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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Senate Democrats seek vote on spending bills Mc Connell objects  CSPAN  January 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:32pm EST

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not, democratic leader. mr. schumer: madam president, now, today is the 20th day of the trump shutdown. tomorrow it will tie the record for the longest shutdown in american history, and 800,000 federal workers will miss a paycheck. t.s.a. agents and border patrol, air traffic controllers, and food safety inspectors, veterans' affairs staffers and fema aides and more. many federal employees, particularly the g.s. threes and fours and fives live paycheck to paycheck.
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who is going to make the next mortgage for them? who is going to put the food on the table? what on earth do these employees and their agencies have to do with disagreements here over security down on our southern border? the president is treating these the president is treating these . >> pause in political gambit to extract $5 billion from american taxpayers to fund a border wall that he promised mexico would pay for. this is ridiculous and it's cruel and it needs to end now. right now. the democratic position is very simple. that separate our disagreements over border security from the governmentsh shutdown. reopen t all the government agencies and let's continue to resolve our differences. do not hold all of these
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workers as hostages or as pawn or as leverages. that is why democrats have passed through the house, house, legislation to reopen government that was drafted and supported by senate republicans. we democrats are not trying to push down their throat that they cannot swallow. for the bills in this package passed the senate 92 / six the other two came through committee and they passed 31 / 030 /1. one. there is nothing contained in the legislation that senate republicans oppose. why are we voting on them? because leader mcconnell is
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hiding behind president trump to say he will not bring to the floor a bill to reopen the government unless the president has the okay. now the last three weeks we try to get the president we have gone around and around with the white house with no progress congressional leaders have now been to the white house three separate times for negotiations and each time the president is uncompromising and refuses to back down from position that the price to reopen the government's $5 billion of taxpayer money for a wall that he mic promised mexico would pay for. on multiple occasions he has refused our request to open unrelated parts of the government and to continue negotiations on border security revealing he is holding the american people hostage ass leverage.
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and in his words he seems to be proud. t after only a short time in yesterday's meeting the president gotid up and said bye-bye and left. does that sound like somebody who is working to solve the impasse? allies pointed out he passed out candy to start the meeting. with alle due respect president trump, we don't need candy. federal workers need their paychecks. congress, the senate in particular can no longer wait for this president we give it a good faith effort and staffers worked over the weekend, speaker pelosi and i have gone over whenever asked but the president is simply not budging. a few weeks back, we all thought the president t realizing he doesn't control
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the house, would come around to support a compromise before hundreds of thousands of federal workers would miss there paycheck but clearly that was we need an intervention and leader mcconnell and senate republicans have a responsibility not simply tohe wait for the president but to intervene. leader mcconnell has voted for every single one of those appropriation bills democrats passed through the house. all six of them in committee. and four of ite them on the flor because two of them did not get to the floor. there is nothing he or his party truly opposes in this legislation they are refusing to vote because the president has bullied them into hostagetaking gambit. i know that's not where most of my friends want to be on the other side i don't believe that's where my friend leader mcconnell wants to be. just listen to leader
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mcconnell last year. "while i'm in favor of border security there is some places along the border where a wall is probably not the best way to secure the border. and in 2014. remember me? i'm the guy that gets us out of shutdowns. it's a failed policy. fast-forward to today and leader mcconnell "the guy who gets us out of shutdowns is 80 and abetting the blockade against reopening the government over a policy he does not fully support. in a moment my friend will give the senate a chance to do the right thing by asking the chamber to vote on the six appropriation bills already supported by senate republicans and a short term continuing resolution for homeland securit security.
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frankly even if president trump doesn't support this legislation, his intransigence has been forced on america, we need to move forward leader mcconnell to allow the flow to happen. i yield to the senator from maryland. >> matter president - - madam president. as the leader pointed out, out, 800,000 federal workers are missing there paycheck. for this reason the senator and i representing maryland and warner and virginia have made the point what this will mean for families in our community. this shutdown is outrageous and dangerous cause by
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president trump workers will not be receiving a paycheck and will be at risk. our whole country is at risk i will just put this into perspective. at&t apple lockheed martin exxonle mobil lay off the entire workforce at one time. that is the impact we have now with workers not receiving there paycheck. the chair of the white house counsel economic advisers points out one.2 billion dollar per week it on the economy and america is being held hostage by president trump held hostage over his desire to have a wall built. it's not about border security we have appropriated funds for border security and we are prepared to continue to protect our borders. this is about president trump and his wall. we should open government and
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work together for the american people. madam president there are appropriation bills that have not yetn. been passed and six of those have no controversy and they have nothing to do with wall.rder they have nothing to do with homeland security these are six appropriation bills that this body has already acted on one way or another they include financial services and agriculture, interior and environment, transportation. those for appropriation bills passed this body by a vote 92 / six then state and foreign operations passed unanimously and commerce that passes by a vote 30 / one. these 36 appropriation bills have already been acted on under republican leadership in
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a bipartisan manner in this body. that is exactly what hr 21 does pending before the body to incorporate. it is not aa democratic effort but to reaffirm what this body has already done to allow these appropriation bills to pass and for those workers in those agencies to be fully operable without the hostage taking by the president of the united states. i ask unanimous consent that the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of calendar number five hr 21 making appropriations for fiscal year ending september 30h 2019. that the bill be considered read a third time with the motion to read a third time with no intervening action or debate.
