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tv   U.S. Senate Democratic Senators on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 16, 2019 7:15pm-8:08pm EST

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america from his failures. it is clear president trump will not do the right right thing on his own so it's time for senate republicans to step up. yesterday democrats asked unanimous consent to take up two bills to get the government back open. it has bipartisan support including four bills that passed the republican control senate 9. in a continuing resolution for the homeland security departme department. even though virtually every republican has voted the republican leader objected to going forward. if they continue to object, the shutdown is as much on them as it is the president. we have bipartisan bills before us that could reopen the government. we could vote on them today. they passed the vetoproof margins. leader mcconnell, bring up these
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bills. let's vote to run this national nightmare. i yield the floor. >> thank you. i come to the fore today with a number of my colleagues on this 26th day of this deeply damaging and completely unnecessary trump shutdown. we are here today to lift up the voices and stories of the people who are being hurt by president trump and his senate republican allies. to once again call on republican leaders in the senate to finally allow a vote and work with us to end this manufactured crisis. while president trump is very focused on his political gain. actual people, their families, their communities are paying the price. people we represent, moms, dads, workers, small business owners,
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people who did not do anything wrong you just want to do their jobs, serve their communities, all of them have been pulled into the chaos and dysfunction and it needs to end. i am very proud to kick off another effort here in the senate by those who want to make sure president trump and senate republican leaders don't forget who this is about and understand who is being impacted by their refusal to act. i start with the home state of washington where there are nearly 13000 workers caught up in the shutdown. lauren, or furloughed employee who shared her story through my website. she told me she supports her family with one income. now, that paycheck has been frozen. she has been losing sleep trying to figure out how to cut her expenses and pay her bills since
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the federal government is not paying her. i heard from adam who is buying his first home with his fiancée. what should be an exciting time is filled with unnecessary stress because federal loans through usda and fha are held up. as if close lien on a home is it stressful enough, they don't know when or if alone will come through. as adam described to me, homebuyers are caught in the middle and that is just wrong. madam president, one federal employee i met with is a scientist at one of the impacted agencies. he told me about the stress he and his family have endured since the start of the shutdown having to cover their child care expenses and mortgage while not being paid. it totals up to $1700 each month.
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right now he can tap into the emergency fund to make ends meet. he does not think they can hang on much longer. i'm not the only one hearing from people about how the on necessary trump shutdown is impacting their life. these stories are everywhere. earlier this week the wife of a furloughed tsa and employee with a furloughed daughter talked about how this has thrown her family into an economic tailspin. their living off the money she makes from babysitting. and with the help from her retired father who is taking a minimum wage job to help with finances. she worries how they will make it. this is a small number of stories coming out of my state and from around the country about how president trump's reckless government shutdown is hurting real people. their people in every state in the country, there's people on
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every side of the border debate, there people who heard president trump say he would be proud to shut down the government. there people who do not understand why they are being asked to bear the burden to pay the price because president trump and republican leaders have boxed themselves into a political corner. there are people who are getting angrier, more desperate with every day that goes by and who are going to make their voices heard we are fighting by their sides to end the shutdown. madam president. i'm going to keep making sure they have a voice in the senate. i'm proud to be with a number of my colleagues today. we are going to lift up their stories until president trump agreed to in this crisis that they started.
