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tv   Russian President Vladimir Putins Annual News Conference  CSPAN  December 20, 2018 10:09pm-12:02am EST

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can make something. that we don't have to wait for mass incarceration. >> and then to be pretty quickly. >> >>translator: and now mister
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president we are all afraid of nuclear war. and you are not afraid now. and now major publication across the pond. and always afraid of a nuclear war. >> actually i think you are right. that the danger is escalating and is being downplayed not of
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crucial importance leading to the collapsed civilization so this is indeed a very important question and with the day to day life first and foremost the collapse of the international system. with a nuclear arms race with the relevant treaty that was a cornerstone and putting the end to the arms race.
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and with this new type of weapon. but of course others do not possess such a system but this is about having equal conditions to the weapon arsenals. and with the inf treaty and if those missiles were in europe what do we do? and then we would be complaining we have the advantage we are not fighting to have the advantage we are fighting to keep it the same
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goes for the new start treaty it expires in 2021 we didn't have any negotiations we want to ensure our safety we know how to do that but for humanity in general this leads us risky lurch with that threshold to use those weapons and to make small-scale nuclear weapons and some are already expressing some ideas
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that could lead to a global and nuclear catastrophe. secondly the use of ballistic missiles that seems to have decided against it with the information systems that in several seconds they defined that trajectory and that forcible target. but there is always an error of margin. in any case with that ballistic missiles we don't
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know if it's nuclear or nonnuclear. it's hard to tell so this is very very dangerous. that i believe the humanity would have the necessary common sense in order not to leave to any experimentation. so the ukrainians at this event had you make her out? and then to talk about that incident but my question is about ukraine.
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and to talk about the fate of the ukraine military men and what about you - - russia can they defend their rights with that financial direction to be in response. actually i would divide that question so now we can see this was a provocation whether it was successful or not. they are never successful so to say to escalate so why do
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our ukrainian partners they have elections and need to escalate the situation to boost the ratings of one of the presidential candidates. the current president of course but this is no good because it harms the interest of the people in harms the interest of the state and to work without any provocation if it was successful he is to be ranked fifth but now second or third but while the rest of them have 12 percent trading
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but then did sacrifice the interest of his country. but as for the future of the military men they were sent to die, actually. and they see that they are not satisfied with the fact no one died. they wanted some of them to die but fortunately this is not the case. and then to determine what to d do. >> thank you. >>translator: just like in the past and then to occupy
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that you are afraid of nuclear catastrophe or nuclear war but at the same time you are getting ready to be in a war with nato at ukrainian citizens so what are the conditions? the ukraine and political prisoners and the pow? you keep analyzing the rankings but i'm just looking at them. just like they have done in the case of the united states but there is no direct
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dialogue between the ukrainian presidents and with that ukraine citizen had you believe that these are your ukrainian citizens. and then who imposed the blockade. not russia? but the ukrainian governments 100 percent economic blockade and to believe that they are ukrainian citizens every day and we are supporting them
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only to help them survive. not only they could be killed because trying to solve these issues that we keep noticing from the ukrainian government now who will stay in that position of power or not because the in that main trading partner but it's not
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because with those ties and they are demonstrating the efficiency with those who hate russia who did not understand and that would still be there. with those who are holding that additional - - position of power in exchange for prisoners. and recently coming to moscow to develop the ukrainian pow
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free or to be accessible for the kid kids. >> good afternoon the president and with that social project with those kids from orphanages what are we trying
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to do with those kids from orphanages we don't know how to implement this project but they just keep digging us out
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so i will talk to the governor with the federal information agency no microphone i am sorry but the counterintelligence and that is the thing. so i am from the information agency.
