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tv   Washington Journal Alayna Treene Jonathan Tamari  CSPAN  March 4, 2019 2:17pm-3:01pm EST

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voters, that you're not just trying to -- >> high bar. >> yes, you're not just trying to steal the last election or reverse the lex election. we may not get there. but what we have to do is protect the rule of law. >> jonathan, a lot there like a shotgun approach this. what can we send her on how we get this information they're looking for? >> they go in different directions off the michael cohen testimony. i read a quote in "the washington post", i think, they called it setting a ten course meal where they raised his children and with a known about his business dealings and issues he raised about the key financial officers in the trump organization so he laid out a bunch of names that now democrats are likely going to want to bring in as well to hear what they know and the idea you have the chairman of the jerry committee partly saying president obstructed justice that's a significant conclusion for him to reach at that level so and then you have ways and
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means committee going after his tax returns and that the push that's gaining momentum as well. there are a number of different angles they will go after several different committees each trying to get a piece of this. >> went to the rise of issuing subpoenas to make this information happened? >> i think, very soon. after that hearing chairman cummings asked send a message to my house and he was seeking information about tiered fisher's security clearance and making it clear that if they don't produce the documents the subpoena is coming there as well. i think the democrats been in charge of the house spent the first months two months of the year tied up in a shutdown reacting to the president now that is over there finally flexing their muscles on both policy and investigations. that will pick up steam. >> 2024 -- [inaudible] alina, if
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that does come to subpoena what's the response of the white house what are they prepared to connect. >> for a while love people were worried they weren't prepared for this but over the past few months they've been working with lawyers inside white house to prepare for this investigation and like i said before at first they were worried about the release or impending release of the robert fuller report. we thought it would be released by 2017 and were well into 2019 now. now they have taken a lot of threats within the white house for what to expect with these investigations and what we saw from german nadler he said today they be releasing 60 names they want to bring in for interviews and that stems from people at the presidents family, ivanka truck, jared kushner and exciting to people within the trump organization like felix coming in to testify so a lot of
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things from all different corners of the white house and even the president's past life and his businesses will be affected by the. >> is there the expectation that the white house report of the mueller report will be released or will not be released? >> guest: last week when originally a lot of total reports that came out when the president was in vietnam for the north korea summit based off that would not happen in .-dot robert mueller had more -- and negotiating with a foreign leader. that's what happened. i really don't think they will tell anyone else when it is coming. there better with robert more steam then other people like reporters. i think everyone is in the dark on the. >> host: jonathan, is the reaction from the various committees to the expectations they won't get a full release? >> guest: i think they are guarding against the possibility
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that they want as much information either in the public record or that they have behind closed doors that if they don't get the full report they get piece of the report or if it is redacted they have to information themselves they can act on without having necessarily to rely on special counsel. >> host: even with all the talk of the appeasement but does not get thrown out is a strong possibility, why do you think that is correct. >> you saw congressman nadler talk on that that even though there are some people who really want to go there already but that there's a feeling they need is not just a legal question but political question is well and you need to convince the public that this is not a witchhunt as the president calls it. you need to have -- in order to take a step need to have a large segment of the population on your site for you will be seen as overreaching as we saw happen during the clinton years. >> is there a roadmap to the white house as far as the plan if that does come to light or
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come to fruition? >> people within the white house you see it as to jonathan's point being a political asset in some ways and this is something we see leadership like speaker pelosi and others run against impeachment talks this early on by rumblings of other members wanting to bring it up now is it could be backfire as we had into 2020 and i did a story a few weeks ago just trying to gauge how many people in the new freshman congress in support of impeachment and surprising, people said let's wait for the mueller port and wait for these house investigations to show or have way more evidence to support. >> host: alina is with access, white house reporter for that publication. he served as the national political reporter. first call comes from michelle in georgia, democrat line, you're on with our guest. >> caller: good morning.
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i feel that that not see that sits in the white house is up to his ears in all kinds of corruption. he wants to try to blame everybody but himself. he was over there over there with vladimir putin in russia stealing secrets, giving away secrets and is a liar and a known white nationalist and is a threat to every black and brown person. i hope isis come over here and wipe his -- >> host: we leave it there because we will not accept that. point are these the president himself was at the pack last week, to our speech and the necessary speech is to appeal to his own base in light of what was going on two of it. the president using this at his rallies across america, this is when he gets fired up.
