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  President Trump Remarks to Troops in Alaska  CSPAN  March 1, 2019 7:48pm-8:12pm EST

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been pushing through as he enters the third month of this new congress. he has shored up is majority in the fall elections and we are going to be expecting a couple of republican senators to make a decision about what they will say on the spending national merchants a decoration measure. this is something that is really consumed capitol hill for the last several weeks after president trump declared a national emergency to build a so-called order while and the deadline to take this up. they are expecting to do this in the next two weeks or so so we are going to have a lot of pressure on republican senators who have to make up their mind on how to vote on this. >> host: stairway will fall you watching these issues as they come up on twitter. your @sarah m. farris and reporting at "politico".com. really thank you for your time. >> thanks for having me. sam president trump's headed back to washington d.c. after a summit with the leader of north korea. he stopped in alaska and spoke
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to members of the military. [applause] >> good morning arctic warriors. this is an absolute honor and privilege to introduce your commander-in-chief, the president of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> thank you so much. we are coming in and laughing and i say you know i have a choice. i can stay on the plane and relax as we fuel up, right? how good are they out there? you are supposed to be the best, right? [applause] put on the tide, put on the shirt. i wanted to be with you and it's an honor to be with you i have to tell you. joint days on the dorf richardson right now at ease. let's have a little fun. i want to thank the general for the introduction. a highly respected man. i know the ones that are highly respected and i know there are others but usually when you get to the general you are there.
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thank you very much for the introduction and i want to thank all of the folks with norad and let me talk norad we are talking about the stuff that i learned so much about norad. i love this world. my grandfather was up in alaska for a long time. he was searching for gold. he didn't find any buddy started opening up little hotels looking for gold and it worked out. maybe that's why i've had a special place in my heart for alaska. when election time came along somehow the people of alaska knew that and they voted. it wasn't even a little bit close so i just really appreciate that always. it's a very special place. i don't know if some of the
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folks, the military folks care about this but the people of alaska really care about it. i just approved recently almost one of my earlier acts in office and water which is one of the largest deposits anywhere in the world and for many years they've been trying to get approved since before ronald reagan and they couldn't get it done. i was just talking to your great governor. he is doing a very special job and he said we really appreciate that you got that done and we got some other things done for alaska too. you know anwr was one of the most important things. it's going to be great but also and i mentioned mike dunlevy, i just want to say he has been an incredible warrior.
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he has run an incredible campaign. he won easily. he is not only one of the best governors in the united states, he's definitely the largest. look at that man, he is all man. look at him. i was going to stop and he got on the plane and he was able to get here. that's a great honor. it's always nice when you endorse someone it's nice when they want to be there when you make a speech. he's there anyway and he's done an incredible job for alaska alaska. i will tell you in front of all these great troops, i will say anytime you have a problem call me, you know that it will take care of it for alaska. you know that. is there no -- as you know i'm on my way back from vietnam. i wanted to stop here to share my gratitude to every brave soldier, sailor airman marine coast guard men who serves in
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the land of the midnight sun. what a beautiful term. that's what it is, too. it's great to be standing in his hanger max with an f-22 raptor, the mighty sound of american freedom. [applause] that's pretty good stuff. the fact is we have increased your budget from not too much to $700 billion and then from 700 billion we went up to 716 billion i won't tell you this year surprised that the generals are going to be very happy when they hear it because it's going up yet again. we have no choice. i'm a cost better but we have no choice. without a military, what do we have? we have to have a great military and you notice your equipment has been getting better and better and newer and newer. when i got here you have jet fighters that were so old. you heard the stories your grandfathers flew some of the
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bombers, the sun and the grandchild who is here with us now and i don't like that. so we have ordered massive numbers of new planes and knew everything. it's just a nod to come by the joint base and be with you. i guess we say j. baer. that's who we want to do. and 2017 are wonderful first lady visited and met with the children of deployed servicemembers and had a fantastic time. when she heard i was going to be here she said say hello. she's been a fantastic first lady. our military families are a true national treasure. without all of the people backing you brave men and women it wouldn't work so well for you. your life would be a lot more difficult. he wouldn't be the same you all know that. maybe we should give them a round of applause. come on.
