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tv   Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor Actress Eva Longoria Baston  CSPAN  March 2, 2019 12:16am-1:29am EST

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[cheers and applause] what a welcome. . >> it has been so long. >> you got married. you have a baby in the front row. [applause]
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[laughter] he will steal the show now. >> he stole it. that's it and you have a career. so i want to talk about something that was happening when i first met you. you were on "desperate housewives" and a huge star and were everywhere doing everything at the same time you had gone back to school. and i read in the newspaper you graduated and you got your diploma. >> my masters. >> yes your masters. [applause] so i want you to talk about to all the kids in this audience with the career of acting in the fame why school?
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. >> first of all, we are here for you. [laughter] i will answer this very quickly then get to the good stuff. but i come from a family of educated women everybody went to college so i was very lucky to be in household i was not the first to go to college or of anything i was the last all my sisters had gotten their masters i had my bachelors for some families that's enough and my mom always nagged me will your sisters have their masters. i am on the number one show in the world. [laughter] part of it was a promise to my mother the other reason was it is so funny because at the
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time eight years ago immigration was such a hot topic and this is the issue of the moment i wanted to take one class to understand the history of immigration that led to another class and then they said you should take this class. you can just keep taking classes you have to register but i was inspired and wanted to be articulate about her own community and our journey in our contributions so that's where i got my masters. [cheers and applause] education was key and my family my sisters are teachers
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i come from a lot of teachers. thank you. [applause] . >> for you and me and for them it is the key to success. is not the supreme court the education gives you an opportunity to learn about the world because we live in very different parts of the world you go to home and school but you can unless you get educated so that just shows you that you can be any age and still go back to school. >> yes. >> so all of the frustrated whatever's in the room, it is
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never too late. >> it is never too late. [applause] . >> i had the privilege of being with the justice on her first book tour which was an amazing book and now there is a different kind of book you are a very busy lady. where did you find time to write this book and why this level? with a middle school history of your life for a different audience. why was that quick. >> this is the middle school book. it is an abridged of my shortened version of the first
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parent book and these are my two kids books. i did this one because of my cousin told me that middle school kids they could read my book but it wasn't as captivating so i had to make a version for younger readers so this book followed so i finally had to do it for her. [laughter] so the perfect book in early high school so pick up my adult, parent book when you are in college because i left things out of this book.
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but then this book, turning pages it is in english and spanish so anybody who is learning spanish it is side-by-side. is a great way to learn spanish or english. i wrote it in english but when it was translated. [laughter] that this young leaders book i thought about me as a child and then i realize there is not a lot of books when i was growing up about people like me or kids or my background so
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i thought wouldn't it be nice if there were young readers if i could write the book and tell them you can have that life even if some things bad things happen in your life. so asking me earlier tonight is this a true story? it is an absolute true story. every part of the story is what happened to my life and not only i want them not only to read it but the pictures in this book are the pictures of my life because everything that i did i wanted you to know how important that was.
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>> that is how it was born. >> but in this book you talk a lot how reading and even going to the library was as an escape from what was happening in your life. >> there were hard parts of my life. you guys will learn that my daddy died when i was nine years old and it was a very very sad time in my life and in the life of my family. my mother was very unhappy. there is a lot of sadness. i had to find a way to go somewhere to get away from the sadness a little bit in that place for me was the library.
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how many of you have a library card? everybody should. if your parents haven't got you one take them tomorrow and sign up for one. [applause] and books this is a picture how sad everybody was in a picture of me in the library and i found out when i read books there were places i thought i would never see in my life but i could sail the entire world and pages of the book and then you see inside that little ship is something
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that looks like my library card. so for me dealing with my unhappiness i found friends and books they gave you a way to think about other things and a way to find the world so that is a picture from when my daddy died. . >> this book is beautifully illustrated not only actual photographs. >> i look like a lot of you. [laughter] . >> let's talk about that. people don't talk about that enough but presentation matters in the media, film, tel.