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and the government which would provoke and you are doubting my abilities. but what i'm talking about then to be dedicated to the council and then be the leader of this movement. and the house one - - and they try to intervene and another
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problem related to our youth that if you say something with a government that is held responsible you are afraid to use the youth and with the young people with that heroic and tragic pages of history. and the company but then also
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into thousands and with those three days of combat and to hold their position the 19 -year-old and 20 -year-old boys are heroes with thousands and thousands of them. during the soccer world cup. 35000 volunteers and with world war ii and this part of society has huge roots they are young people and they are the basis for today and to be
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held responsible about our country. to respect that each have responsibility that we should have that responsibility inside. with all aspects and then to represent. no need to do this. but at the same time nothing good by using four letter words. let them do this but what
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exist with those interests or the low-profile. and then to upgrade but that isn't correct or right but there are other things but it was broadcast directly and i talked to my interlocutor at the meeting of the council of the culture that there were
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other things why do we need our youth? and why do we support this with the people of the fallen youth and then to use this propaganda. and then shall oppose to talk about suicide among young people but i don't want to be the first. where we shall not to be
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different when it comes to our youth but we shall be smart. no. we shall use different methods of care. do we have this? yes and we shall convene. and then once and for all. besides the ukrainian press we have other press. and just in the middle. microphone please.
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>> good afternoon my question with the peace treaty after your meeting in singapore with the soviet japanese declaration how many islands will we get back? i don't know. and you cannot understand. >> so what confines to that
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dilly - - delineation so what should be given to all of us with that new level of quality? and then to raise that issue. with that american system. as well as a potential deployment of american troops with the infrastructure and then to be transferred to japan. with those negotiations long going and that these can be
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addressed at the bilateral level to the united states of america. and let's not forget what you ended your question with that is when the peace treaty is concerned and that it already exists there and it has been there for several decades. as for japan's chance to participate, this is a black box. we do not understand when such decisions are concerned. and then to understand better than the rest of the colleagues.
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and with some of those decisions and they cannot do anything about that that's what people say that what they are against is the reinforcement of the american forces deployed there. there are plans to reinforce the base everyone is against that we do not know it will be extremely difficult for us and
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the plans to deploy the systems and i said that on many occasions and with that american nuclear potential and synchronized but after that and yet with that peace treaty with japan. i am confident the prime minister it is not normal to
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truly resolve those issues of our relations from the point of economics just today and to japan and there are also but those revolution differences and then to move forward and to be responsible with the
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broadcasting rules maybe we can ask the chance to ask them good day thank you. but there is a question unrelated to qualcomm but first with the decision with the procedure for russian citizenship and the channel has been covering this issue a lot and the bureaucracy. so what is the rationale behind that? and if it is just to help the ukrainian citizens. why do that now? and it fails to persist the
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red tape but that is different and the assassination of the journalist khashoggi as others have been detained there is another reaction also an arrest of the financial director and publicly has said and questions have been raised for the citizens in order to exchange them for someone and starting with the last part of the question, so what is happening in the us china
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relations? who and response to what actions is very delicate and in this field we will not act on those principles to cause an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. but we have to act very cautiously and in conformity with the attitudes. there are people who value russia's education regardless of the nationality to hold them into account but we will not detain innocent people in order to exchange for anyone. the future of our citizens but as for trying to make them confess something, don't know
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what she can confess. she has not been acting under any guidance from the russian authorities. whatever she says, because of threats and that prospect there are new foundations for that and to support her and from khashoggi and then to recognize that is another
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matter entirely so with those sanctions with that public approach to mount another attack on russia and what i see beyond this to prevent it from developing and with that red tape to acquire citizenship with the bureaucracy and with that
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citizenship and with that procedure to the to citizenship it has been done to demonstrate to everyone as separating as the current ukrainian authorities and that
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is why everything is given to them. and with that level and it is getting worse with those facilities within the country because they get the other bulk of money but the other social benefits and those that have to pay the loan and with
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that social sphere and with those going deep with that support right now amendments. >> could you speak louder pleas please. >>translator: i would like to raise the issue that is no
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and it took two months to vote but after that protest vote with the communist party. >>. >> and then how to build where those opposition parties have arrived in power. so they are financing.
