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tv   The Communicators Michael O Rielly  CSPAN  February 18, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm EST

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in "drug warrior" dea agent jack riley recalls his efforts to catch the drug lord el chapo. also being released this week, behavioral neuroscientist judith gesell examines "the science of addiction in "never enough". david harwood argues the political left is attacking christianity in dark agenda. ... ...
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>> generally i have written about how these libertarians are important to me but the word privacy is front and center as it is trying to sell me something like a new parapet pants or a book. that is not as problematic as when it gets to a government entity with resources behind
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it. but i really worry when the data and what is collected get shared in some capacity with someone who has power. for commercial purposes is not as what people would like to preserve their data from preventing the information from being shared. it is the lifeblood of the tech industry and then the free services and we get the opportunity to use as consumers. i am really concerned to shut off that to close down those avenues. but i really about one - - worry about the law enforcement in that equation. >>host: is there a firm wall between church and state quick. >> i don't think there is. you see different government
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entities tap into those sources for multiple reasons. but there are proper rules but the universe has changed and has become so much more versatile and portfolio driven. >>host: coming to the fcc do you deal with the wireless carriers? is that part of your jurisdiction quick. >> it is we have a recent issue on that topic. and what i just spoke of i cannot speak too much to it but it does beg the question what information can be available like the clause i legal component and that is given by the person in regard. >> it is not as clear-cut but we have an investigation on that. >>host: joining us this week
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from politico thank you for joining us. >> mister o'reilly turning to five g specifically and that president trump might be signing an executive order banning chinese telecom equipment from us providers is there a need for an administration action like this one of those implications quick. >> first it's important to highlight the benefits of five g and why i think it's so important the us private sector commercial entity to be the driving force in the wireless future. five g is an opportunity it's not just speed and capability that just capacity it is a combination in terms of services and function.
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>> i'm really excited what five g may bring we will see is more as time goes on and to suburbia and rural america. but this won't happen all at once nationwide. what you get to is a subset of how do you deal with the fact there are number of countries and companies that the chinese situation is one in the same where they are using their multiple layers of authority and relationships to corner the market could then be used in a harmful way? the big question is it helpful and i think it's always helpful when the administration takes a leadership position and i have always said whether i like it
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or not is irrelevant and what they would like us to do and as an independent agency and what the administration would like to see a national security basis is to know what we should do for our programs with universal service funding and funding for certain equipment. >> is there any concern about smaller telecom? i know some have partnered with companies like t8 what if they do take a bigger step? is there a need to help the smaller companies how does that play out quick. >> there is concern there are smaller companies and others that have adopted and
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incorporated chinese equipment into their network and that highlights what i pointed out that there is a reason why it is so cheap there is a reason why china and china companies are making it so cheap for us companies to adopt because they're not only trying to corner the market place but use their leverage globally to dominate the market with the five g services and to the detriment of us and international manufacturers. they are trying to corner the market place they use every lover that they have so companies within those countries adopt so the prices they are offering to the smaller carriers half number of years are lower than what could be acceptable by other manufacturers.
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that's how you get to that situation that we have to figure out what do we do? so the first question how much harm could it cause today and is it something the government has to pay? >> have you been briefed at all about the teeeight ceo in canada quick. >> i don't like to comment about my national security briefings but on those issues that are relevant for my job i think that i respect the fact there is only so much that i need to know in the grander scheme. >>host: we have heard often us one the four g race but we must win the five g race.
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can you further explain why that is important that we be china or whatever other nation or company that is out there quick. >> airfare number of other countries that china is the most dominating today to have an industrial policy that intend to become number one my goal is to make sure that doesn't happen there are enormous benefits that accrue because as a result of being number one. not only do we get the economic benefits but in terms of the technology in the manufacturing and the features in the function that develop with those adaptations and in four g that are us-based and bad is a component it will not
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replace four g. four g will still be operational that will complement and integrate into every portion of different sectors with healthcare or automation or autonomous cars where we see the ability of high-capacity and high-speed wireless service to be available to revolutionize a number of components. >> and we have a strong position and we have done the right thing for the commission to make that happen us carriers are positioned to be in a strong position going forward and we help to make sure that happens. >> before we leave the topic of five g how much pushback are you getting from localities regarding the antennas? >> it is something that is ongoing with calls for
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regulations and restrictions and something i worked on in the 1996 communications act but a lot of that has to do with i don't want the tower in my backyard but i want the service in the local government thinks they should regulate where the tower should go but they regulate the community really wants the services so in one benefit the technology may help in areas for adoption of small cells like a school backpack that could be located every hundred yards and then extend that. so the idea of having macro powers we have small cells to adopt the roadway and with
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those technologies to incorporate so it wouldn't be as prevalent. so i appreciate they have a difficulty being told what to do with the jurisdictional poll one - - pull but by statute to get these out to consumers of america who want those wireless services and have been charged by congress with preemptive rights and authority and to take advantage of that. >> in my neighborhood you will see the aesthetics of particular equipment on the tower what a small cell they look like but the infrastructure that they have that aesthetics is when you get down to it is the control the local government has and how much money can they extract?
