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tv   Prime Ministers Questions Prime Ministers Questions  CSPAN  March 6, 2019 6:59am-7:58am EST

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c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> live to london for british prime minister's question time. each week the house of commons is in session we bring you prime minister teresa may taking questions from the house of commons.
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we invite your participation using hashtag p.m. qs. members are finishing up other business. now live to the for the british house of commons. >> the very special circumstances and establish an independent inquiry into those circumstances. the supreme court decided that was a flawed process. what remedy does the secretary of state propose unless it is a second public inquiry? >> the judgments from the supreme court, it is a complicated matter because the obligations have not been entirely fulfilled, does not suggest the next stage of the judgment and considering the next step.
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>> the government recognizes this issue and the range of views expressed by stakeholders on all sides of the debate. we take our obligations seriously including positive dialogues with the committee. >> in northern ireland we raised a series of concerns including violence against women strategy and post conflict transition and disproportionate policies such as the other policy. what will she do with it? why does she need women to not lead from behind? >> that is what the government is doing. we are determined to fulfill all our obligations. many of these were legislated, the bulk of installment sooner rather than later. >> jeffrey donaldson.
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>> many believe this -- would you agree with me? we should respect the devolution settlement and it is disappointing they breach the settlement. >> what is interesting is the majority of those people who say they want to see change in northern ireland, they want those changes installed. >> we are joined for prime minister's questions today. i know the honorable gentlemen stone will became really interested, rather than private conversation this by former australian prime minister
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malcolm turnbull and the australian high commissioner. they are extremely welcome. we value excellent relations, we admire your nation and respect and a lot of us have a particular high regard for your illustrious tennis players. none greater then the illustrious rocket of labor. questions for the prime minister. >> question number one. >> i am sure the house will join you in welcoming our extremely and friends in the gallery but i'm reminded of another former australian primacy, john howard, visited this house. he watched prime ministers questions and commented afterwards that however lively pmqs was here it was a vigorous tea party compared to australia.
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mister speaker, the death of anyone through active violence is appalling, a growing number of young people have lost their lives in a cycle of mindless violence that has shocked is always our thoughts and prayers are with friends and families of all the victims. the responsibility for these crimes lies with the perpetrators but we must all do more to ensure justice is served and to tackle the root causes of this violence to bring it to a end and ensure the safety of young people. i will be holding a summit in the coming days to bring together ministers, community leaders and others and also meeting with victims of these crimes to listen to their stories and explore what more we can do to tackle this problem. i'm sure the house will want to
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join me in paying tribute to the professor who died last week. his creation of the manufacturing group was a pioneering partnership between academia and industry. our thoughts are with his family and friends. this morning i have been meeting with ministerial colleagues and others and i will have further meetings later today. >> may i associate myself with the remarks of the primary trend pass my condolences on families and loved ones, those who were victims of tragic times this week. britain spent 27 million pounds bailing out the banks and they repaid us by closing 3000 branches in 2016 including this week. the last branch and ingrained and failed to compensate innocent customers who lost 2 billion pounds in fraud. will she agree with me the bank taken without giving for too long and will she meet with me to force banks to compensate victims of fraud or those they abandoned and prevent the bank closing the last branch in town?