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[applause] there are many incredible patriots beginning with the outstanding airman of the 11th air force. give yourselves a hand. [applause] the airman of the third wing and their commander colonel bob davis. thank you, bob. is he doing a good job? they are all saying yes. pick 673rd airfares -- airbase wing in your base commander, thank you patricia. thank you very much. the soldiers from u.s. army alaska and their commander major general mark o'neal. thank you, mark. and the paratroopers of the four to five airborne brigade combat team, the spartan brigade in their commander colonel jason
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jones. thank you. [applause] thank you, jason. thank you as well to every warrior and that's what you are coming to our warriors. the navy marines and coast guard. i want to thank all of the members of the alaska national guard who defend our nation against missile attacks and their adjutant general. thank you. thank you general as well as brigadier general darren slayton thank you, daryn. [applause] commander of the 176th wing alaska air national guard. the men and women who serve as jber-r share one final mission to serve our country last frontier as america's first line of defense. since the second world war our
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intrepid servicemembers and alaska have proudly stood at the top cover for north america. you are a powerful warning to the world to never strike american soil. you are a warning that everybody knows about and nobody wants to play with. the paratroopers of the spartan brigade who wear the maroon beret. where are they? they look pretty good read should i wear one of those things? they recently returned from the brigades third deployment in afghanistan and they have seen a lot. i have actually spoken to a couple and i know how they feel. it's been going on for 19 years. 19 years. we just took over, you know you
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kept hearing 90%, 92%. the caliphate in syria and now it's 100%. we just took over, 100% caliphate. that means the area of land is at 100% so that's good. we did it in a much shorter period of time that we were supposed to. i won't tell you what a certain general told me that i met a couple of other generals and i said how long do you think you can take general? when we, sir. when we? i heard two years. when we, sir. let us do it the way we want to produce a general, do it and you saw what happened. everybody saw it. among those with us as sergeant john rogers to a few weeks ago received a bronze star for valor. where is sean? where are you? should i bring him up?
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[applause] i won't bring the generals up but come on, get a peer. don't worry about the secret service. secret service immediately runs up. [applause] .. >> to rescue a member of his team, special list gabrielle, i don't know. let see who else is here from that area, from that part. anybody with you?
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anybody else? okay. tragically, specialist condy did not make it alive and today we remember the heroic sacrifice of this incredible american hero. he we are eternally grateful in this debt and sean i want to thank you and everybody else involved. that's really something. and we pay great respect. you know that. at the everybody here today who fights for our flag across the globe, thank you for bravely facing down the danger to protect and we have such danger out there, the lives and liberty of all americans. our country is stronger now maybe than it's ever been, our military is being rebuilt as a rapid pace. our economy is powerful. our economy is probably as good as it's ever been or better. unemployment numbers are historic. you have been seeing black
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unemployment, african-american unemployment, lowest levels in history of the country. hispanic unemployment, lowest levels in the history of the country. bess they've ever been. women, lowest in 61 years. 61 years. asian unemployment, lowest in history. history of our country. and we're just doing great. we're settling records. we -- the stock market is right now almost at an all-time high. i have 18 records. they went down a little bit because we had to do a couple of trade deals and people didn't understand how -- they started to say that was pretty good that's good what he is doing. we're negotiating now with china and others. mexico, canada. we have done those deals, have to get approved by congress. see what happens, dealing with congress is never easy. i don't think they like me too much.
