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tv   Rosemary Gibson China Rx  CSPAN  December 30, 2018 7:52pm-8:01pm EST

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from walmart they hired her anyway she ended up killing people. and what we call for in the book is for recruitment hiring and that has to do with academic credentials psychological examinations and background investigations there is no national standard for that. >> thank you to everyone for coming out tonight. [applause] i appreciate your time and energy you stumped us with some of these questions we will stick around until the last book assigned we hope you enjoy the book thank you again. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] . >> rosemary gibson your book is teethree what do we depend on china for crack. >> antibiotics, the key ingredients of anti- depressant alzheimer's parkinson's and epilepsy hiv-aids medicine it is so dependent if china shut the door within a couple months our hospitals would have to shut down that is how dependent we are.
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>>host: how did that happen? . >> it started with a generic drug we all want generic drugs because they are a lot less expensive that manufacturers wanted a cheaper way to make them so they look east to china and was more than willing at a much lower price and the other thing that happens where the trade deals. lead is fascinating doing this research to see when we open free trade with china we lost the last penicillin fermentation plan the last aspirin plant is gone the last vitamin plant is gone there is a dramatic shift of production when we opened up trade is not a political statement is just a reality of how global markets work so we created this real dependency so they
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want to become the pharmacy of the world and they are on track to do that. >>host: do not make aspirin here in the united states anymore? been that we may make the tablet that the active ingredient likely comes from china or elsewhere also we cannot make penicillin by ourselves we have a big penicillin fermentation plants all over the country and they are all gone and wiped out. >>host: what are the dangers? . >> think of the military or the anthrax viewers may remember the anthrax attacks happened after september 11 so when the federal government wanted to buy 20 million doses of an anecdote they had to get
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it from a company in europe and i interviewed the ceo and he had to get the materials from a plant in china so think about that. and now the other antidote for anthrax the dominant producer of the key component comes from china if there is a global public health event door in the south china sea it is a national security issue think of the young men and women and they are dependent on them to buy their medicine it is remarkable it is the untold story i didn't start off to send - - write a book on this topic but do?
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leaders of the military national security it is a big issue even people in the industry know it's a big challenge. >>host: how did you find this story? . >> i was just looking for a good story. i had written before i stumbled on it and said oh my goodness actually the tipping point i was reading a newspaper article in the economic times from india and the lead paragraph starts off imagine an indian soldier on the border with china if the soldier opens his medicine bag and doesn't have any more and he thinks i am dependent on the adversary because india is also dependent on china that was the point of the article they have to get the starting materials then what about us.
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i had to answer that question and that is the result of teethree. >> is the national security community interested in this topic? . >> we are trying to get them first aware of it and then interested in it. there was a recent state of recall of blood pressure medicine the active agreement - - active in radiant was made in china and had a human carcinogen. i was contacted by retired military officer who was taking that medicine and he said this is unacceptable we have to sign a petition other members of the military said we have to bring manufacturing back home or at least diversify the mac one - - the manufacturing base for national security because it does affect the military as
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wel well. >>host: china rx is the name of the book rosemary gibson. >>host: where do you work? . >> at the hastings center on the hudson river it is a health care think tank and it's a great place to do this kind of work. >>host: what your background? . >> i just decided one day and i said i want to do health care from school and economics you we are writing books and who knew. so we need to bring it back home and diversify. >>host: start to see a longer presentation with rosemary talking about her book china rx we taped one several months ago on the tv you can watch it
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in the archives. >> thank you peter. . >> good afternoon thank you for coming i'm a bookseller at politics and prose welcome to all of you to your favorite bookstore for this afternoon's event you may already know we host hundreds of events throughout the year and this new one we are doing


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