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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer on Russia Sanctions  CSPAN  January 15, 2019 7:23pm-7:28pm EST

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the fight with the american people that every day he is losing. the gallup pollt today at a near record low of 37 percent of popularity. even his base is losing faith you will not win this fight every day that it drags on you are less popular every day people blame you and the republicans not the democrats.bu you will not win the fight maybe you are in your own bubble that you are not winning the fight. we certainly know that. and then on russia sanctions, later this afternoon the senate will move to consider a o motion to proceed to a resolution of disapproval on the treasury departments to relax sanctions on own and control the case against the treasury department proposal is strong
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and fails to sufficiently limit those companies to reduce ownership at 25 percent many us companies are heavily ainfluenced by an owner that controls much less than a 45 percent share why did they reduce that at ten or 15? treasuries plan also allows for the russian shareholders with family and businesses to retain shareholder interest his ex-wife and father-in-law control 7 percent of the company with total control. so treasury does not come close to going far t enough. beyond the weak terms of the deal the senate must consider zee deep ties to president putin and organized crime and mister paul manafort subject to the special counsel investigation. it is deeply suspect the trump administration would impose
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for thes relief companies before the special counsel finished his work. we should not allow any sanction relief to the trusted agentsr or the companies they control before the conclusion of the investigation. icfinally and maybe the most serious of all a foreign policy issue is at stake as putin's government one of the largest banks of the russian economy has a direct interest in sanction relief for those companies why is the trump administration proposing sanctions relief when president putin has not yet made any move to curtail or constrain his activities around the globe? this morning my friend from kentucky call this a political stunt and a farce after all putin has done this is a stunt and a farce? then why are we doing it now?
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because the underlying resolution has a 30 day alarm clock democrats are not forcing this vote but the law is. democrats are not the ones that decided to elect sanctions on putin's cronies just before the christmas holiday hoping nobody would notice. that was the trump administrationhy v. leader mcconnell wants to know why we are voting on russia sanctions this afternoon? go talk to the white house. so allow me to appeal directly to my republican colleagues were every view on this issue there is enough questions we should vote with a motion to proceed so it is important to debate that putin is laughing at the damage he does to america and in the past one of the finer moments of this senate leader mcconnell talks about to join in a bipartisan
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way to impose sanctions on russia. we should not relax that view or that vigilance. the details are complex the american people should have a real understanding of the facts before voting and if that debate is allowed to proceed i believe my senate colleagues will see the benefits of keeping the current sanctions in place i noticed the absence of a quorum. >> democrats continue to talk r about the need to fully reopen the government and i could not agree with them or. it's time to end the partial shutdown to get the government fully operating again. but there is at problem. they may talk about the need to reopen the government but they are not willing to do the work that is required to get the government open. matter president in a divided government negotiation and compromise are essential. to get something done in a divided government you have to compromise. but that's not something the deat