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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 10, 2019 1:42am-1:54am EST

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for some of the people out there the trouble doesn't lie in wall street but but wall street is wall street is mostly american history but i think we are more on guard about in the federal government that are valiantly denied in their intentions like the treasury the securities and exchange commission that these are set up as benefactors to the public but increasingly they are not so
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government shutdown. they begin with mitch mcconnell and minority leader chuck schumer. >> last night the pr . >> last night president trump delivered his address to the nation and in the midst of this government shutdown he offered a reminder of what is at stake what is the security of the nation's southern border. now on day number 19 of the experiment of absentee negotiation our colleagues are well versed in the facts on the ground. be no border patrol agents are encountering historic levels of drugs like fentanyl and heroin on the border and last year the attempted border
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crossings by individuals with criminal records and literally hundreds more gang members they said the status quo is not enough to keep the community safe. fortunately we know the solution is on the table that the president has placed at the center of the national conversation since the earliest days of his c administrationmi that our reasonable. one former border patrol chief recently said if you look at the past you don't have to go too far back in history bipartisan legislationin where they built the wall or the fence or the physical barrier, it is a wall. it works that is under obama. he went on it isn't based on
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ideology but historical data and facts that can be proven i cannot think of a legitimate argument why somebody would not support the wall as a multilayer border security issue. so why are we not listening to the experts like the border patrol chief under president obama? the experts know what they are talking about. the fax back them up where the administration has already improved physical barriers with illicit traffic has fallen 90 percent. 90 percent not too long ago my colleagues across the aisle have a completely different position on the subject before
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the political wind blew a different way before this president was nominated the senate democrats heed the advice with wide bipartisan margin the senate has cleared billions of dollars of funding of physical barriers to have funding for border security. that was senator obama 2006 in 2009 the democratic leader praises major progress 630 miles of border fence , fence, that creates a significant barrier to illegal
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that was the majority leader now 2009. former senator clinton numerous times to build a barrier to build illegal immigration from coming in that is wherele democrats stood today however it is the new party line with barriers to preserve the integrity of the sovereign nation is immoral from badly needed to immoral and a little more than the span of a presidency so talk about a pivot. talk about a pivot the democratic friends one physical barriers in the recent past most predominant
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leaders actually bragged about voting for physical barriers the only thing that has changed is the steel fencing was even okay but when president trump occupies the office now all of a sudden democrats had developed a new partisan allergy to the subject of border security. and then just to avoid of getting what they themselves have voted for in the past. so this inconsistency doesn't have imaginary lines in the sand and the virtual identical measures they decided to impose today the inconsistency sheds conduct of the senate
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during this tantrum. so yesterday evening democrats proceeded to important foreign-policy legislation. the bill that was blocked last night included measures of which they had been outspoken and supportive and cosponsored
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but then they decided to get anything done word clash with their brand so the legislation i am referring to what have serious challenges to us interest to reconfirm that commitment to re- emphasize to have a vital step to bring those perpetrators and enablers of the asad regime atrocities to justice and frankly it would have delivered promises to which my democratic colleagues are firmly committed in their own words to have that and shake a bowl decade to israel's
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security and to do everything in our power but instead of proceeding to this legislation senate democrats voted to block it. with this shutdown that is prolonging into shut down the senate as well. no progress. no bipartisan work not even on urgent or pressing matters. that is what might take the stoplight off the showdown with the president. during the 2013 shutdown just as an example we passed five bills 13 resolutions appointed
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conferees and the budget resolution and confirming that nominees during the last government shutdown. they want to hold everything hostage? everything? for inconsistency. they were for those physical barriers before they were against it so look until the democratic colleagues agree about the work and they agreed to get back to work the senate cannot make much progress.
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they have not pressed the pot is button on the syrian civil war simply because it does not suit the political strategy thisr week enemies have not stopped either and until democrats prioritize ahead of political spite the border will not be secured and the federal government will remain partially closed. i cannot urge my democratic colleagues more strongly to get past this purely partisan spite and to negotiate a fair solution and to reopen all of the federal government. >> last night president