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Mitch McConnell
  U.S. Senate Sen. Mc Connell on Government Shutdown  CSPAN  January 22, 2019 3:41pm-3:51pm EST

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wall and reopen the government with mitch mcconnell the majority leader introduced in that plan on the floor today. that will get about 2:30 on thursday afternoon as well a measure been passed by the democratic house. both of those measures will get side-by-side votes thursday in the u.s. senate. as always, live coverage is here on c-span2. it was a short session in the senate today. they came in at 1:00 about the republican and democratic leader laid out the position on the 302nd day of the government shut down. >> mr. president, here is what happened this weekend with
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respect to the continuing disagreement over the funding of the government. two things happened over the weekend. on saturday the senate was in session and members of both parties came here to the floor to speak about theen urgent need for a bipartisan compromise to reopen the federal government. the federal workers who need certainty and for the sake of the american people who need their nation'sio government fuly online. mr. president, also on saturday, president trump rolledy, out a broad comprehensive offer to do just that. it would break through the stalemate that would reopen government swiftly and deliver on a number of other policy priorities that are seen as important to both sides of the aisle. so that is where we are on day 32 of the partial government
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shutdown. that's where we are as this new week begins. we've heard members of congress on all sides demanding a resolution to the impasse and they plan to quickly restore full funding to the federal governmentm . a plan from the president would do exactly that and quickly. while incorporating both the bipartisan work of the appropriations committee and bipartisan proposals on current immigrationio issues. the opportunity to end all this this -- that will vote on this legislation on the senate for this week. all that needs to happen is for a democratic friends to agree that it time to put the country ahead of politics come and take yes for an answer and vote to put those behind us. to be clear, mr. president, the proposal outlined by president trump that we will consider here
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in the senate is the only proposal, the only one currently before us that can be signed by the president and immediately reopen the government. first and foremost is the only proposal that would reopen the government fully and immediately. but it's not merely a continuing resolution. it would kick the can -- it wouldn't kick the can down the road. instead it would fulfill congress' responsibilities without footnotes, without caveat without hitting the this measure would wrap the flash her sister progress on appropriations. it would pass all seven remaining funding bills and deliver supplemental funding for disaster recovery. importantly it's also the only proposal that would deliver a comprehensive investment in our nation's border security.
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to be clear, that is comprehensive by the standards of border patrol experts themselves. the men and women actually on the ground. the bill would provide funding for each of these top 10 bordery investments for security including a substantial investment enhanced surveillance technology, funding for recruitment and training of 750 new border patrol agents and $527 billion for construction of a physical barrier along the highest priority areas of the southern border. in addition to these measures, similar to the one that earned strong bipartisan support in the past, legislation would take significant steps to modify certain areas of immigration policy. for example, in a would grant three-year lawful status for those currently enrolled daca recipients and individuals under tps. these are areas where democrats
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will be expressing local interests. now they're included in a comprehensive proposal to open the government, fulfill our promise to federal employees and address the humanitarian security crisis that our southern border. it is a proposal the president will support as i stated consistently over the past month, that fact will earn consideration here in the senate. c certainty and stability for federal employees once again the bipartisan appropriations legislation worked out together and border security that the experts on the ground say they need and changes to our immigration policies similar to the ones democrats have themselves been vying for in the past. to reject this proposal, democrats would have to prioritize political combat with the president ahead of federal workers.
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ahead of daca recipients, head of border security and ahead of government funding. is that really a price that democrats want to play to prolong this episode, which they say they want to be over and done with is their plan truly to throww daca recipients, customs and border control under the bus just to extend this round of political theater? so they can look like champions of the so-called resistance. well, that is what some leading democrats try to assert right out of the gate before they even studied the president's new proposal. speaker pelosi came out a right away and tried to rally your troops. she neatly describeid the president proposals as unacceptable.
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wow, that's not exactly surprising considering just a few weeks ago the speaker went and declared the physical border security is on its face and immorality? mr. president, they don't see it that way and how could they? one democrat from the state of washington admitted the wall is not in itself a bad idea. another from illinois and asserted if we have a partial wall, fencing, technology to keep our borders safe, all of that is fine. one of the members of the california delegation said will support border security. all of its elements including fences. so this is just a small sampling of house democrats actual views about the merits of voter
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security. these't quotations don't begin what would reopen the government right away affected by daca and tbs. one side of the scale we have all of our democratic colleagues that we must reopen and give federal workersor their paychecs we have their statements that showed they believe securing our border with some physical barriers is a good thing. and a desire to help out a number of individuals with the more certain immigration status. that is one side of the scale. all that's on the other side is the far left animus towards the current occupant of the white
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house. mr. president, it seems to me about time to get serious. even the "washington post" editorial board does not support every piece of this compromise proposal and this to say about democrats outright refusal to go negotiate. this is the "washington post." to refuse even to talk until the government reopened does no favors to the federal workers and contract airs. a measure of statesmanship is now the ability to accept some disappointment. except some disappointment and shrug off the inevitable attack from purists if it means rescuing the lives that thousands of deserving people living among us. the "washington post." even if the post believes my friends but