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and that is why that it has already have the instruction to the administration and in that in particular and for the outcome and to arrive on power and with that opposition party. with a number of any party but
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it should not be apart from them but for most and it is changing for the better but once she decided of the russia party it is up to them and then to deliver that. okay, let's continue. >> >>translator: and as they
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have said for a number of years the regular sanctions but they want to impose even those sanctions. and if you want me to repeat that okay but in the course russia has lived on those distinctions one - - restrictions go back to the 19th century or the 12th century
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it is all the same. it's all the same. and maybe many people don't respond to the to have 160 million people to be reserved and restraint and of
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that case and with that federation with the economy has been adjusting itself to the restrictions with today's press conference with the 2008 global downturn. and with those sanctions to be imposed in 2014 and to ask me
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so it is one thing but look at those sanctions like the treasury department over the years and it is only by one third the sanctions and two thirds is because of the slump. i think the share of sanctions is less than one third. with the europeans with 500 billion euros in the sanctions imposed they have not been able to supply as many items as before and the number of jobs that is quite sensitive for them.
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and it is around 15 percent but to have that on unemployment and that global trait and with those unpredictable sanctions and is detrimental to everybody and has adjusted itself to sanctions despite negative customs and with those positive things and with your own mind and the 75 percent
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for some of those groups. and the technical advice we have spent 600 rubles and the federal budget 125 billion rubles and the cultural sector and the culture that leaps forward and to think of that in the past and 16 times and
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with those external constraints but so of those children so please pass the microphone over there. >>translator. >> we were brought up in different areas as children. how was the kgb brought up? and now to see more social justice with that whole
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analysis and changes and maybe there are some elements and it always results in spending with those revenues to end up in a gridlock at the end of the day. but that distribution of
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resources and to fracture the government and trying to reduce the number of people as well as those with decent healthcare and education and to be accessible to them and the socialism in the sense. and getting to grips with that and this is why national politics have been enacted. if that's about kgb. >> thank you. my question is not about
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policy but all of the countries with the treatment as well established and well ingrained culture of segregation. but also all of those containers but you should take them. and some of those have been appearing a very slow number of these but this is the process that they have never done that before.
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and nobody did any processing to have 70 or 80 million tons of waste. . . . .
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a brand-new recycling of trade and industry. i can understand those people who are against but you mentioned the best practices and the environmental champions inductors sometimes don't object to building insinuation plan. they should have the proper filter systems, which is the
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most expensive part and we need the proper methodology probably your colleagues would concern the band the incineration plans built. the technology has been maintained until 2024 we are to build processing plants across the country. i'm not sure if it is enough. probably if given a chance. good afternoon, mr. president. the question is if china had an
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inaugural meeting and indicated that the openness reform and the presidency called for a the measures about openness and democracy and how do you assess the changes of the chinese society coming and russia and china set out a figure of 100 billion of mutual trade exports to increase by 44%, outpacing chinese by $10 billion. are you happy with the development on the russian chinese ties this year? >> m.d. and that is an important milestone. we will be able to reach 100 billion but we are close to that mark. in general, yes it is around
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$100 billion that is an achievement in itself. of course we cannot stop that. but this is the result of the russian chinese relationships because the observed we have greater trust and have relationships we have resolved all the issues and from the ussr times and now we are moving forward. we are collaborating not only when it comes to the economy but when it comes to the international agenda and the corporation on the international arena is a factor that hopes to revitalize the situation to make it stable and predictable. we assess the changes that we
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saw in china and for such a country as china with a population of 1,300,000,000 people, stability is crucial especially when it comes to domestic policy including the soft mattress. the president made a decision and his party members suffered them. and the decision was the correct one. the stability it an guarantees progressive development for china. here we have some journalists from the region. thank you very much. the crimean bridge is a symbol of the return of crimea to russia and the bridge over the