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>> can i say to the right honorable gentlemen he talks about banks closing branches, people's behavior in terms of access to their finances changes, then banks respond to that, commercial organizations, decisions they take. he talked about the issue of compensation as an issue that has been raised across the house and it is a matter being taken up and looked at by the financial services committee. >> today sees the start of lens, traditionally a time of abstinence and giving things up. recently it has become a season of doing something new and positive. will my right honorable friend agree with me that it would do our national soul some good if we all took up voting with the government to leave the eu with
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a good feel and in an orderly fashion on 29 march? [shouting] >> and i thank my honorable friends, he made a positive suggestion to members of this house during lens to vote with the government in a meaningful vote and across this house we would all be able to give up being a member of the european union on 29 march. >> jeremy corbin. >> thank you, mister speaker. i join the prime and esther, paying tribute to the lord who died last week, he was a champion of the car industry and manufacturing in general and saved the jaguar land rover saving jobs crucially insuring international research is done in the uk and we thank him for everything he did. tomorrow is international women's day and we are delighted from our point of view the debate will be opened by my friend who herself is the daughter of the wind rushed generation and we wake the case
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to close the gender pay gap to improve the lot of women in our society and in that vein congratulate the member and giving birth to a son this morning. >> i join the prime minister, mister speaker, in sending our thoughts and prayers to the families of those that have lost young people. they were both 17 years old and ninth and 10th teenagers murdered this year. 285 people have been stabbed to death last year. the highest level ever. i welcome the fact the prime minister -- what extra funding is being provided to address the root causes of knife crime and increasing levels of violent crime on the streets of all
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towns and cities? >> i would like to join the right honorable gentlemen on the birth of her son. that has gone well. can i also say on international women's day i am pleased today marks the launch of the book, the women of westminster, the women who changed politics, i hope that book will be an inspiration to come into politics in this house and also congratulate the women's football team who last night won the cup defeating japan in doing so. the right honorable gentlemen has raised the question specifically in my opening comment. any death of a young person is a terrible tragedy through an act of violence and we've seen too
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many young lives of promise being cut short. responsibility for these terrible crimes does lie with perpetrators and we always work to ensure criminals are brought to justice and we will only defeat the scourge of violence if we understand and address its complex root causes. if it means ensuring all ages including police have the right resources to do their jobs it means tackling the drug crime that is fueling gang violence and exporting across the country and every stage to turn young people away from violence and that is what the government is doing. >> many of us in this house would have said in the living rooms of homes where young person lost their lives through knife crime and never forget that experience and never forget that feeling of hopelessness and loss that those families are going through. we were to those families and
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young people to do more about knife crime and ensuring sufficient resources for the police to deal with it. sarah thornton said, quote, we need much more stronger leadership and there needs to be more funding. the metropolitan police commissioner says there's a link between violent crime on the street and police numbers. 21,000 police officers jobs have been cut. violent crime is at the highest level since records began. if there are sufficient police numbers can the prime minister explain why yesterday the defense secretary was offering to send the military to assist? >> thank you, the commissioner of metropolitan police recognized police alone won't thought this issue out. we can't arrest our way around
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this problem, we need to tackle it across the number of times. we need to import that they are down on violent crime involving the offensive weapon, with prevention orders. we are introducing those, intervening early to stop young people going into a life of crime and getting involved in crime. serious task force is working and put 200 pounds into the endowment fund and the intervention youth fund already funded 29 projects working with police and crime commissioners, and 460 available this year, nearly double that, 1 billion pounds extra available next year but we also need to ensure we are understanding the different use and misuse of drugs fueling a lot of this crime and that is why the home secretary has set
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up the review. >> the police clearly do not have the resources to deal with it. community police officers have been cut, many don't see police officers at all, no one to supervise these special orders the prime minister is talking about. the former chief prosecutor of greater manchester, tragically his 17-year-old relative was recent we stabbed to death in birmingham. when you reduce police numbers by 21,000, there is in the intelligence anymore, the neighborhood policing anymore. does the prime minister regret the police numbers and will she undertake the review they will be restored to the level they were in the past?
