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tv   U.S. Senate Senate Tributes to Sen. Orrin Hatch R-UT  CSPAN  December 13, 2018 12:27am-1:12am EST

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all-star missionary who still practices what he preaches. an example of the american dream at its most extraordinary. the fighter who climbed up where he dedicated his work for the generations that would follow. he has been so generous to his colleagues and this institution and the state and the nation. he has given us so much he retires with great congratulations most distinguished career in a very warmest wishes for a peaceful and happy retirement. >> mister chairman i know there will be others that will speak here in a few minutes.
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but just by wage for a couple minutes would like to say if you had told thiss body or the country in the winter of 2017 in this congress you would pass a bipartisan ten year reauthorization of the children's health insurance plan with plenty of finance members here you would be charged with hallucinating. people would say no way. it couldn't possibly happen. if you had said in the winter of 2017 that you are going to pass a major set of reforms on foster care reforms that the children's defense fund had
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been dreaming about for decades they simply would have said impossible. it could not possibly happen. you are hallucinating. if you said listen to this. in the winter of 2017 if you are going to start a transformation of medicare with over 50 million seniors , a transformation from a program that traditionally was about was now about chronic illness if you said people in 2017 we will transform medicare to update the
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medicare guarantees once again they would have said impossible. colleagues that has happened in this congress because chairman hatch was willing to reach across the aisle and now millions of kids, millions of seniors, families from sea to shining sea were now going to be able to have a better path. . . . .
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they began to develop a mutual respect, and i'm going to close just by reading what senator kennedy said about orrin hatch. we are beyond the point where we let our o differences get in the way of opportunity for progress. we learned it's a lot easier to work together then it is to fight each other. senator kennedy said we have differences in how we achieved the objective. in terms of what the objectives are to be if you build upon that kind of understanding and respect, you get a lot of things done. if you look at 2017 and 2018 for the millions of kids who benefit from the health-insurance
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program, the families that are going to benefit from the foster care dreams marian wright edelman has been dreaming about and the millions of seniors who will benefit from updating the medicare guarantee it came about because chairman hatch looked at those words of senator kennedy and continued the tradition and the finance committee today i just want them to know how much we appreciate how it's going to work for millions from sea toan shining sea and i thank you for the opportunity to pursue those opportunities with you. mr. president it is with mixed emotions that i stand today to honor my friend, my colleague, my mentor the senior senator,
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the gentleman from utah, orrin hatch. this year marks the end of an year tenure42 serving the people of utah at the united states senate. anand that's time senator hatch has made an indelible mark on the state of the united states senate and on this nation. people know of course what it's meant to this institution. also to his party, his state and the republic is a few from utah, orrin hatch is more than a prominent name in the news. he's a troubling political figure not only of his generation but also of the generations that have come along in history and that will follow.
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reading and speaking out for us in washington one of the great privileges of my life was the his page when i was a teenager. he was then and now one of the leaders of the senate not only a political role model, but a role model, period. outspoken but always thoughtful, honest, gentle. one of my fondest memories of senatorrs hatch was something tt occurred a couple of years after i was his page. i was maybe 18-years-old or so in salt lake city attending the semiannual general conference of the church of jesus christ of latter-day in the tabernacle at ten temp square. i happened to be sitting with my parents and siblings with
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senator hatch and his family and toward the end of the meeting ie was time to catch his plane ticket back to washington review is catching his plane and when he turned around and saw me there he stopped, took the cufflinks right off of his shirt and they had the feel o seal ofe united states senate on them and a gift.d them to me as i felt like at the moment i was the luckiest kid in the world. i felt like a rock star handed me his guitar after a sold-out concert. that's how i felt at the conferenceay that they. but of course the career stretches back much further than that. in 1976, the political landscape of the united states was very different than it is today. at the time we had double-digit inflation, high interest rates,
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growing unemployment and diminishing military. america was still reeling from the war in vietnam and the one turkey scandal. at the same time congress was rapidly expanding the budget with little or no regard for the best it was racking up and washington was governed by the belief that government would be answered to every problem and ordinary americans could not be trusted to make decisions by themselves. it was in this environment -- without any previous political experience, without having held the u.s. political office or according to experts which chance of success stepped up and in a very big way. as he wrote in one of his memoirs i couldn't escape the powerful consistent belief that my state and country were in serious trouble headed down a dangerous path and that if given a chance, i could make a
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difference. i felt it was my duty and responsibility too give voice to my concerns and my ideas for remedying what was wrong and to give the voters another choice. they wanted the country to go in a. different direction and he ws ready to offer his service in the full energy of his heart and devotion to this noble cause. against all odds and with a whole lot of work from his family and his band of supporters.