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> is their objection crack. >> there is a lot of important business in the senate we typically have done that during these government shutdowns but the last thing we need to do right now is create absolutely pointless show votes back and forth across the aisle. just a few days ago, very recently before the latest shift of the politics my good friend the democratic leader agreed with me on this and in fact, made an explicit commitment to several members oner this very point here on the floor and we agreed we would not raise the show votes related to government funding until an agreement was reached to pass the house and senate in which the president could sign.
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this is how the democratic leader himself said this with his position very recently in order for an agreement to be reached they all must sign off and the president must endorse it to say he will sign it and most important in the president must publicly support and say he will sign an agreement before he gets a vote in either chamber. asus a democratic leader just recently said. so i intend to keep my word. yesterday the white house made clear the president opposes piecemeal appropriations over border security so obviously that will not come off. so this proposal flaunts t the democratic leaders from a few days ago.
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so the political stunts will not get us anywhere. senate democrats should stop blocking the senate from taking up other urgent matters like the pending bill concerning israel and the the senate hasn't been shut down. so that's what we ought to be doing and actually at the same time to negotiate with the president on border security because nothing else will get a solution. therefore i object. . >> objection is heard. >> madden president just very briefly i'm extremely disappointed i can assure you that majority leader this is not a show boat yit with 800,000 federal workers denied there paycheck. the last time i checked the constitution we are a coequal branch of government and we should act as a coequal branch and pass legislation
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overwhelmingly supportive by this body.: smith and colleagues on the democratic side of the aisle, apparently the pledge to oppose proceedings of other important bills during the government shutdown even though there is no precedent all but for yesterday voted against the motion to proceed to s1 and i am assuming it will happen again this afternoon. the bill that prevents us has wide bipartisan support it is a critical step to support the allies of the middle east to secure peace in syria and many americans who were intense on the israel issues to understand why this important legislation is stymied over a
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dispute over something entirely different. so through the chair i would ask if this blockade against business on the floor is absolute. . >> i may return the question to the majority leader whether his objections to reopening the government with action we have already taken previously is absolute. i can assure the majority leader that it is my commitment to our federal workers and our country that the first order of business should be the reopening ofer government. there is other important issues we need to do that i strongly support and i quite frankly do not understand the majority leader's position as e owhy he would deny a vote to reopen government that has
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passed unanimously in the past. >> i will repeat the question in a minute but the answer is because this will not produce a result. it has been perfectly clear the only way to produce this result is for the president and the speaker of the house and the minority leader to agree because we need votes from democrats both of the senate and the house in order to pass a measure the president will sign that my question from the senator from maryland is this blockade against business on the floor absolute? . >> madden president i repeat my rebuttal to the distinguished majority leader if his objections are resolute.
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we pass the bill that will have unanimous consent that has been passed unanimously by this body for these appropriations. the last time i checked the constitution that is enough for the override. i don't think anything has changed. they have nothing to do, zero to do, with homelandal security. zero. so why does of those distinguished majority leader as a coequal branch of government allow us to speak on behalf of our responsibilitieson? let us take our action right now today at this very moment and passed six appropriation bills where there is no controversy whatsoever in this body. >> as i have said repeatedly the president has made it clear he will not signry it. i will try one more time.
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. >> doesot the senator intend to vote against other members - - measures here in the government shutdown? . >> madden president my first noorder of priority right now is to reopen government. it is outrageous that government is closed. people's lives are affected every minute i just heard a layoff of 180 jobs in my state because the department of agriculture is closed we have an important economic development program from what is being delayed to me that is something we can get done right now in the senator to reopen government in a responsible manner and i am disappointed the majority leader to pass six
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appropriation bills so why are we holding up the six bills for the central debate argument? and doesn't have the support in the senate that should be our first order of business. >> the senator is unwilling to answer my question and the assumption would be to the far pro- israel community in america that we all interact with withhe issues, the senator says he could well vote to proceed to something else but not vote to proceed to these important israel bills or syriaod want to make sure everybody understands you
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refusing to answer the question if it's blockade against other business to do everything? or just the pro- israel bills so i think your refusal gives the answer to our colleagues i will anticipate the democrats will try to get votes here on the other matter but not just not the israel or syria issue. >> i will express my views i don't need the majority leader to say how i will vote on future issues my top priority right now is to reopen thet, governmenty i am very disappointed that majority leader will not allow us to act as a coequal branch. >> i would just say three words to my friend the majority leader open the government.