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river might become a symbol of the asian part of the russian territory and now the question should we expect such to the distracted to the co- constructed and if yes, when because we really need it. >> a symbol is always something good because it marks a certain stage in our work and allows us to move forward. that is why the crimean bridge is both. it's a symbol of the reunification of russia and crimea and also provides additional opportunity to the development of the peninsula. it's also important. the same is true for the bridge over the river. you said it should be linked to development and this is what we need to assess the cost of the
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bridge and now this is very expensive and we need to understand whether they are going to come to the city or maybe we might develop the region in general on the shore of the river to develop the economy, the infrastructure etc. so we need to compare the expensive and for the region in general. if our colleague of the minister of economeconomy would negotiatn the federal implemented project -- >> yes, nature, people, that's great. let's do that. we are not running out of gas. we have the greatest reserves in the world. we have 67 trillion cubic meters
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of gas. mr. president, thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. i am the head editor of the society and ecology and i've been publishing this for some 19 years in st. petersburg and next year will mark 20 years of the establishment of the newspaper. it is a small publication but a sustainable one. i would like to invite you to take part in the roundtable dedicated to the strategy of the development of russia which is to coincide with our 20th anniversary and my question is while protecting the rivers, the forests, i would like to highlight at the russian media for him on the 23rd of april,
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you had tasked your people to talk about this and that the economic forum we've heard it's still going ahead with the decision was made for you and the local authorities do not want to act on your decision. so please pay attention to the river it is a very great river. recently we had a cultural council on the 16th of december at the palace and all the questions asked were very important for example about drug addiction and they asked one of the most crucial questions and this is what i have on the card,
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there is no idea that this great strategy for the russian development back in the orthodox empire we had the moral code for the communism builder and now we don't know if we are even building that for the capitalism so i have this and would ask you to refer to the general debate could journal. we are going to see this is what i suggest and one cannot do without the other. the mac we are watching tv shows where they talk about food cheated on who, who left through and this is something absolutely unacceptable that slandering the tv shows we would actually discuss these issues that would
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be a different matter. can we organize a tv show that would discuss the development questions for the long-term perspectives. >> it isn't so often that we need an interesting person to talk to. he has the knowledge and his own opinion and isn't shy to express it regardless of whether anyone likes it or not he isn't trying to adjust to anyone. he says what he thinks. he is a very knowledgeable person. as to whether we have some idea for further development of the country, i said it several times that in the best possible meeting, patriotism is the basis for a stronger stage. in the broad and most sensible
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word. now as for the fact that a lot of tv channels and on the internet we see some shows that are probably worthy of the time that is allocated for it, i talked to danielle at the last meeting and we had a discussion, a private discussion and we talked for a while and i haven't seen him after that because he died. she said you need to do something about it. with luck, i said? every tv channel shows like who stole what and how much and how they stole it. we are tired of that.
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don't we have something more in our life but i guess this is the strategy of the tv channels, that's what i said to him. but we have seen some improvements in this area as well and it's becoming more well-balanced although i rarely watch tv and i do not often search the internet, i just don't have the time for that, but i just try to follow the general events and i get that the situation is improving. but to discuss the topic you suggested, there's no harm in that we need to discuss it for our colleagues. everyone heard what you said, and i guess they would respond. just a second, just a second. "chicago tribune," please.
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>> with tribune publishing in the united states. yesterday president donald trump announced the withdrawal of american troops in. he announced the position to defeat isis. he made that clear. what is your position for the withdrawal of the troops and also his statement regarding the defeat of isis in the united states? and second, do you have concerns that the american troops will remain in some form? there's been large discussion around the presidents potentially contractors and other jurisdictions where the united states is either active militarily or might want to be active militarily but in a more discreet way. thank you very much.
