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tv   Heather Mac Donald The Diversity Delusion  CSPAN  March 3, 2019 6:51am-7:01am EST

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>> shakespeare, milton, plato and locke have all been defenestrated about students who have not the slightest clue about the renaissance or the enlightenment. a columbia undergraduate groused about columbia's beleaguered core curriculum. quote: who is this mozart, this
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haydn -- [laughter] these superior white men? the core, she said, quote: upholds the premises of white supremacy and racism. no professor has ever defended our intellectual patrimony against some shameful outbreaks of ecstatic no-nothingism without adding some pewling qualification about respecting diversity. >> that was heather mac donald on booktv. you can watch the rest of this program by visiting our web site and searching heather mac donald book at the top of the page. you can also watch "in depth" live sunday, march 3rd, from noon til 3 p.m. eastern discussing her books and take your calls. >> hello, i'm lawrence lamer, and this is my new book, mar-a-lago: inside the gates of


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