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this began t the long and now famous career in the senate and many years of striving to serve the interest of utah in the nation. for more than four decades, he's been engaging in the debates of his time and he has been leading them. as i see it, it is trust in the american people, the constitution of the united states, trust in this great institution that is the united states senate. the trust of consumers, producers, workers and families is why he's such an effective advocate for the free enterprise economy.
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once his nickname, mr. balanced budget from which ronald reagann originated. he allowed them to make their own them are on the legislation. trusting the american people and the american economy to make good decisions for individuals, for families and healthcare. we all know the honors and
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accoladesor. the legacy that he leaves behind for the work of a senator that sponsored more bills become law than any other lawmaker alive today. look at the stance that he leaves on the committee alone for example not just landmark legislation like the religious freedom restoration act which guarantees robust protections for all americans to live, work and worship according to their belief. the legislation itself leaves behind a solid profligacy that will last for generations. also within the committee alone he's been involved in this the selection and confirmation of
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the judges not just in utah but around the country and every current member and many past members of the united states supreme court. yet despite all the history made in washington, his story is even more impressive has been devoted to his wife for 61 years and together they have six children, 23 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. despite the decades at the very pinnacle of america's government, he believes the most important years of his life were serving as a missionary in the great lakes mission of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.
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as mentioned in recent remarks and an article of faith is that if there is anything virtuous, lovely or of good report or praiseworthy we seek after these things and this is indeed how he's lived his life and how he's faithfully serve god, family and his country and his state. utah and the united states of america as a whole are better off for his service since he decided to run for the senate all those years ago. from the time i was his page to the past years that i've been his callings in the united states senate has been an honor to serve with him. thank you mr. president, i yield
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the floor. >> senator from oklahoma. >> it was suggested to me that there was a rule at times like this when the senior person in the chamber speaks next and dthat's the. the good news is it's short and the reason is i didn't think about this until i came down to watch senator hatch. i can remember so well long before i was in the house or before that you were the guy i always listened to and you would get phone calls from some obscure state senator out in oklahoma who is complementing youu and you might even remember one time when you and i put
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something together we were going to balance the budget amendment we knew would pass because we would confirm everything before we go got it passed and that ise idea that didn't work but nonetheless we talked quite often. you would be active on that. you kind of have your way of saying thingsif differently. in utah we are talking history and demand something different
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than what you quoted. and what was expected and you surpass all expectations. it is a violation of our rules. he said i've been here three or four years and i don't remember one time that i've seen you to tell me thashow me that was a vl person and i will always remember that. i can't think of one time you haven'have and then and encourag
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voice. so i've come to the conclusion there is a reason for this. the possibility and the love of jesus i can assure you he's very proud of you this morning. i yield the floor. they offer an op-ed for the "time" magazine for which we should all read. the theme was reflected in the remarks that he delivered today in his farewell address to the united states senate and to our country.
