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tv   After Words Tucker Carlson Ship of Fools  CSPAN  February 18, 2019 5:51pm-6:01pm EST

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we hope we will see you soon. we hope many of you join us to have the judge sign his book tonight. had conversation, stick around and thank you all so much for your participation. >> each year, we cover book fairs and festivals around the country. nearly 400 today. his a look at some coming up. march 2 and third will be live at the 11th menu annual tucson at the university of arizona. later is the virginia festival of the book in charlottesville. on april 5, but for us in san antonio and annapolis festival. more information about upcoming book fairs and festivals, to watch our previous coverage, the
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book bears have on our website, no one booktv, a portion of a recent program on our other interview program afterwards, fox news host, carlson officers thoughts on elitism in america. he was interviewed by matt, chairman of the american conservative union. >> i'm making a case rooted in observable reality that that is an unstable system in democracy. if you give everybody the boat but only a small percentage sharing the spoils, everybody else will be angry mayor going to punish you with the political power they have and elect populism. populism is always a redder alert that something is wrong. trump is a warning, to the rest of us, if this is going in the
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wrong direction. abolition could not get the attention of policy makers so they elected trump to break the case for emergency but i want to let this guy, maybe that will get your attention. they refused to accept the message. what happens if they continue to refuse to change? going to wind up with a series of populous. it must doesn't matter. but you're going to wind up with a huge of volatility. it's really important to respond. this whole one man, one vote thing is not working. we don't have a proposition to support it. they're not wise enough to make the decision. they're going to pervert for oligarchy. ), now we are running everythi everything, you no longer have a voice. it will take civil war to get there but if we're being honest, you can do that or you can think hard about how to enfranchise everybody. >> acknowledged the problem, think deeply about the situation, that's what their
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people would already be doing but they don't. care. there's so many places to. it's pretty alarming. the cold truth of the fact that the percentage of middle-class pulling down the income in this country dropped 20 points over the course of the last 50 years. that's a staggering number. to think the middle class, the vanishing middle-class. you can see in the numbers. this should be the largest percentage in society. it has to be. you can't have functioning democracy for the reasons you noted without a robust, independent middle-class. the system doesn't work. if we could talk to the people who are the founding documents, they would say it's reckless for the system. when i was struck by in writing
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this book, the middle class of the united states became a minority the first time in history. since 2015. the middle-class is not the minority why is that not the headline? i'm in the news business, you think i would remember. i didn't reset anywhere. nobody noticed because nobody cared. the people writing the stories of those who benefiting from our current economic this is not a conspiracy. everybody making the decisions, everybody writing about the transition is back in the same world. it's a world where nobody you know is making less then after the financial crisis. rest of the country much poorer, from d.c. to pittsburgh and you drive through tons of 10000 people, no popular ship. they died because the economy died the government shutdown. >> exactly.
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you know this is a metropolitan in the country. there on the federal budget. it expands without any slowdowns. you just don't have any sense of how poor america is. this is not a rich country that we always talked about. i hunt and fish, and rural america, if it were for that, i would have no tender sense of what the country is. i know i sound like -- i'm being honest. how would i know? >> we know what is, i've never had a year i was better. >> never gets cheaper. the schools become more extensive and harder to get into. the concentration of wealth in the city and no one ever notes this, it just gets more profound every here. the d.c. i moved to when i was
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15, is a completely middle class city. the rich people, we lived in georgetown. right in the middle of the city. it was a democratic senator from rhode island. i know the family. they are rich. he drove a k car with bumper stickers all over it. masking tape holding the pumper on. he went out of his way to pose as an ordinary person. he had to. that is changed. that's a measure of how out of touch this is. rubbing it in the face of the rest of the country. >> you talk about suburbs and zip codes surrounding d.c., the highest ranked route capital. you also talked about county code, the high percentage that no longer for republican.
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you saw them but for heather. a lot of people it was shocking. the movement or publican party party -- >> totally true. again, i'm not pretending to be this. i was fishing in western maine near the canadian boarding with a friend of mine, who was a smart guy but i said to him, who are you going to support? is a gunfight. he's a conservative. he said i'm either going to support bernie sanders or donald trump. those were not categories i understood as real categories. i said, what is that? we're basically saying the same thing, it is rigged. it shouldn't be in a democracy and i'm not about that. bernie sanders, that's what i began to realize, this is not
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conventional race. it was a race that reflected the actual set. most people very much for economic. no one i know is. you are completely brainwashed. all the stuff -- how honest do you want to be? i look at these numbers. i have four kids so i have some sense of what young people think, i guess. >> they can't fire you. >> look at these numbers and it's like, half of all young people for socialism, is capitalism. if you're me, i grew up during the cold war here. that is repugnant. socialism, really? their religious faith posing as economic system for my whole childhood? to me, we are for not using. it's disgusting. your middle-age, it's our school system. it's terrible. it's true. we put the dumbest people and charge. no doubt about that.
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and we spend the most money. it's not just that. we speak real, which we going on is not that kids are believing everything they are told by professors, as they look around and there like weight, i'm from a middle-class family but i can't afford rent in new york city and i could afford to buy a car, much less a house or get married. i have no choice. how is capitalism working for me? it's not. ...


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