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tv   Washington Journal Rep. John Garamendi  CSPAN  December 7, 2018 2:35am-3:06am EST

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since 1977 it was not in that lineup was president george h.w. bush. --t: what happened 50 happens 15 days from now only at the next funding deadline? guest: we have got to get to work. the balance of the appropriations bill needs to be passed. the president has been insistent on full border security. hi echo that concern. i look -- i echo the concern. i look at the drugs coming northbound and southbound. we need to do a better job of interdicting these flows, the cash and the narcotics. that is a thing we should be focused on. host: congressman keith rothfus.
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announcer: "washington journal" continues. california democratic irishman john garamendi joining us come on a day that congress is set to vote on a two-week funding extension that we keep the government open through december 21. you have been through these funding fights before. where does this end? guest: it will end in a positive way. there is no appetite i can feel in congress for a government shutdown. it would take i think a president who simply refuses to other than his $5 billion for a wall. that being the case, we will see what happens. there is no appetite for it. guest: is there any appetite on the democratic side of the aisle to meet the president halfway? guest: there is always a deal to
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be done. the deal in your mind? guest: about $1.6 billion, which is what is being offered. and it is for better security. goingor by mexico is not to happen. certainly mexico is not going to pay for it. what is a wall going to do when other things can be done, electronic surveillance in other ways that are much where effective? is fine. fence some has been built, some needs to be repaired, some need to be extended. we can do that. host: there are currently a lot of u.s. troops on the border. you are a member of the house armed services committee p how long are they going to be there? guest: not much longer, because those -- because the election is over. they will be coming back to their bases, and it is expensive, probably somewhere and $10060 million
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million. military programs are being prepared to do with the contingencies of war and peace. host: have you visited the troops on the border? guest: i have in the past, in -tijuana area. we have had the national guard there for more than a decade. host: what are they doing right now? guest: on the border, they are putting up wire and standing around wondering what they are doing there. like i said, the political season is over and they can come home. host: john garamendi is with us through the and of the hour this morning. republicans, 202-7 48-8001. democrats, 748--- 202-7 48-8000.
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global carbon emissions have been -- this is after two years in which global emissions were flag and are now rising again. guest: which mr. trump wants to do. he thinks coal is beautiful. and all of this is over two generations from now. sea levels have risen a matter -- a meter, three feet. cities around the world have flooded. hurricanes and fires are just decimating populations of millions, hundreds of millions of people forced to move because of climate change. we can look back on the president trump era and say, "why did you do this to us? why did you do this to us?" vilifygenerations will this president not because of incredibleoxious and
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things he is doing, but because of removing the united states' leadership on the climate crisis. this is a her and this problem. this presidency has many aoblem, -- -- this is horrendous problem. host: what can you do in congress to solve this problem? guest: hammer at the issue. this is a huge ongoing crisis. it is not a new one. that the united states has to be a leader, and we cannot lead when we have a president who refuses to acknowledge that this is an issue. wonder about your thoughts on the lead editorial from "usa today." "say what you will about the national rifle association's take no prisoners approach to gun control.
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it has been successful. now it is time for climate activists, businesses harmed by global warming, to take a page from the nra playbook." guest: whatever kind of lobbying is necessary, and there are many organizations out there. usually they have different solutions. what they need to do and what we need to do in congress is to coalesce around this issue and ofelop a specific set solutions. we know what they are. we know that they need to change the energy and economy of this nation away from carbon fuels. that means tax policy, investment, research or that means the united states needs to do what it did when it hope the interstate highway program. -- when it built the interstate highway program. 's is the coalition of america greatness around this problem. the solutions are known. you have to go to renewable, move away from carbon, have a tax policy that accomplishes
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that. you have to have incentives to do the green economy. ?hat does that take it takes congress to lead. i will tell you this. the democrats in the house of representatives will lead. we were elected to lead in a different direction, and we will do so. climate policy is one. we will be talking about infrastructure that is green infrastructure. we are not going to be talking about enhancing the coal industry or the oil industry. we will talk about the green economy and investing in ways to do that -- electric cars and all the rest. john from arkansas, line for democrats. i heard theressman, report the other day on npr that september 10, 2001, one day before 9/11, donald rumsfeld made a speech about the waste and fraud in the pentagon,
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--ing there was $2.3 billion two point $3 trillion missing from the budget of the paragon. the next day 9/11 happened and knocked that story right off the headlines. i wonder if you guys in congress have ever discovered where that money is? amountspending enormous of money on our defense budget. we spend more than the next eight countries combined, including russia and china. raised au certainly critical issue, one that has been plaguing the pentagon and military for decades, really. that is there has yet to be a full audit of where the money is spent on a yearly basis by the military. almostver $700 billion, three quarters of the trillion dollars on the department of
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defense. in iraq and afghanistan, we have $1 trillion on these wars. host: they tried to do that audit recently and failed. what will it take for the pentagon to pass an audit? guest: it will take congress continuing to hammer them. the of the republicans credit in this last congress. they hammered them, went after them, together with the democrats. we will continue to do that. sarah $700700 -- billion plus being spent. it is misspent, sitting accounts, not used, one thing or another. the new democratic leadership on the house armed services committee, on which i will be a member, and possibly one of the leaders, we will hold the pentagon accountable. where are they spending the money? are they spending the money wisely? are we giving them the direction they need?