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>> we are now 26 days into the longest government shut down in american history. 800,000 workers are going without pay. half of them are working anyway. let's be very clear about how we got into this mess. the senate, the united states senate unanimously passed a bill to open the government right before the holidays. the vote was 100 - zero. there was such jubilance on this floor that literally, members of the united states senate were singing christmas carols. yet, two weeks ago the house passed a bill to reopen the government doing its job. they sent six bills to the united states senate. this body needs to hold a vote
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on that legislation and send it to the president. and ask him to sign it. the real obstacle to ending the shutdown is in the white house. the president is holding the american people hostage over vanity project on the southern border. and peddling propaganda to distract from a crisis of his own making. the president has said quote most of the workers not getting paid are democrats. as if that's true or if that should matter. he had said that many of the people that we are talking about agree with what were doing. it has been said that the workers have said stay out until you get the funding for the wall. that is contrary to what we have been hearing it when i have been hearing. last week i heard from tricia. trish and her husband are both
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air traffic controllers with nearly 40 years of federal service combined. her husband served in the navy. he now has to work long hours of overtime to compensate for the workers absent because they have been furloughed. he's not being paid. trish's job was deemed not essential. she is also not being paid. neither parent in this family is being paid. they have three young children. this is on top of the fact that trish and her family have already injured hardship these past few months as victims of the thomas fire. as she wrote me, on december 5 last year our home was completely destroyed in the thomas fire and we used every resource available to work towards rebuilding our home. while their home is being rebuilt, their family moved into
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a rental home and are currently evacuated from the rental home due to the flood and mudslide risks is currently an issue in california. tricia said, we have small children that we are most concerned about with the uncertainty of our careers as federal employees in the incredibly long road ahead rebuilding our home, most importantly, our livelihood. we will continue to stand with our brothers and sisters and ensuring the safety of the national airspace system. but, without support staff working it is a daunting task. trisha's message is one of nearly 20000 phone calls, e-mails and letters my office has received since the shutdown started 26 days ago. all pleading to reopen the united states government.
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there are two of the 42300 workers currently furloughed in california. i don't know which are democrats or republicans, and it doesn't matter. what matters is the people being hurt in the critical government functions going on done. the tsa agents who protect our flights in the air traffic controllers will help plant our planes. they are park rangers and fbi agents and coast guard members. the inspector food and provide loans to farmers. they conduct lifesaving research. right now they are being told to pay their bills by babysitting or selling their belongings on craigslist. madam president, these americans need their government to do their job. they do not need a wall, they need a paycheck.
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congress is a coequal branch of government. we do not need a permission slip before we can vote on a bill. on behalf of tricia and hundreds of thousands of americans like her. let's take up the legislation already approved. let's send it to the president and let's end this.the shutdown as soon as possible, right away, now. i yield back my time. >> i want to thank senator murray and senator harrison my colleagues on the floor to.out that we are now in day 26 of this outrageous and dangerous partial shutdown that was totally avoidable caused by one person, president trump and now assisted by the republican leadership in this body by not
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allowing the united states senate, the coequal branch of government to take up legislation that would reopen government that has previously passed this body and would clearly pass on a vote if the majority leader would allow a vote. we could then open government. the unanimous consent request that i offered yesterday with senator dan holland it would allow the appropriation bill that have nothing to do with this dispute by the president to be fully functional and then having a continuing resolution for the department of homeland security. we can work as we should to do with border security and immigration. the majority leader objected to the senate taking up that legislation in the shutdown continues. 800,000 plus of our citizens who work for the federal government
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are being denied the ability to get a paycheck for the work they are doing, or being furloughed without pay. in each of those cases there is hardship and having impact. it goes well beyond the 800,000. their businesses in baltimore that are wondering if they can keep their doors open because they depend on federal workers coming in and using their services. whether it's a laundry, clean or restaurant or supply store, they know their sales depend on people having checks to pay their bills. the federal workforce does not. it is affecting secondary employment. about those who depend upon the contract service. there are many individual stories. senator van holland and i have traveled and heard accounts of
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one person who was supposed to close on a new home. their first home. they won't be able to do that because they don't have a paycheck that shows wages necessary to support the mortgage. their most recent paycheck is zero. we heard from persons in my office and another who is an air traffic controller and whose husband is an air traffic controller. one needs a medical procedure and will be able to move forward because they don't have the out-of-pocket costs necessary to pay for that. the list goes on of individual hardships. people wondering if their credit scores will be affected which could it affect their employment because they'll be late with their mortgage payment. that's assuming they get a paycheck in the next couple of months. their house could be foreclosed. i could put a face on each one.