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>> the right honorable gentlemen, we are putting more resources into the police this year? it is no good, members on the opposition benches saying you are not. more money is being put into the police this year and next year. the real question is not are we putting more money into the police because we are but why did the labour party oppose bed money going into the police? >> mister speaker, violent crime has doubled under tories watch. i had a letter from mike where he says it is important and has something to say, the crime rate is under control because there are no -- there is no police presence adding it has become a really unsafe town to live in. millions of people around the
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country, when and how my gospel and others going to get the resources they need for the safer neighborhoods teams they need and local police they need to tackle rising violent crime and provide intelligence from which arrests can be made against those who committed these crimes. >> we have to have more resources available to police. across the country, including hampshire. can i also say to him we look at the powers and resources police need. but increasing the powers of the police, we introduce the prevention orders, an important step we have taken. and if the right honorable gentlemen once the police to do their jobs on the streets, needs
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to answer the question why it was when we increase the powers of the police, when we increase the powers of the police to deal with those carrying knives and custodial sentences on those caught twice carrying knives the right honorable gentlemen voted against it. >> crime went down when labor was in office. we increased the number of police officers. police officers telling me there is not enough of them to do the job. hampshire alone lost 1000 police officers and their funding is cut by 70 million. does the prime minister understand the scale of need here? the local government association says local services face a funding gap of $3.2 billion this year. that is double in one year alone what the stronger town's fund is offering over 7 years. the number of rapes, murders and other serious crimes has risen
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by more than 50% since privatization was introduced four years ago. at least one company wrongly classified defenders is low risk in order to meet government targets. does her government accept that privatizing probation the service to profit-making companies has been a disaster and should be reversed and brought back completely into the public service? >> what we want to do is to ensure that when we are looking at these issues we are genuinely reducing the level of reoffending and a method that is about rehabilitation methods opening a variety of issues, with an individual coming out and looking at their employment and relationship with the family. this wasn't being done under the last labor government. that is why we need to take
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action but he keeps raising issues. what he is doing, i welcome the fact that he accept dealing with serious violence requires us to act across a number of areas. it is about supporting intervention in hospitals, we are expanding support to the charity and with prevention work and birmingham and london. we are supporting 3.6 million pound national coordination. we hoped 1000 arrests, and 1300 individuals being safeguarded, we commend police officers and other agencies involved in that
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work. giving the support they need to do their jobs. >> the problem is violent crime has doubled. the rise has been driven by austerity, something the prime ministers told us a few months ago was early. rising poverty, police and home office recognize the link even if the prime minister doesn't but the issues are wider. mental health services are under resourced. youth and children services are in crisis. more than 600 youth centers have been closed. 3500 youth workers have lost their jobs. funding for colleges and schools
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has been cut and exclusions are rising. public services that were there to support young people have been systematically stripped away and everyone can see the consequences of that. can the prime minister not recognize there has to be a holistic response to this? you cannot keep communities safe on the cheap by cuts and privatization. you have to invest in all of our communities, in every part of this country, something this government is incapable of doing. >> we put more money into local authorities, the right honorable gentlemen must forget we put more money -- >> order! a very discordant noise from the opposition. the question has been asked and broadly speaking heard and the answer will be heard, prime minister. >> mister speaker, we put more money into our schools. we are putting more money -- $2.6 billion over these two
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years, more money, 1.3 billion next year. the right honorable gentlemen in the labour party, more money, 1 billion pounds extra through next year voted against by the right honorable gentlemen of the labour party. the right honorable gentlemen stands up here and talks about austerity. if he is that concerned about austerity you would think he would want to make sure it could never ever happen again. let's remember why. the state of the economy in the labour party. what would his policies mean? higher borrowing, higher taxes, net money for public services, taking us back to austerity square one. [shouting] >> mister merryman. >> mister speaker.
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across the country, freeholders and leaseholders are ripped off by management companies charging service charges for services they do not require. many of these are vulnerable pensioners, trapped with their assets depreciated thanks to dominant involvement. could i ask the prime minister for two reports. brown rent at peppercorn levels for retirement and bringing charging schedule and re-tendering process, for their own community interest companies to deliver services they actually require. >> this is an issue of real concern to many constituents, why we summitted to clamping down on those agents who abuse the system and protecting leaseholders and renters suffering at the hands of rogue agents, unexpected costs for excessive fees.