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it was a two hour speech and as president and you could tell the energy he was playing off the crowd and he will say it is his people in the room at a place like seatac. it is a place where he like twitter can dominate the conversation and have a chance to have his own message. >> host: comes to the foreign trade, what goes beyond capitol hill with wire wrapped with north korea? >> guest: as far as the response? what you saw interestingly you saw relief all around there was not beer there would be a bad deal done and people on the hill would rather have had to deal than a bad deal. he saw democrats and republicans saying we are glad he walked away. democrats did it more in a critical way things should not have gone there in the first place without extracting more concessions but expressing relief there is not some halfstep done in order to declare victory. this is one of the areas you
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might see potential but back is one of the two areas you see republicans ever push back on the president are foreign trade and policy. most of the other areas are in line and there could be pushed back and if there is disagreement and in this case most folks were pleased. >> host: of massachusetts, independent line, go ahead. >> caller: good morning. i'm not sure i have a really solid question but i'm someone who voted for obama twice and voted for trump and i have to say i do still support many of his policies but yet when he came out and said the press was the enemy of the people, i was done because in my opinion that is so autocratic to get the people i love most in my family or old friends still support him and these are among the best and brightest. i say that humbly.
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and yet, they have no defense of him and the only news they watches fox media. i'm just wondering how one breaks through that political divide when impeachment is really political instrument and clinton, as you all know this, clinton was reelected due to sympathy for being attacked so hard for his relationship with monica lewinsky. >> host: sorry i was trying to find the washington journal poll looking at his rating, i think it is at 46% but with that factors what you think of the comment as far as the president is with his own party and those against him as well? >> guest: apple did show he's picking up in line now with what we saw and former president clinton. it is true to the caller's point that it is difficult in these
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times there are echo chambers and media people who only watch msnbc first only watching fox news get a picture of what is going on and it's hard to break through with that. i think that on a greater level what is going on the washington i think that to break through you have to pay attention to every thing going on and with the approval ratings those will change it's hard to only rely on polls. lotta people relied heavily on polls and do not expect president trump when that election. you have to take stock of that as well. it still really early on. >> host: jonathan, does that mean he appeals to his base? >> guest: yeah, that's been the case pretty much before he won the election to his entire presidency. he has a solid 35, 45% of the country that is, solid 35% with him no matter what and 10% comes
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and goes a little bit and another 50, page 5% that's not going to vote for him no matter what and is trying to get out next year and vote against him. he will do well at the right states he did in 2016. in pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, florida and try to make sure that in most states even though the national picture more against them than with him that in the states he can win the right majority. >> host: is a stemming from the midterms or does it have to run its course? >> guest: i think it still goes back to 2016. activists a lot of independence even were so stunned by that result and could not fathom a president trump fair number of people as much as people who love the president trump and i'm thrilled he's a president is another larger faction of people who still can't believe he's a president and they been ready to
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go since they after 2016. >> host: also you the headline that political has a four out of ten would be elect the president. >> guest: what is interesting here is something i know within the white house as they gear up for 2020 is that he will down to those states and there are two key demographics that he won in 2016 potential democratic nominee could take back which are the independent swing state and suburban female voters. this is also to turn around the people running the democrats running in 2020 have to transcend party politics and if there's anything we learn from 2016 gift appeal to the more independent moderate voters in constant in pennsylvania and those are places the president is worried about. >> host: democratic, michigan, ralph, hello. >> caller: yes, i was wondering about your opinion on the tax issues and altering the campaign said he would release his tax returns after the audit was done and did not release any tax
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returns for any year and then he was asked about the tax issue and that he said as far as he knew nothing was under audit and in fact trump was worried that if you did release any of his tax returns it would show discrepancies and get audited. the second point would be michael cohen brought aggradation about the evaluations of the properties and trump overvalued his property is in applying for loans or loans and insurance would be bank fraud. then he would undervalue the properties for tax purposes which would be a crime and fraud. there's lots of avenues for investing criminal behavior of the part of the president.
