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tv   Author Discussion on President Trump  CSPAN  March 3, 2019 4:07am-5:07am EST

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are they fantastic on television, can be charismatic, can they be authentic, can they be engaging, can they sit down at apologies see discussion to a diner and come across as a normal person who you like? right after that, can they mix in with donald trump without getting covered in feces. and can they mix it up with trump effectively and broadcast media? that's a big deal. it's a performance site. this is not a race about politics or policy, it's a race about personality and performance and if democrats
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understand that, maybe they will so it is somebody who can do it. but the probability is, it is pretty easy when the field of 7460 candidates to win with 27% of the vote. and i will tell you where most of america will go. not comfortably, but they will anticipate. [laughter] >> i can't think of a better note to end on. [applause] we are out of time but before you go i have to say rick congrats and thank you for being with us today. and thank all of you for coming. we on the panel will be going to the ua bookstore tent in the mall to sign books that you can buy. by is a keyword. please get out here so they can have the next panel. thank you very much vicki as
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they're honest. >> hundreds of thousands have gathered here in tucson for the city's book festival. we have a crowd gathered around us. rick wilson joining us to continue the conversation that you were just having. the lines are lit up. >> richard and brentwood, maryland. europe first. >> thank you, good afternoon. i just want to say that your critique of the democratic brain box is spot on. they have become intoxicated by the deliri


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