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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Dean Heller Farewell Speech  CSPAN  December 14, 2018 1:08am-1:32am EST

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mr. heller: mr. president, i rise today with gratitude to address my colleagues and address my colleagues and >> madam president i rise today with gratitude with members of my staff to reflect on one of my life's greatest honors to serve the people of the great state of nevada. like to begin with a profound honor to represent nevada and united states congress 12 years and then in the senate almost eight years. thank you for granting me the privilege every day for a state that i am so proud to call my home. and joined by my immediate familyid especially my wife through all these years of public service into my children and their spouses
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, thank you for your patience and your understanding and your tolerance of this process. also my parents to set the example in her home growing up. into myy father-in-law thank you for raising such a wonderful daughter sister cousin a and aunt to all my brothers and sisters thank you to jack and tammy and sarah all of these individuals i have mentioned have given me the steadfast support from my journey to the legislature secretary of state to the united states house of representatives in the united states senate possible and i could count on them every step of the way.
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we all know how important our staff is and i'm no exception i have two staff members here with me and i would like to highlight both of them. my chief of staff also from northna carolina he came to me from senator vedder's office after 12 years we talked about writing a book together because we have seen and been through a lot from the great recession's impact on nevada to senator reid to the resignation and the governor's appointment in the senate, obama care, immigration reform, changing the courts to just name a few. there is a lot of slings and arrows and it takes an expert nobody does it alone i always
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had him by my side so i think you for his service to me but more importantly for his service to the state of nevada. scott also served with distinction those who know him or who have worked with him know he is a problem solver it doesn't matter which hat he was asked to wear he worked with pride i will miss his hard work and on the banking committee and his loyalty and great sense of humor. every office needs a scott. i would like to mention two more. sarah is a dear friend of mine seven and a half years ago joining my staff i have leaned on her heavily with very complicated issues mining, technology knowing can her.
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she served as my chief of staff during the last campaign so thank you sarah thanksgiving day into the big brother james also like to recognize those who oversee the state operation the only house of representatives whether keeping up to speed on local a issues and over the past decade we are fortunate to have her in washington dc and members of my staff we are here today on the floor of the
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senate we have a great team from top to bottom who came to this country seeking a better life with the social workers in those combat missions. from washington dc work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of nevadans and with their enthusiasm and work ethic i will ask for unanimous consent that their names be printed in the record on this legislative day. >> without objection. >> just a moment i will mention several topics when it comes to the legislative successes changes on the courts i'm most proud of what
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we accomplished of 300,000 veterans that call nevada home everybody in this chamberil will agree with our nations heroes we could do everything in our pair power in our gratitude for our sacrifice. in leading to fight for our country we fight for them each and every veteran the services that they need and the skills that they need to take care of their families i see that as a the greatest compliment i ever received in public was one veteran to another that would call senator heller's office and a senior member that had the opportunity to give our
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veterans a strong voice in washington dc with chairman isaac c is leadership we've made great strides to approve the benefits and care and support that veterans have earned we push the historic work over the finish line with $50 billion to the va health careal.a system so they could he more quality doctors to get the care on their schedules near their homes. also what provided aar stipend and thenen to apply then to give veterans more access and with
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that advisory council. and with those challenges we are facing so for instance a few y years ago the worst ranked when w veterans were waiting for hundred days to make those claims. and with senator casey from pennsylvania and as a result the 21st century veterans benefits delivery act. and0, at 500,000 of those around the country and the expedited
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hiring authority. the va appeals process you might have to wait years for a decision. the president signed this bill into law last year. and after having three.$5 million of federal funding and then with the construction site i worked for ten years and eight worked in the larger clinics. and then to earn a good living
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for those that ensure the g.i. bill was available to veterans for life. with the highest rate of veteran suicides and with mental health care and treatment so i had the opportunity to work with senator isaacson and with those support and benefits they are owed so we can and we must republicans and democrats get things done for the veterans. now we have another topic to answer for the maiden speech
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on the floor struggling after being knocked down by the great recession leading the nation home foreclosures with double-digit unemployment. and with private sector job growth home prices were increasing. with the growing states in the nation. with america paychecks and pocketbooks. and to leading to higher wages for nevadans. but i'm proud to other several provisions in the tax gets a job act from $1000 to $2000 per child.
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so tens of thousands of jobs in the state of nevada with the unemployment rate the lowest rate since the economicic downturn. that the two expand on top of bigger paychecks to give a couple of examples and then with the las c vegas strip to have over 10000 jobs all of this was a direct result of tax reform. and then to get it back on track and then to help nevada
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workers straight ahead. coming to washington dc those of the people nevada and for example to the level playing field into those technologies to support and with that summit and senator feinstein to deliver resources to protect and fight. and then to secure interstate 11 northern nevada. and with that republican charge and with the
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unemployment rate was nearly doubled from one it is now i broke with my party and then good ideas so then to work with my colleagues but this is more than good policies and then to drop everything that we did in all that we do to help them. when the va refused to pay a $40000 after he won his up peel but then to have that liver transplant he enrolled into the marketplace exchange
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when the time came they denied him after being charged 4 percent each month. with reimbursement of the thousand dollars and potentially thousands of dollars spending nine months to get the social security benefits and when a navy veteran was temporarily out of work with that cut back on his behalf these are just a few examples for people that you work for and madam president
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that is what all members of congress serve their constituents before we got here. but all those family and friends that help me along the way and it's to put in hard work or start from scratch we our self-starters from gold silver and to construct and in the mojave desert the
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entertainment capital of the world. but we are fighters those that serve as an example that tragedy that surely shook our state with that those people out of o that darkness when they wore uniforms and they helped us grieve and start to heal together. this paid and suffering inflicted by one man had an immediate human response that you have a strong sense of
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family and of unity and generosity. former president h.w. bush once said but freedom is right. to the free market and free speech free elections unhampered by the state but i think we could still agree with those words. to live in a great country defended by men and women to guard we are fortunate to live in a great country where it is possible
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tois achieve because freedom works but that job to get into that business that you want to start or that idea come to life is possible in america. then to have the opportunity to deliver the newspaper and with harry reid's sons to get the education of the same public high school and a place where he served in the united states senate.
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and then to attend of a long-term career my daughter hillary and her husband adopted a young child from china. she was abandoned as an infant at a bus station. her name is ava raised in an orphanage for the first two years of her life. when my daughter and family first met her she did not cry when hungry or sad. she did not cry which needed to be changed she did not cry when she was hurt. y-letter? because it didn't matter she
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was always on somebody else's time. but she did cry when they took her shoes off to go to bed they sleep with their shoes on so they don't get lost at two years of age have never slept with her shoes off. now she did cry the first time they bathed her in a tub of water. she did cry. and the orphanage you will take a cloth bath she had never been in a bathtub. today when she falls, someone is there to pick her up.
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today when she cries someone is there to wipe away the tears. today when she is hungry someone is there to feed her and stay when she is tired or talk her into bed. when she grows up in this country there will be plenty of doors she can open to it otherwise were closed and i will never forget seeing my newest granddaughter in the arms of the vice president knowing her life had changed forever. the reputation as the land ofor
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opportunityn i am an optimist and remain in this chamber because of these remarkable moments coming a long way from the early days from when calhoun divided to save her young democracy. i believe our nation's future is bright and nevada's future is bright my heart is always in nevada and a state that i love and i'm always so proud to call home thank you for giving me the opportunity. think you madam president. >> i can say with great confidence that nevada and the senate and the country


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