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increased as he put it, the practice of true power, respecting others' beliefs even especially when they deliver from our own. it only works when the majorities are political disagreements are not matters of good versus evil, but good versus good as he put it. he concluded it is as important as they were weak and heal the
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partisan divisions, reinvigorate the public discourse and begin to realize the full potential of american democracy. they have the guiding philosophy throughout its 42 years of service in the united states senate. they are why he's such an admired statesman here in washington, throughout the nation and around the world and they are why she's one of the most effective legislators of modern times the record of
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having passed more legislation than any senator alive today is one that demonstrates his commitment to bridging the partisan divide to achieve and advance the common good and to improve the lives of america. i have known and admired orrin hatch for all of his time in the senate. i was on the staff of senator bill cohen who joined the senate in 1979 just two years after senator hatch, and i saw from the start as the staffer of serving senator hatch that this gentleman from utah was brilliant, kind and devoted to
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his duty to serve others. they've placed careful consideration and compromise above partisan politics time and again. during my first year in the senate to the tax reform law that strengthened the economy. i remember my freshman year in the senate when senator hatch came to see me in my office and she told me about the plan to expand health insurance for the underserved children of our
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country. he said he was offering the bill with ted kennedy and i thought that was a surprising .combination. but then i learned that it was not. but he would work together with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to accomplished the goal that he said and he invited me to be one of the early cosponsors of this bill and i was so flattered that the senior member of the united states senate would come to me and invite me to join in cosponsoring such a significant that has made such a difference for millions of american children. another record that is unsurpassedur in 32 of the 42
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years in the senate, he's been either the chair man or the ranking member of the a major committee the presidential medal of freedom that he was awarded in november acknowledges the gratitude that the american people have for his many contributions. but there is another side of senator orrin hatch. he's a wonderfully talented musician and successful songwriter. the song he cowrote for the 2005 presidential inauguration called heal our land includes a line that describes the mission to
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which he has devoted his life. keep us ever on the path of liberty. of all of his accomplishments, senator hatchr is most proud of his family as he mentioned today. he credits their love and support and anyone who's met his wonderful wife elaine will have to concede that one has the point. his wife of more than 60 years, the six children, 23 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren by last count have much to be proud of as well. orrin hatch has compiled a record on issues ranging from tax reform, education, national
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defense, scientific research, criminal justice and health care. in fact, it's difficult to think of an issue where he has not left his mark. he's a dedicated advocate and fierce defender of the constitution. his wide-ranging accomplishments are united by the commitment to always move our country forward. our nation is so grateful for your service and i am so grateful for your wise counsel and worship and friendship over the years. i offer my best wishes to you and elaine for many years to come. thank you mr. president.
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>> as the session of congress draws to a close it provides us an opportunity to acknowledge and express our appreciation to the members of the senate who will be retiring in just a few weeks and one of the senators who is retiring and whose leadership and institutional knowledge will be missed as my friend of utah. i've known him since my first days 22 years ago in the senate, and i much appreciated working with him over the years. his mentor him, his guidance, his love and sharing of his faith have made a tremendous difference to me. he comes fromn a state that borders on my own as a western senator he has an understanding of what is important to the people in our neck of the bug and has fought to make the country better than his time in the senate.
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before i talk about the accomplishments in the public service i want to acknowledge other things that have been mentioned his life and role beyond the senate. so often it is easy to gloss over things important to senators personally. sometimes it is easy to forget the men and women that we know that have their lives that stretch beyond these halls. he's been married to his wife for more than 60 years and is a grandfather to 23 and currently has 24 great-grandchildren. he is a man of many talents and she's a composer and musician with both a platinum record from the recording industry association of america. he's been instrumental in the musical world and has been awarded an honorary grammy and
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he's been the main protector of copyrights. the president pro tem where he can be seen presiding for daily business more than any other the numbers are impressive and served under seven presidents in the minority and majority and served the people of utah, the united states senate for over 40 years. he served in a variety of leadership roles and helped america every step of the way. he's had the opportunity to serve as the chairman of three major senate committees to health education labor pensions committee, the judiciary
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committee and most recently the finance committee violated the tax bill. he's run for president, he's been considered a potential nominee for the supreme court, he's played aon role in confirmg every supreme court justice currently sitting on the bench. he's eminently qualified for so manyky positions that america hs been lucky to have his leadership through the years. they were fortunate to have him to rely on. he's a man of faith and one who defend this others to worship in peace. he's been a champion of responsible government spending and a liter of states rights. he offered a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget that received 66 votes. just one short of what was needed to amend the constituti
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constitution. one of those votes was somebody that just ran for election and said that that was the most important thing no matter how many times it came up, he would be voting for it and he voted against it and that was the one boat that was needed. by virtue of his legislative triumphs he is helped author the consequential pieces of legislation in our time. many have been mentioned and he paved the way for the sale of generic drugs and helped advance innovation for the patients with rare diseases. he's contributed a protection for children'the protectionfor d well-being as well as the right of americans with disabilitiest. i know one of his proposed accomplishments is passing the religious freedom restoration act. he's had the honor of having the bob goodlatte music modernization act named after him which overhauled musical
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copyright law. we don't have a a strong touch f the west in our hearts that we express every day and what we do. that's how we conspired that she wouldn't bhewouldn't be runningr term in the senate. every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves. i look forward to spending more time with family especiallysw my wife whose unwavering love and support made all of this possible. ..