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[applause] and now you can go to the library how many latinas are here? [cheers and applause] now you can see yourself in this book. what she just said that this is you. this is somebody who looks like you and you cannot be what you cannot see and it's amazing you have contributed to this body of literature we can all grab from and that is important to you. >> it is. and it is important that kids who go through stuff on - - tough circumstances to know that happy endings are possible. life is never easy.
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it is hard you have to work hard and study hard and do things you don't want to do. but we want every child to know that dreams can come true. [applause] now can i talk about my favorite scene quick. >> yes. . >> my mom - - this one. >> i have a condition called diabetes they found that when i was seven years old and that is because i got sick. the sisters of charity were my teachers.
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some of them were there and they called my mom and said we have to find out what's wrong. mommy took me the place where she worked because she worked in a hospital the doctor sat me down and said i need to check your blood to have it tested to make sure you are okay and they sent me to a lab technician and he sat me down in a chair and said sonja i have to take blood from your arm. and this needle looked very big and scary do you see the
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needle in the book? that is how big it looked to me. [laughter] he said but really it won't hurt it only hurts for a second then it's over. and he said he will be fine. . . .. >> i got up off the chair and way in the back on the first floor in the hospital i ran all the way out side. i was only seven years old and they would not let me cross the street. so i cannot go in the street. so i did something that was not very smart. i jumped into the car.
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[laughter] a parked car. [laughter] don't do it was very dirty. and it was horrible. i got dirty and i didn't like it. but all these hands were reaching out from underneath the car. and i finally got away from one set of hands and another set copy. they drag me off and they drag me back into the laboratory inside the hospital. and there were about four people holding me down. each arm, my legs, and i was crying while i was crying and screaming so much i didn't feel the needle going. [laughter] so after the test they found out
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i had diabetes. and i had a go to the hospital and i was in the hospital for little while and they told me that i have to learn how to give myself insulin shots needles to take medicine so i can still life. it was something that i would have to do with the rest of my life. and they had me practicing with the needle and i kept thinking how am i going to do this to myself this is not easy. who wants to hurt themselves. and so i thought about it and i thought about it some more and at the time i wrote comic books. insuperable girl had just come out. and i thought about supergirl and i thought about maybe i
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could find the courage and bravery supergirl had. maybe i can be as strong as she is. and i use the image of me being supergirl to have the courage to give myself the needle and i've been doing that my entire life now today you can use other things and they have things called prompts but i found something else, we all have encourage inside of us you can find it. so when you're little bit of creative something just think about yourself as a superhero and imagine all the wonderful things that you can do in life.
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so this is my favorite story. [applause] is very well-manage illustrated. >> that was one of many obstacles that happened in your life to getting to the highest court was not easy and in the book you talk about how books have always served a purpose in your life. >> every moment. when your dad died, comics with them diabetes. >> that was so important. >> somebody came to this earlier and told me that the favorite fruit was mango. who said that it's still my favorite fruit. >> mind to. in my absolute favorite for and this is a picture of me in puerto rico. and when i was a child and i went to puerto rico they will
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still taking naps in the afternoon and my whole family would lie down after lunch and fall asleep but i had too much energy and i use my energy to read and when i got to college i used my college to teach me about puerto rico were my family came from. and i learned about the old history of puerto rico and when i was in college. so books can teach you about what it is now and what was in the past. and so it's a wonderful wonderful way of learning history but learning where you come from. in learning where you can go. these are pictures of puerto
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rico's. >> how many puerto ricans are here. [shouting] [laughter] >> i want to talk about give a lot of wonderful women in your life,. >> this is not a pope. [laughter] something has set off my allergies horribly and i go into a room and they just started. [laughter] fascia. >> i'm so sorry i'm not sick. >> give a lot of wonderful women in your life if your mother and then your cousins and aunts so do you can you talk to us about
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the role of role models in your life and how it can affect all of these young people here. >> the most important role model in our lives are her parents aren't they? our mothers, our fathers are the real heroes in my life. not only do they work hard and help support us and they help us learn but they also give us the fire inside of us. and the thing that makes us people. because mommy and daddy teach you right and wrong but they also teach you how to be kind and how to be nice. and they make you feel special and so for me i was lucky
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because i have the role models and women in my life that i adored. my grandmother memorize poetry and at family parties there is a picture of her right in the beginning of the book that is new working with her to go shopping on saturday. that is our shopping. [laughter] and this is her reciting poetry at a family party. in my abuelita my mom says and so to her two daughters. i just told him a week ago. they said to me you are like your grandmother.