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the let me just share an account by lamar who is the lead officer at the airport. i was there earlier this week meeting with government workers that are keeping our airports and air traffic say. these are dedicated people who are working without pay. he came forward because a reporter asked if we could give an individual hardships that i've actually confronted. he explained that he has a 10-year-old daughter who he describes as his heart and pride and joy. he had to take her out of cheerleading because he cannot pay for it while he works without receiving a paycheck. then he said what hits us all. he said and am quoting, he said it may not seem like the end of
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the world, but to a 10-year-old, it's pretty close. these are the circumstances were putting our fellow citizens and there was a worker for low without pay. it makes no sense at all. it's past time that we should not have had the shutdown. we can end it now by the senate carrying out its constitutional responsibility as a coequal branch of government. let's vote on legislation to reopen government. let's do it were responsible to do and and the shutdown. i yield the floor. [silence]
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>> madam president. >> senator from wisconsin. madam president, i rise to address the trump shutdown and the real consequences that occur when 800,000 federal workers, including nearly 3000 wisconsin are for loader forced work without pay. the president said this week that his administration is setting records. it's true that he now holds the record for the longest government shut down in our nations history. every day it continues the trump shutdown is causing real pain for hard-working people in my state. i recently read the heartbreaking story of mallory. mallory lives in river falls, wisconsin. she works for the department of
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interior. on friday, mallory along with thousands of other federal workers did not receive a paycheck. mallory has type one diabetes. without her paycheck, she cannot afford her $300 co-pay to get the insulin she needs to manage her diabetes and stay a live. mallory is rationing the two vials of insulin she has left. her blood sugar ran to high-level last week. but she said she felt forced to ignore it. instead, she said, just went to bed and hoped i would wake up. think about that for a minute. because president trump and republicans in congress reef used to support bipartisan legislation to end the shutdown and reopen the government,
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mallory cannot afford the insulin she needs to live. the house has done their job and pass bipartisan legislation to end the shutdown. now, it is time for senate majority leader mcconnell to stop blocking a vote in the senate. so that we can from the government. we are at 26 days into the trump shutdown. such as hurting federal workers and contractors, it's also hurting small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the country. in wisconsin, we make things. cheese, broth, and yes, beer. milwaukee is often called brew city. thanks to the government shutdown, aircraft brewers across the state who cannot make yourself new beer. russ is the president of lakefront brewery in milwaukee. lakefront has been making beer in wisconsin for more than 30
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years. the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau of crews licenses for new beers and new breweries. as well as, labels for beers that are sent out-of-state. the agency is not currently serving craft brewers due to the trump shutdown. lakefront brewery has plans to introduce a brand-new beer in mid february. those plans on hold. the government shut down threatens to cut their beer sales and their ability to grow their business and economy. other breweries are impacted as well. the another company open their doors last november but they can't get approval to start making and selling their new beer until the government reopens.
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new beers on hold until we reopen the government. president trump the majority leader mcconnell, can and should in the shutdown today. they can ensure federal workers like mallory can get paid in small business owners like russ can keep growing businesses. we should vote in the senate today on house pass legislation and the president should sign it so we can finally in this useless shutdown that is preventing our country from moving forward. madam president, i yield the floor. >> senator from new hampshire. >> i join my colleague this morning they are enduring hardships because of the trump
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shutdown. it has been termed one of the longest government shut down in u.s. history i have a picture of andre andre and his wife maria and their three beautiful children. andre is an air traffic controller working at boston terminal radar in merrimack, new hampshire. sounds like it would be in boston, but it's a new hampshire where we have hundreds of air traffic controllers. andre works at the center for keeping the airway safe for passengers flying over the granite state. he also represents an talks to other air traffic controllers in the region. to hear what they have to say. what he's hearing right now regarding the shutdown he
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writes, air traffic controllers have remained on the job, dedicated to the safety of every flight. we don't know when we will receive our next paycheck. my colleagues and i have suffered a sudden loss of income due to the shutdown. it will be hard for me to meet my financial obligations. what i am most impressed with by the federal workers is their dedication to their jobs. all of the air traffic controllers who understand that the safety of the skies in the united states depends on them. they're experiencing hardships but they are there, doing everything they can to make sure the american public. we've heard other air traffic controllers in the area all calling and into the shutdown.