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and to working groups for those professionalizing property agents including reviewing the standards around transparency service charges and other fees and charges and how they are presented into a statutory code for manufacturing agents and i am sure the secretary will propose the issues my friend has raised to discuss this further. >> thank you, mister speaker. mister speaker, toby mcdonald is 87 years old. she was brought up under nazi occupation in denmark, lived in scotland for 59 years. why is she being forced to register in a country she has called home for the last 60 years, prime minister? >> we want to ensure that eu
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citizens living here are having their rights protected and to ensure they have the necessary support they need and the recognition of their status in the united kingdom. of the right honorable gentlemen is interested in defending and protecting the rights of eu citizens in this country and i hope he will vote for steele which does exactly that. >> what a disgrace was a woman who lived here almost 60 years in the prime and after wants her to register. mister speaker, she has children, she has grandchildren, she has married in scotland. she has friends here. she has spent her life here, prime minister. why is the prime minister making her register after almost 60 years? will she end this heartless policy? help all eu citizens who come to
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the uk to work, the uk is their home. >> we have consistently said to eu citizens who have come hearing been living here for many years, and others who came here more recently we recognize the contributions they made to our society and the contribution they made to our economy. we want them to stay. that is why we believe at the front of the negotiation with the european union, we have negotiated the withdrawal agreement and why this government, this government has given confirmation and guarantee that those rights will be protected even if we leave with no steel. that's the right way to protect the interests of eu citizens in the united kingdom and the right
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honorable gentlemen should be recognizing the commitment this government has given to all eu citizens in the united kingdom. this is their home. we want them to stay and they can stay. >> 5 years ago my constituent, a 14-year-old son, was brutally raped and murdered, the perpetrator is serving a 25 year prison sentence but in recent months the victim's family including his teenage sister have received repeated, distressing, disturbing communications on snapchat purporting to be from the perpetrator graphically recounting the circumstances of the murder. the police asked snapchat to provide data to identify who has been sending these messages, data about the devices from which the messages were sent, but snapchat is referring the
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police to mutual legal assistance treaty and the police would have to go through a one year process to get this vital data in their investigation. does the prime minister agree this is an acceptable? does she join me in calling on snapchat and other social media companies to promptly cooperate with police and if they do not do so does she agree legislation is required? >> obviously there's a case of great concern and they want to join me sending sincere sympathies to the family. and her brave and powerful campaigning on wider issue. the ministry of justice urged me there looking into this issue and update my honorable friend
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as soon as possible. and to recognize the responsibilities they have, and to hear more from the family. it is difficult for enforcement to access data. and held and controlled in other countries, and they passed the crime of overseas production orders which give law enforcement agencies the power to obtain electronic data where an international agreement is in place and raises the united states to establish the first agreement with the united states. >> a couple weeks ago conservative governments have taken 6 billion pounds out of the northeast. the government purports to give back 15 million pounds a year over 7 years.
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is that repayment to tell the house by which century it is repaid? >> the honorable gentlemen knows full well we have been investing in transport across northern england and public services and the northeast will benefit from that as well. since 2010 in the northeast over 35,000 more small businesses, 18,000 affordable homes and 305,000 children at good and outstanding schools in the northeast, showing the hard work of this government is paying off when people in northeast are benefiting. >> earlier this week the owners of the shopping center terminated the parking contract after a disastrous 9 months of operation.
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i've discovered smart parking signed shared business service agreement with the nhs. i asked my honorable friend to ensure before any contracts are signed the department of healthfully research the impact, the practices on users, customers, clients and staff. >> obviously he raised an important issue from health and social care to meet him to discuss this further. >> and the reasons so many people to leave in the first place. we need to default more political making decisions. following on from the very constructive meeting that took place in north yorkshire with the community with the secretary and on friday.
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and to reach the agreement or interest of the people of yorkshire. >> he is a living example of the evolution of powers from this to the areas this early. on the issue of that, we recognize the discussion and debate on this issue. the one yorkshire proposal, my right honorable from the community secretary met discussions that are continuing but the priority remains the implementation of the show field city region which will bring 900 million pounds of investment to the local area which i'm sure he will welcome. >> it was with profound sadness i saw my constituency join the list of areas across the country compared to a purchase young person to knife crime.