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>> ralph, those pictures coming out last week. >> guest: so far they been quiet on that and this is something something democrats want to get into. this is something michael cohen did brought in financial statements that he spoken and said it could not be verified without the president's tax returns having been released. a lot of democrats are looking at whether they want a subpoena tax return but that could open a whole can of worms and is a great question and a lot of people who are on these committees investigating the president -- we should expect that in the coming months. >> as of this week, this one closed -- what's the significance? >> guest: democrats again our building their book of information about the president
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and accumulating it on their own investigations are pretty much nonexistent on the hill or on the house side for two years. they are building up this information so whether or not robert mueller asked for his report becomes public they have this information in the testimony was so explosive in public behind closed doors it's hard to know what they are asking but you wonder how much further he goes behind closed doors. >> host: will this be the main feature of the rest of this or will be seat letters that were come out alongside this? >> guest: there will be ledges at work as well. democrats last week passed a bill for universal back on tax, first strengthening of the laws and something 20, 25 years they cleared by the house and honestly that is going to work in the senate but that is a significant message to those moderate suburban voters we spoke about and that is a big issue. it allows them to say we are doing things to investigate the
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present. this week to bring up an ethics bill with campaign finance and disclosure in lobby rules so that will be another where they said the president talks about picking up the swamp and -- >> host: they tested a story that affects what are we looking at specifically? >> guest: that is called the people act what jonathan was discussing. symbolically it was the first legislation that they brought forward in the new congress and it's a comprehensive 571 page bill that gets electoral reform, ethics reform, campaign-finance reform, part of it is going back to texas terms of required presidents to release their tax returns for the past ten years and things like that. it is a hefty bill of the mechanized democrats will pass in the house where they have the majority but once it gets to the senate that a majority leader mitch mcconnell has already said that he will pocket and let people i have spoke with our in
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support of the bill or are hoping that they can play the longing and get it enacted in future. >> host: alayna and jonathan joining us, ivan rebel begin line. >> caller: yes, i believe all the stuff democrats going to try to do because look, michael cohen says he's a convicted liar and should testify with an orange jumpsuit and should be shackled because i believe everything he said was a lie. i watched -- you like to be one, i never leave you again. i believe that is true. then he calls and said donald trump i hope he -- >> host: colors, we will not accept that. jonathan, even as he said by
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michael cohen. for the four times. >> guest: guess, but he rated significant point that he has admitted to lying. he said it is hearing last week that he has lied about this in the past and my to congress in the past. there are major questions about his credibility because he's either line and or lineup. i think democrats say they found what he said truthful that he was in the president's orbit and the issue that comes back is yes, there are questions about his character but a lot of that goes back on the president one of his closest advisers and assistants so it raises the questions of why we do then employ someone like that but to the details he lays out there are questions about his credibility that republicans will go after. >> host: let's turn to the senate the president has made the call for emergency powers and republican senators saying
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the push back against the latest join the club with senator rand paul that this was in an op-ed nor review of it. there's much larger question question whether or not this action is constitutional with regard to the constitution, the court made it clear that in the steelcase in 1952 being re-examined and in youngstown the court ruled there are three kinds of executive order. jonathan and, talk about iran paul's thoughts but what it means for him gaining response for the portable. >> significant step because he's the fourth began to come out against this emergency declaration and if all the democrats vote against it in the house is voted against it there's now the majority to reject his call for an emergency. i suspect the majority for moral begins who have been on the
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fence and do not want to be the one to tip it over the line but also come out and oppose it. in the long-term what will happen is they pass it and he vetoes it and unlikely to be enough republican support to overturn that veto. then it goes to court which is where we all thought this was going when he first declared it unlikely we are looking at a long court battle. >> host: murkowski, tullis and collins were the other three a blow for the white house significant blow at that. >> yes, senator rand paul was a state blow especially because the line with the president and several other issues but to his point he said that a lot of republicans were against using executive power in this way when former president obama was in the white house. senator rand paul says he has to stand up for that again but if it does make its way to the