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controllers protecting our safety and working without pay. i want to read an excerpt from a letter i received. i think it so exemplifies where we are and how the american people are feeling about the shutdown. jamie says, dear senator shaheen, there are many stories to be told regarding the effects of the shutdown because of employees. the inability to take necessary time from work to care for our families these are but a few examples shared amongst us. there is something that tears at the very fabric of who we are. we take deep pride in serving our country. provide in the safest and most
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efficient traffic control system in the world. we do so with an unwavering sense of duty and a deep understanding of the trust bestowed on us by the american people. to be used as pawns in a political chess match not only disrespects us as federal employees, his first week in our democracy. a government that must hold hostage the livelihood of its citizens is the very definition of a failed democracy. sadly, that is what president donald trump is doing. he is holding hostage hundreds of thousands of federal workers and he is being enabled in the suffered by the republican leadership in the senate who are unwilling to bring the bills today. we could pass them today. now, these are just two examples that i think articulate the real impact the shutdown is having on
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many hard-working americans and families. i ask consent to a tribute to the record these letters i have received from air traffic controllers. >> without objection. >> now, i know every member of the senate has heard from constituents facing significant hardships as a result of the shutdown. i know every member wants the shutdown to end. unfortunately, president trump does not want the shutdown to end. the house has already passed appropriation bills to open government. their bills already had bipartisan support in the senate. i urge president trump, majority leader mcconnell and our colleagues to take up these bills to reopen the government. i believe we should reopen the
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government. let's do our jobs so rest of america can do their job. i yield the floor. >> the senator from washington. >> i ask unanimous consent that democrats control the time until 12:00 o'clock with senators permitted to speak for three minutes each and republicans control the time from 12 - 12:30. >> without objection. >> manor president. >> i rise to give voice to the more than 5000 federal employees across new jersey who are not getting paid to do president trump's pointless government shutdown. make no mistake, the shutdown is the result of a presidential temper tantrum. democrats who voted for border technology for more port of entry infrastructure and personnel a new drones to protect.
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if president trump is holding 800,000 workers hostage because he wants $5.7 billion for a border wall that he promised mexico would pay for. we long know that something is broken inside the president that makes him incapable of caring about anyone other than himself. clearly he does not see federal workers as real people with real bills to pay. people like emily of basking ridge, new jersey. emily has worked at the field office for eight years. she coordinates water quality in the midst of a major survey of the harbor. she assisted in emergency efforts to deliver clean drinking water to parker puerto rico. she said, took an oath of office. i want to get back to doing the important work the epa conducts and to continue to serve the
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great nation. i saved up to contribute to an ira and start saving for a down payment on a home. the funds will be used to help me pay rent and other bills pushing my financial and life goals further out of reach. i urge the president and congress to put us back to work so we can serve the american people. in recent days i heard from coast guard members, irs members and patriots who built their careers out of serving their fellow americans. their work is important and they deserve to be paid. if president trump wants to discuss border security and reform he should and the shutdown, reopen the government that has nothing to do with his desire border wall, release hostages and reopen the government. if he continues to bury his head in the sand is time for the senate to act. we would likely pass legislation
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to reopen with a vetoproof majority, if only the majority leader would hold a vote. let's do the right thing for federal employees like emily and that's and the shutdown, now. i yield the floor. >> madam president. >> on friday, the day that thousands of federal workers in nevada and across the country missed their first paycheck of the trump shutdown, i was in reno meeting with two dozen affected workers and families who work for our federal government. these hard-working nevadans who serve the american people in the united states coast guard the u.s. geological survey, the u.s. department of agriculture, and as government contractors told me about the struggles you're
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having. the fears and the consequences of the -- to hold them hostage. their whole lives had been thrown into chaos. he said without the promise of a paycheck they are struggling to pay their mortgage or rent keep up with their bills and put food on the table. summary been cashing out their savings while others take out high-interest loans. it's not just federal workers, entire families have had the rug pulled out from underneath them. while i was in reno i had the opportunity to meet breanna. she talked to me about her family. she's a stay-at-home mom. she has two beautiful daughters. her husband works in the coast guard. right now he is reporting to