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i don't want to see politicians throw blaming one another for the stolen lives, they want to see them take recent ability, and the resources necessary to demonstrate a relentless and hopeful commitment to snuffing out violent crime, welcoming the announcement of an emergency summit. what action will the priming us to be taking after that constantly to drive this issue until we get the results the public demands to keep children safe. >> any death of a young person at the hands of violence are a terrible tragedy and i recognize she says her constituency has -- one of the latest examples of a young life cut short too early. what we are doing is bringing together local governments, police and others, other agencies, this needs to be a cross society approach, not just
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about catching the perpetrator, that is one of the reasons the government will be launching a consultation, there has been excellent work done in scotland and public health approach. what that does is ensures that all agencies in other parts of local government and elsewhere are brought together. i want to hear directly from the government can take which they deal with issues. >> my daughter 16th birthday, on 29 march, it is her generation that will be most impacted by brexit. perhaps the priming is to could give an early birthday present and delay brexit until she has informed the house as to the
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status of the police and ncaa investigation after they were found guilty of corrupting activities by the electoral commission. >> i say to the honorable lady she has discussed the issue delaying brexit, can i say we gave this parliament gave the people of the united kingdom the decision to choose whether to leave the european union or to stay in. the trust in politics is important for the government to deliver on that. >> you are right the former australian premises welcome today. if he said in a lecture last night, state-sponsored adversary has enduring access to staff, software or hardware deployed into the telecommunications network they only require the intend to act to conduct
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operations in the network. with the prime minister explain how given the chinese law to assist the chinese intelligence services, what implications there are around the british government policy. >> look at these issues seriously as regards the issue of 5g security, looking at the right approach we need to take, to benefit from new technology but we need to manage the risk closely and we are considering a full range of policy options. review in 5 years still ongoing and no decisions have been taken. >> ian blackburn. >> in january, scottish mps against the prime minister's deal, last night, both parliaments simultaneously rejecting the priming straps view. is that the case the prime minister, either no deal or --
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>> we entered the european union at the united kingdom, we will leave the european union as the united kingdom. i also say to the honorable lady the s&p has no mandate from the scottish people to continue independence. >> rebecca powell. order! order! [shouting] order! yes! order! [shouting] >> order! difference of opinion is the essence of politics. a combination of finger wagging and head shaking going on which
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is therapeutic but is institutionally disadvantageous. in any case we -- order! we owe the honorable member a decent hearing. rebecca powell. >> thank you, mister speaker. i am not sure about the talk in your house. were you aware that every time -- 700,000 tiny microfibers get washed down the drain and into the marine environment causing untold damage. the uk -- -- the 68 million contributors to during 9.4 trillion microfibers to the environment. as many colleagues including me
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to reduce this. and this is a great time to address this issue and carry on the great records. >> the watch would have been completed. [laughter] >> thank you, mister speaker. can i say to my honorable friends, he has raised a very important issue and can i thank her for continuing to be a champion of our environment. she is an infamous amount of work which led to the government on microbeads and rate an issue of microfibers. he raised those who are speaking to reducing this during lent, for all of us to think to reduce plastic during lent and time to come.
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>> mister speaker, i share his appreciation for australian tennis players. my favorite is such a brilliant inspiration when i was growing up in australia. the prime minister has been refusing to answer for a year now my questions about the visit of aggregate iq to downing street. can i ask about the visit of alexander nick's of cambridge analytic a to downing street in december 2016? it was reporting in the spectators coffeehouse but not in the transparency data. can i ask the prime minister about downing street? what was the purpose of the meeting and why was it not reported in the transparency data? >> the honorable lady raised a specific issue which i will look into but she said that we didn't
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respond on the question of aggregate iq. the minister for the constitution has written for the honorable lady about this. >> antoinette sandbatch. >> women's football is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and i hope you, mister speaker, and the priming after, will welcome the 70 million pounds investment, developing a women's trip. can i invite the prime minister to come and take part? >> i think the honorable friend for his invitation. i congratulate the women's football team and i am sure the whole house will recognize the work being done. it is a very exciting project and i welcome the commitment they are putting towards this
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facility in cheshire and can i say i look closely at her invitation, sound like a very interesting one but i can't commit my diary on the floor of the house. >> mary black. >> my constituent's assessment, to be told she would have to wait. she has an open wooden sentencing, any pain causes her great distress and pain. she was told she wouldn't be seen and would have to make another appointment altogether. it is happening right now. does the prime minister think it is right that my constituent has to go through this humiliating process all over again? >> can i say to the honorable lady she raised what sounds like a distressing individual case. i will assure the appropriate ministration. >> last week, family members of a man tragically committed
