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tv   U.S. Senate Tributes to Sen. Dean Heller  CSPAN  December 14, 2018 1:31am-1:45am EST

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opportunityn i am an optimist and remain in this chamber because of these remarkable moments coming a long way from the early days from when calhoun divided to save her young democracy. i believe our nation's future is bright and nevada's future is bright my heart is always in nevada and a state that i love and i'm always so proud to call home thank you for giving me the opportunity. think you madam president. >> i can say with great confidence that nevada and the senate and the country are
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better for dean heller's service to our nation. he is a smart guy that when ihe was chairman of the national republican senatorial committee in 2010 trying to get him to run for the united states senate he declined to do so only then to run in 2012 to succeed. many others would like to speak and pay tribute so i will only take a moment but what i remember most about senator heller is his optimism and i appreciate his comment to help ordinary nevadans.
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then to pace that act to reduce the rate ofof the backlog these efforts to make it possible for nearly 8000 sexual assault gets in nevada to be sent to labs for testing. into the veterans led to the urgent access to mental health care act. but i appreciate reminding us the most important work we do casework were veterans come to us to say i'm not getting access by virtue of w military service for those social security benefits.
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for those who cannot enter the country these are the things that people will never forget. with that attitude in public service that amounts to the most meaningful work i have every confidence we willn see more from dean matter what he does. family first we will miss you but we look forward as friends do and given your talent
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working on cars which i think is noteworthy you will be my first call when i need my transmissionel fixed. i yieldg the floor. >>. >> i had the privilege to work with dean heller to be up close and personal we to know that we could count on the committee 100 percent of the time everyday to care what he is doing and he knows what he is doing he is one-of-a-kind in my opinion and as well as
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two years of chairman you can bank on him i wish him the very best i served with him in the house and in the senate. and whether part df medicare with nuclear waste or a nuclear bombs this is a great senate and we will have the great country. god bless and i wish you the very best. >> i yield back. >> the senator from south dakota yet on - - south dakota. >> associate myself and senate - - senator isaacson and senator heller has been very active and important voice on
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our committee on countless issues we have a very wide jurisdiction you heard him speak his passion for veterans and everybody knows that and how hard he has worked to make life better for veterans in the state of nevada. and many which fall under the jurisdiction of the senate commerce committee i cannot think ofe, anybody that's more passionate more conscientious or hard-working and frankly rocksolid coming to the way he stands up here in the united states senate i will miss him and his staff on the senate
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commerce committee that his contributions will continue because he not only has great talent but tremendous character then to have more time together but to be more appreciative that no matter how tough the going was he always had a smile on his face people talked about his optimism and that's a virtue is what matters because we deal with serious issues but it's important we see the lighter side and appreciate the humor and what we do but approach it with a sense of purpose but also a sense of optimism which d is evident anytime you encounterhe dean
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heller and i appreciate that i wish him and his family the best in the days h ahead and thank him for his great work here for the sacrifice that enabled him to be here in the united states senate. god bless you and your family in the days ahead. >> madam president quick. >> like my colleagues i do want to honor and express my gratitude for senator heller. and to be here serving the great state of nevada no doubt after the initialu conversation you will hear about his lovede for nevada he is advocating
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for the people of carson city to serve as secretary of state and in congress he has worked tirelessly on behalf of the nation's a veterans as we have heard first as act representative and then as a senator. i have watched him and have been honored to work with him now across the aisle. when i first came here as a junior senator and how we work together. or how we can work together for the state of nevada and he made the commitmentt then and follow through on that commitment so many things on behalf of the great people on the state of nevada working
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with critical infrastructure and with the low income families also have common ground and also to introduce bipartisan legislation also to prioritize that approach in our communities i alsoe watched him working on domestic violence prevention so not just here in washington but in our homee state side by side to be introduce bipartisan legislation with the secretary of energy so as you have heard
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and then octobe october 1st in las vegas we were on the ground with our entire delegation to do everything that we could and dean was everywherey talking to people thinking the first responders hospitals, families and then continues to be so today. itir is about putting that state firstre to come together to make sure we are coming together with that partisanship it's about what we can do and we thank him for that commitment
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to bring in the junior senator to have that conversation to work together to the benefit of our community thank you for everything he has done on behalf of the state of nevada for your decades of service and your friendship we wish you and your beautiful children and grandchildren we are all excited to see what is next. thank you for your commitment. >> the senator from florida.
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so with those comments already made we have a lot of friends that i grew up within her family's and through the community and families. and he has a lot to offer the nation so mister president i would like to begin today and to be truly lucky my mother or father would have served in the house and in the senate. everything i know that matters most in life i learned first


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