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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Senator Schumer on Goverment Funding  CSPAN  December 20, 2018 4:05pm-4:18pm EST

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democratic whip -- democratic leader. mr. schumer: thank you. good morning, mr. president. last night the senate agreed to pass a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government open through early february. with less than two days to go until the appropriations lapse, until the appropriations lapse, with less won two days to ago if we are to avoid a shutdown the house must pass this continuing resolution. if president trump vetoed the spending bill he would compound the serious errors he has made throughout the budget process. it's already indisputable a shut down would full on president trump's back. he has demanding it for sixes who ennancy pelosi went to the
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white house he demanded it all in front of the american people. now compounding that, vetoing the last train our another the station, cr, would be a doubling down on his responsibility for a christmas shutdown and every single american would know it. most importantly, it would not move the needle an inch towards the president getting his wall. i mention these points, mr. president, because several members of the freedom caucus, the hard-right wing to in the house, and hard right voices in he media are openly encouraging the president to see to any cr that doesn't have his money for the wall. these are the same voices pressuring the house leadership to put the cr -- to refuse to put the cr on the floor. the voices of the hard right, both in the house and in the
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media, give no strategy at all, simply shut the government down. but none of them have detailed in path to get their wall. let me just walk my friends in the house through it. democrats are not budging on the wall. we favor small, effective border security, not a medieval wall. a shut one will not get any democrat to -- for an ineffective, unnecessary, and exorbitantly expensive wall that president trump promised mexico would pay for. i hear them say, mr. jordan, mr. meadows, this was a campaign promise. they're only mentioning half of the campaign promise. the promise throughout the
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campaign was we'll build the wall and mexico will pay for it. furthermore, there are not the votes in the republican house for a wall. there are not she votes in the senate for a wall. not now, not next week, not next month, or beyond. if speaker ryan refuses to put the cr on the floor, or president trump vetoes it, there will be a trump shutdown, but there will be no wall. and if president trump, or house republics cause a shutdown of christmas, on january 3rd, the new democratic house will send the senate a clean cr bill. based on passage of the cr last night, it's clear, and to their credit, that senate republicans don't want a shutdown. what's the end game here? what is the end game of those who are demanding the president
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not sign the cr that the house, not pass the cr? it seems unfortunately the trump temper tantrum is spreading like a con day unto the house. his allies in the house can pound their fists on the take bucket it's not going to get a wall. they can, having caught the trump temper tantrum fever, jump up and down, yell and scream, it is not going to get a wall, and they, neither mr. meadows nor mr. jordan, have outlined any conceivable plan on how to achieve what they say they want to achieve. i would say to my less frenzyes friends in the house go ask mr. jordan and ask mr. meadows,
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what is your plan? what is your end game? what is your path to getting a wall? i suspect that anyone who asks them will find they don't have one. they're just angry, they're angry and mad. and so they pound their fist on the table, they have caught to trump temper tantrum but they have no plan. no conceivable plan. and so their anger will result in a trump shutdown but not a trump wall. and frankly, their anger will result in furthering discrediting the president whom they support. amazingly, representative meadows said yesterday the american people will support president trump's shutting down the government over the wall. i don't know what evidence he has for that. or whom he speaks to. because every political poll, public poll i have seen, shows
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that the american people are not only strongly against the border wall, they're even more strongly against a shutdown to get the wall. imagine, how strongly they'd feel as he ties those two things together. mr. meadows, when he says the american miami are for it, must think the only -- the american people are only conservative republicans. if he would widen his horizons a bit, he would come to the understanding that shutting down the government over president trump's wall u.s. futile, self defeating and has minimal support among the american people. even a quarter of president trump's shrinking base does not support shutting down the government over the wall. and the vast majority of other americans not part of president trump's base, and those are the majority of northwesterns, the strong majority -- are totally
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against it. so we need to get something done here to keep the government open over christmas. we need to tell the hundreds of thousands, millions of workers, that they will get paid over christmastime. the house needs to come to the same sensible conclusion that the senate came to. that we should not hold millions of innocent americans hostage to demand something will never get. the senate has produced a clean bill. no partisan demands. no voice riders, we could have demanded a lot of things we want. just a clean extension of funding. if house republicans and president trump refuse to pass it, then we'll have a trump
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shutdown over christmas. the choice is theirs. [music] >> the united states senate, a uniquely american institution, legislating and carrying out constitutional duties since 179 of 89. >> please raise your right hand. >> on wednesday, january 2nd, c-span takes you inside the senate, learning about the legislative body and its informal workings. we'll look at its history of conflict and compromise, with original interviews. >> arguing about things and kicking them around and having great debates is a thoroughly american thing. >> key moments in history. and unprecedented access. allowing to us bring cameras
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into the senate. following the evolution of the senate into me modern era. from advice and consent into their role in impeachment proceedings and investigations. the senate, conflict and compromise, a chance c-span original production, including the history, traditions and role of this uniquely american institution. premiers wednesday, january 2nd, atle p.m. eastern and pacific on chance and good online at to learn more but the program, and watch original full-length interviews with senators, view farewell speeches from long-serving members and take a tour inside the senate chamber, the old senate chamber and other exclusive locations. >> saturday, at 8:00 p.m. eastern, conversations with three retiring members of
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congress. democratic senator heidi heitkamp and dave brat t who were both defeated and darrell issa who is retiring after serve 18 years in the house. >> there was no interest in a bipartisan tax bill. we could have done some reforms of the healthcare bill. there was no interest in doing reforms of healthcare because it was all about winning politically and not governing in a sustainable way, and those are regrets that i have. >> ideas matter to me and you try to get ideas in the press and they don't care. it's worse than they don't care. they're against your ideas and they put them down. they cannot name a substitute that is better. they don't have an alternative hypothesis and that's just for me an intellectual fraud. and i think that's what the press is engaged in right now.
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>> most people think term limits sound like a good idea. first of all, leadership has no term limit us. nancy pelosi will probably be over 100 by the time she finishes her last time as speaker if nothing changes the challenge is that all of leadership has no term limits. well, chairmen have term limits and back whiff newt gingrich what happened was we took a strong chairman system, and we turn it into a strong speaker and minority leader system. >> watch discussions with retiring members over congress, saturday at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and and his win the free c-span radio app. >> the u.s. senate is in recess as the house continues working on government funding passed this coming fridays. president trump said today he will not sign the senate bill because it doesn't contain funding for a border wall. while