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tv   After Words Sebastian Gorka Why We Fight  CSPAN  March 4, 2019 7:47am-8:01am EST

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he heard the great men have sat down. and promised democracy and freedom they know that the hopes were dashed. when he became 18. they had been replaced.
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of the kremlin. and as a patriot is a man who believed in the judeo christian values of his country he decided to resist but not with a gun or a bomb. in college he started a secret christian underground association that would spy on the spike on the soviets, collect sensitive information about how they were stealing the national treasure of hungry and how they were reneging on the requirements and smuggle that information out to the west. so that some democratic come treat could use it against moscow. for eight months they successfully did it. they have a carrier who would carry out information to the opponent. it was mi six intelligence agency of the uk. in their reports ended up leading on the desk of none other than ken filby. ken filby if you are at history
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buff was one of the five deadliest traders to the west that we have ever seen in the cambridge apostles who are recruited by the soviets who penetrated the highest echelons of the british establishments intelligence community. and collected these reports. in identify every single person and that was in my father's group and then he betrayed them to hungarian secret police. as a result. my father was arrested, tortured in the basement of our secret police headquarters. subjected to a show trial he spent two years in solitary and two years on a prison coal mine. he was eventually liberated. it was that hungarian revolution.
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as the refugees and eventually settled in the uk and that is where i was born and raised. in my family background. there is a moment i described in the book where i knew very little of this as a child. there was a moment when your life changes and my parents used to take me to france on holidays. he loved to swim. he comes out of the ocean. i'm eight or nine years old. and i see on him the white lines on his wrist and he is far too young to be wrinkled. i said to him what's that. he just said that changes your
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outlook. for a very early age i understood that freedom is as fragile as precious. and sooner or later the great ronald reagan was always correct when he said sooner or later it is always about one generation away whether it is nazis in world war ii or the soviets of the cold war orgy hotties they are all connected. they are all totalitarians. we always had to be prepared for our next totalitarians. and as another reason i opened a book with that story. >> it's very gripping.
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in terms of the description and how that impacted your life. what does it mean to be a freedom fighter and use the example of your father in that context. you go on and you argue that the most important ingredient for victory is a well to win. that is greater then your enemy that to me was really one of the underpinnings of the book. and all too often we forget the eternal truth. for our viewership talk about this because this is a crucial aspect of why we fight. >> this is the western strategic thought.
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the ultimate victory is to win without fighting. it means that your will is so great were you communicate. it's so powerful that you adversely say when i can even try to take this person on. you psych out the opposition. it could be two men wrestling. it's about one site imposing its well on the other. right now the u.s. economy is the largest it has ever been. we are now exporting energy. we are not just a superpower i agree with that.
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we are a hyperpower. if you look at the classic measurements of state power. does that mean we can defeat to ever we want? okay. let's look at vietnam. let's look at afghanistan. in the first six years of the war the most effective tool used against us it is a shell with some wires sticking out of it. the idea that we could have a serious problem with people who are using premodern technology to fight us tells us what you need to know. if you have the well to win at all costs and it sometimes that sometimes neutralizes the technological advantage in the financial advantage that you may have. in this book as is as much about the well to win.
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i think we have a commander commander-in-chief who is demonstrating that. >> we will get to that more in depth. i want to take wanted to viewership through pieces because you are ever focused pieces to look at look at a number of these threats and why we fight on my it matters. and on this issue about ideas let me also go to another area you also mention that without an american hero ready to fight and when that our fate basically will fall into the totalitarian regime. let's talk about the issue of the fight against terrorism in this regard and i do want to go to some of the heroes and their stories and how it's interrelated. you already referenced the issue
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of the kind of challenge and threats that the united states is facing. we had assets. but we are due ideas come into play in terms of the fight against terrorism. they are absolutely central. the threats we face are always couched by the other side in terms of an ideology. they always had to have a framework in which they justify their strategy. it was his fascist ideology. they're undermining germany. we must exterminate them all. we must have a global revolution. is there interpretation of the religion that they see as being
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the only religion. people miss this. it doesn't actually mean allah is great. he's greater than any other. i feel like a little embarrassed that i'm sitting here with you. and amanda to talk about the cold war. if anybody knows the role of ideas when did we start to understand the cold war. you can market on a diary. when they say look what's up with uncle joe. we thought he was our friend. and then this man who has been steeped in russian history and also the ideas of the soviet revolution. this is a system that its
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ideology cannot peacefully coexist with democracies. for them they must in place --dash mike -- enslave or destroy anybody. at that point because of the explanation. finally they understood this is the x essential threat. we have a grand strategy to respond to that threat. if you can't diagnose the element you will not be able to heal that person. it begins with understanding and the enemy. and what they believe. you can watch the rest of this program by visiting our website and searching sebastian gorka book.
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