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>> as for defeating isis, i do generally agree with the president of the united states. we achieved some major advances when it comes to defeating the terrorists. there is a danger that the terrorist groups might now infiltrate other countries and also other countries for example the countries of origin and this poses a risk for all of us including russia and the u.s. and europe, asia countries and central asian countries. we are aware of that, and we know about that. yes, donald trump is right about that. as for the withdrawal of american forces, i'm not sure
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about what that is. the forces have been present in afghanistan for some 17 years, and every year they talk about withdrawing their forces from afghanistan but they are still present. that's my second point. my third point, we do not see any signs of the american withdrawal from syria tha but we that it is possible and we are now on the track of political settlement, and now we want to form a constitutional committee. when we had a meeting, russia, turkey, france and germany would make the decision that we would do everything in our power in order to create this committee and russia on it its part has de everything so that it would
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actually happen. it might see seem strange that e have indeed negotiated the list of candidates. he presented a list of his candidates and he took part in the formation and the civil society seeking more people in regardless of the fact he doesn't like the list altogether, he still agreed to that and the position agreed to this list and iran agrees to the list and then we presented it to the united nations, and it turned out mr. lauterbach told me yesterday that at the initiative germany, france and the united states with the special envoys is actually trying to drag out the time.
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i believe that we are at the final stage whether we need the presence of the american military i guess we do not need the presence. if you made the decision at the right decision. despite the differences between
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the experts. we didn't give them the floor yet. the microphone, please. good afternoon. i represent a newspaper on agricultural life and we celebrated here and you've congratulated us thank you for that. the question is the following according to the statistics the growth of agriculture recently has slowed down in spite of the
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fact we are not competing with anybody because of sanctions and we have a good environment for our work. how what you explain that? >> among the national or federal projects, we don't have agricultural. why? spent talking about the projects projects, the agriculture is part of the project for many years and they are supporting the hundreds of billions in our agriculture and we would keep doing this in relation to the large and small in all areas of the activities. as to the slowing down in the agricultural area yes it is tr true. it's not a good environment for you. would there be competition in
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the country this is good and very important for the development of the economic center and we will have the competition as well not all countries imposed sanctions against us that's why we didn't impose counter sanctions in relation to them. we have imposed sanctions to the eu and u.s. and other countries which imposed sanctions against russia following the initiative, but the majority of countries didn't follow this example and a lot of them are selling us their agricultural products and that's why we have competition. what's going on in this sector? statistics is linked. we have a record high 135.5 million. it's the great indicator for the statistics this year because of
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the climate conditions in certain areas we have imposed emergency situations and because of that we have 110.5 million tons and compared to the last year, our indicators of this year went down. the 110 million is a good indicator for the last 25 years and taking into account last year's reserves it's not only maintained but the possible export we will implement all of the obligations so we have the areas where we have to be more
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active in the area of agricultural and we have to be more competitive and expand our infrastructure. last year we had 20 billion this year we will have 25 billion of exports. these figures were unimaginable. it's more than those we will be exporting. we keep supporting the development of the infrastructure in the area of agriculture and exports. to do this, we are setting aside more than 400 billion to develop the road infrastructure and so on and so forth to support the financial exports we have to be more competitive and train our
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experts. we have to increase the the production of processed meats and we have to solve our problems related to the agricultural areas. >> [inaudible] >> cranicrimea. >> recently you mentioned in the restrictions against russia by certain countries effect those who live in crania and devoted to be part of russia they are
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affected by that. can you explain your words and what shall be done about this? hispanic it's true i mentioned it. i don't remember where, but i can explain it in a rather peculiar situation. what we are hearing from outside they keep mentioning the annexation of crania by russia using force and taking this territory in order to get back to russia then they shouldn't be blamed, but if they came and participated in the voting and they voted for this then sanctions have been imposed for
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the restrictions for insurance companies and. if those in charge. they shall not be blamed. they have been in post debate going post and then it is the fact that it took place.