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work without pay for the duration of the shutdown. breanna told me without their sole source of income that her family would struggle to make ends meet. she said their way in the decision to pull their oldest daughter out of school and to move in with her parents until the shutdown is over. madam president, that is outrageous. i cannot tell you how many letters and e-mails i have also received in the office. this is one from a veteran in reno. he said, i applaud you for standing up to trumpet not wasting taxpayer money on a stupid wall that he promised mexico would pay for. however, as a federal employee who is also a disabled vet, i ask that you support legislation to assure that we do not lose pay and benefits because of the shutdown. we are currently scheduled to receive a pay on december 31.
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after that we have no more checks coming until the shutdown is over. despite what others have said, any federal employees depend on the checks and face real economic impact when the government shuts down. we are tired of being demonized by the right as parasites and your credits. it's ridiculous the president wants to freeze our pay. the federal government is the largest employer of veterans. we continue supporting our country throughout our federal service. madam president, no family or individual in the united states of america should have their life abundant like this. we ask that the federal government reopen and that the majority leader bring the bill to the floor so we can reopen the government on behalf of federal workers not only here but across the country. >> i join my colleagues today
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and calling for a simple common sense solution to one of the most unnecessary and avoidable crises in recent history. the paralysis of agency, of essential governmental function is intolerable and unacceptable. it is shameful and embarrassing to every member of this body. but, it should be most shameful and piercing to the chief executive of the united states who is singularly responsible for it. by insisting on a wall and agreement to it as a condition reopening the government. president trump is single-handedly blocking
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progress towards providing the american people with the service and the essential public functions they need and deserve. the impact is on the consumer of those functions. we are all consumers we all fly, we depend on the air controllers and tsa. we all eat food and depend on inspections by the fda. we all consume drugs. so so the approval of certain medicines are vital to all of us. we all need and deserve the protection provided by the united states coast guard these brave men and women are receiving no pain. none. many of those 800,000 workers
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are going without pay are also working without pay. i have sponsored a measure that will enable them to avoid foreclosures and repossession of their cars another financial crises through measure similar to the relief act. i sponsored and supported calls for providing unemployment compensation. the ones who work need that compensation and the benefits to put food on the table and make sure they stay in their home. these 800,000 workers are experiencing real pain and they are read real people with real lives going through financial hardship. on monday, i met with many of them at bradley international
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airport. i heard them share personal stories about how the shutdown is causing them real harm. i heard also about their dedication to doing their job. also about how the air controllers. >> your time has expired. >> they are overtired and need that help. if i may ask for another one minute. >> reporter: is their objection? >> reporter: i respect the rights of the senator. we have a number of senators and limited time. if you could finish quickly. >> let me just cite adrian who i met on monday. one of those workers who is a beeping behavior detection office have done it for more than a decade. he's one of the workers going without pay. he told me and i leave you with this thought, we have no income
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right now. we are bleeding money. day-to-day things, food, i still have to pay the bill. so do all of the 800,000 workers. i yield the floor. >> let me tell you about the impact the trump shutdown. one couple my home state of vermont. kelly and ricky klein they own them eatery in vermont. this is kelly with their pretty daughter, nora. as part of a growing industry in vermont. were a small state. we have most craft breweries cap in the nation. the create jobs, bring people to vermont. from all over the country. business has been good. they are planning an expansion. recently were approved for
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$1.3 million small business loan. they're going to move to a bigger facility, double their production, hire additional people but what is happening? there loan from is on hold because of the trump shutdown. not sure if it will ever come through. so instead of expanding they have to use their money, they have to use their stockpiles meet. they had to take out loan to make payroll. their hurting. they told me one thing, even in the difficult time. they sent their more concerned about people who have lost paychecks, life-saving benefits and others have been hard-hit. it's a sense of community and empathy. i wish president trump had that same sense of empathy and caring that they do.