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we have been tackling that and i have been wholly supportive working on these issues for an awful long time. >> one question that i had over the fcc overall at this point you have been there for a full five-year term at the end of june do you have thoughts would you want another term and since late 2013 and with chairman wheeler at the time. >> he started just before me i have been at the commission five plus years and i have expressed an interest in potentially staying but i also understand the process can be complex we'll see how that plays out i used to work on
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nominations in my past job so i respect that and i am working on some important projects with more to come so i do think there is value and i'm adding value to the conversation but i would also want to see how the wins are planned. >> working with senators cornyn and sununu how does a democratic house affect your work quick. >> i have been through that majority and minority in the house and senate. it doesn't change it tremendously in what direction the commission goes there will be different concerns in terms of direction but i am only sensitive what congress wants to do and the current majority
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which was a minority in the views that they have so i am respectful of their role congress has established an independent regulatory body with a backer that has developed to take the best position we can and then defend it in front of whomever whether it's the court or a hot topic on capitol hill and we will have to face the music when it happens. >> so that brings me to another question about the shutdown and what that did and from what you can say from those investigations right before the shutdown there was talk over 911 outages with century link or wireless
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locations what was that like and how was it coming back if there was an interruption and how much quick. >> for my job it's an eerie place when there are handfuls of people so i worked hard but the new items were not coming most of the staff was for load but to your point i don't necessarily get involved early in the process they go along their own path with the enforcement and then i leave them and let them do their work then they have that recommendation but i understand in the dark situations where some staff was allowed to work but it's my understanding.
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>> i don't think they have a long-standing impact the staff is professional and will move to a resolution so i don't worry. it did back log some of the items that we will vote on on thursday i imagine the february items would be pushed back a while and now they will do great work to catch up but there's only so much catch-up work you can do because there is a situation if you go through the process and the bureau chiefs and their deputies in the chairman's office there are so many people and only so much time in the day we are working hard to catch up. >> i think i saw a backlog right after that for those dockets right after i can
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imagine there is a lot of catch up generally but the other issue the other big part of the conversation you have been very active many different realms all the different big issues so what are your goals for the next few months and what you would point to as moving the ball forward especially in the spectrum sector. >> that is an incredible priority for me. i'm at the commission i talked about as i saved the commission that's at the top of my list working incredibly hard on millimeterwave command that is now being auctioned as now we are expanding the number of bands because what
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they would make available and i quickly shifted from two years ago we shifted to recognize it had moved so what spectrum is available in the united states so i have been working really hard so if you talk about those bands like the band or four or five or those that i'm working really hard they are always peculiar complexities that i'm trying to work through those as best i can but overall to put as much of the marketplace as possible that us carriers offering the five g services whatever formulation but just
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throwing spectrum out there isn't just good policy but it is we are bringing much out there with numerous competitors to gain spectrum then offer services and that is a strong policy to make sure spectrum is not the hold up and that locality is not the hold up talking about the infrastructure bill that it is available to hold the fiber to that so it is all tied together want to make sure we have the right framework and its removing barriers from existing rules that doesn't mean you take the rule the one - - the rulebook away but you go through to strengthen those that no longer make sense in the current marketplace or that no longer respect what is happening with providers domestically and globally and
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the reason for doing so as not to benefit the carriers themselves if you can reduce the cost they comply with but they are passed on to consumers if it no longer make sense cost will come down and then to have the opportunity to lower benefits to the consumer t7 if there is the infrastructure bill in congress, is it your view that broadband et cetera buildout should be included in the infrastructure bill quick. >> i try not to tell congress what to do i am very sensitive on that point but that has been part of the conversation in the past i suspect it will be since it has been like the farm bill went through also
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appropriation bill with a pilot project as it relates to broadband and i suspect if there is it will contain funding for new broadband buildout and policy changes. i imagine i will be a part of that conversation to make sure they are drafted correctly. >> do you see a future where facebook and the other large tech companies become part of the fcc quick. >> maybe in the tiny narrow universe there are a number of things some have offered voiceover services but in general the wholesale universe to become a traditional regulate tea by the commission
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but the next auction is when they will jump in and they come and go and they don't i will believe it when i see it t7 have you found over the last year at coordination with the ftc because of net neutrality quick. >> we try to respect the fact there are different agencies at different statutes and some of that is litigated in court some are still playing out depending on what the court dies i like to believe we have a stronger position but we do have a good working relationship with the ftc i know a number of them from my time there and getting to know some of the others the new slate is different how we come in we come in one or two at a