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it is in your hands. i yield the floor. >> madden president i ask unanimous consent through the chair i have a question i'm sorry he has a consent agreemen agreement. >> madden president i think we all know the constitution of the united states under article one says the senate and the house of the united states are separate and coequal branches of government and we are now seeing more and more americans hurt every day losing access to services we just a saw the fda has stopped routine food safety inspections and the epa has
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halted one of the most important health activities 800,000 federal employees are not getting paid hundreds of thousands are going to work every day including protecting our border not getting paid hundreds of thousands more are being locked out there is a maryland mom who just had to go on the internet to set up a go find me a count to help pay the son's tuition because they are on a monthly installment plan. i talked to the head of a community college in maryland the other day the first thing she told me the phone was ringing off the hook all morning because the parents of
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the students cannot make their monthly installment payments. hundreds of thousands of federal employees are one paycheck away from not being able to pay their mortgage or rent and tomorrow hundreds of thousands will not get a paycheck so to the majority leader, i will say we should not be contracting out our constitutional responsibilities to any president especially one that he saysown he has vowed to shut down the government and that is nothing to be proud of to put 800,000 people without a paycheck none of us should be proud of that we should not be contracting out our to the president of the united states we should vote on the measures we have already voted for senator cardin asked us to vote on this it has been
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supported in various ways by bipartisan majority in the united states senate. i have in my hand on the senate calendar resolution one it is identical withth respect to the department of homeland security andd the measure that this senate passed a few weeks ago let's reopen the department of homeland security i recall that was the majority leader's legislation and we passed it overwhelmingly on a bipartisan vote in a house one week ago pass this bill to open the department of homeland security as we issue - - discuss the issue border security of course, we need secure borders. that is no issue but over the
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most effective and smartest way to accomplish that. so now the bill is back in our possession, on the calendar and the question is why are our colleagues refusing to allow a vote on the very bill they proposed a few weeks ago? how can you justify to the american people will not vote on what you proposed as a first order of business here in the senate? when losing public safety protections? so madam president i ask unanimous consent of the senate proceed to the immediate consideration of calendar number six making further appropriations for the department of homeland security in a further asked the joint resolutionir be considered read a third time and pass the motion to reconsider be considered made
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and laid upon the table with no intervening action or debate. . >>. >> there are two things going on here. first the government can only be solved with the presidential signature in support of the speaker of the house and with those qualities thereon has to be an agreement. but as far as my research can discover the sun itself is shut down because our colleagues with the refusal to do business here in the senate
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therewe is no reason for that. and the bill they are refusing relates to israel, our great friend israel and the atrocities having a hard time understanding why the senate should be shut down this looks pretty good and i don't know why we cannot process bills the vast majority of us support. i helped to pass all of these bills at the end of last session so we are unable to do
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it but the vast majority of members in the senate so no matter how you view the government shutdown there is no real significant reason to shut down the senate. i yield theat floor. >> a we are not shut down. we are all here i would say to the majority leader that right now, no one is there. they are shut down. they cannot do the work of the american t people why the fda is no longer doing food inspections on seafood. or too have major polluters protect public health we went our first order of business
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nothing to do with a wall or border security. the epa work has nothing to do with a wall. fda and food inspection so pass the measures that have already been agreed to at the levels through the end of the fiscal year with the department of homeland security to do exactly what the majority leader proposed a few weeks ago. so we can work with the president. he walked out but we would like to work with him to resolve that. but we want to focus on oemergent business to reopen the federal government and provide the government with the services that they paid
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for to make sure the federal employees don't go without paychecks and your phones will be ringing off the hook tomorrow as federal employees begin to miss the first paycheck. i will tell you gs to ngs three is one paycheck away. small businesses all over the country those the contract with the federal government are being squeezed. in the state of merit one - - maryland one had to lay off 173 people yesterday and the federal contractor employees they are shut out. this is having an increasingly effect every day on people on
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the country and to vote on bills he already voted for on a bipartisanul basis. we should not be accomplices to the shut down the president said he would be proud of. we should say we are proud to cast our first vote as the house did to reopen the federal government to get people back to work. . >>