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tv   Book Party for Ann Coulter Resistance is Futile  CSPAN  December 31, 2018 11:30am-12:31pm EST

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than an invitation to a beating . >> watch this and any of our programs that book type authors name in the search bar at the top of the page. >>. >> you're watching book tv, did you know you can also listen on the go and download the radio from your device. on the weekends, click on the c-span two button to hear everything airing on book tv live. >> . >> book tv recently attended a party for author and syndicated columnist ann coulter in washington. she met with guests, gave brief remarks and sign copies of her book , resistance is futile . >>. >> i work for maureen dowd. >>.
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>> thank you. okay. i haven't seen. >>. >>. >>. >> i don't want to get drunk my own party. thank you. [inaudible] club soda with no ice with just a dashof white wine .
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>> club soda with a dash of white wine but mostly club soda . mostly club soda. then came up with a signature drink for you . guess what i have for you? i'm going to tell you when i stole it. >> permanently? i love you. >>. >> my personal nothing andi brought it for you, i'm not a fee . >> where do we go?
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>> are going to follow me. >> you know i'm like? for c-span. hold on, 17. i have to do an interview because i have an important book out . hi, will's reaper. >>. >> we will walk fast together. i'm so happy to see you. >> we're going to walk in
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front.>> i know. you don't mind, do you? >> fantastic. >>. >> just be careful. >>. >> i'm done, let's go. >> for the sake. >> i really wanted to get my party. >> this is going to create buzz. >> okay. fine. hey jeremy, you could probably get a drink. we are right over the bar. what do they call the thing that you?
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we need a dumbwaiter to get jeremy strength. >> i thought you were taking me to murder me. >>. >> i think i'll give my speech from your. >> eva perrone. >>. >> sorry jeremy. >> you have a minute? >> are you ready?
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no luck, just for you. >> going to rock a theater production of anything goes. >> race on. >>. >> it was so fun seeing you yesterday. it took along time and i'm jealous . >> i'm going to have to just. [inaudible] that's hilarious. that's basically what alan has toldme . >> i say his dad wrote all of the great marx brothers, there's a reason why you determined is because he's such remarkable. >>. >> ponds are the lowest form of humor. >> i never know where theline
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is . >>. >> we did resistance is futile, why did you write this book mark. >> i watch msnbc most of every day, i leave the new york times and i kind of consider myself an expert on resistance. the country has lost his mind. the left has lost hismind, it's not just the country, it's apparently not good for them . there's a lot of great advice or the resistance in my book if they want to the trump. i'm kind of mad at him, if you follow me you know that. i think it's something he's actually done as opposed to making up these crazy theories about russian collusion which as you know from my column on the book if
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you read it, it's one of those crackpot reflections that he startedafter wikileaks . >>. [inaudible] i think they're in more trouble. i keep wanting to be mad at trump and the resistancekeeps driving me back . but i will point out that anna was right in the green room yesterday and all of you were wrong about the wyoming governor'sprimary . [inaudible] >> if you could trump right now and you knew he was listening, what would you tell him? >> can't i tell him more than one thing? you don't need congress to build the wall, just build it . .2, hired jared.
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>> what do you think about speaker ryan? his plan is a murder suicide. >> technically the additional last question but it allows me to elaborate on my answer. jared is a nice guy but as we've all seen, his policy has been approved by the swap and that's because jared doesn't have a long history and politics. i don't think he understood our earth shattering his father-in-law's candidacy was and he's the one always reaching trump to go with the establishment, do what mitch mcconnell wants, don't build the wall. that is what put trump in the white house and trump space is where this power comes from. he's likesuperman and jared is sitting there waiting kryptonite in front of him
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all the time . >> thank you very much. >> i love you after all. >> thank you. thank you, jordan. thank you. it's a jet pack charger, it changed my life . >> will get for jeremy and drink. >> you still have this might? >> that for c-span. you don't mind, do you? >> now you know we can't make fun of people even though i really like you. >> is a cocktail party so i'm very depressed because otherwise everyone comes up my collarbone. >> i was virtually bumped on
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monday night. thank you. it was monday night and it was pretty classy what he me. >>. [inaudible] excellent, but i'm not going to care you. [inaudible] to see you. here he is, my love. how are you? thank you. thank you for coming. this is a party. i know, all right, ruin the
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party. >>. [inaudible] >> everyone, the cocktail party is over. >> i was going to ask about it. thank you for coming. by the way, i am like. >>.
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>>. >> you never ever had. >> all i got. >> i need more details. >> i have a tip for you. i gave it to binder and it worked like a charm. when you post your articles, the headlines aren't enough. they need to be short and punchy. you'll get so manymore links . and cinder was doing a same thing. >>.