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suicide because a 20 year fact, thousands of families in my constituency and across the uk. the prime minister said 9 january the government accepted the rebuke to the long charge but the loan charge was wanted by the treasury, there is no such review. mister speaker, the trading of assets, will my right honorable friend intervene to assure a genuine rebuke as a delay into the charge so this review can be carried out? >> can i thank my honorable friend for his question? he raised an issue of concern not only to his constituents but others across the house. i will ensure that he received a response from treasury. that is being done in the review that is being taken. >> mister speaker, last saturday morning, i met with heads and governors of dorset schools,
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each outlined education cuts on their particular establishment but they agreed on one thing the primacy could make a difference on with regards to special education needs. i hope the government will consider this. first, will the government make sure the additional needs budget is fully invested in schools rather than lost somewhere on the way? will we take away the ridiculous rivers incentive where the first 6000 pounds for a new education has to be found by the school themselves? if that was to be done it would make a dramatic difference to our schools? i raised the debate on monday and the education minister was to confirm. with approximate confirmation the government will look into it
7:44 am
you q >> i say to the honorable gentlemen, we recently announced an extra 350 million pounds to support children with complex special education needs and that includes an extra $250 million across this year and next and building on 6 billion in place this year, the highest level on record and also put 100 billion pounds to create new school places to improve existing facilities for children with special educational needs and facilities and that puts investment on that from 0 to 65 million through 2021. he raises the question of the money going direct to schools. i suggest he needs to sit down with local authorities to discuss with them how they are using money made available. >> mister speaker, this week marks the beginning of brain tumor awareness month bringing attention to the event that happened to me in westminster. good progress is being made to find the right guarantee for people with brain tumors but i ask my friends to meet with the prime minister if she will meet
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with me and others to discuss how we could improve the chances of children and young people who survived the brain tumor itself, left with brain injuries, essential therapies and support children in this situation, not consistent and often lacking, leaving them with significantly impaired life chances. >> my honorable friend raised an important issue and i would like to thank the brain tumor apd for all the work they've done on this issue. it is essential to recognize the needs of parents and parents of children to install them in place when and where they need it and that is why those diagnosed with cancer will be benefiting the recovery package individually signs to help them live well beyond cancer as my honorable friend mentions. it is not just dealing with the cancer but thereafter as an important after of this as well. there is a corolla to ensure full limitation by 2020 which was recommended by the
7:46 am
independent task force. my right honorable friend will be going directly to the event my honorable friend, and go through this in detail. >> the prime minister will be aware of our concerns about prosecuting members of security forces, abandoning all the people of northern ireland against terrorism. will she assure me that any proposal to provide greater legal protection for armed forces will include those who served in northern ireland? >> we have been clear the current system for dealing with the legacy of northern ireland isn't working well for anyone. 3500 were killed in the trouble. 90% were murdered by terrorists. many of these cases require further investigation including death of hundreds of members of
7:47 am
the security forces. the system to investigate does need to change to provide better outcomes for victims and survivors of the trouble but also to ensure our armed forces are not unfairly treated and that is why we are working on a proposal across government to see how best we can move forward. we are carefully considering a large number that we received to the consultation on this issue and published our next step with the mod looking above all that can be done to ensure service personnel are not unfairly produced including considering legislation. >> colin clark. >> the s&p scottish government -- examines call for a scottish currency. does the prime minister agree the destabilizing of the scottish economy? >> can i say to my honorable friend, back in 2014 referendum, the s&p were adamant that scotland would keep the pound. there have been changes and
7:48 am
then, they are into an independent currency. this government is working to protect jobs and our economy. the s&p to focus on that rather than continuing their independence. >> mister speaker, they are carrying out disabled people on social security, payment assessment and despite being able to prepare food or redress himself. and they were wrongly deprived, and 17,000 people died, they were reached and 72% of those cases that go to an appeal
7:49 am
tribunal, and when will the prime minister follow labor policy and scrapped the discredited for the framework? >> i am trying to accommodate as many members as possible and it applies to both sides of the house, extremely serious public purpose focused questions being put for too long. to the prime minister. >> in relation to payments obviously the sanction happened, we need to clear this up as quickly as possible. they are taking the issue, and paid out 330 million pounds, and they expect to finish the majority of the original cases by april, additional cases by the end of the year.
