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Charles Schumer
  Senate Democratic Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  January 15, 2019 8:14pm-8:34pm EST

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>> i have not been following every utterance of congressman king and it may surprise you but i followed this one. i think the house republicans conference did the right thing. thank you. >> i would say that there have been comments in the past and i have pushed back against those comments and will not support them. i rebuked him heavily with the latest absolute disgusting comments. they can continue and we will not be a nation divided. we have got to come together and we cannot tolerate that type of rhetoric. >> [inaudible] >> he's elected or presented it from the fourth district and i trust that the folks from iowa in the fourth district will make the correct choice moving forward.
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>> good afternoon, everybody. i want to thank senators durbin and marie and debbie now for joining us. as a trump shutdown drags on more and more americans are getting hurt and public servants have been working without pay and critical agencies are unable to perform their functions and inspecting the food supply in protecting our air force and prisons and preparing tax refunds and helping farmers and small businesses get loans. earlier today senators van hollen mccartin, warner sorry, van hollen, cardin, warner and kane wrote to the president urging him to meet with average federal workers who are being
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hurt by the trump shutdown. president said he talked to the federal workers we never seen him talking to anyone with the exception of two people who always appear on fox news because their head of the border patrol unit. i agree with my colleagues from virginia and maryland. let the president see the pain the trump shutdown is causing. he benefit from listening to their stories of federal civil servants and we are working without pay and locked out of their jobs. maybe then president trump will understand the damage he is causing by holding these people hostage until he gets what he wants. meanwhile, leader mcconnell, senate republicans are hiding in the shadows as if they have some kind of aversion to doing their job when it involves even the slightest break with the president. leader mcconnell and senate republicans seem more concerned at not offending donald trump that helping the american families. i have three words -- open the
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government. open the government. you can do it in a minute. then we can debate border security. that is the responsible position and it's the position. >> and people want. the overwhelming majority of americans support our position in here is the amazing thing. 39% of republicans supported the democratic position. don't shut down the government. forget the wall but open the government and debate the wall. 40% of republicans and that's a rare moment. many more support the wall. but the number of even republicans who support shutting down the government and the means to get in the wall is shrinking. that is what the president will learn. he is losing the american people and his numbers are lower than they been in a very, very long time. he is not winning the fight.
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he ought to end the pain, open the government and let us debate border security which each of us want in different ways and that is the american process. one other point, russian extensions. soon the senate will move to consider a motion to proceed on a resolution of disapproval on the treasury department proposal to relax sanctions on the three companies owned by russian oligarch. the case against the treasury department proposal is strong and to go from 70%-45%, who are you kidding? when you have 45% of the company you basically control it and making it work another 7% is owned by his in-laws and former in-laws and he is divorced and then another 10% is owned by banks that he has a lot of say with. this is a sham. it's a sham to do a favor, not
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only to -- but to putin and at the time when it's becoming public how deep his ties are to putin and organized crime but also paul manafort to do this would be a disgrace. and to do this and to let these sanctions go forward would say we are not protecting american interests against vladimir putin, who we know who wants to weaken us in every way he can. i deeply suspect that the trump administration -- it is deeply suspect that the trump administration would propose sanctions for oleg deripaska before the special counsel finished his work. finally, and most seriously of all, foreign policy issue here. president putin's government and
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one of the largest russian banks in the russian economy have a direct interest in it sanctions for oleg deripaska companies. why would we vote to elect sanctions on three essential russian companies when putin has not stopped or curtailed his malign activity? this is a kiss up to putin. it's wrong at any time and even more wrong now. i close by urging my republican colleagues whatever your view on the issue is there's enough questions that at least we should go forward and debate and if the republicans are ashamed, scared to even debate something as rudimentary as this, shame on them. shame on them. senator durbin. >> thank you, senator schumer. i believe the solution to the government shutdown is obvious. it is time to open the government and the first person or persons to can convince as
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president have to be his own republicans in the senate. when they step up and say to senator mcconnell we have a role to play in a constitutional responsibility we want to move forward in reopening the government this conversation changes instantly. until then, senator mcconnell as i just heard them say standing at the same microphone he will wait for his instructions from the president. his instructions were included in the constitution that he swore to uphold and defend and his instructions were to be the senate as a separate branch of government and i hope enough democrats and publicans can come together, past the spending bill, send them to the president and if necessary override the veto. one of the powers of the united states constitution given to the senate. i like to say a word about steven king. few years ago when he made these outrageous comments about dreamers i decided to go to his district in iowa and hold a town meeting.