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>> it will be said well done faithful servant. happy trails. i yield the floor. >> matta president i have been sitting here listening to all of the accolades given to our friend orin hatch i did not hear a word i disagree with. in fact with my prepared remarks i would ask consent they would be made part of the record following my other remarks. so i will spend a couple of minutes talking about the orrin hatch that i know. i first met orrin hatch 1990
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as a candidate for the texas supreme court we had an event in dallas texas and low and behold who would be the star attraction cracks certainly not- me. senator orrin hatch famous for his work on the senate judiciary committee having served there virtually his in the senate with tremendous gravitas to that event otherwise would have been forgotten including me in a short time. but it was indicative what he always placed in the independent judiciary and we have heard how many judicial nominations he has participated in, supreme court justices participating in confirmation proceedings.
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i will always remember his generosity, kindness, and his faithfulness when it comes to the rule of law and the rule of independent judiciary. recently madam president we had a debate in congress he is so famous for encouraging as we have learned as being an encourager i cannot think of anyone of us that have not had orrin hatch come up to us at some point during the day to say you are doing a great job. keep it up. actually the joke was he told so many of us that he loved us
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a colleague said what he said he loved me the most but he has a heart as big of all outdoors people wonder about the future of our country and the character of the people who serve our country and government and he is a shining example of exactly what should cause them to keep faith as long as we have men anden women of the character of orrin hatch serving in the united states government we have nothing to worry about. salami just say to my friend, thank you for being my friend and a great example for all of us to emulate. there is nothing more powerful as a good example as he himself describes. we wish you and elaine and
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your family all the best and as the scripture says he finish the race. and you kept the faith. we love you for it. >> the senator from alaska. >> i just had the honor to preside over senator hatch farewell address to the senate and to the country and i think everybody who saw that in his speech whether our colleagues on the senate floor or millions of americans they saw and heard wide not only in his remarks but in the remarks that followed from democrats and republicans who have served with him for many years, why he is so revere revered, revered in this body as a statesman, and as an example for all of the
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senate. you just heardac the accolades civility, class, civility, class, competence, ef. we could go on and on and on. but i just want to thank him. as alaska senator also to be such a great friend to alaska and my stay in my four years in i the senate as so many others have said, he was always encouraging me but asking? what can i do to help? what can i do to help alaska? and i just want to thank you so much for that encouragemen encouragement, your exceptional example to all of us, to america, your exceptional service to the
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people of utah but to the entire nation that has been a great honor to serve with you. i yield the floor is is just und.
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>> disjoint meeting on sea power and readiness and management support can leave this morning to examine the readiness. we welcome the distinguished witnesses the secretary of the navy general, bob of the marine
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corps and admiral william, vice chief of naval operations and the director of defense capabilities management at the accountability office. let me begin by expressing condolences. this serves as a reminder of the constant dangers those in uniforms face on a daily basis. i think the chairman and ranking members for agree to hold this hearing they crossed the jurisdictions such such as equipment although there is plenty to discuss regarding the navy and marine corps readiness on the navy
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surface ships. this february senator john mccain and i with the surface force rating is the enhancement act of 2018 sought to address the risk bond as the root causes of declining readiness outlined in the secretary of navy strategic readiness review and comprehensive review. in the aftermath of the uss fitzgerald with the john ss mccain collision 17 sailors lost their lives they called fo meaningful reform and the gao reviews cited overextended and undermanned ships overworked cruise a decline of naval mastery and confusing chains of commands a


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