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>> yesterday, people from the secondary school, amazing work, more people to cycle to school will the primus to join me in congratulating the school and moving ahead with the team of staff committed to creating a thicker, greener and more directly focused next-generation? >> can i say to my honorable friend i'm happy to join her in thinking and congratulating community middle school for the excellent work they've been doing encouraging people to cycle to school. it is clearly an excellent achievement and we congratulate them. we know the importance of keeping our young people active and i would like to congratulate all the teachers, particularly the students for putting it into practice. it is a good example with schools across the country. >> alan brown. >> thank you, mister speaker. my constituent's 40-year-old son morgan is the only child in all
7:51 am
of europe with a syndrome that causes epilepsy. the establishments have been arounds today and with morgan so unique, he will be denied access, so what changes, the cannabis projects, without his family getting through a public campaign? >> the honorable gentlemen raised a distressing case about his constituent. we have taken steps to assure medicinal cannabis is available. the decision on availability was taken by commission and that is right that that should be done. >> i welcome introduction of domestic abuse bill, hopefully successful package through this house. does my right honorable friend agree with me, taxing
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extremities and violence that we raise awareness of entry levels of acts of coercion and manipulation that lead to extreme examples? >> my honorable friend raised an important issue in people have seen distressing cases of coercion and instances where this has been taken through the court and we need to recognize the importance of dealing with domestic abuse and recognizing for too long the issue of coercion was not accepted or addressed? it is important if this government is doing so and we must be clear about entry levels that lead to this distress. >> chris stevens. >> the construction workers being exposed and today's news reports on reports that police and special branches across the
7:53 am
uk execute services, to the consulting association. does the primus or agree about the standalone -- and blacklisting, who is responsible for blacklisting to be checked out? >> the honorable gentlemen raises an issue that has been raised in the past in relation to discretion. the government has responded on this in the past and i'm happy to write him on it. >> this ash wednesday will the prime minister give strong encouragement and support of 38 conservative mps taking on an environmental challenge. and because we have seen the devastating impact of plastic across the world, will she give a big shout out to all members of the house, taking on a plastic pledge, raising the good
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work of reducing plastic solutions? >> can i say to my honorable friend i'm pleased to see many honorable friend giving a plastic last year and pleased to see many colleagues are planning on plastics to match the government that will match donations up to $2 million for a project in pakistan. we are committed to the uk being a leader in tackling plastic pollution. honorable members of the house are showing by example the role the uk is taking and i congratulate them on doing that. >> the prime minister will recall the advice she received from her conservative colleagues as well as mine about the folly of making land loans responsible and criminal law for immigration control. following the ruling of mister justice spencer that her policy is now increasing the risk of
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racial discrimination will she not accept her policy is fanning the flames of racism in return for nothing but immigration control? >> it is right for the government to take the approach we need to consider when people are accessing services, whether they have a right to be here in this country. my right honorable friend home secretary have a statement issued in response to the case in the courts and i understand the government's subpoenaing that case. >> i believe i woke up to the right honorable and excellent, there's a point of order from mister ian blackburn. >> thank you, i have to say it is disappointing the primus true won't be making a point of order to scary from the chamber. mister speaker, you will agree the use of language and images
7:56 am
of what we see in this chamber is important. the prime minister said in response to my honorable friend from aberdeen the scottish national park doesn't have a mandate. mister president, that is simply not the case. the scottish national park, manifesto commitment of independence referendum if there was a material change of circumstances might be a surprise to the prime minster but we won the election. more importantly mister speaker, we took the motions of the scottish parliament because there isn't that a clear majority for independence in the parliament and we won that vote in march for 69 votes to 59 and to make sure the prime minister comes back and correct the record. the scottish national park and
7:57 am
the government of scotland both have a majority and a mandate for independence. >> what i say to the right honorable gentlemen is as follows and for the benefit of those interested in this matter, first, he has made his point with vigor and insistence. very much in the mold he has fashioned since his election to the house, no one could be in any doubt as to what the right honorable gentlemen believes and it is on the record. secondly, and i don't know whether this will be welcome to the right honorable gentlemen but it is the honest answer from the chair. there has been no procedural impropriety. there has been no breach of order. there is nothing untoward in parliamentary terms about the way the prime minister has conducted herself.
7:58 am
i recognize it is disagreeable and strongly objected to by the right honorable gentlemen and his colleagues assembled. of that, however, is in the nature of political debate and disagreement. as to when he will have a chance to pursue his disagreement with the prime minister i think that opportunity will arise air long. >> of the honorable member has got a genuine point of order he is wearing a fabulous time. whether the date of order is for quality remains to be seen. >> here on c-span2 we leave the house of, and as members move on to other business. you have been watching prime minister's question time aired live wednesdays at 7:00 eastern when parliament is in session. you can see this we session again sunday nights at 9:00 and pacific on c-span. for more information go to c-span.orgnd


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