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but they have to do ultimately what is right. but i will say that you're looking at a country now that is doing better than ever and there's something has to -- you're protecting our country. you're protecting us, and i would think it must feel good to know that the country is doing really well also opposed to really badly like it has done not so long ago. so you protecting something that is very special all over the world. they're talking about us. i go where i meet the prime ministers and presidents and kings and queens and they all say, mr. president, congratulations on your economy. especially on your economy. we're trying to copy it and it's not working. it's just not working for other countries. other countries are not doing well and i want them to do pel but china is way down. the eu is down. a lot of countries are very much down. most of them -- and we're hitting new highs so we're doing
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a lot of things right and you folks are a big reason for it. also with us today are the amazing people and airmen of the 673rd air base wing in the wake of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake which was just recent and i remember seeing it. i said, boy, oh, boy, that's big one. 7.0. took plate in november. they successfully restored airfield operations in under one hour. that's pretty quick. did you -- what did you do to do that? number one i gave you good equipment, right? save gords norad's fightol mission. that's incredible. heard that. you were up and running in an hour and it was pretty -- hit hard. alaska hosts the largest combined training area for
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american air, ground and maritime forces. you know the best way to keep america safe is to keep america strong, and the stronger we get, the less likely it is that we'll have to use that strength. right, generals? it's an incredible -- we learn that in high school. learned that way before high school. but the stronger you are, the stronger you can be, the less like it is you'll have to use the strength or power and that's what we're doing, making you so strong. and soon i can honestly say strong like we have never been strong before. that's why in the last two years i've spent, when you think about it, over $1.5 trillion. next year the 11th air force headquartered right here at j bear will receive the first of 54 brand new, never used before,
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f-35 fighter jets. you like them? [applause] for the by lots. i ask them how they love the 3-35, they love it. i say how good. >> they say you can't see it. explain that it to me, it's the stealthiest plane by far in the world. when we have battle you can see it. said that would be tough. wouldn't by tough, you have somebody you can't see it? so all i say is this, you get 354 brand new ones. i won't tell you what they cost because it's too much. but it's a lot of money, but they're very special, and you're getting very special planes and a lot of them. 54. so they'll be arriving her very soon, and all of the generals i hope you are going to give them to the best pilots and take good care of the planes and good care of those pilots, right? okay? that's good. it's really an honor. you're getting a big, big
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number. we'll also deploy 20 more ground based interceptors to fort greeley which we further strengthen our missile defense system. so important. also being rebuilt, very steaming chalet. and we're going to have -- very substantially and the latest and the greatest, unfortunately as soon as you have it you have to redo it because after six months everything becomes obsolete in this world. right? we do that, they do this. we do that, they do this. it's never ending but it's a cycle. our goal is very simple. to ensure that we can monitor, detect and destroy any missile launched against the united states no matter what speed we're talking about. any missile. spending a tremendous amount of money on missile technology and also missile defense technology at my very strong urging, and what they're able to do now is
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incredible. it's like shooting a needle in the hay stack. it's incredible technology and i said upgrade it further and further, advance it. america doctors not seek conflict but if we are forced to defend ourselves, we will fight and we will win in an overwhelming fashion. that's where we are. there, we will forever be grateful for your service and your sacrifice, and we will always ensure that you have the tomorrows, resources and support you need to defeat our nation's enemies and i safeguard the freedoms given to us by put a almighty god god. to everybody here we absolute you, thank you for your incredible service we love you, god bless you, and god bless the men and women of the armed forces, and god bless america. and thank you for doing such a fantastic job. thank you very much, everybody.
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[applause] ♪ note ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> president trump will speak at the annual conservative political action conference, known as cpac, tomorrow. you can watch his speech live on saturday at 11:30:00 a.m. eastern on c-span.
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>> next,. c-span interview the newest members of congress. then a house hearing on regulations for consumer credit rating bureaus, after that supreme court justice sonia sotomayor talked bit already life and career. >> the 116th congress includes many newcombe he and clues lawmaker with diverse browns, including kevin hern a form, monday mas owner and a in friend of former oklahoma senator tomko bern. >> you refer to yourself as a fresh -- more, what does that mean. >> i got -- i won the general election and then sworn in on november 13th so i'm the only member since the general election until the takeover of the democrat's the majority to serve in the majority for the republics and cast 84 votes in the majority. >> why were you in the majority. >> my ces