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>> what you write in between, that should be punched. >>. >> naked upon, you'll getmore readers . oh my gosh, i can't believe i'm finally meeting you. >>. [inaudible] >> your doing it. >> you're the one who got
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thrown out of the obama. [inaudible] you were being rude, he thought he was bad. >> the americans were very nice and they met me tuesday. >>. >> nice to meet you. >> thank you.
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>>. >> i went around everyplace and they're alltelling is a lot of money . trump spends less money than any candidate since lbj. >>. >> i kept saying he's too old. >> even i would say this, every republican candidate. says at the beginning of every speech, >> and at the end of the speech, then he had the speech in the media and if you want to answer me, i challenge you to ask him. >> and if you don't ask him, he's the one who really knows.
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>> used to be almost. i keep hearing. [inaudible] >> that's so exciting that he's here. >>. [inaudible] he's like a rock star right now. i like it. >> that's a good sign.
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>> can you tell when the coffee kicks in, when he goes crazy on the campaign controls? i mentioned debris because everyone kept showing yesterday and i loved jackie barnes, [inaudible] [inaudible]
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>> so campaign consultants are going to be the undercard ofthe republican party . >>. >> right back on the same. nothing happened. >> republicans can't learn. >>. [inaudible] they don't need them. >> many new ideas. >> i love you. >> why not. >>.
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>> the professional dive and take photos. >> very nice. >> i'm from pittsburgh. >> is getting more and more popular. >> a long drive from new york.
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>>. >> two days later i'm walking in new york city and i always have my walkman on and some guy comes by and he's mouthing the words to meand i don't know if you friend or foe i don't think the walk now until i'm sure .then i heard him say something about your not cloud nine, he's a little guy. >>.
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[inaudible] >>. >>. >> hello. here we go. >>. >> i've met a lot of nice people. >>. [inaudible] i know you.
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>> i remember, are you the one who won? i was looking at the names thinking he won, congratulations. oh my god. oh, good. >> thank you for taking that up .
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>>. [inaudible] oh my gosh, that would be so crazy. high.
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>> nice to see you again. thank you. >> i'm a california native and all that good stuff. >> he's from california. >> i was not great at it. >> i lived in south africa for a little while. >> i assume everybody knows you the way i do. he's from breitbart, he's the
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host of breitbart . i really loved him. >> i can't that at all. >> nice to meet you. [inaudible] >> is that what you were tweeting? you're very activeon twitter .
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[inaudible] >> i can't pronounce your name.
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>> you are a drinker, i've got to go to the bar. >> high. good to meet you. i see your competition. [inaudible] >> they bring their rivals together.
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>> i'm coming for take back the night or whatever it's called. >> that's tonight. >> i'm coming back for a couple of the people there. [inaudible] it's after labor day. >> he's a big troublemaker. >> a small child kicks my drink over but it wasn't my fault . no ice, a little bit of white wine please.
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>> it would be more white wine and club soda. >> and i have water please? >> tell me your name again. >> it's so great. i knew your little thumbnail sketch. >> a final organization you work for. i must say, breitbart is totally killing it. all my friends go to breitbart. >> everyone tells me that privately. >>.
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>> i just ran into, i don't know if you met him yet. >> .. >> are you kidding me? you are not like that on "washington journal." [inaudible]
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>> before i give my uber driver -- [inaudible] >> don't give you more than that. >> by the way, , i couldn't putt on google map. i was on radio and he was circling. >> there is a way. >> the bad thing was i was in a horrible mood. >> i came into cincinnati just for this.
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[inaudible] >> when i say cincinnati, i mean dallas, texas. so glad we are doing this. >> thank you, thank you, thank . thank thank you so much. this is so great. >> i wanted to say hi real quick and they got here late. >> i i miss being in l.a. i want to just go -- are you guys? [inaudible] i think i'm probably going to stay for a while. i don't know. it depends because i've like boston, philadelphia, coming back to washington for that thing.
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i think i may just stay. i like l.a. >> i'll tell you later. >> we have lots of regular media people here. so if we can trap them in one part of the room we can start my children media plan. -- kill the media plan. mingle. very sneaky. >> they blend in. we will probably keep them. [inaudible] okay, are we ready?
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[inaudible] >> he won't e-mail me on google. he will not accept e-mails from the on google. i love him. [inaudible] >> that was really good. >> if you think about the entire narrative, that event will go down. it's a marker now because we did that. >> hello. i haven't seen you in such a long time.