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host: president trump wants to see a cut from the pentagon budget. is there room to cut? guest: probably. that is our task. let's start with the new nuclear arms race that we are now engaged in with russia and china. it will be well over $1.5 trillion over the next 15 years on spending on new nuclear systems. the result is a very dangerous world in the decades ahead. host: addison, mississippi, is next. carl, good morning. caller: i am retired military. i travel all over the world, and i do see that global warming is an issue. i look at china. riyadh when i was in desert storm. africa, you do not have a lot of vegetation in
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those areas. what has happened in the last 40 cuts, a lot of countries the timber, trees, so we have to put vegetation back on the are of so we can absorb the heat that is killing everybody. guest: you are certainly correct. first of all, thank you so much for your service in the military. those particular wars, very dangerous areas. you correctly observed the gentrification, the expansion of deserts around the world, and we are seeing this in africa. the deserts are moving south, displacing millions of people. the pentagon 20 years ago said that the wars of the future will involve the migration of people because of climate change. that is definitely happening in many parts of the world, and we are seeing some of that happen in the united states as various
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parts of the country are drying out or burning out, as they have been in california over the last month. so, yes, it is a very real problem and it will lead to conflicts and it will lead to war in many parts of the world. host: william, oklahoma, democrat. caller: good morning. good morning. it is good to talk to you. thank you for speaking with us. i am 74 years old and i have always voted, but i am really having a problem with our definition of "democracy." i am not even sure now that i know what democracy is. federal level, i cannot vote on any issues or any problem. i can vote for the president, be maybe that vote will vilified by the electoral college -- will be nullified by the electoral college. i can vote for my representative
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or senator, but he may not be mine. he may represent the opposite party, and thus he will support those that support him or her. i am having a problem trying to figure out, where is this democracy? guest: you raised a very important set of issues, and that has to do with the way we conduct democracy here in america. presumably, every vote counts, citizen, mostible every place 18 years of age, a citizen of the united states, should be able to vote. what we have seen in the last elections, particularly this one in november, is that is not the case. in many parts of the country, the state and local governments are and acting specific programs to restrict voting. we saw what happened in georgia, more than 100,000 people removed from the rolls, and polling
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places shut down so that people had to line up for hours to vote or could not even get to the polling places. we have to change that. i will tell you this. the first bill that the democrats are going to introduce in the house of representatives on generate three is hr-1. it deals with voting rights across this nation. we are going to do everything we can to stop the activities of those who are oppressing, repressing, and stopping people from the ability to vote. we are seeing what is going on in north carolina right now. we see efforts across this nation to restrict voting. hr-1 will stop that. it also deals with corruption, requires that there be a light shined upon every contribution. more black contributions will be allowed. every local action committee involved in an election will be
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required to report where their money comes from and to whom it is going. we think this is one of the most important reforms, so that our democracy can actually work. one more thing -- thank you for your concern. host: i think the caller was talking about being a democrat in a red state. the starku do with division between red and blue states, people going to their separate camps and not talking to others in the other camp? guest: get involved in the electoral process, supporting candidates. win or lose, it is a process. you are not going to win all the time. races.lost a couple of i have been in 34 of them and lost two, but that is ok. , whenwhen people cannot they attempt to get involved and vote, and they are not allowed
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to vote because of the systems that have been put in place. go out toill california. kathy, independent. go ahead. caller: good morning. i was really disappointed in the opening statement about the -- i'mbecause the people sorry, i was watching on tv. the people's position has never changed. in california, there are a lot of problems with voting. i do think it is right that you can only vote for one of two democrats and a lot of the positions on the election. but the biggest problem with the the past 30 years the people's position has not changed. i remember when governor brown sued the central government to close the border. you have been one democrat that i supported over the years, and
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it was sad to hear you say this again because it has just in -- you know, 30 years, decades of running oniticians closed borders. now this president is doing it, and you sit on there and say that. say no borderot security. i said be smart about how we spend the money on border security. a big, dutiful wall is not going to solve the problem in many parts. there is a necessity to use modern technology to be able to secure the border. absolutely we need to secure the border, but we need to do it wisely. spend your tax money, my tax money wisely. going to the top to forward in california, it is wrong. that was an initiative. the previous caller talked about , a direct to vote
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democracy where the people vote for laws. california voted for the top two going forward, and it is wrong. it is wrong for the republicans, democrats, and the process. the institution was put in place by a republican, my colleague, arnold schwarzenegger, when i was independent governor. we -- when i was lieutenant governor. we disagreed on this issue. host: talking about the impact on wildfires, you have already talked a little bit about that. effectwe are seeing the of climate change. the fire season in california has been 265 days. it has been for several years in california. we are seeing the effect of a rain,arm climate, winter rapid growth of vegetation, and the heat comes in and things get very dry. we are also building our communities into the wild urban interface.