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time they were all five news so i'm getting to know them and understand their priorities they have a portfolio that is much different we focus on communications policy they have communications, pharmaceuticals , a bunch that are unrelated that makes it very challenging opportunity for them t7 philosophically how do you feel about state such as washington and california passing their own net neutrality laws quick. >> i don't think they should do so i think that's incredibly harmful to go on this path to have preemption talking about on capitol hill the internet does not stop when it gets to washington state it doesn't stop at the border of the united states so there are countries that are trying to build internet only for their country and turn it off at the border but we do not do that in the united states it is in interstate service by nature it is sound
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policy and what flows from that we cannot have 50 different states and that neutrality is a policy it needs to be done on a federal scale i pushed for and advocated neutrality legislatively but we move forward to take the right action my goal is to push that if necessary to litigate that out that they are not deciding bad policy because they have a peculiar viewpoint of what technology should be to have very little infrastructure to force anything - - and force anything they talk about but to figure out nationwide or even regionally i am firmly against to be involved in neutrality is not the federal
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government we weighed in we did not advocate we chose a lightly regulated regime to deal with net neutrality issue that is our purview by congress i hope to litigate that out and i hope we will be successful but they want to sum their nose at congress because they don't like a particular viewpoint that is a consequence. >> also pending right now is the transaction between t-mobile and sprint you are probably limited how much you can talk about but i wondered if you had thoughts how much the shutdown affects the timing or the headlines recently about the ceo of t-mobile staying at the trump
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hotel is that optics or just the dozens of nights they have spent at the hotel is that any source of concern to you quick. >> as you rightly pointed out i cannot speak about those i have a long-standing policy never commenting about going transactions but to talk about the point as i highlighted earlier my obligation is what congress is given in the record other components to talk about them a tray to influence the administration with a different administration in a different charge and different structure so that adds more noise to an interesting conversation in washington dc that i would've had incredible interest in my past job at my current job i try to stay focused on what is before us but the impact of
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the shutdown and too slow that down a little bit, we were always leery to the hard deadlines i'm actually in favor of having hard deadlines but that ideal of the aspirational shot clock that they turn it off and on for multiple people so at some point we will have a recommendation from a team looking into this the chairman will present that with an opportunity that the rest of the noise happens within the conversation. >> has your former colleague lobbied you? she is working for t-mobile. >> she has not and there are limitations where she can and cannot do so i don't envision having any conversations around this topic i don't
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suspect we will see more but she was hired to influence me in any capacity but i intend to be friendly with her we had a good relationship at the commission. >> philosophically do you think three carriers or let me ask a different way is there enough competition in your view quick. >> there's always room for more competition in the competitive environment today i have been clear i don't have an artificial number in my head that it has to be for the previous chairman and administration said it had to be for and i don't believe that to be the case i don't have an artificial number maybe three is right maybe it is for and that is something we look at the materials with the recommendations but there
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were 4 million documents filed for this petition i don't have an artificial number in my head. i would like it to be 100 and have as much choice as possible but i respect the fact it is incredibly expensive to build a wireless network and obtain approvals and localities and spectrum and build a network and compete globally because it's not just about domestic marketplace anymore so now we have regional providers today and new technologies coming forward as five g develops to offer services it has already been burgeoning so it's incredibly dynamic marketplace it's a great time to be alive as a consumer in my opinion. >> we have one minute left. >> some other companies are jumping into the spaces i
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think of microsoft is one that made an effort to get into the conversation of broadband what you've tweeted in november looking into the white space so. >> i have been supportive of that since my time on capitol hill my old boss introduced legislation on the topic so i am very supportive of tv white space i was asking my stuff to look into an announcement talking about a particular rollout in rural america but that could be an opportunity to offer broadband or spectrum in rural america and my staff is working on this and the fact under our own measurements to say they are suspect that we have 9 million americans who have not head on - - had - - of my job is to
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make sure everybody has internet access tv white space can fill the role of want to make sure we have that opportunity and i have been very supportive of that and i want to make sure i understand exactly how they offer that to make that available t7 one of three republican commissioners on the fcc john covers technology. thank you
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historian recounts the political and moral division of the united states leading up to the civil war. leader from the recent writers festival discussing the day that is a look ahead at the next three programs on book tv on c-span two.


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