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i wanted to see who showed up. hundreds of people came out to the town meeting we talked about immigration. turns out the people of iowa disagree heartily in terms of the statements he's been making over the years. maybe he crossed the bridge finally but brought many of the republicans forward for the first time but i'm glad they realized that these voices of hatred have no place in either political party and i want to say a word of commendation to my colleague, tim scott. article he wrote was a reminder that there has to be common ground we all seek and trying to bring the station back together and i think him for his leadership in putting out the fact that congressman king crossed that line. >> senator murray. >> as you all know were 25 days into this completely unnecessary and absolutely absurd trump shutdown. twenty-five days of workers not knowing where their next paycheck will come, 25 days of families gathered around the kitchen table trying to figure out which bills to pay and which
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to let slide. twenty-five days of trash piling up in our national parks, lines at airports, small business owners who are waiting for their phones to come through, 25 days of chaos and dysfunction caused by this trump shutdown of people across country are paying attention and they want it to end. democrats are united in our position could not be clearer and it cannot be stronger. we are on the side of anyone who thanks government should not spiral into chaos just because a president has a temper tantrum. democrats are on the side of anyone who thanks they can have a debate about border security and it is important and even about whether president trump should ask american taxpayers to pay for that while he promised mexico would pay for. but we can have that debate without hurting millions of workers and families. we are on the side of opening
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our government and ending the spanish without condition or demand. now it is up to president trump to do the right thing and if you will not do that and he says no and it's committed to hurting people and playing this political game it is up to senate republicans to stand with us and send them a bill to reopen the government and end this absurd shutdown. i was deeply disappointed this morning when leader mcconnell once again blocked her effort to pass a bill that would do just that. this comes in i would add weeks after the senate unanimously passed a bill to keep government open without funding for president trump's wall and after the house made it clear it would pass and send it to the president. if president trump chooses to veto it and truly want to keep government shutdown he will own it. but the senate should stand up to constituents and do the right thing and leader mcconnell should stop standing in our way.
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democrats will keep fighting to do just that and will keep the pressure on and more and more people across country will pay attention and note what is happening you thank you. >> thank you. to stress what senator murray, 25 days. twenty-five days since the president shut government services and it's very clear there are two ways to move forward and one is he decides to value federal employees and services and to open the government and work with us in a sincere way on how we move forward on border security and our country. we are committed to doing that and welcome that debate and working together in the other way is for mitch mcconnell to take the power of congress and the power of the senate and put this on the floor a revote of what was passed unanimously in
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december and have the house pass it and if the president refuses to sign it we can do a veto override. that's the part of the constitutional concept and that's what should be used. our constituents every day -- when i was home on friday talking to a young woman who started a business in agriculture and she has a vineyard and she and her young families are the ones working the vineyard and ready now to actually open a small business, their winery, and they are wanting to do it by memorial day and now their plans been ruined because of the shutdown because they can't get the labels and paperwork and what they need from the usda to open up their business and they may not be able to have that business. that's her whole family they been involved in working to get going. she said we need the government
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to open we can run our business. that is not too much to ask. the president yesterday was in new orleans talking to the american farm bureau and from the reports in the paper many farmers were indicated to him what was happening for them. january is not a slow time in agriculture and it is when you plan for the next year when you are getting reports and going to your bank or and you're using the proposals and programs we just put in place to be able to get ready for the new year and they can't do that. the other thing i would say in terms of agriculture that became something very interesting to me when i was down in texas talking to farmers along the rio grande and the border in texas and other areas are ranchers. they are farmers who do not want the government to confiscate their property and their land and some have already gone to court and others will. this idea that there is support for government to confiscate land and blocking people from
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having their cattle get to the river so they lose their ranching operations is certainly something that is true and there is not support for that. let me just say that in meeting with tsa officers that so many of my colleagues have last friday as well they are desperately hurting and they are looking to us in doing their job and everyone insecurity and air traffic control and tsa officers and government border control and they are looking to their president and their congress to get this thing done so they can be valued and paid for the service they provide our count country. >> thank you. my colleagues, questions. >> [inaudible] >> i will meet with him anytime he wants. plus i spoke with him was when
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he walked out. through a temper tantrum and walked out. we have not heard from him since then. >> [inaudible] >> he smiled and turned over. [inaudible] >> [inaudible] >> not at all. leader pelosi and i work very closely together and obviously she has a majority in the house and we have to work together but we speak four or five times a day. yes. >> the national polls that these are the triggers to bring people to the table and the president does not seem affected by those in any way? [inaudible]
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>> i think the president likes to look at just the space but if you look at the -- he's losing some pieces of his face. not on the wall but on shutting down the government for the wall. i think it's only affecting our republican colleagues in the senate. >> your junior colleagues from new york is running for president and is one of four women in the senate and i'm curious would you support her run and what you make of the fact the yosemite colleagues of both genders and ultimately maybe more women were running for president? >> two things. first, i worked very wellin closely with senator angela brandt but not mixing in the presidential political game right now. second, i think it's great a lot of people are running in particular the great a lot of women are running. our leadership has six women, five men in the senate. extremely capable people and i
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have said to every candidate who is asked me let 1000 flowers bloom. let's get a lot of people out there and see who the best candidate to beat donald trump's. i don't know who that is renowned. >> [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i am cosponsor and i supported it all along. >> [inaudible] >> the american people are overwhelmingly on our side and a good number of the publicans and movement is in the right direction. >> [inaudible]
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>> here's a look at our live coverage wednesday. on c-span the house returns for legislative business. on the agenda is a bill providing additional aid to area affected by natural disasters in 2018. on c-span2 the senate is back at 10:00 a.m. eastern to resume debate on a resolution on the trump administration plan to lift sanctions against three russian companies. a vote to limit debate and advance the measure is set for 12:30. on c-span3 the senate judiciary committee me for a second day to commit the nomination of william barr to be the next attorney general. that gets underway at 9:30 a.m. eastern. >> i am working to ensure the deal has been negotiated to the uk government with the european union and voted positively by
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this parliament. it is a good deal and does what it wants and protects job security and delivers in full on the referendum result which is a key issue that i believe we owe to people to deliver what they want which is control of money and laws. that is what the deal that. >> tonight the british house of commons both on brexit. watch coverage on these been to and 9:00 p.m. eastern and wednesday morning watch live coverage of prime minister question time at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span2. >> c-span where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television company and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court,