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Charles Schumer
  U.S. Senate Sen. Schumer on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 16, 2019 12:19am-12:25am EST

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the democratic leader is filibustering but a partisan motion on an unrelated form policy issue? i didn't see that come to the floor for a vote like i said at least we know the score. t here is my commitment to israel and jordan in the syrian people. i will continue to force these tactics into the light of day. democrats may vote a fourth or fifth time to filibuster these bipartisan bills even as they turn toward other business. but republicans will notme abandon the need for leadershipip in the world.
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>> madam president as the shutdown drags on more americans are being hurt and public servants are working without pay and cannot perform the functions they are supposed to for the american people whether food supply or airports or prisons and farmers and small businesses get loans. we are approaching tax season with the irs under severe limitation. when the ridiculous manufactured crisis come to an end? i have three words. president trump and leader mcconnell, open the government we can debate border security we have debated it for a month and a half we have not come to a conclusion. open the government we can debate border security is the
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government is open. we have offered the president several ways to uncouple from a government shutdown the president has been obstinate insisting on five.7 billion-dollar wall he promised that mexico would pay for it. the few times his deputy vice president chief of staff have made a proposal the president contradicted soon after and just yesterday he flatly refused to consider a proposal from his close ally in the senate, senator graham toe open temporarily to debate border security but sadly neither republicans in congress nor the president's own staff will not tell him what the president already knows he does not have the house votes
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for his wall the reason we couldn't make progress is president trump is not yet interested in making progress. there's only one person i can help them make break the gridlock essentially giving him a veto to the floor of the senate putting him in a ridiculous position of refusing to consider legislation to reopen the government that every senate republican has voted for an legislation that leader mcconnell has proudly voted for that they favor by a two / one margin including republicans american people suffering the dire consequences of the shutdown can no longer afford to wait for the president he must be shown the will of the congress that i believe that leader mcconnellss were to pass the house bills on the floor they
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would have a vetoproof majority. i appeal to leader mcconnell do what is right for the country and hundreds of thousands of federal employees laboring without play one - - without pay. president trump may not care about the harm he's doing to all these people that republican senators including leader mcconnell should. a few yearsea ago leader mcconnell remarked remember me? i'm the guy that gets usus out of shutdowns so now is the time leader mcconnell so allow a vote on legislation to reopen the government in a short time a few of my democratic colleagues will assess and for that chance leader mcconnell helpua us fix will they join us flex?
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he thinks he will win the fight but every day he is losing. the gallup poll today has a meta- near record low of 37 percent popularity even some of his base is losing faithh every day it drags on you are less popular people blame you and the republicans you are not winning the fight. everyone knows that and we certainly do. . >> madam president democrats continue the need to fully reopen the government and i cannot agree with them