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that is what happened in paradise. many of the survivors of the fire wound up in my district in yuba city at the fairgrounds. it is a horrible situation. the community of 26,000 essentially gone. steve, am ohio, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. mendi, i would like to say i would support a wall that donald let's build a wall that he can fit in, something like a chimney. guest: there have certainly been political cartoons along that line, but the reality is we have to spend the tax money wisely and effectively. the previous caller talked about
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border security. i can assure you the democrats want border security as much as the republicans. and thankfully, the republicans are not thrilled by billing a 2000-mile or 1600-mile border wall. they want to spend the money wisely as we do. burlington, texas. tony, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. please bear with me. i am an old man. i have very important stuff to say. the problem with our government, republican or democrats, is you are all crooks. everything.t please do not cut me off. america is in trouble. you all are taking over the white house and you all are killing people. for no good reason. and you are lying about it. there is not one thing you all have done that helps the american people. you are killing us and you are destroying the world. what specific thing are
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they lying about? thing, what the hell are we doing in yemen, killing innocent people? we are not even supposed to be at war. why are we guarding opium from afghanistan? host: let's focus on those. guest: we ought not be supporting saudi arabia and yemen. it is an undeclared war. congress has the constitutional -- the only authority to wage war. it has to come from congress. congress needs to take control back and we need to put a stop to the yemen war. 's congress getting a bill on the floor to do that? we will get a bill on the floor of the house of representatives. i think the senate will actually do it. will that rain in the -- will in the trump
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administration yak of notches tensse of the results -- of thousands of civilians have been killed in that war, but also it sends a very strong message to saudi arabia. to msdey be able to go and say you are responsible to hold the count -- too cold the -- to hold the crown prince accountable? probably not. host: what about the opium trade? guest: it is an ongoing issue with afghanistan. it has been there forever. the various warlords, taliban for sure, and from time to time it is probably folks we have who are continuing to use that money for various kinds of war and conflicts that have
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and conflicts that have so disrupted that country and killed hundreds of thousands of people, including almost 6000 americans. host: time for a couple more calls. maurice is waiting, east dublin, georgia. a democrat. caller: good morning. i have a comment on immigration and a couple comments on hr-1. number one, as it relates to immigration -- the only people -- do not want immigration the only reason people do not want immigration coming from these latin american countries is racism. 1, thelation to hr-one lobbying reform in hr-1, as it relates to proliferation of lobbying efforts -- if the
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runoff voting -- it is the runoff voting in hr-1. and lastly, it is the balloting in guest: hr-1. hr-1. guest: the answer is yes, yes, and yes. parts of it deal with early balloting, the ability to get to the polls. for states with polling places, mail-in ballots, and all of those things are in hr-1. we do not have the time to go into all of those. with regard to the other questions you raised, i am trying to recall all of them. hr-1 is comprehensive in that it deals with corruption, openness in government, campaign finance reform. i believe there are some lobbying restrictions in hr-1. i do not have the details with me right now.
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with regard to -- i am not sure i got only questions that you raised. host: financing. guest: financing for state government. i tell you what i would really like that is not in hr-1 right now. i would like to change the election day from tuesday to saturday and sunday so that people have time to get to the polls, to look at their ballots. it is really tough for people to vote. if they cannot do or do not do the mail-in ballots, how can they get there? at 8:00 or 6:00 or whatever, you have a two-hour commute. host: from virginia, go ahead. caller: he was talking about making public the dark money and stuff. i would hope that they would put in there all of the lobbyists and what congressmen and senators get money from the
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lobbyists, how much the lobbyists get. guest: excuse me for interrupting. part of the law today. it may need to be expanded, but all the campaign receipts and contributions that members of congress and people that are -- we door congress have to report all of that. the problem lies on the other side, and these are the independent expenditure committees. this is where the dark money is. frankie, there is far more money coming in -- frankly, there is far more money coming into these elections from the independent committees, and it is directly contributed to candidates. that is what hr-1 will deal with. reidsville,in georgia, a republican. go ahead. caller: america is supposed to be the light of democracy. why are we trying to carry democracy at the end of a gun barrel to the world?
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unsuccessfully. what we are seeing from the current president is a movement away from one of our core values of human rights, of democracy. that is not part of the trump administration or the president upon's ethics. president's ethics. we cannot create democracy at the end of a gun. there are many more things involved in that. certainly support for countries that are trying to move up in their economy and in democracy. we need to make sure that we use diplomacy. if we are going to use a gun, you have to have diplomacy with it. host: congressman
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