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and she loved to party and i love parties. [laughter] she loved food, i love food. [laughter] she loved music and art and she loved people. and i love people. in all of those things make her one of my first role models. but there was mommy and she grew poorer than we did. mommy and daddy had died with mommies mommy had died when she was nine years old and her daddy had left her. and her sister took her in and raised her in puerto rico at a time where it was very, very poor. in mommy had the strength and the courage to read about it in
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the newspaper. and her older brother had joined the army and she decided i should join the army two. and she took herself and passed all the test in the army except her. that is how she came to new york. it was here she met my daddy. she hadn't graduated from high school, now you have to graduate from high school to go to the army by the way. but she hadn't graduated from high school. she left the high school. and when i was in high school she went to college. so that is my biggest role model is my mommy because she showed me that no matter where -- [applause]
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no matter how hard life is you can be kind if you want to be kind. and so it is important to have role models starting with your parents but sometimes those role models are not in your family. sometimes during the school and sometimes if you religious and go to a church or synagogue or some religious ceremony you can find someone there. sometimes it's another parent, sometimes it's a neighbor. but it is important for people who you can say are doing good things in life. they are doing things that are important for other people. and to learn from them how you can do good things too. and that is what a role model is
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to me. someone who helps teach me. how to be a better person. and that is what you want in life is to find those better people in your life and to follow their path and to take their leadership and what you can do to make a better world. so for me role models are critically important and i still look for them and i still find them. [applause] >> i'm gonna ask one more question and then give you student questions. do we have names for the questions. >> i do. >> when she starts her questions and call that your name please stand up because a view. >> i want an individual picture. >> osco more questionable go
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out. >> you were the first latina ever appointed to united states -- [applause] [cheering] [laughter] i haven't even got to the question. i want to know how your culture influences you either every day in your work or in your life and can you give any advice to our young people here today on whether or not to cover the culture with them and don't be afraid to speak spanish and don't get away from a culture
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how do you approach that in everyday life just in life. >> i tell everyone i am proud of anyone else in a mother who served in the military and cousins have served i was born and raised in new york city. [applause] [cheering] in that part of me is filled with pride. [speaking in foreign language] i have a puerto rican heart. [applause] [cheering] that's what gives you culture. that split build your values. your family your identity the culture you come from gives you
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the richness in your life and the things and is not just the food in the music and it's not just the poetry. it's in the way that you learn how to love each other as family. in every family from every culture values the same thing. loyalty to family, support of each other and for me that's the essence of who i am. [speaking in foreign language] [cheering] [applause] and you have to live life understanding that it is in the core and your culture is who you
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are. there is a harder question and asked us all the time how it influences me being a judge. well, there's no correlation but 12-point to. i rule on the basis of the law and law has culture because law is the law that we have here but who you are as a person also understands arguments of who it is before you. and who sonia is that culture is a part of me that i grew up in a catholic schools that i worked as a prosecutor but i also worked for big companies that i went to ivy league schools i can
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name everything about my life. and all that makes me who i am. there is number one thing that makes you who you are. your melting pot. but you're also part of the big salad. each of us bring something special to the world. we should carry it with us. >> carry it with you probably. [applause] >> i think the adults in the sperm notice the people in the room and suits and ties with little things in their ears or security people. they are here to protect me for me. [laughter] they don't like that i go on the
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audience and don't jump up occasional scare them. [laughter] if your kid you can hug me. [laughter] >> who is that are you going to get up? will walk as close as we can. >> come on down sweetie. >> hello. >> hi we met earlier and you asked the question. but this time here alone without your sister. [laughter] amelia you and ask your question to the justice speak into my mike.
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>> how does it feel to be on the supreme court. [applause] >> good question. everything in life is hard. to get anywhere, to do anything you have to work at it. to be an actress you to put in hours and hours that she has to save lives and practice role t
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