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white house the president will veto it. i doubt at this point if he will change his mind on the emergency declaration. as a political message there is pressure on him which is never a good look. >> host: we've seen the president launch it before we want to get things done so you think i think getting it done might be opposed to what he wants? >> guest: at this point, they do have enough to get to the house and he will veto or meet behind closed doors to explain his position but nothing from allegedly the point will be changed so not sure he how much work they have to do anything to make sure things go with the veto power. >> guest: i am sure there will be a response when he comes although you might want to talk about other topics to be honest. it's not something that senator mcconnell is not thrilled about having to bring up something that opposes the president but under the procedural rules of congress because the weight is
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passive house and has to come up in the senate. when it comes to behind-the-scenes lobbying they try to tamp down even if they lose or to keep it from being a really big loss which they manage to do in the house. relatively few numbers of republican -- even though the bill was passed that they might try to keep the number down on the senate side and not have it be vetoing or the difference between eight or nine may be a little bit better. >> for months, this is david, independent line. >> caller: good morning. glad to get on finally. going to get into this talking about every time i watched the congressional level or senatorial votes and icy number of votes you put up on the screen you need to learn how to spell democrat because you spell it with an ic and there is no i
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see on democrat. it's the democrat party. when you have your phone line to call them democrats or independents or republicans. there is no republic on party or the mcconnell party. don't please put up democrat right. >> host: what your point is made, what is your call question or comments? >> caller: i feel pitiful and powerful the democrats as they have chosen [inaudible] donald trump is not a racist and all of you who think donald trump is a nazi your be indoctrinated and brainwashed. >> host: karen, democratic lin line,. >> caller: can you to find high crimes and misdemeanors because it's not necessarily something that is against a criminal -- but is unethical in footage of president trump two in his high crimes and misdemeanors. your footage of that on your website, c-span.
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many incidences of things he's done that would meet the criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors. >> host: give us an example of one. >> caller: okay, he lies on his taxes and said that in public. then he said i did not give my tax returns but they elected anyway so why would i show them. >> host: karen presley, ultimately something comes as far as investigating the have to permit something specific. >> guest: they will have to pin something specific as we point out the have to say not only is it illegal but this is bad enough that a significant portion of the country would want to remove the president for it. there's a legal bar and political bar as well.
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everybody looking at 2020 and the last thing democrats want to do is -- if you think they feel confident in election so do you want to rest that your electoral position for a long shot impeachment that will not make it to the senate and could even backfire. >> host: let's hear the comments from that with kevin mccarthy on the sunday show yesterday. >> i think is when hitler decided to impeach the president the day the president won the election. listen to what he said but he talks about impeachment before he became chairman and says you have to persuade people to get this. there's nothing the president did wrong. >> nothing? smacked in this process to be impeached show me where he did anything to be impeached? listen to what heather said. another setting the framework now that the democrats not to believe the mueller report. they are now saying we have to do our own investigation. after you have hundreds of interviews with the dollar spent in the senate and house they final collusion and even if you listen to the cones own hearing
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last week what did he say? [inaudible] >> i want to see mueller support. yes, i'm not setting a framework right now that are not support it. they're sending a whole new course because there is no collusion so they want to build something else to persuade him to go some other place. now that says they wanted impeachment. he had proof ahead of time and shipped who said he has eviden evidence, long before the investigation and he's never produced that. >> host: the white house itself. >> guest: in fact -- >> host: comments of kevin mccarthy of the white house itself. >> guest: lot of people within the white house essentially president trump look at what kevin mccarthy did as championing exactly the same talking points they have. this is exactly something we see the president they from day one after winning the election.
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they call for impeachment i think rally people it is based on supporters to say the same thing. as we've been discussing democrats recognize from applicable standpoint this could backfire. >> host: jonathan, declared his intention for the president of the united states so how does the white house look at the central candidates and are they waiting to see if joe biden will exit the race and go from there. >> guest: a candidate joe biden i think is dangerous politically for the white house and more of the wrong what i've heard from the forces there. we're starting to see early on a lot of or more diverse progressive candidates store their hats and throw their name to the ring early early. it's hard to see quite frankly white males starting to consider putting their names in as well.