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>> i'm so happy for you. >> so glad you're not going on the road. >> i agree. >> no photos. hang on. i'm about to go out. >> i consider ann coulter one of only handful of friends in a business where it's difficult to my friends. one of the reasons why i love her so much is because she is one of the few fully self realized people in the united states right now. i can think of a couple that come to mind. one of them occupies the white building down the block. another one, maybe kanye west, that's about it. but she is truly authentic, smart and funny. and she, i have always maintained if she had the writing staff is any of the jimmies on late-night tv and the platform, she would be bigger times ten. and as evidenced by she is a true free-market success success with 12 and eventually now 13
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best-selling books with the "resistance is futile" which we're here to celebrate tonight. the book i think is essentially a cheat for how trump voters really think about a lot of issues of today. and as ann notes for those in the established media or the resistance if you got any are watching this on some social media platform, there's been enough of us to win 36 36 and t the president elected. i think it's a great line but yet for some reason we are not interesting enough for cnn, msnbc of the world. ann that only backs up a lot of her jokes and arguments and witticisms with examples. occasionally she doesn't with her signature which example after example after example after example. those of you who know the book that occasionally there is occasionally a sample. the revelations in this book which i loved and hopefully you
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guys look, "resistance is futile", here's a few i wanted to share just get some of your reaction to these for return it over. first of all, the resistance is killing comity. second of all, in america it is now more difficult to enforce laws if you against illegal aliens. all of a sudden the media believes the bushes are okay. these are all new things. the infamous "access hollywood" tape does not actually include any evidence donald trump abused a woman let alone women. in 2018 violence is speech and speech is violence. i think that one is pretty profound. the establishment media believes simultaneously that trump is an evil genius to rig an election with putin without leaving evidence, and is simultaneously the most incompetent president of all time. russia is actually not our greatest enemy. this is very important. you might want to read that one. one campaign did collude with
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the russians in this election, and that was hillary clinton's. robert mueller is constantly mentioned as being a republican yet was not constantly mentioned as his team is about 15 hillary clinton donors and democrats. the intelligence community has the worst track record of just about any group in washington. yet there considered sacrosanct by the establishment media. if you believe this the intelligence community is sacrosanct, free from sin, then ann is about of iraqi wmd should like to sell the you after thek signing. the media consider john brennan who called the president treasonous and has a terrible record, the media consider him a straight shooter. obama did not actually take election battling seriously, and the special counsel only happen because james comey gave the world the impression trump was already being investigated, which he was not. trump actually one not because of some sort of russian battling
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for the fraction of the fraction of the percent of money that was dedicated by russians to influencing people in social media but because he had the simple ideas of enforcing our borders and ripping up nafta. let's hope he get some of that done. last but not least ann coulter as a ability to debunk to use program for cnn and msnbc in just over 250 pages. so i cannot recommend the "resistance is futile" anymore and without further delay, the one and only ann coulter. >> thank you. thank you. i didn't promise the short speech, but since i don't get the balcony of their unaccredited you than ever for own style speech. i did think come first i should say if you want to know what is going to happen through your life and through the world, probably the best book for that is the bible. but the second best book is "resistance is futile."
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so everything that's happening, happening well today, don't worry, it's covered in "resistance is futile." for example, been a lot of talk about unindicted co-conspirators today. and i do think, i do think we have that. chuck schumer and nancy pelosi for the death of molly tibbetts i think our fully unindicted co-conspirators. as for michael cohen and his plan, his offer to take a bullet for the president, i don't think any of us realize that my bullet what he meant was a light spring breeze. but as is described in the book and i do cover both manafort's and cohen, wow, two years and all that got is a campaign finance violation for it. i mean i am disappointed the president fooled around with these two floozies and didn't have the decency to do it in the
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privacy of the oval office. but the actual crucial point of the campaign finance violation after all this time, if it's all true and he is guilty, oh my gosh, he will have to pay a fine. the second point is, i mean, the crux of the campaign finance violation which i know msnbc is not covering this, i'm not sure about any of the networks, it has to be something you would have been in your normal life. i think donald trump has kind of a long history of paying settlements, paying grifters. why isn't the settlement of trump university and unfair contribution to his campaign? it's the same thing and, of course, if this sort of thing or even, even if he did it, even if they could prove he did it
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exclusively because his run for office and really other than that he didn't care, his name is on all the buildings, that mind out if others find out, no, nothing to do with that. it's just the election, if that were enough to win a conviction, john edwards would be executed already for what he was doing. the book really does cover everything. i think you're going to enjoy maybe not as much as the bible, but i'll go and sign the note and thank you all for coming. thank you, number one, for breitbart. thank you, breitbart, for every day. thank you. [applause] >> i think i know where it is. it's on the other table. >> nice to see you.
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hello. you have that great book. >> remember me? >> nice to meet you again. [inaudible] >> i think i invited her but then i noticed -- darn, it's running out. i think i have another one. i noticed i had an open email on my desktop. i've been kind of busy. let's see. yeah, i've got another one. oh, good, thank you. i brought some. throw that one away. it's not going to get better. thank you. >> thank you. could you make it to my son, rj?