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you know we have to and the shutdown. i called the majority leader to bring up the bills we've are ready passed by overwhelming majority to reopen the government. democrats and republicans voted for it. all we need is for the republican leader to bring it up. stop the shutdown and let people like this go back to business. >> the senator from new mexico. >> i rise today to talk about her new mexico family who is severely impacted by the shutdown. i think that probably hundreds of thousands of families like this across the country. this is leah, her husband and their sons ian and zachary. they are all from sicko. zachary their youngest in the middle had a brain tumor and has undergone to surgery.
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zachary is disabled and requires constant care. irving's stepfather reduced his work by 75% as a daycare teacher to take care of zachary. leah's paycheck as a public nurse goes to their high insurance costs of medical bills. the family moved back in together to save expenses. their older son is now the main provider for the family. ian works for the department of interior and has been furloughed for 26 days. he has no word mr. paycheck. the family is scared to death that ian will miss another che check, another check and another. they cannot make it without him being paid. the family has made tremendous sacrifices. they can make no more adjustments, as the president callously advise.
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his trump shutdown must end now. the president and senate majority must do the right thing for families and hundreds of thousands of families across the nation and open our government now. i yield the floor. >> the senator from michigan. >> as my colleagues have said, it's now been 26 days since president trump shut the government down, began holding federal workers and their families hostage to force funding for an expensive and ineffective and unpopular border wall. twenty-six days working without pay for hundreds of tsa customs and border patrol officers in my state of michigan and across the country. twenty-six days were federal workers wondering how to pay their mortgage. it's 26 days of grocery stores, restaurants, other local
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businesses watching their sales dry up. the shutdown is hardened michigan farmers. including jessica who i want to take a moment to talk about. she and her husband david who is a veteran are raising their three young children on their farm in macomb county. like many farmers she is a small business owner. they are launching and winery. for three years they have poured all their time, all their money into their 25 acres of wine grapes. i've had the opportunity to walk with jessica and with her children through the rows. i see how hard they are working as a family every single day. this year they finally had grapes to harvest so they could launch their small business. they plan to open a winery on the phone and start selling the wine on memorial day weekend.
7:59 pm
the government shutdown through a huge roadblock in this homegrown michigan business. the tax and trade bureau approved their labels when they are open. jessica needs to bottle her wine in march but that can't happen without labels being approved and printed. as she said, we are 100% dependent on the grapes regrow on our family farm. we are farmers. we need the government to opens we can run our business. it's time to the shutdown. i would say, mr. mayor president, open the government so the family can open their small business. >> thank you. approximately 635,000 veterans work for the federal government.