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governor ainslie said he was running this morning and governor john hick and looper were mike bloomberg and vice president joe biden so it will be interesting to someone like a joe biden who can appeal to both blue and red states and has universal name recognition after being in the white house for eight years is more dangerous politically spoke with the like in the senate these days? [laughter] >> guest: crowded and yeah, you got there is a lot of weight behind every vote because both senators know they're not just voting in the senate and no primary voters who have an eye on them and i want to go back to the president has is going they are enjoying a lot of these early voices have been so liberal because they use that to paint the entire democratic field the same way. if they want to try to prevent more moderate image white house will do all they can in all
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elizabeth warren and paid them as the far left. i would be remiss if i didn't mention grew up in the media outside the adelphia so slight local thai. >> host: when it comes to the white house in the preparation how is it the president seemed the white house preparing fundraising otherwise they are gearing up what will happen in 2020. >> guest: what's going on is they are separate from the core people working in the industry whether 2020 campaign and when their digital side and the debt 2016 campaign manager and they come out strong with early fundraising numbers and looking to continue them in 2016 small donor fundraising and looking ahead i think they are enjoying to jonathan's point early people in so many crowding race because it does pull fundraising and donors between the democratic party where with this president
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is not looking like it will be republican challenger. >> host: republican line, philadelphia, conrad, hello. >> caller: i have two questions. one for the gentleman that works for the inquirer, can he answer whether or not does he know what's going on in philadelphia or the same politics are doing in washington and now it's just the democrats robbing the taxpayers blind and stealing property and passing laws and taking bribes so are you aware of that? is that under the same level besides what the republicans are doing in washington dc and family members [inaudible] you have three judges that got locked up for bribery now all
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three judges are up for counsel at large. what's going on in america? spew out we got you, colin. jonathan, the. >> guest: there are those things that were pointed out that our loose paper reported the past week with philadelphia has a long history of problem incorruption and i don't think it's caught in the way there either. it still exists. >> host: tonya in louisiana. >> caller: hello, how are you all. >> host: fine, thanks. go ahead. >> caller: i'm calling because i notice people are avoiding the elephant in the room. the matter who people are voting against their own best interest because of heat. all the things that donald trump is done and still say i'm going to vote for him. i know you're probably will again because of heat. he will probably win again and right now the democrats have to earn my vote.
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it's incredible right now. they will have to earn my vote on the democratic side but i believe that to get the vote he is going to win again because of hates. we don't want to talk about that it's not the economy or america feeling left out but basically came into this thing off of heat speech. >> host: thank you. >> guest: yes, to speak to his point that the point a lot of people may think that there are a lot of that this president because he won this election there's been a lot of uptick in racism and i think that you can put this on the president but it's a valid point that people think there's hate now in this country because the president we have seen polarization of politics is days and more divisive than ever i don't think we can put that on the president himself spirit.
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>> host: this is not 2020 will be no different, if not more. >> guest: it will be significantly polarizing. one of the major challenges will be can a candidate or can we receive several candidates running on and we need to be less polarized and some unity. interesting to see effect work because the fact that there is polarization means people want more combative who will stand up for the side but they're offering the message and follow senator cory booker be in our backyard and he spoke into the race issues rectally on the campaign trail and talked about arriving racism in the country and it's not called the president racist but stop short essay not but his words resonate and give license to people when i was in atlanta talking voters people felt that way that his words and attitudes encourage people who are racist to be more
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open about it. >> host: eddie is next, from north to, go ahead. >> caller: yes, sir. you give the perception that mr. donald trump is a racist. i'm not calling but the way you put it out there but my thing is whatever someone goes to call a criminal rack that means the other criminal tells the truth that donald trump told the iraqi people that you tell the truth when he called the man a rat even though no one believed but the underlying phrase called it he told the people he was telling the truth. >> host: to that point in the central so the president released a white house concern about the southern district of new york and that topic came up several times and the possibility that might play off of the president.
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>> guest: for a while i think all eyes have been on the special counsel investigation that was going on in the senate judiciary of new york and could be far more damaging than people in the white house have more concerns in many ways about that investigation especially into trying to sound like on the president's finances and businesses. we saw that come from michael cohen again in the president in the white house making sure that you make the point he is going to prison for lying including before congress and will continue to run the message. >> guest: yes southern district is significant issue that goes beyond what mueller is looking to make into the business practices of president trump and we heard from the caller going back to the political politics about race that voters do blame the president for these things and defenders will say no, he's
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talking about security but that adds to this whole polarized atmosphere. >> host: letter to pennsylvania from our republican line, diane, you're up. >> caller: good morning. i guess my main point would be that i am less concerned about whatever donald trump did to attain his wealth that i am concerned about how maxine waters, harry reid, nancy pelosi came about because they ascended through the ranks of public service which is not necessarily supposed to be a source of personal wealth so for me my concern is not all these investigations about donald trump if entrenched characters within the government who enrich themselves and for some reason that seems to be in the shadows.