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>> that one works. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming. >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. just sign? >> stephen. spirit where do you work? >> i was running a gubernatorial campaign in connecticut. [inaudible] >> i love him. >> he's really good. >> good for you and good for us. >> thank you. >> hey. haven't seen you in a while. >> i know. that's so nice you can come from new york. i was a train? did you take the train? >> yeah, i'm going back tomorrow. i'm here a lot with the soup
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back. >> nice to see you. >> hey, there. this is my friend ricky nelson. >> ricky nelson the south florida. >> he's friends. >> is that italian? italians are looking -- you distracted me. are looking very good with manafort right now. >> we are. >> seriously. >> happy to meet you. >> thank you. nice to meet you. >> we were in the hamptons together. i have my own book. >> nice to see you again. [inaudible] >> the white house?
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[inaudible] >> it's really good. i think you will like it. thank you. boy, your handsome. >> you look a great yourself. love the dress. >> thank you. what do you do, art? [inaudible] >> we need a wall. >> we do. i actually said that an earlier time. [inaudible] >> i can't wait to meet him. [inaudible]
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>> he's a really good reporter. i've been reading him in the "l.a. times" for ever. he's a really good reporter. [inaudible] >> i know. [inaudible] we can't do anything without the wall. nice to meet you, handsome art. >> i worked for the president and secretary salazar at hhs. i'm delighted you are doing this event, thank you. >> i watched this were in and i realize reason i was watching it, it's trump, who knows.
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he might start making fun of -- [inaudible] >> you are so pretty. what a nice outfit. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> nice to meet you. >> i've been here forever. [inaudible] >> i know no one. [inaudible] >> it's amazing how few people i
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know. thank you. keep up the good work. hello. i'm very comfortable, thank you. you're the best. [inaudible] >> your the best. >> i know. thank you, roderigo. [inaudible] >> or when you get to this book you will see i have another plan. one thing we're getting out of trump, i know. thank you, roderigo. oh, hello. >> thank you for the advice. >> i'm so happy you are here. the most important man in government. >> i try, thank you.
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it's got to be sanctuary city. no democrat can support that. [inaudible] sanctuary cities, are you getting the? that not only illegal, or convicted of crimes? no, no, we have to keep them here. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> by the way, i have mic from
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c-span. very frustrating. [inaudible] thank you. the one person i trust. >> another the most important person here. >> i don't have a job so i was watching it. they made fun of him for his speech. the guy was obviously very
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nervous. that was mean. every time i hear trump say i'll never forget you, i think oh, man, we are [bleep]. [inaudible] >> thank you for the invite. >> thank you for coming.
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[inaudible] >> stay and have cocktails. hello. >> i miss you. you were amazing this morning on "washington journal." >> thank you. i thought you out of town this week. >> no. i've been here. [inaudible] >> but i am an attorney so they don't need me.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] i finally called him. [inaudible]
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>> i heard you were coming. i'm sneaking in for that. you're going to like it. please e-mail me about it. [inaudible] i want to make sure no one puts some mickey's in it. >> thank you. [inaudible] >> that's a great.
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[inaudible] >> she's fabulous. >> i'll e-mail you. >> okay. thank you. >> hey. you have to bring books back to the white house here you'll like it. you look so pretty. stick around.
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you don't have anything else to do. >> how are you? >> hello. [inaudible] >> thank you, thank you. who is betsy? >> my mama. mother. >> c-span launched booktv 20 years ago on c-span2, and since then we've covered more than 300 book festivals spanning more than 1000 weekends. in 2010 political satirist yuji o'rourke weighed in on the state of american politics. >> we should probably keep in
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mind the original definition of the word free in english is not in bondage. the most meaningful thing about freedom is that mankind has a sickening history of slavery. here in america we have freedom because we have rights. the same way we can get mixed up about freedom and we can get mixed up about our rights. there are two kinds of rights, political scientists call them positive rights and negative rights. sometimes we call them opportunities and privileges. i call them get out of here rights, and give me rights. politicians are always telling us about our give me rights, especially the politician we have in the white house right now, as in give me some healthcare insurance. our bill of rights doesn't mention any give me rights. our bill of rights is all about
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our freedom to say i have got god, guns, and the big mouth and if the jury find me guilty the judge will throw my bill. this is our right to be left alone, our freedom from interference usually, government. >> you can watch this and all other booktv programs from the past 20 years at type the author's name in the search bar at the top of the page. [background sounds] >> hello. good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. wonderful to see you all here. my name is maria rana and i'm


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