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>> related to the content development programs, can this be used when you are going to get married and who will be your wife. >> she would like me to be in the same. supporting thsame. a supporting the segment of the
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internet i don't remember the words and the budget but the grants related to content they are setting aside the budget 144 billion if i'm not mistaken but it would set aside. after this question about my marriage, it's very important. i would like to thank you for assisting the second of four. we discussed the mass media and after we conducted this roundtable, we signed a 14
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memorandum which have joined our campaign related to the information. the question is whether it's important for you as a president to see all of the journalists present here telling the truth and to be a soft objective for force. it is important and the environment it's important to be active. what is the responsibility of journalism? >> [inaudible] the strength is in the truth.
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it reflects the responsibility of the media. the force is in the truth and only in this way mass media can get this across to millions of people but unfortunately, and that is true it becomes more and more commercial. before it was political, publicized but now it is commercial. that's why the mass media has been eroded greatly. we are dividing everything by 100, 1,000 when we hear something it's not important for
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me it's important for everybody, for all of us and i hope we do have it and i hope to see it in the future as well. afghanistan december 6 russia refused to support the resolution of the un related to the situation in afghanistan because certain countries didn't support it, becausbecause certan countries didn't agree with that. the draft resolution was
11:32 pm
prepared by a western countries. what do you think i would like to hear your opinion but at the same time, you conduct a separate negotiation with the taliban movement int and takings into account how does the future for the consultations and 11 countries have been represented in these negotiations on the basis of moscow. >> i don't remember the draft project you mentioned that i hope you will agree with me the majority of people in afghanistan will support this i'm sure. i don't know what our partners would like to achieve in the resolution if they would like to
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show everything is rosy it has nothing to do with the reality. reality. the official government in kab kabul. how much of afghanistan they are controlling. not more than one third of the territory they organized but much without. it takes months to count the results. they conduct negotiations with taliban and probably it is inevitable. they understand what is the issue they are discussing asp the negotiation and what will raise the? in that case it has to be done publicly. one has to understand what is at stake and i believe that is the
11:34 pm
foundation of the foreign ministry. we are not against a settlement. more than that we believe a settlement can only be achieved solely through an agreement between the parties of the political process and afghanistan itself but to that end, what we need to do is reinforce the military base where the people of afghanistan will manage to come to an agreement with the political forces or the ethnic groups to arrive at a consensus and as far as we can w weekend we are goino facilitate through developing or economic interactions with afghanistan through participating in international projects mr. president, for four years you have not been given the floor. what can i sayi'm to blame for
11:35 pm
that. could you please give the floor to the young lady? for four years she has not been given the floor. thank you very much. when the law was adopted, there was a great deal of noise about the rights violation a colleague i'm not going to name. with the human rights, what human, but man, that's what i want to ask. >> re: the entities detained in the u.s. as an individual but and they hav i have another quen
11:36 pm
because i represent the channel but wanted to ask about the situation given the actions taken by the patriot and we all understand right now the key player in that regard and we can see the geopolitics is looming large on religion. is that so? >> as the first part of your question, we followed the international experience when we adopted this wall on the foreign agents. it's not about prohibitions. the purpose is as follows. as an organization gets funding for public political action from abroad, it has to register as such and that isn't all it boils
11:37 pm
down to. in particular such activities are prohibited and here's an example for you. arrested for violating the law and what looms ahead for years in prison in our case this is not so, and i do not see any problems in the enforcement of the legislation. i need the human rights activists on a regular basis and they point out some issues related to the difficulties for instance we have to follow the reality to see what is happening and we have to make amendments if it is necessary we shouldn't present people with integrity who want to do good from doing this good, but political
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activities should be banned per se. it should be legalized and the second part of your question, the world orthodoxy, what's happening in the orthodoxy that is inconsiderable because it is direct interference of the government within the affairs of the church. this has never happened since the soviet times and yet we are professing that in ukraine. they set up a united church [inaudible] they didn't like it and i would like to point out the russian orthodox church the ukrainian orthodox church of the archives
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was so independent not everyone knows that but it was almost entirely independent. they even had the right to elect their own hierarchs. the only thing tying them together with moscow is they mentioned one another during the sermons and right now we see that it's hard stronger. maybe that's what they wanted to get money to get the territory and get money so they are doing that from washington and it is inconsiderable but someone from the u.s. calls ukraine and gives advice on that and it's yet another testimony to the fact
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that this is being done in the run-up to the campaign and the purpose of all of this is to tear the ukrainian and russian people even further apart and these actions are as purely political. it's not about religious freedoms it is a faction of religious freedoms and i'm concerned about is the redistribution of property that's going to follow and that is already happening right now. and it can take on a very difficult nature. god forbid it comes to bloodshed. i would hate to see that. they are both troubling and have nothing to protect themselves with. they are elderly or women and cannot protect themselves and there is this intimidation of the redistribution of property.