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was never an investigation into that. >> guest: i think what that color is speaking to one of the major appeals of the president which is he's an outsider especially ran against the folks who like hillary clinton and others who lived in government for their entire life. that is part of his deal. i don't know there's been any kind of allocations or smoker on some of these other folks and the fact is whoever is a president will be subject to more scrutiny than any member of congress even from the most powerful. >> guest: , i agree. this is exactly what we've seen the president use himself. with all this attention on him and the allegations against him he consistently we see on twitter and the media is a look at her clinton the wire to be investigating her for other members of congress but again the president of the united
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states and is subject to more scrutiny than the other elected officials. >> host: both of you have experience reporting on congress' i want you to read about the examiner and its speaker alexandria ocasio-cortez be represented is now setting the democratic agenda in both houses of congress but don't believe us? the aid of a family media who -- to trap the party there white house, committed to her insane and bears the half-baked green of your proposal will be forced to vote for resolution reporting it. what you think of those assessments correct. >> guest: i don't know she's actually running things but i do think she does have significant influence particularly for a freshman. i do think the green new deal is an example of that and example of where there are risks for democrats whether opposed to it or angering their liberal base and there are a lot of democratic voters excited about this and folks who think that
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until these moderate states like ohio between you and michigan that this idea will be terrible for them. it is not something that is politically achievable immediately either. they will vote for something that may or may not go anywhere, if they oppose it, interparticle voters and it is crazy and created a dilemma for them and uncomfortable for number of democrats. >> host: i spoke with the current speaker nancy pelosi. >> guest: yeah, it's pretty remarkable when you speak to the editorial piece. alexandria ocasio-cortez -- we had a story and ask if the shows right behind speaker she is probably the most followed person on release member of congress on twitter. a lot more star power so her message is shared loud and clear. it is actually creating issues
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for leadership because she's a little more progressive than the rest of the party and is one of those more outspoken that's where it's going. >> host: talk about this idea of unity within the democratic party. is a frame because of these competing ideas connect. >> guest: there are more outspoken voices of the freshman class in addition to aoc where more progressive voices and it is creating from an outsider perspective it does seem like perhaps the party is shifting to the left where it's a few individuals who are more progressive the rest of the party. >> guest: when you see it's not to the quite same extent but through the tea party you have a number of really conservative voices come up along with folks who have more moderate disc. now it is the reverse. democrats won the majority in the suburban modern districts
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who ran on moderate platforms talk about gun laws committing government, in the structure, more apolitical issues and then you have new class that's wanting to push the boundaries that has this democratic energy on the site but let's push for bold liberal ideas and so there are conflicting impulses, convicting political motivations and it's question of do you go for the biggest strongest liberal policy yet or do you keep the moderate seats that one you the majority and give you the ability. >> what's the general attitude within the house. >> i think they are finding their way with this in the majority. it's the first month there were so defined by the shutdown and it was blanket of aquatic unity that only in the past couple weeks they started to confront
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differences for policy and voting strategy. i think they're still feeling it all out. >> host: from jeremy, joined us from washington dc, independent line. >> caller: hello, thank you for this morning's show. as a demonstration of freedom and speech in a dark era, it's absolutely priceless. there has been lots of news going on in the past week centered on trump kim summit and perhaps the testimony which by the way over 15 million viewers forcing them to work -- >> watch the rest of the discussion by going to a website washington journal .org emma search week ahead in washington. as we look live at the us capitol building where the senate is about to dabble in to start ledges and work for the week. lawmakers expect to continue demolitions on allison jones rushing judicial nomination. a procedural vote scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern today.
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bill considered the reservation terminating the emergency decoration for border security. that resolution coming to the floor next week. live to the u.s. senate here on c-span2. the president pro tempore: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. black, will open the senate with prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. almighty god, we praise your greatness, might, and majesty, for you are exalted above all.


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