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tv   Call-in with Nina Burleigh Golden Handcuffs  CSPAN  March 4, 2019 5:01am-5:25am EST

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so far that that's actually problematic in in ways. there is that -- a resistance because people can see it. that's one problem. the other thing is just don't get your information from facebook. that's -- please, don't even do it. ever. [applause] >> the oldest saying in journalism is the city editor saying if your mother says she loves you, check it out. so -- >> benjamin franklin said this facebook meme is excellent. >> thank you to this wonderful panel and thank you all for coming today. ...
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[inaudible conversations] over 100,000 are expected at the tucson festival of books here. the weekend possible. after just listening to her and others talk about journalism. we will get to those in a minute. i was there on it election night watching donald trump get elected he entered with his entourage of women all of them and 4-inch heels. they are used to wearing heels like that. i thought wow. these are the new role models
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for our daughters. this is the american face. it was just such a flip from what have been before. you would never see a woman like that on trump's arm. i thought i would like to investigate what sort of women are in his life. what are they like. and also how did they shape him and then i got into his mother and his grandmother as well. women whom very little is known because the organization does not talk about his grandmother the founder of the company really. i wanted people to think about what is it mean to have women like this as our role models. >> what he say to critics.
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the children who are a part of it. and i only deal with that from ivanka here. i think once you are a senior advisor to the president you are no longer in off-limits child. we don't go there. we have every presidents wife that has been written about. obviously reporting has indicated that she wasn't quite on board with running for president. he read about that. she is a public figure now. whether she wants to be or not he and his mother and
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grandmother who are no longer alive are very interesting people to look at as well. let's go to the call. john is up first to san francisco. so i. >> think you for having me. i wanted to bring the attention to the story that has been out there for a while about maria bettina. the woman who was accused of being a spy and as being a red sparrow type. where everything was thrown at her. forgetting her ends met. you had mentioned amanda and i thought it's a close parallel because here this woman is arrested and put into solitary confinement and basically kept there for weeks and months.
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it turns out that the prosecution has had to back off from satan that she used that use that in all those things. she was a student with a 4.0 grade point average. i'm just curious if we are aware of this of our story. there has been a failure in the media now they just came out with a great article in the new republic where he basically burst the bottle or whole story. have you heard about this article and have you read it. she was basically fitted up. >> i am unfamiliar. he's actually a friend of mine. i know the general outline for it. and what i would say is in their caries.
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attractive young females who are accused of crimes and held to a different standard in terms of the amount of attention they get. in the amount of curiosity. especially at accused russian spy. of course there will be that kind of attention. we are living in a moment where there is a gigantic russian paranoia in a moment of feeling like they are everywhere. i'm not familiar with that. but i will bring up a really good point. thank you for asking about it. >> for those that might not know.
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>> think you for taking the call. we are here in illinois with the democratic background and unions forever down here. that is really what is important to most people in this area. the problem with trying to get on to trump. is because jfk had his women. president clinton had his moment of course. it was how the economy went. the economy was good for a while. and then the economy looked good.
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as soon as nafta was signed they picked up the option. and they built the next tank down there. >> can i just say i'm from illinois i am aware because i grew up there of what has happened in the town in michigan and illinois where i grew up. i'm aware of the problems and i commend you for staying with the unions and trying to focus attention on this. whether you can afford healthcare or not.
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i'm not disagreed with that at all. a lot of insights into things about him that affect us. and the way that he treats the media. but even more importantly. half the population of the united states is female. we have elected we've elected a president with 19 allegations against him. since the harvey weinstein case. he wouldn't have his television show anymore. and all sorts of differences. it's important for us to think about it because the president and the women who have been around him in his life for the last two or three decades had participated in the sexualization of the actually
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the great thing for our daughters and role model. on the top the top insight. one would just be golden handcuffs. obviously that is an idiom. one of the insights that i take away from my research. all of his relationships sadly of implied emotional or actual blackmail. there not disclosure
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agreements. all of the two extra whites were muzzled in exchange for their money. that is why the insight. the sad thing about this president they all had to do with actual implied threats of blackmail. go ahead kate. go ahead kate. i had been reading a little bit about the golden handcuffs.
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this seems like a pointed, jaded book of opinions. and yet people. i think they are tactless. we need to work on some better things. isn't there better things that we can work on. >> i think overall it is also more sympathetic than a lot of people think it should be. talk about his mother and grandmother. for immigrants around him.
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they gave birth to three children. her husband died leaving her a winter -- widow. and then they built a house next door. and incorporated of the first organization. it has literally started by a female that has been written on the history. it's unbelievable. this great empire was started by a woman. his own mother also very interesting. one of my most surprising moments was finding this thing out about her. off the coast of scotland. probably grew up in muck boots.
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she emigrated from scotland to the united states at the age of 17. to join older sisters who would already come over here. they came here because in those days the great families of new york the employed this young woman who arrived because she knew her sister was already in the world of foot men and maids. she lived in the carnegie mansion as a maid and his widow was running the household when trump's mother arrived.
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>> you right around how it was around the wealth. she became obsessed with this herself. there is a term for this sort of the key to semi's psyche and i believe that trump's mother and her life story. the yearning for the ultra luxurious. his mother witnessed. yearning for the luxuries of this. even though he arrived in manhattan with quite a bit of
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money. was never part of the new york city blueblood community and that is what he is known for. i think that creates quite a bit about his personality. >> good afternoon and thank you miss burley for this wonderful book. i do not agree with that previous color. it's right on. how he wants his woman to look. you will be tossed to the curb. i had one thing that happened to me this morning they are in
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public office. and they are mothers i truly believe that they are the only ones that will rise up just after we did right after the election. we will be the ones who change this and we will continue to put more people into the house in the senate and probably the presidency. but at least it will be in the next eight years i would imagine. my question to you what his sister the judge. i think the siblings he has four siblings and i think most of them they are laying low.
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they are staying out of the lineup fire. someone like her would come from this family. would not allow the word pregnant to be used in the household. his other elizabeth older than trump is almost like the republican hillary. she went to a women's college. she put herself through law school as a single mother. of antichoice people because she made some rulings of the head to do with abortion. she is very interesting.
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donald does have women around him who are capable and who we trust. the founder of this company. a part part of their life. it is sort of a dog eat dog world. there are certain women in his life who are not people who he has carnal attraction to. who are people that he can trust interest in a way i don't know if they have an impact on each other. if you talk to people around him. he doesn't listen to anyone. he does not listen to them.
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certainly gerrit is like jared is like the president whisper right now. i don't know that he listens to them that much. >> i'm in my renewal from way back in my college days. i'm glad to hear that you have this book out. i know who you are. how did she do in college. in 20 years she's right up there at the top okay. we will go on to linda in phoenix.
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>> glad to hear back with your book. my question is this. i've been asking myself. he has have a very active sexual life. has he paid for an abortion. has anyone thought about that. and if such information came out what would it do to the evangelical vote that is so tied to him. >> not quite sure how to answer it without getting myself in trouble. you're not the first person are the only person who wonders about that. if i was to put something like that and there we would've
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been able to attract the trump rage tweet. if it's not provable with the documents or dna test i don't think you can go down that road. >> have any information about that. i started working on it right after the inauguration, i interviewed lots and lots of people in new york. people in the fashion industry that no mrs. trump. i studied all of their writings.
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i think i wrote that and i hope people will pick it up. god afternoon. .. ..


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