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it's been two hours now. [inaudible] the french are protesting against the rights of the patrol gasoline tax and [inaudible] they had to introduce an emergency state. what is your assessment of what is happening in france and are you not planning to raise the gasoline prices in russia because it has been the talk recently, and how strong is the protest of the citizens in that regard and would has to prevail in this particular situation for the obligation to observe the rights of to demonstrate and to ensure order?
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the two last things you mentioned should be balanced and there is no contradiction between the two. you've got to observe the rights of the citizens to participate in public events and they have to stay within the limits and anything that steps beyond that is inadmissible and the appropriate response from the government has to follow. moving on to what is happening in france and how we view the developments there. what they say the following, the developments are certainly linked to the rise and the gasoline and diesel prices, but mostly it is a public trigger but has released this indignation and outrage of a big part of the population most of
11:43 pm
them born french, around 30% as i understand are going to support that. but it would be incorrect for me to get an assessment of what the french government is doing. what is the difference between our situation and the french situation if they did it on purpose and what they wanted to do is redistribute the resources of the citizens they wanted to channel some of the resources and address the economic policies they wanted to give the money they would have gotten from this rise and challenge it into the alternative sources
11:44 pm
such as solar or wind power and they did that deliberately and people have an issue with that because they do not like such a change in the energy policy at their expense what are we seeing in russia? we had a pickup in the gasoline prices because the prices in the world market have been growing that the government wasted no time in taking the measures to prevent the fall of the prices and we managed to secure an agreement where the major refining companies. that is the difference and that the government wanted to rise the prices and we had to fight the rise.
11:45 pm
of course this is a trend we are seeing and we have secured this agreement which is going to be in place on film arch of next year. an adjustment can be made due to the rise starting from january 1, but it going to be very slight within 1.5% and subsequently by government in russia will have to follow closely what is happening in the russian market, the world market and if we get back to that, i will go into more detail if you want. but on the whole even though this is a management that yielded positive results and i do hope it is going to be functioning further so the government is going to be able to present any high as on the prices next year called down,
11:46 pm
please. i can't hear you. a responded to that. i said people have the right to express their point of view and stand for it publicly on meetings and rallies bot but win the framework of law. [inaudible] we see digital television arriving very fast, and we see new types of television. what is your assessment of the readiness of the regions to transition to digital televisi television? are we going to see a situation when a settlement is going to be left behind and how can we
11:47 pm
secure those who find it hard to do by even the cheapest what are we to do in the region in that context and in the context of the transition to digital television? >> it's going to be a very hard blow to the budget and we are not going to survive in the analog format and multiplexes also off-limits. i supported and i put behind you my colleagues listen right now and i talked to them. when they demand that we should follow the digital path, i agree it raises the quality and the number of free of charge
11:48 pm
channels available to citizens but almost just as you do, i ask a question of them. let's take a small village. they are not good t nothing to h television at all? be assured me that is not the case and we are going to move very carefully to tread cautiously. i think there is an experiment and as far as i understand, there are no problems and the governor has reported to me he spent almoshe'sbeen to almost ad settlements and is controlling the process and they are helping people to transition to the digital television. afterwards two or three more again yet there has been the idea to transition very fast but i told them no, we cannot do that. we have to tread cautiously and
11:49 pm