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this hardship are multi- folded. first of all, for load veterans were federal workers are missing paychecks. they're having a hard time paying mortgages and pay their bills. veterans with virginia guaranteed home loans are at risk of being evicted by mortgage companies because they can't make payments. veterans are not getting the benefits they have earned other than the virginia. for instance, native american veterans who already face unique challenges with healthcare are unable to rely on the indian health services because it's close down. almost veterans who rely on the department of housing and urban development, housing vouchers are not going out. because of the shutdown. that's not all. other benefits are at risk. the virginia's currently implementing major reform bills
8:01 pm
like the repeals act in the virginia act to roll out the new initiatives they must publish new rules and regulations. the federal registry is an operational because of the shutdown. these wide sweeping reforms are shut down. on top of this, we note those at the borders and airports, there are many veterans who are suffering. collins wrote me and said i'm a federal employee and a veteran. he said the standoff is creating great stress for me and my family. he says his wife is pregnant and he is a 2-year-old son. he has no paycheck. he spent his career in public service. when he got out of the service he could make more money in the private sector unfortunately because the president and leader mcconnell will not bring the bills to the floor, were in the
8:02 pm
shutdown. this is the human cost. men and women volunteer to serve our nations and put themselves in harm's way and they return continuing serving our nation as a civilian. is this how the president says thank you? he belittles the financial hardship that his actions are causing and he turns your service into the military and civilians into political football. the president has turned his back to the veterans on our nation. i will continue to call to put an end to this crisis because they came, and reopen the government. i yield the floor. >> the senator from virginia. >> i stand to tell the story of a great virginia. this is a picture of her and her son ian, who came to a federal employee roundtable i did last
8:03 pm
friday morning. i told stories on the floor about virginians were affected personally about missing mortgage payments and having to reschedule and draw money out of an ira and pay a tax penalty. i thought it was interesting that she came in and talk just a little bit about her own anxiety and the anxiety of those she works with. she really want to talk about is how the shutdown hurts the american public. she works for probably the smallest agency in the federal government. the chemical safety board. forty employees, a budget of 11 or $12 million. they have one job, investigate chemical spills. not to find faults or help a lawyer. investigate so they can determine what went wrong to prevent future chemicals bills that will hurt americans. because of the shutdown, she and her colleagues are not doing the
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job. president trump tweeted say the reason he's forcing the shutdown is that he promised to protect the safety and security of the american public. he is hurting the safety and security of the american public. she said during this shutdown there's been a major chemical spill in houston, texas. normally investigators would be on it immediately to do the investigation and give recommendations to reduce the risk of a spill at that facility or any others. because the shutdown, she and her staff are not investigating. how does this protect the safety and security of the american public by leaving a major chemical spill with potentially life-threatening consequences on investigated, on responded to? this president claims he's helping the safety and security of the american people is a flat out lie. you're hurting the security of the american people when you
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disabled people from investigating chemical spills from interdicting drugs if you're a coast guard agent from doing law enforcement investigation it is time to reopen government and put the security of americans first. i yield the floor. >> the senator from hawaii. >> i have a simple request from my republican colleagues. that is, open the government. open the government. there are too many people suffering for too long for this to go on any further. one of those people is scott, he lives in hawaii and works for the u.s. geological service. he has had a rough few months. in october, his husband went into the hospital for routine surgery that went horribly wrong. he went into cardiac arrest and
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was in an induced, for several days. he had to be flown to another island to receive care necessary. they spent all of their savings to get through this ordeal. after paying for medicine, hotels and air for they were living paycheck to paycheck. now, because of the shutdown, scott's paycheck reads zero. he doesn't know how he will buy gas to take his husband to the dr. or how they will pay the bills do. scott is making impossible choices between the prescription drugs he needs and the ones his husband needs. this pain-and-suffering is because the senate will not vote to reopen the government. i asked my republican friends to call for a vote. if the president vetoes the bill, let's act like a separate coequal branch of government and override the veto. that's our prerogative and our
8:07 pm
obligation. to do is best for the nation, for the health, safety and economic security of all of our constituents. let's reopen the government. i yield the floor. >> madam president, we've heard from a number of colleagues today about personal stories that are happening to people in their home states who are facing a paycheck they have not received a fear about what they will do in the coming days. we have a responsibility. i think i speak on behalf of republicans and democrats, we need to open government. we have disagreements all the time in congress over issues. certainly we cannot put these people's lives at risk and leave them as pawns in our states. open government then have a discussion about issues we disagree on. >> i'm gonna be brief insisting


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