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Nancy Pelosi
  House Minority Leader Pelosi News Conference  CSPAN  December 20, 2018 10:58am-11:14am EST

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got up to get on school bus, they step across dirty needles and use condoms to get to the bus because yes, republicans and democrats, i few people like you ought to know that your property of the mexican drug cartel to let the poison coming to this country because you want to protect them over the children of this country. you want to be damn right shame about yourself. >> host: let's get a comment from the congresswoman. >> guest: you might know a lot about it and look, i've seen the devastating effects that drugs do in our communities. i spent 27 years focusing on the reduction of violent crime. one of the things i learned during that time that usually violent crime frequently involves guns and drugs. and i've spent a significant time of my life trying to
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eliminate or reduce guns and drugs, keeping them out of the hands of people who, number one, sell them, number two, who are dying as a result of them. when we think about priorities i do believe that you're right, drugs are sold on the streets every day. -- >> watching house as i'm sure you are as well. postponing basis until later. donald is right. i agree with him. putin. donald is right. i agree with him. putin. imagine, that is a comment of vladimir putin on the actions taken by the president of the united states in relationship to syria. an action that was taken without
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the benefit of the thinking of our national security establishment and our intelligence community included in that, a decision made in a cavalier fashion in terms of our allies in the fight against terrorism, a decision that is dangerous point and a decision that is a christmas present to vladimir putin to give him license in syria. .. perhaps the good news and the bad news is the president will forget about it by the weekend. or maybe he won't. but whatever it is, it is frivolous.
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unworthy of our men and women in uniform. at the same time, the administration is now deciding to make an assault on poor people in america. is one of their regular themes, understanding they will surely, by executive order, undo the bipartisan agreement that was reached, house and senate, in the farm bill in terms of nutrition for people in america. they will undo that. why? why at christmas would you take food out of the mouth of the american people. at the same time, you see the gop lawsuit on the affordable care act have its day in court. it is a day in court that they may rule, because certainly we will fight the decision of that court. what is interesting about it is since that decision of the
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number of enrollments went up maybe 10 days ago, we saw that there would be a drastic reduction in enrollment in that time, more than 4 million people enrolled. still down because they stopped their outreach but went down by a 10% reduction but 4 million more people signing up. everybody knows the name jac y jacklyn now, the little girl who died in 105 ° temperature in the custody of border patrol. the president wants to build physical walls at the same time he is building walls around the hearts of some people in our country. it is interesting because the
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evangelical community which had been champions in welcoming people to our country have testified in public and it was the crown jewel of humanitarianism. a crown jewel of american humanitarianism and yet this president either not knowing the law of the land or not caring about it has policies implemented that do not meet a standard. i keep asking people to read ronald reagan's last speech as president of the united states. i said it's you a number of times and won't go through it again except to say how much he appreciated the value that newcomers bring to america so here we are. we don't know if the republicans are in a state of
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disarray or what will happen next, later and after some things happen. i will talk to you about the continuing resolution but for now i will take questions on these other subjects. >> is there a circumstance, there seem to be discussions ongoing on the floor of the house among republicans around trying to pass the short-term funding bill, potentially adding disaster funding, is there any situation democrats could support beyond a clean continuing resolution? >> it depends what they have to say. we will see what they come up with. in terms of disaster assistance. we will see but in terms of wall funding, that is a nonstarter and i think they know that.
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>> have you gotten assurances, he will find a spending resolution? >> i don't know that anybody has any assurances from the white house on any subject including this one. >> is your side prepared to deliver votes like they did on other pieces of legislation, you can only get 50 people, your side carry the rest? has the question been asked? >> the current continuing resolution -- >> any areas -- >> on the current -- the current version prepared, supporting the continuing resolution, and they have a lot of people who are missing or absent so they never did have a votes for the wall and don't have a full complement of members here. >> donald trump just tweet
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theed that if he doesn't get wall funding, he may look at infrastructure bills going to the next congress. what are your thoughts on that? >> i believe the president wants to do an infrastructure building i don't know if he will throw a tantrum over it when he sees what the bill might be. we talked in a positive way, almost every conversation i have had with him since he has been president, almost every, and almost everyone has included working together on infrastructure. it is something the country wants very much and something he promised in the campaign. if he is keeping campaign promises to the letter he probably would want to get to work on an infrastructure bill. this is whimsical on the president's part. he might not sign it. let's get the bill first and then have a discussion as to what happens to it next.
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>> the president has to step out of the meeting. are you under the impression this is a negotiation? a momentary blip? what do you think is happening? >> i don't want to make any characterizations. this is a meltdown on the part of republicans. you have to ask them, from our standpoint, we had bipartisan support for six bills, working together, house and senate, negotiating six bills that could come to the floor and the seventh would be a continuing resolution of funding for last year. we had that opportunity and offered it to leader schumer, he presented that and we were in the oval office, to the president.
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let's go down this path. if you don't want to go down that path we can pass all twee 7 bills under continuing resolution until the end of the fiscal year in both cases. the president rejected that. we said it is unthinkable we would have a shutdown so we agreed to this february date that senator shelby and others have withdrawn and so this is a path. now they are having a breakdown over this but what they are doing right now is how we got to where we are. >> you are the first female speaker and about to work with the largest incoming class, my question is what can they learn from you and what can you learn from them? >> we all learn from them because they are the new class. anytime a new class comes we
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always say here they come into among them will lead in this body? who among them will run for other office? who among them could be president of the united states? they bring fresh from the trenches, energy that is so useful to the congress. they learn from us how congress works, they have an impact on it to make change as to how congress works, it is a pretty exciting engagement, even more so now when we have such a large class that is transformative. we have 64 democrats in our class, 43 -- 43 new democrats to replace republicans in the congress. many of them are women who have up to 95 women on the democratic side in the house.
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it is a decision made a long time ago to grow that number. when i came over with 12 women on the democratic side, on the republican side, we said this can't be, out of 435 people so we went each year to add more and more coming into this election, we had 65 women, they had maybe 20. we made the decision to grow and now this election, women marched, women ran. women voted. women won. 95. pretty exciting. on the democratic side alone. over 100 between us and 120 or 30 when you include the united states senate. so again, 95, 40% of our caucus, house democratic caucus, are women. 60% are women, people of color and elderly community members. that diversity is a strength. our unity is our power and we
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will learn how to work together with the constant reinvigoration of a new class but i always wanted them to know and they teach us back, that women are essential in decision-making in our country and they should have confidence about what they bring to the table. it is pretty exciting. we will observe the 100th anniversary of women having the right to vote. how perfect that we have so many women members to celebrate for that. >> speaker ryan gave his farewell address. i wonder what you made of what he said. >> this may come as a shock to you but i was doing other things at the time. i wish him well as he goes forward. i did not have a chance to go
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to the speech and he what we had to say but i wish him and his family seasons greetings and best wishes for a wonderful future. thank you all very much. [inaudible conversations] >> are we on? >> a quick question.
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> finishing up with nancy pelosi talking about today's house agenda as the chamber had into winter recess. the senate will be back at 11:30, 17 minutes from now. senators waiting on how section on a measure to fund the government past tomorrow's deadline. working on a, reform bill you, you can see the debate taking place right now on companion network c-span. in the senate yesterday a number of senators reacted to the president's decision to withdraw us troops from syria. here is a look.