we certainly have to care for the interest of those people who cannot afford to buy a tv to spend their own money on that so we are following how it plays out in certain regions where they are being conduct at. good afternoon, mr. president. due to the well-known reasons we speak about conflicts in the relationship is a different thing on the 20th of december i would like to present a case study between the russian and british special services and of sending illegal legions of
11:50 pm
soviet and british special services but overall what do you think about today's state of affairs between russia and the united kingdom? you said you haven't heard anything. have you messe met with and whas your attitude about the initiative with respect to meetings at such events such as chi 20 on both sides on meetings on the sidelines. >> we speak to each other and probably this was the moment we used with the british feminist are and we said a quick word with one another with respect to the russia and the uk relationships with his gridlock
11:51 pm
and in the interest of both of our countries to withdraw ties from this gridlock. i think it is going to be minimal, but anyway, it is going to have an effect on the global and european economy and indirectly it will come back to us. are we interested in restoring the relationship, yes the car and i think britain also is especially in the business community of the uk with a lot of british flagship companies around here like the ap as one of the major stakeholders to end the british company operates in the markets and wants to stay
11:52 pm
here and it's not only them who want to stay now because bricks if it is carried through and i understand that position. it's up to them to decide. it's their domestic affair. the referendum is passed and delivered upon the will of the people that was expressed at the referendum might otherwise would it be that democrac for democrae another rerun of. let's wait and see how the critics respond if they have one more referendum or a rerun but would it be a proper referendum it's their domestic business that's what they want is more
11:53 pm
kids and -- markets and partnerships bol buckley discusd that with our colleagues in the british community that are quite numerous if you look at the baruch investments the bulk of the fbi dispute ha this year had from the uk and its second by germany, the federal republic on singapore is number three is the largest investor probably ended as the repatriation of capital that the interest is huge like agriculture. it's always an industry and the energy sector. and there are many other areas. i hope that common sense
11:54 pm
prevails. thank you for the opportunity to ask a question. [inaudible] speed to we know very well they are trying to do exactly that
11:55 pm
[inaudible] speak of an external threat is required or unanimity won't be achieved. russia is a very good candidate
11:56 pm
[inaudible] speed t [inaudible] employed the obvious moving forward and as a matter of fact the goal is to secure a beneficial environment
11:57 pm
[inaudible] we would like to make our country stronger internally and to be an equal partner [inaudible] i think we could have gotten a bipartisan tax bill passed. there was no interest in doing a bipartisan tax bill. i think we could have done some reform in the healthcare bill hl
11:58 pm
but there was no interest because it was all about winning politically and not governing in a sustainable way and those are regrets that i have. you try to get ideas out in the press and they don't care and it's worse when they don't care and are against your ideas and put them down and they cannot name a substitute that's better. they don't have an alternative hypothesis and so funny that is an intellectual fraud and i think with th what the presidens engaged in right now unfortunately. most people think term limits sound like a good idea. first of all, leadership has no term limits. nancy pelosi will probably be over 100 by the time she finishes her last time as speaker if nothing changes. the challenges that all of leadership have no term limits while chairmen have term limits and so all playback with newt wt
11:59 pm
gingrich, what happens, it's a strong chairman system and we turned it into a strong speaker and minority leader system. >> watch conversation with retiring members of congress saturday at 8 p.m. on c-span and and listen with the free radio. ♪ ♪ the united states senate, a uniquely american institution. legislating and carrying out constitutional duties since 1789. >> on wednesday, january 2, c-span takes you inside of the senate learning about the legislative body and its informal workings. we've look at its history, conflict and compromise with
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