disagree with the conclusion? my guess is they don't. the constellation of all facts are that yes. he is involved but a game of words with no direct evidence or smoking gun that is open to argument i really think there was direct communication the media reported the crown prince directly communicated with khashoggi the media has reported there is communication in an sample to the crown prince's office at
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the time of the killing. the rank-and-file are excluded from oversight i can have no oversight when the deep state simply means intelligence community has too much power independent of representative oversight it has nothing to do with the president i would say the same democratic or republican. >> so with this specific information in the secretary of state says that's no problem but specifics is a whole different narrative. >> there are reasons you would not want to get into the specifics listens to who on the phone but with that intelligence briefing i read in the newspaper you could argue why that should not be presented but now we say that it is out there the conclusion should not be classified.
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the newspaper has written the cia concluded with high probability to crown prince was involved. that doesn't sound like that's classified. you can see with the details but the conclusion is not with those rank-and-file members. >> how it is not having that information make a difference quick. >> is important we discuss that they killed and dismembered a person in the consulate. people said people kill people all the time shall be another time when someone was killed in a consulate we are supposed to have international protection? that is extraordinary but on the heels of bad behavior of saudi arabia of the unjust war killing civilians of yemen and on the irrational behavior
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also saudi arabia having 1000 people in prison have had no trial and over a year saudi arabia there is a young man who was 17 who was picked up on death row and set to be executed and chris on - - crucified. so we believe in god but we will execute and crucify. >> i just passed-- democratic senator on the way over here and he had not heard of it we are reading about this from the media i could not be asked to be included we did not know it would happen this is not the way it should be she should have testified before all senators and if you have some senators that our more equal than others that is not democratic representation every senator should have equal access to intelligence
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. >> i worked for four people jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama and donald trump to my surprise. i also came to understand about donald trump and this is profoundly important for the way things work now is in his heart of hearts he believes he always wins. here is a guy who has been in new york real estate boxing and wrestling beauty contest television construction never been subject to a criminal investigation that is astonishing in new york city.
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[applause] good morning. thank you very much you just got back from the g 20 it look like a lively discussion and president trump certainly described the - - it as peace in our time?


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