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tv   U.S. Senate - Sens. Cardin Van Hollen on Government Funding  CSPAN  December 21, 2018 9:56pm-10:09pm EST

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other but at each other so i appreciate very w much that work with my colleague senator flake and senator corker to make sure a motion to proceed is simply a motion to proceed to talk and to have these dialogues to go about the business of government to leave here for thee holidays at some point i believe that what has happened here late this afternoon is an important step going into the next congress to tell those that are coming in that we were put here to get something done not just retreat to our corners. i want to thank everyone that was involved late this afternoon to make sure this agreement was reached and for the leaders to proceed to go about the business of running the united states and go into
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the holidays with the assurance we will come back to do things for the american people i yield the floor. >> i when i conclude my comments will allow the senator to speak after me but there is no such thing as a good shutdown and i was strongly encouraged to hear the promise we made half an hour ago when the majority leader in the democratic leader talked about the discussions taking place. we hope later this evening we will have an agreement that will pass the senate and will be signed by the president. i want to make this clear. any government shutdown is unacceptable it is costing the
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taxpayers money and certainly is not fair to the federal workforce. this particular shutdown would affect 800,000 employees and about half would be asked to work that would not be given a check half would be furloughed without compensation. madame president we are very proud of the federal workforce in the state of maryland but my colleagues should recognize 85 percent of those that work outside of the washington dc area so this affects each one of our states and those that are working in each of our states and over 30 percent of the federal workforce are veterans who have already served our country in uniform and now serving their country as public servants in the federal workforce.le
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here is what they are in for and why we ask for the unanimous consent request. without legislation being enacted the individuals who are required to work, have to twork without getting paid and then when government restarts, they can get a paycheck for the work they have done that those on furlough never would receive funds even though it is not their responsibility. and those who have that lead time or would lose that as a result of the government shutdown. that legislation would make it clear to the federal workers that as soon as we can after the shutdown.. again i hope there is not but if we do as soon as it ends the next availableei time the federal workforce will receive their compensation and know
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they will get their salary because right now they don't know that they will get their compensation and they recognize with the lead time so we don't lose the lead time. when we have had shutdowns in the past part of that reopening process we included this legislation but we don't know how long it will be if we do have one and we don't know how long it will be. . . . . i'd like to first give the chair to my colleague. >> thank you, madam president.
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i think my colleague from maryland, senator carted for his leadership on this issue among many others and start by agreeing with him that first and foremost, we should avoid a government shutdown. that's exactly what this senate did on a bar person faces a few days ago. we passed an agreement, none of us left us but we recognize there was a better alternative than shutting down the government. that went over the house and we know happened there.ed i i hope we will continue to work together to avoid government shutdown. the proposal that we are putting forward is simple. federal employees should not be punished by the shutdown. they have nothing to do with the dysfunction that would cause the government shutdown and they
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should not be the ones that should bear the burden and penalty of something totally beyond their control. that's what this is about. she indicated after shutdowns are over, the congress and the white house did the right thing and we provide retroactive compensation. it's not guaranteed. it always could be changed. it might not happen. but we are trying to do and pleasure of federal employees on capitol hill, thinking about joining the families for christmas or other things over the holidays, that they don't have to have the uncertainty about if there is a government shutdown, whether oroi not theye going to get a paycheck to pay the bills that stuck up over that period of time. let's provide a confidence and
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front that federal employees don't have to pay the penalty for dysfunction in washington. that's what this bill does. i want to stress, if we go into a shutdown, federal employees, both those who are still working during the shutdown as well as those furloughed, go without paychecks. they've got bills to pay, mortgage, rent. alternative costs will pilot so no matter what, they will bear a burden from dysfunction and government shutdown. along with many other people in the country who will see a disruption of federal operations. there will still bear in unbearable burden. we are doing today, i also want to think our republican colleagues for a ring with this, but we are doing today is to be
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blessedd there, hard-working employees, rest assured that after the difficult. goes by, if there is a shutdown, you will be assured you will have the certainty that you're going to be able to get your pay and make the payments to make sure you don't fall further behind. it's the least we can do at this moment. let's hope you have to use this provision. but it is an important assurance policy. a security play can as the hours quick by and we are not sure whether or not we have agreement by midnight this evening. president, our to think our colleagues and peel back to sender from maryland. >> i want to thank him for his leadership on this issue and so
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many issues that affect our workforce. he's been a true champion. the majority of our workforce depend on their paycheck in order to meet their monthly and weekly needs. if they do not get their paycheck on time, they run a real risk of being in default of meeting their family needs. a mortgage payment, food, utility bills, they are at risk, even if they get it later, or to underscore the inconvenience and danger of -- a recent poll by a fte, indicated 78% of their members have been impacted. during a government shutdown. a large percentage of our federal workforce. i also want to emphasize from his comments, we don't want to
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see a shutdown. i would like to see appropriation bills done. not a cr, not a continued resolution. we did get some of it done on b time, october 1. unfortunately, nine of the 15, dozens of agencies do not have an appropriation bill paid by october 1, in our in danger of running out funds admin night tonight. that's why it's important that we continue to resolution in agency's functioning. it includes the department of commerce, national nasa, the part of the transportation, iris, i can mention many others. the purpose of the unanimous consent i will make, to tell the federal workforce, we will continue to fight to keep government functioning. we hope we can get it done in
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the next five hours. if for any reason we missed the deadline, if we have a government shutdown, by this action, we are telling you that what we have, appropriations restored, it willom because compensated during this period of time.nt with that, i would ask consent if they proceed to the consideration of calendar number 29 oh, f2274. >> a bill to provide for the f compensation of federal employees affected by them appropriation. without objection, the senate will proceed to consideration of the measure. >> i further asked that the bill be considered for the third time passed and the motion reconsidered andon made up on te table with no intervening action or debate. >> is her objection?
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it is agreed. >> thank you. >> if i could just think my colleague from maryland. urge the house of representatives to take this up immediately. this is now past the united states senate. they now have an opportunity to pass this over in the house and i would urge them to do it this evening or as soon as possible. so we can provide the certainty and confidence to hard-working federal employees. want to w avoid.but we need to provide an assurance policy in the event that it doesn't. but it does shutdown. thank you. >> congressional reporter for bloomberg news and he has details on the funding. eric, what happened in the


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